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Tai nan tau hoa gay chet nguoi

From - Posted: Apr 13, 2013 - 1,364 views
Video | Tai nan tau hoa gay chet nguoi | Tai nan tau hoa gay chet nguoi
Tai nan tau hoa gay chet nguoi
Tai nan tau hoa gay chet nguoi
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The Amtrak Acela Express The US Most super high speed Rail Service and...

Riding the Acela train from Union Station (Washington) to South Station (Boston). The Acela Express abbreviated to Acela is Amtrak's high-speed rail service along the Northeast Corridor (NEC) in the Northeast United States between Washington, D.C., and Boston via 14 intermediate stops including Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City. Acela Express trains are the fastest trainsets in the Americas; the highest speed they attain is 150 mph (240 kmh). Acela trains use tilting technology which allows the train to travel at higher speeds on the sharply curved NEC without disturbing passengers, by lowering lateral centrifugal forces. Compared to other high-speed rail systems, Acela is unusual[citation needed] in that it shares tracks with freight and slower passenger trains (unlike the Japanese Shinkansen and the over 125 mph (201 kmh) tracks of the French TGV and German Intercity-Express), as well as the advanced age of infrastructure in many segments of the system.In 2013 the fastest Acela run between Boston and Washington covers the 454 miles (731 km) in six and a half hours, an average speed of slightly under 70 mph (110 kmh). Amtrak has a long-term plan which would reduce the time to 3 hours by 2040, primarily by acquiring more modern trains and reducing or eliminating congestion with other trains on the NEC, at speeds of up to 220 mph (350 kmh).Acela has helped Amtrak capture a 75% share of airtrain commuters between New York and Washington in 2011, up from 37% in 2000. Due to this competition, some airlines have even canceled service between Washington and New York. Between New York and Boston the Acela Express has up to a 54% share of the combined train and air market. The Acela carried more than 3.3 million passengers in fiscal year 2013 The Acela trainset is a unique train designed specifically to satisfy specific U.S. governmental rolling stock requirements. This includes a requirement to be able to collide with a freight train at speed without collapsing, which necessitates that the passenger cars be built with massive amounts of extra steel and weight. These requirements are significantly different from anywhere else in the world, including other countries that have highly functional high speed rail networks, which use modern signalling and computer controls to emphasize crash prevention.Most manufacturers who bid on the Acela were unable to meet the structural requirements, bringing up costs and complications for the manufacture of the trains, and requiring manufacturers to make significant engineering changes to its standard designs. In the end, only three qualified bidders remained: ABB (Swedish manufacturer of the X 2000 train), Siemens (manufacturer of the German ICE), and a consortium of Bombardier (manufacturer of the LRC trains) and Alstom (manufacturer of the French TGV). These specifications are not a result of specific Northeast Corridor track conditions.Although the design of the trains, with identical 6,200 horsepower (4,600 kW) power cars at each end which operate on a voltage of 11,000 volts AC, and either 25 or 60 Hz frequency, resemble France's TGV, only certain components are directly derived from the TGV. These TGV-derived components are the traction system derived from third-generation TGV trainsets (including the four asynchronous AC motors per power car, rectifiers, inverters, and regenerative braking technology), the structure of the trucksbogies (with a long wheelbase dual transom H frame welded steel with outboard mounted tapered roller bearings), the brake discs (although there are only three per axle, versus four on the TGV), and the crash energy management techniques to control structural deformations in the event of an accident.The tilting carriages are based upon Bombardier's earlier LRC trains used on Via Rail rather than the TGV's non-tilting articulated trailers. The Acela power cars and passenger cars are much heavier than those of the TGV in order to meet the United States Federal Railroad Administration's different approach to rail crash standards. The Tier II crash standards, adopted in 1999, have also resulted in the passenger cars being designed without steps and trapdoors, which means that the trainsets can only serve lines with high-level platforms such as the Northeast Corridor. Acela trains are semi-permanently coupled (but not articulated as in the TGV) and are referred to as trainsets. Bombardier later used the Acela Express carriage design and a dieselgas turbine variant of the power car for its experimental JetTrain.
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Kênh truyền hình VTC14 - Đài truyền hình Kỹ thuật số VTC Hôm qua, cơ quan điều tra xác nhận vụ tai nạn làm 7 người chết và 41 người bị thương trên quốc lộ 279, thuộc địa bàn xã Yên Sơn, huyện Bảo Yên, tỉnh Lào Cai là do phương tiện bị nổ lốp trước dẫn tới mất lái. Tuy nhiên thực tế cho thấy khi phương tiện được đưa lên khỏi hiện trường, 2 lốp trước vẫn còn nguyên vẹn. Theo các nhân chứng, vụ tai nạn xảy ra, phần lớn nguyên nhân do sự chủ quan của người điều khiển phương tiện.
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VTC14 Kết quả điều tra vụ tai nạn tàu hỏa ở Pháp 14.07.2013

Kênh truyền hình VTC14 - Đài truyền hình Kỹ thuật số VTC Kết quả điều tra vụ tai nạn tàu hỏa ở Pháp_14.07.2013:'Trong khi đó, các nhà chức trách thuộc Công ty đường sắt quốc gia Pháp vừa công bố kết quả điều tra mới nhất cho biết, một mảnh kim loại trong bộ bẻ ghi đường sắt bị hỏng đã làm cho tàu hỏa bị trật đường ray, dẫn tới vụ tai nạn khủng khiếp vào tối 127 ở ngoại ô phía Nam thủ đô Paris.
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Xem thêm thông tin, video, clip hot, clip nóng tạii . Nếu thấy video hay bạn có thể like để ủng hộ chúng tôi tại dây : https:www.facebook.comkenhvideo?ref=hl
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Trộm chó dùng mã tấu tấn công người dân Dân đánh hay không?

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Top 10 Fastest Train in the World 2014

The train listed in this countdown are designed as fast as bullet can do or design as fast as commercial airline could travel . So here it is, a number of ten of the world's incredibly fast train that can travel commercially without risking the safety of their passenger. More Information: http:bit.ly1lLtkVKVideo Courtesy:Shanghai Maglev Korea - Train CHR for watching
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Largest Model Train of the World in Hamburg

This is the largest model train layout of the world and the longest film about this beautiful model railway, called Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany. More information about the world of model trains and PILENTUM are available at on the internet.
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Trains The Movie

Forgive me for the two annoying repeat scenes. The YouTube video editor was the only way I could upload two hours of 1080P video. Currently, this is the longest railroad video on YouTube. Please excuse the advertisements. Through the Google Adsense program, the advertisements help me pay for the trips I take to capture the trains. My Gear (click the links to find out more info):Canon HF G30: http:bhpho.to1mRDQP9Rode Shotgun Mic: http:bhpho.to1v6PBjEVelbon Tripod: http:bhpho.to1oAQcXfPhantom 2 Vision Drone: http:bhpho.to1nMyqWcThanks,-DIB
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This is a video I made up with video editing. This is not a real video. 2 Amtrak trains and 2 CSX freight trains have a near collision encounter with each other within seconds at the double diamond next to the new train viewing platform and tower in Plant City Florida. Watch from a top of the second story tower of Amtrak train the Silver Star almost gets hit by CSX Tropicana juice train then a CSX coal train riding on the heels of the juice train only then by seconds the coal train clears before Amtrak train the Silver Star colliding with him.
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