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l2 nelo pvp pk

From - Posted: Jul 31, 2008 - 2,462 views
Video | l2 nelo pvp pk | l2 nelo pvp pk
l2 nelo pvp pk
l2 nelo pvp pk
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All these pieces of music come with the free Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction software client available at Lineage II official web site ( --------------------------------------------------- CLICK SHOW MORE ---------------------------------------------------Music is up to Lineage II Goddess of Destruction: Tauti, I don't know if new music was released with Ertheia. Time marks below, feel free to contribute!0:00:00 March of Heroes (siege battle theme) 0:04:32 Battle At Sundown 0:08:57 Final Conflict 0:15:07 Hail the Victor 0:19:33 Final Crisis 0:25:21 The Enemy Warlord Appears 0:35:03 The Evil's Creatures 0:52:55 Theme Park Overture1:23:45 Reading-O Come All Ye Faithful 1:29:28 Dark elf 1:30:02 Dwarf 1:30:39 Elf 1:31:12 Human 1:31:46 Kamael 1:32:48 Orc 1:33:27 Hall of Mists 1:56:42 Legacy of Ancients2:03:33 Cave of Trials 2:12:25 Valakas Lair 2:26:30 The Necropolis (C3 log-in screen) 2:34:14 Execution Grounds 2:39:23 Plains of the Lizardmen 2:42:38 Enchanted Valley3:08:48 Happy birthday :) 3:09:03 The Call of Destiny (C1 & C4 log-in screen) 3:11:40 Old intro (short version) 3:16:25 Across The Sea of Promise (Gracia) 3:20:45 Tragic Love (Freya) 3:23:45 Return of Fate (GoD intro) 3:30:20 Battle Rage 3:31:55 Greatest Challenge (Interlude) 3:50:58 Savage Blow 3:59:16 With Soul And Victorious Weapons4:20:29 Sign A Deal With The Devil 4:22:11 Echoes of the Abyss 4:43:16 The Conqueror5:02:43 Witching Hour 5:23:02 The Corridor of Power 5:36:54 Eternal Love 5:44:39 Fields of Fairies 5:45:55 English Gardens 5:50:25 High Five log-in 5:55:20 I'm Going to be6:00:02 Attack of the Undead 6:01:44 Black Mass (Chronicle 5) 6:03:26 Dark Conspiracy (Pagan's Temple) 6:05:00 Depression 6:06:33 Falsley Accused (Crypts of Disgrace) 6:08:17 Hideus Witch's curse 6:09:58 Joyous Festival 6:11:29 Loenly Wolf 6:22:31 Freya log-in 6:24:19 Lindvior log-in 6:29:12 Charge Towards Enemy 6:34:25 Sorrow and Revenge (Instrumental of Kamael 1st Intro) 6:37:11 Dream Of Peace 6:40:52 Dream Come True 6:44:32 Talking Island Museum (GoD) 6:47:45 Knighting Ceremony (Aden) 5:48:51 The Labyrinth In The Garden 6:49:53 Arkan (Magmeld) 6:52:04 Dark elf 6:54:05 Shepard's Flute (Dion) 6:56:13 Dance At The Festival (Dwarf) 6:58:22 Unicorn's Rest (Elf)7:00:22 Southern Vineyard (Floran) 7:02:30 Merchant Ships From The East (Giran) 7:04:35 Caravans Crossing (Gludin) 7:06:42 Crossroad at Dawn (Gludio) 7:08:43 The Beginning of Gracia (Gracia) 7:10:05 Lovers Reunited (Heine) 7:12:24 Forest Calling (Hunters) 7:14:40 Mourn The Death of A Comrade (Kamael) 7:16:06 Orc 7:18:16 Expedition March (Oren) 7:20:20 Talking Island - Old 7:22:24 The First Reunion - Talking Island GoD 7:25:24 Churches 7:25:54 Outro - Credits 7:32:42 Maiden's Love 7:35:39 Lotto Winner's Luck 7:37:14 Tower of Insolence 7:44:55 Ivory Tower 7:47:58 Dwarf 7:55:54 Magical Landscape8:03:07 Valley of the Saints 8:17:50 High Five log-in screen 8:27:45 Fishing music9:05:59 Singing Island and other shops 9:36:50 Marching With A Kitty 9:38:30 The Valos Festival 9:40:26 Wavy Flames . . .Lots of tags still missing!
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Lineage 2 PvP PK Monastery of Silence 20080127

Lineage 2 - PvP PK - Monastery of Silence - 20080127
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L2 PvP Master

Oke i finished the movie. It is a pvpPk movie of the game lineage2. thanks for watching and have fun :D
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Lineage 2 pvp pk

This is a new Highrate server: The server futures: Serverinfo xp 500x sp 500x adena 2000x Dropitems 10x dropRBitems 10x dropSPoil 10x dropmanor 10x Standard Enchant Scroll Chance 85% maybe change to 90 Blessed Enchant Scroll 90% maybe change to 95 save enchant +10 MaxEnchant +100 ############L2RedDragoon############ Features: - GMShop - Global Gatekeeper - Safe enchant +10 - Max Enchant +100 -chance normal scroll 85-when not good change to 90+ -chance blessed scroll 90 but when not good change to 95+ - Automatic Events tvt - NPC Buffer (Prophet,song,dance and summon buffs) - Class changer - Weddings - Auto learn skills - Auto Skills - 1 Hours Buff - working Oly - many raids in toi !!! - nice sieges - pvp Pk ###########Have fun########### ###########L2RedDragoon Team###########
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My second L2 Gold PvPPk movie
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Pvppk best Polish serwer
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Lineage 2 PVP movie

This is my second video on this Lineage 2 server Made by me and thanks to: - Justiice, for playing on the Cardinal - Cestroke, for playing on the warlord - Hayat, for playing on the Soul Taker Hope you like it =D
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Lineage Eternal G Star 2014 Extended English Info

Lineage Eternal System & Global Release Info below. http:steparu.compreviewsmmorpg1650-lineage-eternal-preview-system-overview-and-highlights http:steparu.comlatest-news1651-lineage-eternal-simultaneous-worldwide-global-releaseLineage Eternal Online Developer: Team Eternal | Publisher: NCSoft Korea | Game Site: Coming SoonQuick Version Highlights - Read My Article for Details http:steparu.compreviewsmmorpg1650-lineage-eternal-preview-system-overview-and-highlights-Open World MMORPG -Unique Skill Activation System (Mouse Cursor Movement) -Field Event Quests -WorldRaid Bosses with 20+ Members -Randomized Dungeons -Dynamic Dungeons -PKPvP Available -PvP Arena -Simplified Controls for MMORPG -Event Contribution Upper Right -Items and Exp. obtainable solo (Event Quest) -Showed Town with various players hanging out -Mobile Game Support Using Cloud Connect Features -Generic Questing System Removed -Supports 500 Players in one area -New Asssassin ClassLike, Share, and Subscribe! Thank You! me on my Facebook with daily updates. http:www.facebook.comSteparusDiscover new games on my website. http:www.steparu.comDownload free unique free gaming apps. http:app.steparu.comLatest gaming trailers subscribe to the channel below
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