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winx club season 5.......

From - Posted: Nov 05, 2010 - 5,543,178 views
Phim | winx club season 5....... | winx club season 5.......
winx club season 5.......
winx club season 5.......
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Winx Club Season 5 Beyond Believix Episode 10 A Magix Christmas HQ

Learn how to get 309,013 visitors per month to your websites... Click Here: Click this link for more http:adf.lytVyfi
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Winx Club The Secret of the Lost Kingdom

Winx Club™ created by Iginio Straffi © 2003-2013 Rainbow S.r.l. and Viacom International Inc. All rights reserved Click this link for more http:adf.lytVyfi
6,184,503 views | Oct 24, 2013

Winx Club 3D 5 season

Я создала это видео. Но рисовки и анимация не мои. так что это не нарушение творческих прав)
9,165,511 views | Jan 24, 2012

WinX Club 3D The Plans of Oritel of the Winx Girls GERMAN

In this part of the movie, Bloom gets to know what her Dad, King Oritel, planed for finding a husband for Bloom. Bloom hates his idea, 'cause she only loves Sky, and her Winx friends tries to help her with an idea. The idea seems to be good until Prince Strufus appears and "the plan seems to be an own goal!" (how Musa sais!) xDDDThe Winx and Oritel has got their old Voices! :D
563,471 views | Apr 24, 2011

Winx Club Season 5 Elemaximum

3,400,399 views | May 18, 2012

Я люблю Винкс

Этот клип сделала моя доченька Юля
2,473,260 views | Aug 12, 2009

Winx Dress Up Bloom Giochi Winx

Gioca a vestire la Fata del Drago, la Winx Bloom. Nei giochi dedicati alle Winx troverai tantissimi giochi di Dress Up, in questo gioco avrai a disposizione l'abbigliamento per creare un look nuovo alla fata Bloom facendola diventare davvero Enchantix. Prova il gioco su nella sessione giochi Winx.
5,688,109 views | Mar 07, 2009

enchantix laria fanmade

description update number 90389324934890 ..okay I hope this will be the last update on this description ^^I am doing this little update on this description because I want to point out some things about this video. Lately I am getting these annoying comments about her being Stella, badly censored (being naked at some parts) etc.. Please stop complaining about this already, I made this video when I was 12 ..I was just having fun with paint and thinking I was actually making a good animation. Of course I wasn't , I didn't have any animating talent nor drawing talent. This video is just a color-over of Stella and about the naked parts... I simply didn't think about censoring it back then.old description~ en nu is laria klaar ja ze is een vriendin van sylvia en ze is een waterfee!!!!!!!!! ik heb ook hier heel hard aan moeten werken maar ze is klaar! i made a special page for her!! look on my site^^lol.. description is Dutch, but not important imformation though xD for the curious ones, here is the translation: and now is Laria finished yes she is a friend of Sylvia and she is a water fairy !!!!!!!!! I also worked hard on this, but she is finished
1,962,012 views | Feb 27, 2009

winx club gothic

music:slaying the dreamer-nightwish
4,629,275 views | Oct 25, 2009

Bloom Valtor love... is it real?! Complex Numbers music

http:vkontakte.ruclub1768771 http:vk.comclub23865151этюд на тему отношений моих любимых героев из WINXВзгляд твой и голос словно лёд, А в глубине таится пламя, Любовь твоя лишь больно ранит... Ты месть вершишь, идёшь вперёд, Освободившись от заклятья. Рискуй! тебе всегда везёт.
3,100,191 views | Jul 10, 2009

winx saison 5 les transformations

L'histoire est totalement imaginé et les croquis ont été pris sur internet, et je ne peux pas assuré que ce soit les vrais transformations de la saison 5
1,488,899 views | Nov 21, 2010

Mirta believix

This is Mirta believix by me! --- It's old video, please watch my new animations on my channel. =)
1,199,711 views | Jul 04, 2009

Winx Power Show Cast 2005

It's the old cast, but it's my favorite :) Enjoy.
3,527,988 views | May 15, 2008

Linf X club my own club like winx club

this is video about girls from Linf-X club.This club like winx club.If you want you can be Laura or Golden.Here is they info: name:Laura age:17 planet:Shainix power:shine best blow:shine rain name:Golden age:17 planet:Metall power:Gold best blow:Gold dart I am a is my info: name:Diana age:17 planet:Shainix power:water best blow:waterfall blow. You think-why Diana(Laura) in enchantix had first colour of hairs,but on other pictures had other colour?Beacause on their planet all fairies can chainge colours of hairs.
1,471,342 views | Jul 05, 2009

Gaia Trasformazione Believix

questa è la mia prima trasformazione animata,spero che vi piaccia! ^o^ -per fare i disegni ho usato -per colorarli e per realizzare lo sfondo ho usato phostoshop -e per applicare gli effetti ho usato particle illusion Lo dedico a Gaia di GaiaeBeaStudios *AA* ----------------------------------- this is my first animated transformation, I hope that you like it! ^ o ^-to make the drawings I used color them and make the background I used phostoshop-and to apply the effects I used particle illusion
782,961 views | Aug 29, 2011

Chimera Transformation by Kaori Mirai

It is transformation of the Chimera from Winx club! By me! Enjoy yourselves!
1,578,461 views | Apr 16, 2009

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