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ca tuan deu ngoan.wmv

From - Posted: Dec 08, 2011 - 150,333 views
Video | ca tuan deu ngoan.wmv | ca tuan deu ngoan.wmv
ca tuan deu ngoan.wmv
ca tuan deu ngoan.wmv
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"Happy Birthday Song": Gyani Kids Musical Journey is the collection of popular nursery rhymes with foot tapping music and colourful visuals.The composition of these rhymes has been made to give freshness to the good old rhymes along with cute characters.Hope you enjoy this series.Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you.Videogyan's Gyani kids nursery rhymes makes kids to enjoy,sing,dance to the foot tapping awesome music and engaging animations.This combination of great music and colorful visuals lets even parents to have fun along with their children. All the nursery rhymes contain original classic tune which helps to relate easily of kids and adults.These popular nursery rhymes and kids learning videos makes your home a kindergarten letting your child to learn and have fun at the same time.The rhymes includeTwinkle twinkle little star, The wheels on the bus go round and round Jingle Bells Ten in the bed finger family If you are happy and you know clap your hands Incy Wincy spider( itsy bitsy spider) Marry had a little lamb happy birthday song Bingo dog song Rain Rain go away abcd song Hickory Dickoryand many more famous nursery rhymes .Visit our channel for more videos to videogyan us on Facebook http:www.facebook.comVideogyan?ref=ts&fref=tsVisit our website: http:www.videogyan.comCheck more videos in playlist our other popular rhymes The Ants Go Marching This Old Man - Wheels on the bus - After the bath I try try try - Jack and Jill went up the hill - Three little kittens - Finger Song - Five Little Ducks -
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