Video | Labiaplasty for young adults | Labiaplasty for young

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Labiaplasty for young adults

From - Posted: Jan 19, 2013 - 4,164,708 views
Video | Labiaplasty for young adults | Labiaplasty for young adults
Labiaplasty for young adults
Labiaplasty for young adults
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Educational special on labiaplasty that aired on public television in the UK.
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Labiaplasty or labialip reduction, sometimes also called vulvaplasty, where the labia minora or inner vaginal lips can be reduced in size and reshaped.Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenationtightening, where the inner vagina walls and muscles can be reshaped and tightened to produce a more toned and tight vagina. Hymenoplasty, or hymen repairre-virgination, where a torn hymen is repaired or rebuilt to imply the virginal state of a women; this is most frequently done for religious, ethnic or cultural reasons with the utmost discretion.Labiaplasty or labialip reduction, Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation vaginal tightening, and Hymenoplasty, or hymen repair re-virgination are the main types of vaginal surgery available in the UK.
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The penis goes into the vagina very easily, although there are many stages so it goes in "right." When the penis goes into the vagina it may go in far enough that - if the female is a virgin - it may tear the small layer of tissue that partially covers the vaginal opening, known as the hymen. When the female is not a virgin, depending on the elasticity of the hymen, the penis should slide in without any difficulties.The vagina is actually the name of the canal in the woman's body, a natural orifice like the mouth or anus. During sexual intercourse, the male's penis is inserted into the vagina. If the penis even comes in close contact with the area near the opening of the vagina, whether the male ejaculates or not, it can result in pregnancy (the woman can conceive a baby).The ejaculated fluid is called semen, and contains the male sex cells, or sperm. If the sperm cells enter the vagina, they will attempt to fertilize an egg cell from the ovaries, which will become a fetus and eventually a baby.Note: To avoid injury or discomfort, be sure that the vagina is lubricated before intercourse. Normally body contact is sufficient to begin this process. If natural fluids do not provide a comfortable insertion, there are artificial lubricantsUsing a Condom: Condoms are usually lubricated, maybe not enough, but it helps a lot and they're smoother. This may make the process easier, thanks to the added lubrication.The most important thing is to first be sure that the female is receptive and has given permission for the penis to be inserted into her vagina. That is step number one!1. Begin by ensuring the vagina is properly lubricated, either through oral or manual stimulation or a store bought lubricant.2. Inserting the penis into a dry vagina may cause the female a painful and unpleasant experience.3. Proceed slowly by using the head of the penis to feel for the opening of the vagina. Do not stab at it. Be gentle.4. Place the head of the penis into the vagina and slowly lean in to finish the insertion of the penis.The penis is now inserted and sexual intercourse can proceed.The best way to approach this is to make sure the girl is adequately aroused. You do this through foreplay (sexual touching and caressing before intercourse.)You can also use vaginal lubricantsFactors that may prevent insertion would include; the penis is not erect enough, the vagina is not wet enough or lubricated, the vaginal opening is too small for insertionWhen a man is sexually aroused, his penis becomes longer and stiffer. This is called an erection. Where a man's penis usually is soft and hangs downwards, when he has an erection it is hard and points forwards and slightly upwards.When a woman is sexually aroused, some lubricating fluids are produced by the Bartholin's glands which are located close to the opening of her vagina which can make it more slippery inside.So the combination of the man's and the woman's sexual arousal makes it very easy for the man to put his penis inside the woman's vagina or for the woman to take the man's penis into her vagina.
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Birth in Nature Natural Birth This video is of my fourth birth. It was the singular most transforming event of my life and my most conscious act as a woman to date.WARNING: This video is explicit, especially as it is shot outdoors in broad daylight. If you choose to watch it, please watch it with respect and understand that it is very exposing for me to share myself in this way.How and why I chose to give birth in nature was much about the inner journey as the outward process ... and equally as powerful. Afterwards I felt like my whole life had been in preparation for that one moment. My sense of wholeness and peace was bigger and deeper than anything I had ever felt before. This feeling only continues to expand and ripple out into my family, my relationships, my life. It has had a profound effect on my mothering and for my children especially.I give permission to share on blogs or with others, if it feels right for you to do so and is done with love and respect for myself and my family. Please do not re-upload on other YouTube pages.With gratitude and an open heart. SimoneMusic at end of video is the Gayatri Mantra performed by Deva Premal.Special mention to just some of my sources of inspiration and education:Elena Tonetti and Orgasmic Birth Brandon Bays Shivam Rachana Sarah Buckley Rhea Dempsey
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I'm 52 yr old surgeon from Mangaon .It's a rural area of Kokan ,in Raigad district on Mumbai-Goa highway about 150 km from Mumbai . I'm practicing surgery here since 1991.There was no gynaecologist in Mangaon then.I had good exposure to Obsterics & Gynacology work at my P.G.Teacher's hospital in Sholapur. I have done about 360 hysterectomies since 1996.The data before it is not available. Initially I did abdominal hysterectomies & vaginal ones for decent. In 2003 I came across an article. It said that gold standred in hysterectomy in vaginal one.It also said that maximum number of vaginal hysterectomies would be done all over world in future & there number would far exceed than any other type of hysterectomy. I started doing NDVH in 2004.So far I have done about 120.It include previous 3 LSCS patient too. I have developed my own technique of doing vaginal hysterectomies.I have found these Benifits. A) Can be done in most remote operation theatre where minimal facilities for open surgery are available. B) Can be done under spinal anaesthesia. C) Investment is minimum. D) Maintainace of equipment is negligible . E) Any Gynaecologist who is doing open surgery can do it. F) Can be done in any period of menstruel cycle. G) Preparation of patient is not necessary in chronic prolapse . H) Infiltration is not necessary. I) Learning curve is very less. J)) There is hardly any bleeding K) Tissue dissection is very fast , surgical time is unbelievable low. L) Complications unlikely.I'm sure if this technique is taught on large scale, number of vaginal hysterectomies would exceed other ones,soon. Herewith I am presenting seven NDVH & six other videos. I request patient viewing. I have not edited them, so that you can see each surgical step closely. Comments,queries,criticism are very much well come. Please communicate.Add. For communication Dr.Gautam K.Rauth Rauth surgical hospital MUMBAI GOA Highway, Mangaon ,Raigad Pin code :- 402104 09422383555 Ph. No. (02140) 263372,263772 Email Id :
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Also view this video at: https:vimeo.com57510564 Presented at the International Society of Cosmetogynecology 6th World Congress at Caesar's Palace Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada. January 16, 2013. Full-length DVD & more at Also check out and and A. Pelosi, III, MD, cosmetic gynecologist and cofounder of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology (ISCG), addresses concepts of beauty, attraction and aesthetic ideals. He explains how beauty in all cultures is based on instinctive perceived expressions of fertility. Manifestations of youth, health, and symmetrical balance are attractive regardless of culture, environment or era. These elements form the foundations for standards of beauty for all areas of the body including the genital region.Dr. Pelosi applies these concepts to better assess the aesthetics of the female genital region in a systematic fashion to develop a superior understanding of patient desires and establish a harmonious and balanced result in cosmetic vaginal surgery.
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In 23 november 2011 zond de VPRO dit smakelijke onderzoek uit. (Maike Meijer & Margôt Ros)http:www.facebook.comphoto.php?fbid=1865932492051&set=o.203496132997970&type=3&theaterMusic at the and of the clip, see:
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Also view this video at: https:vimeo.com57377634 Presented at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 29th Annual Scientific Meeting at Caesar's Palace Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada. January 18, 2013. Full-length DVD & more at Also check out and and A. Pelosi, III, MD, cosmetic gynecologist and cofounder of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology (ISCG), outlines the steps for effective assessment and aesthetic management of the labia majora. The labia majora are a component of the pubic triangle cosmetic unit which also includes the mons pubis and frequently the clitoral hood and labia minora. Frequent cosmetic complaints that the labia majora appear too large, too flat, too wrinkled, or asymmetric can be addressed by a variety of techniques either alone or in combination.Cosmetic procedures for labia majora labiaplasty (labia majoraplasty) include autologous fat transfer (AFT) fat injections, strategic fusiform skin resections, and perineoplasty (perineorrhaphy). Perineoplasty targets the posterior aspect of the labia majora and improves the general tone of the labia majora by restoring tightness at the level of the bulbocavernosus muscles. This also serves to improve the results of autologous fat transfer by providing a sturdy foundation from which to achieve fullness and enhanced structure. Similar to other cosmetic procedures of the vulva, the recovery is very mild. Many labia majoraplasty patients fly in for the procedure and fly home on the next day. Complete healing time is approximately six weeks. Other more extensive procedures that may contribute to the contours of the labia majora include thighplasty (inner thigh lift) and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). These are sometimes combined with labia majoraplasty, but generally have a longer recovery.
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