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Man Gets Beat With A Belt Butt naked Outside Original Video Discussion

From - Posted: Feb 07, 2013 - 53,801 views
Video | Man Gets Beat With A Belt Butt naked Outside Original Video Discussion | Man Gets Beat With A Belt Butt naked Outside Original Video Discussion
Man Gets Beat With A Belt Butt naked Outside Original Video Discussion
Man Gets Beat With A Belt Butt naked Outside Original Video Discussion
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Xem Phim This is just ruthless & pure ignorance in 2013. No man deserves this type of punishment Man Gets Beat With A Belt Butt Nekkid Outside Because Of His Father's Debt
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For cool tshirt designs and more click Find out how to become a Fullscreen Partner: Note: I meant to say "Have been beaten" so excuse the mispronunciation of the word (It was early in the morning) I'm not uneducated so please don not come under my video with rude comments insulting me because of this small error because I WILL NOT APPROVE your COMMENT & you will be BLOCKED!!Here is the link to story: http:www.nj.comessexindex.ssf201302newark_police_closing_in_on_me.htmlA 19-year-old man has been charged in connection with a viral video that showed a Newark teenager being forced to strip naked and whipped mercilessly with a belt over a $20 debt, a high-ranking law enforcement source told The Star-Ledger late today.The alleged assailant was already in custody at the Essex County jail and identified as part of the investigation into the video, which garnered national attention and drew more than 40,000 views on YouTube, the source said. He was charged with robbery, conspiracy and aggravated assault.The alleged cameraman and a third person who was present for the attack were also arrested tonight, and the girlfriend of one of the suspects was arrested on an unrelated drug charge, according to the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case.The suspects were not immediately identified, and a police spokesman declined to comment. Police Director Samuel DeMaio and Mayor Cory Booker did not reply to repeated requests for comment tonight, but Booker announced a press conference is scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday to discuss the attacks.Police have been actively hunting the suspects since the video went viral last week, DeMaio had said earlier in the day. More than 40,000 people viewed the 2 12-minute clip on YouTube, where they saw the naked and cowering teen take verbal abuse as he was cornered by at least three men.At one point, the cameraman splashes water on the naked victim while he shivers against a metal handrail. The lead assailant, dressed in a black T-shirt and black hat, viciously whips the boy with a belt for the last 90 seconds of the video while demanding he scream to the camera that it was a "dog eat dog world."Late in the clip, it is revealed the victim was being beaten over a small debt owed by his father — a measly $20.Video: Newark teenager forced to strip naked, whipped This video which shows a Newark teenager forced to strip naked before he is whipped repeatedly with a belt because of a twenty dollar debt, has enraged city police and drawn national attention since it was posted to YouTube last week. The clip was recently deleted from YouTube because of the website's policy on "shocking and disgusting" content. Watch video Police identified the cameraman and the assailant this afternoon, according to two law enforcement sources, and tracked down the victim of the attack and interviewed him late yesterday The attack happened on Irvine Turner Boulevard and Clinton Avenue, according to the sources, who did not know when it occurred.Even for Newark residents, who are no strangers to violence in their city, the beating has led to widespread outrage.DeMaio was incensed by the clip and dispatched three detective squads to investigate the attack. The director, who has a young son of his own, called the video "sickening.""It's the game. It's thug life. This is now the culture," West Ward Councilman Ronald Rice Jr. said. "We should all be embarrassed."Law enforcement experts who reviewed the video said that by forcing the teen to strip naked, the attacker and cameraman could be exposed to federal charges.Eugene O'Donnel, a former Manhattan district attorney, said the suspects could be charged with distribution of child pornography if their victim is younger than 16."I'd throw every available book at these guys," he said. "It's an outrageous incident."The video exploded on the social networking scene after it was posted to YouTube and last week, but has since been removed from both sites.It remains unclear who uploaded the video to either website, but dozens of Twitter users placed the blame on a young Newark hip-hop artist who posted the video on his personal page last week. The artist, who asked to only be identified by his stage name of "Riq Bubz," said today he was not connected to the clip."We had nothing to do with the video, had no intentions of making it say like we were promoting bullying," the man said. "We were just putting a light on the crazy stuff."He said the video started to gain traction on social media sites after he posted it on Twitter.During an interview yesterday, DeMaio said he felt physically ill when he first viewed the clip."We need to show in our city that something like that is not acceptable," he said. "It's not something we're going to tolerate as a police department."
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