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Yoni Massage Video Yoni Massage Film Yoni Massage Therapy

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Phim | Yoni Massage Video Yoni Massage Film Yoni Massage Therapy | Yoni Massage Video Yoni Massage Film Yoni Massage Therapy
Yoni Massage Video Yoni Massage Film Yoni Massage Therapy
Yoni Massage Video Yoni Massage Film Yoni Massage Therapy
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AMMT LDM Detox Massage 9407 Thigh Inguinal Foot Front of Leg FG001

** The most important purpose of making these massage videos is to pass happiness, love and passion to people who appreciate. One of the therapeutic procedure is called "Mind Healing".Nutrition Medicine Massage Therapist (NMMT) AMMT SRLDM Detox Massage Thigh Inguinal Foot Front of Leg FG001本影音是營養醫學研究中心林主任在台灣的某大學的生命研究所的排毒穴位按摩的教學影片 This is an educational video taken in life Science graduate school of an university in Taiwan where health physicist CC Lin demonstrated how to combine ancient acupressure with modern physics, nutrition medicine and regeneration medicine. AMMT is part of NMMT because it emphasizes on on therapeutic effects of essential oils, the 8th nutrition defined by CC Lin in 10GEN (10 Groups of Essential Nutrition).People who do not feel comfortable watching massage on sensitive areas should not view it because part of the healing procedures is mind healing which requires pleasant mind, appreciation, trust, and love. Negative feeling will likely cause brain to generate bad beta wave and gamma wave which may interrupt growth of healthy immune cells. The most important purpose of making these massage videos is to pass love and passion to people who appreciate.For thorough understanding the theoretical background of NMMT SRLDM Stress Relief Lymph Detox Massage, one may need to study the following subjects in university andor graduate school- 1. Electromagnetic Field Theory (EMF) 電磁場, Quantum Mechanics 量子力學, Relativity 相對論 2. Immunology and auto immune diseases 3. Nei-Jing 內經 (Human Body Internal EMF) 4. 10GEN and Nutrition Medicine 營養醫學 5. Organic chemistry in essential oils 6. Brain Waves Medicine and Mind HealingNutrition Medicine - Nutrition Medicine Research Centre of Canada (NMRCC) has done more than 15 years of theoretical researches and human experiments on the medicine with 8th Nutrition - essential oils. The study is defined as "Aroma Medicine" which is also called "Eighth Nutrition Medicine", or ENM. One of the findings from Canadian federal government approved projects is that Chin Cheng Lin discovered essential oils from plants provide multiple health benefits to animals. These essential oils in various parts of plants do not only help plant to be against microbes but also protect human from infection against bacteria, fungi and virus. The project is called AAA, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal and Anti Viral. The 5-year AAA experiments project also found that while infected, human tends to have inflammation symptoms in skin andor internal organs and tissues. NMRCC contributes its effort in the second health project - Anti Inflammation (AI). From NMRCC's point of view, inflammation is similar to an "alert effect" and is not a disease. However, if the immune system attacks normal tissues and cells abnormally, it may result in various serious diseases. These over-reacted serious symptoms are called AID, "auto immune diseases". NMRCC's human experiments are aiming at the relief against AID. NMRCC named the project "AIR - Auto Immune Relief".Stress Relief Aroma Medicine NMRCC found out that human especially females get auto immune diseases partly because of stress & anxiety which are rarely found in other animals. Aroma Massage using Stress Relief (SR) aroma products seems to provide excellent result in mind healing which results in decreasing in brain beta wave and gamma wave. In the meantime, alpha wave (feeling relaxed), theta wave and gamma wave may increase (feeling sleepy). This seems to help the normalization of immune system and to reduce inflammation on skin and internal organstissuesmoving cells. After thousands of experiments, NMRCC carefully selects AI essential oils which are also SR. About 30 essential oils are frequently used in NMRCC experiments and AMPs for Stress Relief Massage (SRM). Using Stress Relief Aroma Medicine Products for massage is called Aroma Stress Relief Massage.LDM Lymph Detox Massage is the short name of "Lymphatic System Detoxification and Enhancement Massage", LSDEM. It includes all massages that benefit the health of lymphatic functions. Target Results of SRLDM The target results of general health improvement are: 1. to provide relief from auto immune disorders, Anti Cysts 2. ATAC - anti tumor, anti cancer 3. to improve hormone productions and health of endocrine systems 4. to provide relief from stress anxiety related sleeping disorders (somnipathy) 5. to promote anti aging for skin and body inside (organs, vessels, bloods...) 6. to improve health of mind and brain waves Aroma Medicine Products (AMPs) NMRCC invented hundreds of AMPs for anti inflammation and auto immune diseases relief ( AI and AIR). They include oil, toner, serum, cream and lotion with different combination of essential oils in different concentration. Most frequently used AIAIR products are also AAA .
7,987,967 views | Nov 21, 2013

Matxa yoni dành cho phụ nữ tại nhà , khách sạn HCM Koni Phạm 0915.275....

Dịch vụ massage yoni Koni Phạm Dịch vụ massage yoni cho nữ tại khách sạn hoặc tại nhà ( phục vụ các quận nội thành TP.HCM ) Điện thoại : 0915 275 305 yahoo: haiau_bien01Sau 1 ngày làm việc mệt mỏi, chị em phụ nữ luôn có nhu cầu thư giãn để thoải mái hơn. Không muốn đi xa, ngại đến các spa thì dịch vụ này là lựa chọn hoàn hảo cho các chị em.DỊCH VỤ : - Dịch vụ massage tại nhà dành cho chị em PHỤ NỮ, - Đội ngũ nam nhân viên chuyên nghiệp, trẻ trung,ngoại hình tốt. - Phục vụ nhiệt tình, chu đáo, hết mình. - Ân cần, vui vẻ, lịch sự, thật thà. - Có mặt sau 20 - 30 phút khi quý khách yêu cầu.DỊCH VỤ GỒM CÓ Massage lưng Massage chân Massage bụng, tay Massage ngực, cổ, gáy Massage theo yêu cầu riêng Giá: masage toàn thân thông thường: 300.000giờ. Quý khách có nhu cầu tăng thêm thời gian sẽ được giảm giá các giờ sauQuý khách sẽ hài lòng với dịch vụ của chúng tôi Hãy gọi ngay để cảm nhận 0915 275 305
59,645 views | Dec 01, 2013

Prostate cancer Essential facts

More info: http:bit.ly17Psqyj Follow us on Facebook: http:www.facebook.comoncolex
583,226 views | May 02, 2013

Tantric Massage in London

Tantric Massage in London -
3,943,672 views | Jan 06, 2013

Sensual Massage, Erotic Massage Demonstration

Sensual massage therapy is not just used for sexual purposes, and it does not necessarily have to be a predecessor to sexual intercourse. The real intention of sensual massage therapy is to relax, to open up to your partner's emotions and to experience a higher level of pleasure in the relationship in general, including with intimate relations. Intimacy is not just about sex, but instead it is about feeling for one another on a deeper level. With that in mind, here are some commonly asked questions about sensual massage therapy. Are There Other Names for Sensual Massage?Depending on whom you ask or where you live, you might hear and read about other terms for sensual massage. Some of these other names may include erotic massage, tantric massage and sensuous massage, though the process is generally the same no matter what you call it. This form of massage is the form that can be used to truly enhance sexual performance. How is Sensual Massage Different than Conventional Massage?Sensual massage therapy does have many of the same relaxing, emotional and physical health effects as conventional massage does, though the big difference is that it is focused on the erogenous zones on the body, which is not the main focus of traditional massage. While it does not always have to lead to sexual intercourse, sensual massage therapy is used to increased sexual arousal between two people. It also can be used as foreplay and can be incorporated into the act of
1,632,755 views | Jun 26, 2013

Touch of Love 3D THE INTENSE ORGASM MASSAGE Blu ray 3D 2D Version Trai...

Order This Movie: In the intimate part of the massage releases in the human body as the original massage stress, voltages and pain even after an intense, pleasurable sensation, while with more physical contact the sex or massage until the orgasm will be inescapable. Leave yourself to get the help from this documentation to initiate the secrets of the orgasm massage and bring in a new fire to your love life. This film is optional in german or english language documentary film and also without in voice over version and playable like a tonic erotic movie. Whichever option you select, this film will be a unique experience produced in stereoscopic Real 3D. You can play it back both in Real 3D and in 2D format (full HD). This film is optional in german or english language documentary film and also without in voice over version and playable like a tonic erotic movie.
7,125,414 views | Feb 26, 2013

Full Body Massage 50 Minutes Music (Creative Commons):
3,053,598 views | May 23, 2009

Tantra Massage Patricia Prague Official video

Take a look at how tantric massage in Tantra Patricia Prague studio looks like. In this short video you can see our massage studio, some of our massage techniques, tantric bath, soft touch from beautiful masseuses and maybe you can scent the pleasant atmosphere at our place.More about massages on our website http:www.tantramassage.czenPhone: +420 775 781 819 Address: Čihákova street, Praha 9 Opening hours: daily 9am--10pmIf you are interested in tantric massage courses, you can visit our next website http:www.tantralife.czen
299,839 views | May 24, 2013

Tantra Massage Berührung als Berufung und Beruf Der Tantramassage-Verbande e.V. - der Berufsverband der seriösen Anbieter von Original Tantramassagen - hat folgende Aufgaben: • die inhaltliche Weiterentwicklung und Qualitätssicherung der Tantramassage, • die umfassende Interessensvertretung der Tantramassage-Institute • die Unterstützung der ausgebildeten TantramasseurInnen in allen Fragen ihrer professionellen Ausübung der Tantramassage. • die gegenseitige Unterstützung der Mitglieder des Verbandes in ihren unternehmerischen Belangen: Teambildung, Management und Zukunftsgestaltung. Die Aufgaben des Tantramassage Verbandes im Einzelnen liegen in vier Bereichen:

 1. Berufsbild und Ausbildung Der Tantramassage Verband • definiert die Tantramassage sowie das Berufsbild des Tantramasseurs der Tantramasseurin und vertritt dies in der Öffentlichkeit. • definiert einheitliche Ausbildungsstandards, entwickelt diese fortlaufend weiter und setzt sie innerhalb der Mitglieder durch. • bietet Interessenten, die mit der Tantramassage beruflich arbeiten wollen, Orientierung und Information 2. Qualitätssicherung • Qualitätskriterien für Massage, für Ambiente sowie für Firmenauftritte werden vom Tantramassage-Verband entwickelt, ständig fortgeschrieben und durchgesetzt. • Die Qualitätskriterien orientieren sich ständig am höchst möglichen Niveau • Die Ausbildungsstandards zielen auf eine Vereinbarung der Erfordernisse des Alltags und höchster Qualität der Massage 3. Unternehmerische Unterstützung Der Tantramassage Verband • vertritt die Interessen der Tantramasseure und Massage-Institute gegenüber Behörden und Medien • schafft Markt-Transparenz und Orientierung für potenzielle Kunden • fördert die Vereinbarkeit von integerem Handeln entsprechend der tantrischen Philosophie und erfolgreichem Unternehmertum. • tritt für eine größere Rechtssicherheit des Berufsfeldes ein und gestaltet politische Prozesse in diesem Bereich aktiv mit. 4. Kulturelle Aufgaben Der Tantramassage Verband • stellt Expertise im Bereich von Sinnlichkeit, Eros, Tantra und Sexualität zur Verfügung und ist die zentrale gesellschaftliche Anlaufstelle für Fragen von Sexualität und Berührung gestaltet gesellschaftliche und kulturelle Strömungen, Trends und Prozesse in diesem Bereich aktiv mit. Mitglieder des Tantramassage Verbandes e. V. die Original Tantramassagen auf hohem Niveau anbieten finden Sie in folgenden Städten: Berlin, Zürich, Hamburg, Köln, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Basel, Essen, Hannover, Leipzig und Nürnberg (Stand Juli 2011)
727,630 views | Jan 20, 2011

Danza dei 5 animali

Ascolto e comunicazione, attraverso il contatto, il respiro, i battiti che, a passo di danza invitano corpo e mente ad un profondo benessere. È questa l'essenza del massaggio per Oleg che in questo, è fortemente ispirato dal carattere e dall'energia di cinque animali: l'aquila, la tartaruga, il serpente, la tigre e il drago. L'aquila: la fierezza della libertà, simbolo di Zeus padre degli dei, è per Oleg il simbolo della libertà di espressione in questo massaggio sempre unico. La tartaruga: il radicamento alla terra, alle nostre radici; rappresenta il mondo, il cielo è la sua calotta ricurva; vuole indicare la corretta postura dell'operatore, radicata bilanciata e aperta. Il serpente: l'intelligenza dell'attesa, è un simbolo dell'inconscio collettivo, la conoscenza, il complesso di archetipi che rimanda al ciclo continuo della vita; è la sorpresa di questo fluire di braccia che accarezzano il corpo seguendo sensazioni imprevedibili. La tigre: l'eleganza e la forza, animale solitario, dalla vista e udito formidabili per captare ogni sussurro; rappresenta l'equilibrio per calibrare forza e adeguate pressioni. Il drago: l'energia del pathos, mitica creatura dal soffio infuocato; simboleggia l'energia del massaggio, che parte con il profondo stimolo della pompa venosa di ritorno, quella dell'arco plantare. La Danza dei cinque animali ha come obiettivo il raggiungimento del benessere psicofisico, la coscienza del se raggiunta attraverso il piacere del contatto, inteso come donazione d'amore, come dialogo tonico tra due persone.
6,432,689 views | Jul 07, 2011


753,927 views | Oct 16, 2011

Happy Ending Massage

See the BEHIND THE SCENES! ORIGINAL VERSION SO MUCH FOR RATINGCOMMENTINGSUBSCRIBING! :)Directed & Edited by Greg Benson http:youtube.commediocrefilms http:youtube.commediocrefilms2Written by Mark H http:youtube.comharkmeftiProduced by Mark H Mark RueggStarring Mark H Tharam SinghFeaturing Buffy Hornung Tonilyn Hornung David Hussey Brian Kameoka Tommy Keelen Emilia Lindgren Devin McGovern Mark RueggDirector of Photography Matt Koval http:youtube.commattkovalSound Brian Kameoka http:youtube.comsacramentjoeProduction Assistant Devin McGovernMusic Greg Benson and Apple Production MusicLocation BuMar StudiosSpecial Thanks Maura and Adam SmithA Mediocre FilmsJokeDog Productions Video
9,587,858 views | Feb 18, 2010

Pranic Intimacy Rituals.mp4 copyright2006 Rated G

Dr Lisa and her editor, Jeremy Frindel and his partner contacted the organization representing Ali Akbar Khan in 2008 and obtained permission to use this song for this video.Marty and Dr Lisa Alchemy Devi in NYC temple practicing pranic intimacy rituals..connecting energetically...using polarities to clear and open qi in each of their bodies, between their bodies and in the unifed qi field around them and in relation to the universal qi flow that supports us all. To learn more about Dr LIsa, go to and read her mission statement, bio and current projects and opportunities to collaborate.Go to
535,294 views | Jun 23, 2010

Lomi Massage Ausbildung in der LOMI

Ausbildung in Hawaiianischer Lomi Lomi Massage und Körperarbeit, der Königin der Massagen, bei Robert Gantke in der Lomi-Schule in Dortmund. Bist Du interessiert an dieser Wellness Massage Ausbildung? Dann schau' doch einfach mal hinein!
2,645,614 views | May 23, 2012

Curso de Formación terapeutas AbhyangaYoga Ayurveda

CURSO ENTRENAMIENTO AYURVEDA ( TERAPIAS AYURYOGA ABYANGA YOGA MASAJEhttps:www.facebook.comevents1421466084794550?context=create&source=49(Entrenamiento Medicina Ayurveda ) Este curso de TRASFORMACIÓN va dirigido a: todo tipo de personas que, sin ser profesionales universitarios, trabajen dentro del área de la salud o simplemente tengan un profundo interés en dar un alivio a otros y hacer de ello su labor en la vida conociendo además esta ciencia milenaria de sanación. El masaje ayurvédico ABYANGAM forma parte de la medicina Ayurvédica, que se describe como: el arte de conocer la vida o el buen vivir. La ciencia ayurvédica no solo previene y cura enfermedades, retrasa el envejecimiento , mantiene el bienestar psicofísico del individuo, sino que además es también una manera de vivir que abarca distintos niveles de tratamientos especiales. Esta ciencia milenaria tubo su origen hace más de 5.000 años, en la India antigua, estsabiduría fue estudiada y revelada por Rishis o sabios santos quienes vivieron cientos de años y luego fueron escritas por Sri Vyasa Deva en el idioma sánscrito la lengua de los Dioses los Vedantas Sutras..• Los beneficios Físicos son la relajación, la longevidad, la desintoxicación, el rejuvenecimiento de los tejidos y la piel, la tonificación de los músculos, la recuperación de las minusvalías psicofísicas, mejora la vista, aumento de la flexibilidad articular, alivio de dolores reumáticos, bienestar durante la maternidad y de los infantes.• Los beneficios fisiológicos son el buen funcionamiento de los órganos y de los sistemas digestivo, circulatorio, respiratorio y excretor. • Los beneficios Psicológicos son la alegría, la calma, la claridad de mente, la resistencia al estrés, mejora la capacidad de comunicación, eliminación de traumas emocionales, del cansancio, la depresión, el insomnio y la ansiedad. email : [email protected] https:www.facebook.comcentroahimsa https:twitter.comcentroahimsa
1,589,088 views | Oct 04, 2013


Interview with Tantra kursus lærer fra Vi holder tantra weekendskurser hver anden weekend egnet for singler og par. Besøg for at finde ud af hvordan du kan berige dit sexliv
1,308,462 views | Aug 20, 2009

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