Video | Video sans son de Tom et Ray . Video van Tom en Ray

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Video sans son de Tom et Ray . Video van Tom en Ray zonder geluid .

From - Posted: Jul 22, 2013 - 52 views
Video | Video sans son de Tom et Ray . Video van Tom en Ray zonder geluid . | Video sans son de Tom et Ray . Video van Tom en Ray zonder geluid .
Video sans son de Tom et Ray . Video van Tom en Ray zonder geluid .
Video sans son de Tom et Ray . Video van Tom en Ray zonder geluid .
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Tom pour la prémière fois devant la caméra . Tom voor de eerste keer voor de kamera .
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### edit. 22 Mar., 2014 ### FACEBOOK This video is now getting old, many things I changed since I worked with Perm, so please feel free to join me on Facebook to get the latest news and videos... https:www.facebook.comeuropeanhorsemanship ----- This video is to share new exercises and a new approach to start an old Arabian stallion. He was born in 1996, has been broke in 2000 and never been worked or ridden since then. He has spent the last 13 years in a quiet place: eating, sleeping, breeding. It took us 12 hourse to get along and to ride nicely in the arena.All the shootage has been performed in Turban Stud's facilities in Gilleleje, Denmark. This European ranch breeds Quarter Horses, P.R.E. and Arabians.The video shows different excercises that I used to correct some problems: 1 ) Ear issue - He has been bred in Poland, where halter breaking has not been very gently. He was afraid when we reached the ear (left ear in particular) and could be pretty spooky. I solved the problem by rubbing gently and regularly, until he got used to me and let me fussing right between the ears with a smile (well, a horse's smile of course). 2 ) Leadership issue - 17 years old without real human relationship + stallion = "I'm the boss". I had to get over that step by step, by backing him up, lungeing him around, etc. 3 ) Stiff hindquarters - He spent years in a stall and a round-pen, walking around. Try to spend 13 years in a couch, drinking beer and you will understand how his hindquarters felt. A lot of circles and yielding the hindquarters helped to untrack the legs, so he felt actually better and we could move further in the program. 4 ) Riding - Not an issue, but the same work as a colt. One difference: it's a well grown, well fed stallion, full of energy and power. So, the trick here was to canalize that energy in the right direction.I acknowledge that the final result is not perfect, he needs more riding hours. Yet, he is a very willing and nice horse, he likes to ride and to spend time with humans now.For information, I studied different methods, different horsemen. This is a mix of Australian horsemanship and American horsemanship. The most important influence is the American horseman Buck Brannaman, whom I've been lucky to meet in 2012.I also wanted to show in this video that natural horsemanship is not a western thing: it works with all horses, all riders, all disciplines. As a matter of fact, the idea of natural horsemanship is just natural behavior towards the horse, mutual respect and confidence. Yet, never forget the rider's security overall.Read more on and follow me on www.facebook.comeuropeanhorsemanship.
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The most beautiful Ray's song I've ever heard... The Sun Died by Ray Charles The sun died The sun died, with my love When you left me blue, the summer died too My love and the sun, it's the same The sun died The sun died, with my love And I'm so alone, and yet life goes on But for me, there can be no more dawn Yesterday, the coldest winter was like Spring I thought my love would always stay I thought our love would never end But that was yesterday The sun died The sun died, with my love And life's all in vain, in my heart there's rain And I know that my soul won't stop crying Yesterday, when I was looking in your eyes I thought it was sweet paradise For love completely changed my life But that was yesterday The sun died The sun died, with my love When you left me blue, the summer died too My love and the sun, it's the same My love and the sun, it's the same
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Congo - Werrason - Techno Malewa Suite et Fin Radio Edit in Blu-Ray
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Isidore Tamwo Mademoiselle Sans Caleçon

ancien makossa
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NWR Teaser

Diffusion sur Ciné+ le 02022012 à 19h40 - puis 28022012 à 20h40 Documentaire - 60' Réal. : Laurent Duroche Prod. : Morgane prod Section 5Nicolas  Winding  Refn, 40 ans, né à Copenhague, a tourné son premier long-métrage, Pusher en 1996, à l'âge de 26 ans. Son  premier long-métrage tourné à Hollywood Drive a remporté le Prix de la mise en la scène au Festival de Cannes 2011. Le cinéaste danois est désormais l'une des véritables promesses du cinéma international.  NWR  tourne dans le monde entier, il allie aussi bien le cinéma dit « populaire » que le ciné « intellectuel » mais toujours sans concession, dérangeant, apte à déplacer les spectateurs et à les passionner. NWR s'est beaucoup investi dans notre documentaire. Il nous parle de ses paradoxes et zones d'ombres sur son travail, comme son rapport avec sa famille qu'il semble aimer profondément mais qu'il a parfois pu dépeindre de façon ambiguë. Nous avons rencontré NWR lors de la présentation de DRIVE à Cannes, nous l'avons suivi chez lui à Copenhague où nous avons rencontré sa famille et ses plus proches collaborateurs, et bientôt à Bangkok, où NWR réalise son prochain long-métrage ONLY GOD FORGIVES avec Kristin Scott Thomas et Ryan Gosling. Personnes interviewées : Nicolas Winding Refn Ryan Gosling Mads Mikkelsen Zlatko Buric Liv Corfixen sa femme sa famille Gaspar Noé Alejandro Jodorowsky les journalistes Philippe Rouyer (Positif) , Cédric Delelée (Mad Movies) , Fausto Fasulo (Mad Movies) .... Rediffusion le 28022012 Nuit "Pusher"Nicolas Winding Refn, forty years-old, is born in Copenhagen, he directed his first full-length film, Pusher, in 1996, at the age of twenty-six. His first American full-length film Drive premiered in competition at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival where it won him the Best Director Award. Today, the Danish film director has become one of the most promising figures of international cinema. NWR has directed films all over the world, he can associate "mainstream" cinema to "intellectual" one and be able at the same time to be without concession, disturbing, always apt to shock and fascinate his audience. NWR involves himself a lot in this documentary. He told us about his work's paradoxes and hidden sides, about his relationship with his family whom he seems to love deeply even if he may have depicted it in an ambiguous way. We have met NWR during the presentation of DRIVE in Cannes, we followed him back to Copenhagen and we'll soon leave with him to Bangkok where he will direct his next movie ONLY GOD FORGIVES starring Kristin Scott Thomas and Ryan Gosling. The interviewees: Nicholas Refn Ryan Gosling Mads Mikkelsen Liv Corfixen his wife his family Gaspar Noé Alejandro Jodorowsky the journalists Philippe Rouyer (Positif) , Cédric Delelée (Mad Movies) , Fausto Fasulo (Mad Movies) ....
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Clip de Tom Poisson Mon Ami Sans Voix
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Musique libre de droit gratuite musique sans copyright royalty free mu...

Accédez à 5 morceaux de musique libre de droit (musique sans copyright royalty free music) de grande qualité gratuitement: http:www.ujustdoit.commusique-libre-de-droit-gratuiteSi vous cherchez aussi, toujours gratuitement et libre de droit, des vidéos, des effets sonores, des arrière plans, des overlays (avec alpha channel), des animations Adobe After Effects,... j'ai ce qu'il vous faut aussi.140 téléchargements gratuits. Lisez cet article sur mon blog, je vous expliquerais: http:www.ujustdoit.comvideos-et-musique-libre-de-droitLa musique libre de droit est primordial pour vos vidéos afin de transmettre des émotions et créer plus de liens avec vos visiteurs (sans risquer de vous faire supprimer vos vidéos par Youtube, voire faire supprimer votre chaîne),Vous pouvez utiliser la musique sans copyright en tant que musique d'attente ou de musique d'ambiance, en tant que musique pour films, ou simplement pour l'écouter sur votre portable.Habituellement vous payez pour de la musique libre de droit un minimum de 10 USD ou 10 € par morceau, souvent beaucoup plus. Ici je vous l'offre. Musique libre de droit gratuite !
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This video will show you how to control your Sony Bravia TV with a smartphone using the TV SideView App.
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Le meme portrait de Thomas Pagès, réalisé chez lui, après les Red Bull X-Fighters 2009, sauf que la vidéo est en francais ! Sans les traductions en anglais. Dites moi si c'est utile que je mette cette vidéo, pour moi oui car je préfère celle la que celle en anglais. Merci.
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"BON APPETIT MADEMOISELLE" Everything you want to know aboutHenri Salvador and RAy Ventura is on
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