Video | tháo lắp súng tiểu liên AK | thao lap sung tieu lien

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tháo lắp súng tiểu liên AK

From - Posted: Aug 20, 2010 - 44,812 views
Video | tháo lắp súng tiểu liên AK | thao lap sung tieu lien AK
tháo lắp súng tiểu liên AK
thao lap sung tieu lien AK
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HỘI THAO Tháo lắp súng tiểu liên AK 2 chiến sĩ của tiểu đội 1 lớp Học kỳ trong quân đội - Hải Dương 2010
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To see more entertaining gun videos feel free to visit my youtube channel debate between these two legendary guns will never end.One single weapon doesn't win wars except for maybe an atomic bomb. And furthermore just because a country lost a war it's never because of one weapons performance. Only an idiot would say the US lost Vietnam because the M16 "jammed" in the jungle. If that is the case then Russia should have won the 1980's Afghanistan war since the AK is so reliable? One single rifle platform doesn't win or lose a war.
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