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l2 nelo pvp pk

From - Posted: Jul 31, 2008 - 2,298 views
Video | l2 nelo pvp pk | l2 nelo pvp pk
l2 nelo pvp pk
l2 nelo pvp pk
Thời lượng: 02 phút 28 giây 
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lineage 2 l2 pvp pk l2nelo tgg clan the best ever pk amfas :P:D ... Walt Disney ,Pixar ,RU42 ,Visionsfantastic ,DLDhistory , mouseplanet , yesterland , Mr.Hogan , Protostars , kevin yee , and ot...
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All these pieces of music come with the free Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction software client available at Lineage II official web site ( just packed them together in one single video. Music is up to GoD Tauti.*Me han preguntado si aun juego. Tengo un DN en Shilen y ahora estoy jugando HighFive en un privado x5.-------------------------------CLICK SHOW MORE-----------------------------------0:00:00 March of Heroes (siege battle theme) 0:08:57 Final Conflict1:29:28 Dark elf 1:30:02 Dwarf 1:30:39 Elf 1:31:12 Human 1:31:46 Kamael 1:32:48 Orc 1:33:27 Hall of Mists2:26:30 The Necropolis (C3 log-in screen) 2:34:14 Execution Grounds 2:39:23 Plains of the Lizardmen 2:42:38 Enchanted Valley3:08:48 Happy birthday :)3:09:03 The Call of Destiny (C1 & C4 log-in screen) 3:11:40 Old intro (short version) 3:16:25 Across The Sea of Promise (Gracia) 3:20:45 Tragic Love (Freya) 3:23:45 Return of Fate (GoD intro)6:01:44 Chronicle 5 6:06:33 Crypts of Disgrace 6:22:31 Freya log-in 6:24:19 Lindvior log-in 6:34:25 Sorrow and Revenge (Instrumental of Kamael 1st Intro) 6:37:11 Dream Of Peace6:47:45 Knighting Ceremony (Aden) 6:49:53 Arkan (Magmeld) 6:52:04 Dark elf 6:54:05 Shepard's Flute (Dion) 6:56:13 Dance At The Festival (Dwarf) 6:58:22 Unicorn's Rest (Elf) 7:00:22 Southern Vineyard (Floran) 7:02:30 Merchant Ships From The East (Giran) 7:04:35 Caravans Crossing (Gludin) 7:06:42 Crossroad at Dawn (Gludio) 7:08:43 The Beginning of Gracia (Gracia) 7:10:05 Heine 7:12:24 Forest Calling (Hunters) 7:14:40 Mourn The Death of A Comrade (Kamael) 7:16:06 Orc 7:18:16 Expedition March (Oren) 7:20:20 Talking Island - Old 7:22:24 The First Reunion - Talking Island GoD 7:25:24 Churches 7:25:54 Outro - Credits7:44:55 Ivory Tower
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I'm not working anymore in this channel, my new channel is here: ---The first video from the most famous L2 players: xXTehZioXx & Seyfer. From TehGamers server: Kain.Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: this is our first video, hope you enjoy it. In this part we pk some players (with fake death too!) Emmm... in the last scene we have to escape, situation reversed from 2Vs1 to 2Vs3 (and one of them was an hero :S )Come and enjoy a lot of PvP and event ;)♫♪ Song: Getting Away With Murder Band: Papa Roach Sorry, but this track appears to be protected T_T Audio Swap...Song: Follow Band: Drowning PoolGPU: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600 Video Recorder: Fraps VIdeo Editor: Windows XP Movie MakerTehZio's Channel:
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Legends of Azeroth Oldschool WoW PvP Videos

Like me on Facebook: https:www.facebook.compagesThyraz111377219013394?fref=tsDonate here (Greatly appreciated): https:www.paypal.comcgi-binwebscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=GXBWE67SPYKSJHelp me to grow my youtube channel by liking this video, adding it to your favourites, share it and subscribe to my channel to be updated when i upload new awesome videos for you! ____________________________________________- WHY I PUT MYSELF IN THE VIDEO -I understand people who think it's stupid. BUT the original idea was to feature players with legendary weapons (Hence why it says sulfuras paladin, shadowmourne warrior, dragonwrath boomkin ETC) and just make an extreme damage montage. I was a little bit sad after i had to delete my legendary staff pvp movie (with a good amount of views gaining over 1500 per day) for copyrighted music so I got the idea to make a montage featuring players with legendary weapons so that I could use my old footage again. Eventually I thought it would be better the way it is right now though (Letting people who didn't have legendaries be in the video and just make it an oldschool pvp montage). I had already made the intro for my own character and having a boomkin in the video gave it some variety, so I saw no reason at all to delete that part. This was also my first video ever uploaded to this channel and I knew that it would get much attention so thought it would be a good way to advertise myself and letting people know I exist. I both love and hate this video. It's my most viewed video, but people who dislike me for making putting myself in it, actually have a legit point... I hope this changes your thoughts about me if you didn't like me at all. I'm not a self centered douche, believe me =) Now go and check some of my other videos!Like this video Favourite this video Share this video Subscribe to my channel :) THANKS! ____________________________________________VIDEO INFORMATION:Hey! Legends of Azeroth is a movie i made for nostalgia purposes. I've taken out the best clips from the (In my own personal opinion) best WoW pvp videos of all time and made one big movie out of it. Since some of the clips in this movie were recorded during vanilla some clips will not be in High quality, youtube didnt allow high quality uploads back then. People werent very good at editing either, so i color corrected them and added effects etc to make them look more awesome!People you will see in this movie:Klinda - Warrior Zom - paladin Vurtne - Mage Swifty - Warrior Thyraz - Boomkin Bebep - Mage Beavis - Shaman Pat - Warrior ____________________________________________MUSIC:The first two songs were made by Jacobus. His facebook:http:www.facebook.comJacobusMusic?...The songs are Deadday and Undrawn, they can be found here : https:soundcloud.comwouterlandzaat ____________________________________________Song Title: TrustArtist Name: NeroArgentoStore Link: granted by FiXT. ____________________________________________Song Title: Shotgun Senorita (Zardonic Remix)Artist Name: Blue StahliStore Link granted by FiXT. ____________________________________________Song Title: Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb - metal revision by paul udarovArtist Name: Blue Stahli Paul UdarovStore Link granted by FiXT. ____________________________________________Erik Ekholm - Dark Energy
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