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vuot song

From - Posted: May 17, 2007 - 38,242 views
Phim | vuot song | vuot song
vuot song
vuot song
Thời lượng: 10 phút 08 giây 
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10 năm yêu em.journey From The Fall !
de xem phim nhanh hon
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PROFILE OF THE VIETNAMESE REFUGEES This is the first episode of a series of collected footages and documentaries which are used to sketch the profile of Vietnamese Refugees, a newest addition to the cultural tapestry that makes up America today. [Song: "54-75", Songwriter: Pham Duy; vocal: Khanh Ly] Translation of Narrative: "It's been 33 years... Every year in April, I always fall into this trance! I'm often wakened by recurring nightmares...I keep witnessing the Vietnamese Communists' thunderous bombardments into the Bien Hoa Air Force Base. It takes few seconds for me to realize I'm now living in America... I'm no longer in the devastating war in Vietnam. We used to live outside the Bien Hoa Air Force Base, which was the main target of the Viet Cong shelling. There were nights my Mom would tell us to sleep in the shelters for safety. From our house, we could see balls of fire engulfing various areas in the base if the shelling ever hit the base because most of the time, Viet Cong's bombardments missed the target and landed in residential areas killing innocent citizens." April 30 [1975] marked the biggest loss of the Vietnamese people... the loss of our freedom and human rights...those are values of life that mankind must have... that millions of Vietnamese people have risked their own lives and weathered all life's challenges to search for. [Music: "Good Bye Saigon" by Nam Loc, singersongwriter] Our journey for freedom began in 1954 when hundreds of thousands of people fled South to the freedom zone. We borrow a short clip from the movie "Chung Toi Muon Song" ("We Want to Live"-1956) directed by the late DirectorProducer Vinh Noan to remind us of the days when our grandparents and parents have left their homes and birthplaces in search for their freedom. We also wish to honor the late actor Le Quynh, the leading actor in this movie, who passed away few months ago. We wish to use this clip for illustrative purpose only, to sketch the starting point of an exodus to freedom and to introduce to our viewers the "Profile of the Vietnamese Refugees". [Scene: Landowners being tried at the "People's Court" as part of the Vietnamese Communists' land reform program in which landowners were unjustly prosecuted.] "...but from now, I will no longer value you as my father. I was foolish to honor a landowner like you as my adoptive father. Now, the government and Party have enlightened me. I come from the peasant class and will never want to associate with your kind!" Father: "Son...Have I done anything unjust to you all these years. Why are you treating us like this...?" Son: "You were clever and conniving in adopting me as a son, so you wouldn't have to pay me for my services." Mother: "Why are you so ungrateful, my son? Don't you remember the times when you were very sick and how I took care of you and attended to you?" Son: "Shut up...foolish woman!" Son: "Oh, Mother!....." Ruthless Informer: Comrade Chairman, this woman also wants to testify. Peasant Woman: "Do you who I am?" Old Lady: "Yes, you are Hoai; you live next door to us." Peasant Woman: "I thought rich landowners like you wouldn't remember poor folks like us. You caused the death of my son, did you know that? They killed my son and pretend that they didn't know..." Movie Synopsis: "Chung Toi Muon Song" is a melodrama set in late 1950s in North Vietnam. A Viet Minh Resistance hero returns to the North after the Dien Bien Phu victory to find the Communist "land reform" is dividing families and friends. His girlfriend attempts to be an exemplary Party member but eventually suffers a nervous breakdown. After her death and having witnessed the atrocities of the Vietnamese Communist Party to innocent people, he decides to flee to the South.
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