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VDV Russian Airborne Song with ENGLISH SUBTITLES

From - Posted: Aug 29, 2011 - 375,066 views
Video | VDV Russian Airborne Song with ENGLISH SUBTITLES | VDV Russian Airborne Song with ENGLISH SUBTITLES
VDV Russian Airborne Song with ENGLISH SUBTITLES
VDV Russian Airborne Song with ENGLISH SUBTITLES
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Alexander Buinov's immortal tribute to the VDV.
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VDV, Russian Airbone Troops documentary

The Airborne Forces as a highly mobile Arm of the RF Armed Forces are designed to cover the enemy in the air and conduct combat operations in its rear. The Russian Airborne Forces are the means of the Supreme High Command of the RF Armed Forces and may form the basis for mobile forces. The Airborne Forces report directly to the Commander of the Airborne Forces and consist of the airborne divisions, brigades, units and facilities.The mission of the Airborne Assault Troops [VDV] is to make possible a quick response to national emergencies. The airborne troops are considered an elite force because they are individually selected from volunteers based on physical fitness, intelligence, and loyalty. By traditional military standards, the airborne troops are not a powerful force. Each division is assigned about 6,000 lightly armed troops with lightly armored vehicles. Their value is that they have special training and have operational and strategic mobility provided by long-range aircraft. Their parachute assault capability means that they can be deployed anywhere within airlift range in a matter of hours without the need for an air base in friendly hands. However, resupply and support by heavy ground troop formations are necessary in a matter of days because the airborne troops lack the self-sustaining combat and logistical power of regular ground forces.
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American Vs Swedish Recruitment Ads

Patriotism or Fear?
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VDV russian airborne troops song 10 hours

epic russian airborne songcredit goes to terauchi999 for the original upload: Alexander Buinov - VDV Russian Airborne Troops "Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska"
50,439 views | Jun 22, 2012

Russian VDV Airborne Forces

Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska! The VDV is a branch of the Russian military. They are a rapid reaction and infiltration force, comprised of 5 divisions and 1 brigade. Only a few small airborne drops were carried out in the first desperate days of Operation Barbarossa, in the vicinity of Kiev, Odessa, and the Kerch peninsula during World War Two. Those small drop units have now grown into a modern, fierce, fighting force. The VDV took place in some of the most pivotal battles of World War Two and had a very direct connection with the demise of the German occupation over Prague, Chernigov, Odessa, Brest, and Danzig, and was largely resposible for the liberation of the Belorussian front. When the motherland calls, the VDV answers! VDV units were some of the first elements of the Russian retaliation in South Ossetia against Georgia in 2008. 76th "Chernigov" Airborne, and 98th "Ivanovo" Airborne division's took place in the liberation of Tskhinvalli and eventually pushed into Georgia itself, defeating every line of opposition until Georgia finally surrendered days later. The VDV participated in the rapid deployment of Russian forces stationed in Bosnian city Ugljevik, in and around Pristina airport during the Kosovo War. Streaming into Kosovo's capital, NATO found itself face-to-face with the Russian troops. American officials did, for their own reasons, publicly downplayed the significance of the confrontation, but it is impossible to deny that, this event points dramatically to an exacerbation of tensions between the major powers. About 370 Russian paratroopers in BTR-80 armoured personnel carriers prevented the US from seizing control of Kosovo's key airport. Serb T-55 tanks and self-propelled artillery hidden in surrounding villages were seen moving into the Russian sector of the airfield. And after more than 6 rounds of negotiations, a week of NATO aircraft being bared from the area, and a tense standoff. Russia was given a key role in the Kosovo war which arguably saved Serbia from NATO bombardment. In a move that stunned both NATO and American officials, a convoy of Russian soldiers moved into Kosovo's capital at about 1 a.m. to the crackle of celebratory gunfire, honking horns and thousands of cheering Serbs. The modern VDV uses a plethora of lethal weapons and armor to achieve its objectives. Armor: ☭ - BMD-1M (Infantry fighting vehicle fitted with a 73mm smooth-bore gun) ☭ - BMD-2M (Infantry fighting vehicle fitted with a 30mm automatic cannon, and 9M113M guided ATGM) ☭ - BMD-3 (Infantry fighting vehicle fitted with a 30mm auto-cannon, and 9K111 ATGM's) ☭ - BMD-4 (Infantry fighting vehicle armed with 100mm, and 30mm cannon's and 7.62mm coax.) ☭ - Sprut-SD (Light tank fitted with a smooth-bore 120mm main gun) ☭ - 2s23 "Nona-SVK" (Mortar vehicle fitted with a 120mm gun mounted on a BTR-80 chassis) ☭ - 2s9 "Nona-S" (Mortar vehicle fitted with 120mm gun) ☭ - BTR-80 BTR-80A (Armored Personnel Carrier fitted with 14.5mm heavy gun or 30mm cannon) ☭ - ASU-85 (A self-propelled gun system armed with an 85mm main gun) ☭ - Kamaz, Ural, and GAZ (Transport trucks) Weapons: ☭ - AK-74M (Main assualt rifle) ☭ - AKS-74 (AK-74 with skeleton stock) ☭ - AKS-74U (Special purpose assault weapons with shortened barrel) ☭ - RPK-74 (Light machine gun) ☭ - PMK "Pecheneg" (7.62mm general purpose machine gun) ☭ - Dragunov SVD (7.62mm snipers rifle) ☭ - Dragunov SVU (7.62mm "bullpup" snipers rifle) ☭ - GP-30 (underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher) ☭ - AGS-17 (Automatic grenade launcher) The VDV is unrivaled in the world in force projection, Russian airborne unit's deploy both armored fighting vehicles and heavily armed soldiers to form a fighting force that is second to none. The ability of Russia's airborne military to present a sizable armored force first makes it unique.
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Russian Spetsnaz Training

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Russian National Anthem Rock Version

The russian national anthem
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Такого как Путин One Like Putin, English Subs

Before I get buried in comments like "Putin is a totalitarian dictator responsible for Kursk, Nord-Ost, and Beslan," I want to say that I am not trying to defend or praise him as a politician. The reason behind these subtitled video is that I want to try to expalin to foreigners why Putting is so popular in Russia. This video was intended to be humorous, of cause, but I hope it will help them understand my country just a little bit better. PS I do not own a video, and I found the lyrics online, but the rest is so mine. PSS Wow, this video really was in need on English subtitles - its Russian version has subtitles in French and the English version sounds like it was sung by Germans (or Russians, who, as I was told sound a lot like Germans :-) ).
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Russian Airborne Forces VDV ELITE RUSSIAN ARMY

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Russian VDV airborne veterans anti Putin song ENG subtitles

Russian airborne veterans join protest movement with pro-democracy songUPD. Watch their performance on 4th February 2012 during mass protest rally in Moscow you're a good citizen, if you're the President there's the Law and there are some restrictions that apply to you: You may not steal nation's money, and you should not ever lie to your people Be open to the public, be accountable for what you sayHad 8 years as a President, but now you're a candidate again! Now look into our eyes, and drop your nomination now! We trusted you, but you lied to us for so many years, using your old KGB tactics[CHORUS]You are just like me - a man, not a God I am just like you - a man, not some low-life We won't allow any more lying to us We won't allow any more stealing from us We are Freedom's Airborne troops, Motherland is behind usYou are just a typical state official - not a Czar, not a God! This country's Good Citizens are evil "bandar-logs" in your own eyes White colour of pro-freedom ribbons is everyone's pride here But to you it only reminds of some 'condoms' **I look around and see your portraits everywhere You keep lying to us, and your henchmen also do We are tired of witnessing our nation's shame: Next to poor countryside there are your princely castlesYou've weakened our national defence, ruined the Army Forgotten about the soldiers, dismissed the officers We won't forget everything that you've done We demand peacefully: Down with the Tyrant![CHORUS]Remember our grandfathers, who battled the 'SS', remember our brave Airborne Guardsmen Battles of Berlin and Afghanistan are still in our hearts But for the ruling Party officials there are no other values, except moneyIn them honour is so scarce, as there is not much human dignity in them, it's only bullion's splendour that appeals to them Their luxury cars, fancy clothes, obsession with consumptionism Such is your corrupt System's cynicism!Nation's culture is in decline, so is education, and there's even trading of college diplomas Bribery permeats everything, an old man here can't get his medical care Now your corrupt System has arrived to it's dead end[CHORUS]**in his TV speech addressing the nation Putin has mocked Russian pro-democracy protesters wearing White Ribbon as Rudyard Kipling's "scores of bandar-logs who have attached some pathetic white condoms to their wardrobe"
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Russian Rock Anthem HQ

The Rock Version of the Russian Anthem, with sight from Russia, sung by the Lubeh Group. MP3 of rock anthem and others available @ http:www.hymn.ruindex-en.html
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Полосатая натура

Клип на песню "Полосатая натура" (сл. Евг. Бунтов, муз. Д. Платонов, исп. "Голубые береты")
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82nd Airborne jump C 17 Hollywood

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Farewell Slavianka Прощание Славянки subtitle in Russian English

Behind the "Farewell Slavianka" (by win081, 11.2013) The music was composed in 1912 by Vasily Agapkin who was inspired by the Bulgarian women who sending their loved ones to fight the First Balkan War against the Ottoman Turks. Vasily Agapkin was a trumpet-major in the marching band of the 7th Cavalry Regiment in Tambov, he was also invoved with the class of brass insruments in the Tambov Music School. It was Yakov Bogorad, a music publisher in Simferopol, who came up with the name "Farewell Slavianka" when he published the scores in 1912. The march was first performed by the marching band of the 7th Cavalry Regiment (where Vasily Agapkin was with) in the autumn of 1912. The first gramophone record was released by Ekstrafon Kiev in the summer of 1915 and it immediately gained wide popularity in Russia and adjoining countries. Since then different lyrics have been created for the different occasions, such as volunteer march song for the student battalion ("You have acces and nurtured ..."), Siberian People's Army march song, the march song of Kolchak White Army, ... Lyrics were also created in different languages such as in the Polish ("Rozszumiały się wierzby płaczące") during WWII, the Finnish ("Свободная Россия", "Рейо Франк"), the Jewish ("בין גבולות"), ... The most well-known version probably still is the one at the time for the First Balkan War against the Ottoman Turks:"Arise, Russia Fatherland, defend your Faith, ... Russian Holiness is waiting for victory, Take action Orthodox men, ... Rise your battle flag for Faith, Love and Righteousness". This lyric was not just promoting the patriotism, it was also defending the faith of Orthodox Christianity against the Ottoman Islam. After the WWII the Red Army Choir had a version with the deep pride of the victory of the Great Patriotic War ("..., They defended Moscow in '41, They marched in Berlin in '45, ...") and it has been always performed at the end of Red Square military parade in former Soviet and in Russia today. The lyric of this video is written by Vladimir Lazarev in 1984 and it has gained the popularity since the Soviet dissolved in 1991 because of the slower tempo and the added human fragility factor ("Farewell, fatherland, remember us, ... ... not all of us will come back. ..."). **** Zara and Dmitri Pevtsov - "Slavic Woman's Farewell" (Farewell Slavianka) Music: Vasily Agapkin, Lyrics: Vladimir Lazarev Performed at Concerts at Poklonnaya Hill and "Songs of Spring and Victory" (both in 2009).Зара и Дмитрий Певцов - "Прощание Славянки" (Текст: В. Лазарева) Музыка: Васи́лий Ага́пкин, Слова: Владимир Лазарева Концерт на Поклонной горе, Песни весны и Победы.**** Zarif Pashaevna Mogoyan ("Zara") is from a Kurdish Yezidi family that originally lived in northern Iraq, moved to Leninakan of Armenia, and then to Russia in late 1970's. She was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) in 1983. While still under the age of 16, she has won awards in many competitions (in Moscow, Cario, Omsk, Sochi). At age of 21 she graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of theatre Arts.She converted to Orthodox Christianity from Yezidism just before her first marriage in 2004, She married again in 2008 (to Sergei Ivanov) and now has two sons; Daniel (2010) and Maxim (2012).Visit her official website at: (in both Russian and English) Официальный сайт Зары:
1,059,575 views | Nov 12, 2009

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