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South Bound 2013 Korean Movie Trailer

From - Posted: Aug 26, 2013 - 17,570 views
Video | South Bound 2013 Korean Movie Trailer | South Bound 2013 Korean Movie Trailer
South Bound 2013 Korean Movie Trailer
South Bound 2013 Korean Movie Trailer
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Choi Hae-Kab (Kim Yun-Seok) is a middle-aged father, who still stays true to his leftist ideology gleaned from his student activist days. He is married to An Bong-Hee (Oh Yeon-Su), and they have three children. Choi Hae-Kab doesn't hold a regular 9 to 5 job and, instead, works as a director of film documentaries. His subject matter covers the dark side of South Korean society. Because of this, he is actively monitored by the Public Security Bureau, with two agents assigned to his movements. One day, Choi Hae-Kab's old friend Man-Deok (Kim Sung-Kyun) appears at their home in Seoul. Choi Hae-Kab grew up with Man-Deok on Deul Island during their childhood days. Deul Island is a small island. Back then, the island was owned by the government, but, more recently, Congressman Kim Ha-Soo (Lee Do-Kyeong) spearheaded the sale of the island to a corporation wanting to turn the island into a resort area. Man-Deuk has done everything he could to fight against the sale of the island. Now, he has come to Seoul as a last resort.
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더 엑스 예고편 The X Trailer▶ 장르(Genre) : 액션, 스릴러(Action, Thriller) ▶ 감독(Director) : 김지운(Kim Ji-woon) ▶ 출연(Cast) : 강동원(Kang Dong-won), 신민아(Sin Min-ah), 이솜(Esom), ▶ 줄거리(Synopsis) : 언제나 완벽하게 임무를 충실하게 수행하는 엘리트 요원 X는 정체불명의 물건을 요원 R에게 전달하는 임무를 받는다. 하지만 만나기로 했던 요원 R은 시체로 발견되고 여자친구인 미아가 X에게 총을 겨누는데...(Agent X always fullfills his missions perfectly until one day he is ordered to deliver a mysterious item to agent R. However, agent R is found dead and his girlfriend Mia points a gun at him.) ▶ 개봉일(Release Date) : 2013년 10월 00일 예정(Release date in Korea : 20131000)
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The movie story deals with Satya and Deepthi both lovers lives in Vishakhapatnam. A dreaded don, Veeru Bhai, lusts for Deepthi. When Deepthi's parents are killed, she and Satya escape. They board a bus en route to Hyderabad, but the bus is stopped unexpectedly and boarded by three men: Veeru's henchman Deva, Veeru's brother Ajay, and a corrupt police inspector, Shravan. They kill Deepthi in front of Satya, and he suffers an almost-fatal stab wound. Before the three leave, they set fire to the bus, leaving Satya to his death. However, Dr. Shailaja saves Satya by giving him a new face and skin. Ten months later, Satya awakes from his coma. Under the pseudonym of Ram, Satya returns to Vishakhapatnam where he meets a model named Shruti, whom Veeru likes. Befriending Shruti, he takes advantage of his new unknown face, and lures Deva to a half-constructed apartment, where Satya kills him. A photo of Deva is discovered by assistant commissioner Ashok Varma, which has been marked with a "1". Satya then files a report on Deepthi with the police, stating that she has been missing for ten days. Since Shravan knows that Deepthi was killed ten months earlier, he becomes suspicious of Satya in his new persona, and follows him to a mall, where Satya kills him. During the investigation on Shravan's death, Satya presents himself to Varma as an eyewitness. When asked to provide a description of the killer, Satya describes his former face. Satya then manipulates Ajay to fall in love with Shruti and gets the two of them to pose in compromising positions for some pictures, under the pretense that they will be used as a promotion to assist Shruti in getting an opportunity to audition for the female lead in a film. Instead, Satya sends copies of the pictures to Veeru, in order to turn him against both Ajay and Shruti. Satya then convinces Ajay that the only way to save Shruti from Veeru's ire is to kill Veeru, which would also allow Ajay to gain his brother's position. However, Veeru's henchmen kill Ajay, but Veeru is himself killed by Satya, who reveals his true identity. He apologizes to Shruti for using her, before leaving.
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▶ 장르(Genre) : 드라마, 옴니버스(Drama, Omnibus) ▶ 감독(Director) : 박정범(Park Jung-bum), 신아가(Shin A-ga), 이상철(Lee Sang-cheol), 민용근(Min Yong-geun) ▶ 출연(Cast) : 임성철(Im Seong-cheol), 김한주(Kim Han-joo), 이영석(Lee Yeong-seok), 길해연(Kil Hae-yeon) ▶ 줄거리(Synopsis) : 마음의 감성을 자극시키는 옴니버스식 영화. (두한에게)는 장애를 가진 두한과 그의 단짝 친구인 철웅이의 중학생 시절의 한 성장담을 담았다. (봉구는 배달중)은 소일거리로 택배 배달을 하고 있는 독거노인 '봉구'에게 나타난 유치원생 '행운'이와의 아찔한 일탈을 유쾌하면서도 가슴 뭉클하게 그려냈다. (얼음강)은 양심적 병역거부에 관한 이야기를 엄마와 아들로 대변하여 보편적 감성으로 끌어내 관객들의 공감을 불러일으킨다.(An omnibus film series produced by the National Human Rights Commission , Park Jungbum explores relating to the handicapped, Lee Sangcheol and Shin Aga turn their camera on the elderly and Min Youngkeun looks at conscientious objection to military service.) ▶ 개봉일(Release Date) : 2013년 10월 24일(Release date in Korea : 20131024)
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