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HD Transformers 4 Robot dai chien phan 3 phu de tieng viet Dark of the Moon

From - Posted: May 13, 2013 - 651,131 views
Phim | HD Transformers 4 Robot dai chien phan 3 phu de tieng viet Dark of the Moon | HD Transformers 4 Robot dai chien phan 3 phu de tieng viet Dark of the Moon
HD Transformers 4 Robot dai chien phan 3 phu de tieng viet Dark of the Moon
HD Transformers 4 Robot dai chien phan 3 phu de tieng viet Dark of the Moon
Thời lượng: 04 phút 06 giây 
Xem Phim dai chien nguoi may 3 4 ro bot bien hinh danh chem nhauIronhide & Sideswipe vs The Dreads Sentinel betrayal Transformers: Kỷ Nguyên Hủy Diệt - Age of Extinction
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Transformers Fall of Cybertron Game Movie Full Length 1080p

If you haven't watched the prequel, WFC, then click this: movie was a lot easier than WFC. FOC uses only one perspective so I didn't have to replay the entire chapter 3 times like WFC. This movie only took me about 2 months to make. For some cutscenes or gameplay segments, I added some screams for some of the robots. Take 1:36:30 for example. I found it odd that the decepticon did not yell when getting stabbed. So I added and edited a scream for the poor guy. I also removed the saving contents indicator for pretty much every cutscene. In addition to all that, I isolated the sound fx, voice, and music for some scenes like the final boss. The music doesn't get cut and I added some grunts, quotes, and warcrys from FOC and WFC. :) These are just some of the things I edited for the movie. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and all that Jazz. :D Oh and don't forget to sub to this awesome guy! Without him, this movie would not exist. XDCh. 1: 0:00:27 Ch. 2: 0:10:10 Ch. 3: 0:24:58 Ch. 4: 0:37:58 Ch. 5: 0:45:43 Ch. 6: 0:55:35 Ch. 7: 1:04:44 Ch. 8: 1:07:57 Ch. 9: 1:14:01 Ch. 10: 1:22:31 Ch. 11: 1:29:01 Ch. 12: 1:42:09 Ch. 13: 2:00:31 Optimus VS. Megatron: 2:07:52
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Play Doh Transformers Autobot Workshop Playset Transform Lightning McQ...

This is play doh Transformers Autobot Workshop play set from Dark of the Moon with bumblebee, Ironhide, Megatron and Optimus Prime. Roll cars into the workshop and watch as they transform into robots! This playset comes with 4 cans, 4 car molds and sculpting tools to help build your favorite Transformers Best of all with this set you can transform your Disney Pixar play-doh cars into autobots. In this video i'm transforming Cars 2 Lightning McQueen, Raoul Caroule and Francesco Bernoulli into robots. Thanks for watching my car-toys reviews by blucollection.Thanks for watching BluToys channel. Great News! John Lasseter, the director of Cars has announced Pixar is working on a Cars3 film for 2018. Story is about town of Radiator Springs and Route 66. Check out my new 2014 Play-Doh Playlist. Thanks for watching ToyCollector Blucollection. I'm an avid DisneyToyCollector collecting everything about Disneytoys and PixarCars for over 10 years. This is a Brazilian ToyChannel dedicated to review juegos juguetes giocattoli y brinquedos de carrinhos. Please subscribe!Play-Doh Transformers Autobot Workshop Playset by BluToys.' Cookin' GUMMY BEARS by おえかきグミランド Gummi-Land. Cars Race Launcher World Grand Prix Speedway Multilanzadera. Screaming Banshee Eating Cars Snot Rod Tunerz. Gear Up n go Lightning McQueen Funny Talkers Snot rod, Mcqueen & Mater. Swiggle Traks Pixar Cars RadiatorSprings500. Swiggle Traks Motorized Juguete de Coches. Circuit Race Track - Supercircuito Pista de Corridas. Pocoyo Bath Toys Fun Traceables Loula Elly Elephant. School Blocks Building Toys Similar to Lego Bloks. Doh Pocoyo Superman Man of Steel - Plastilina. Garage Storage Carry Case - Stores 33 Cars. Takedown Dinosaur Chomposaurus Eats McQueen. Klip-kitz Juguete de coches Quebra-Cabeças. out DisneyCollector Toychannel about DisneyPlayDoh at:
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Transformers 3 Megatron s death how it should of been

As bad ass as the fight between Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime was, Optimus Prime's fight with Megatron should of been longer, more epic and brutal. So I have combined all their fight scenes in the trilogy into one to make the fight longer. And yes I know some parts may be the forest and not the city but I don't have access to programs that can change backgrounds so deal with it. And I know Starscream is in it and he should be dead by this stage and Grindor wasn't even in the movie but like I said, I cant do everything. Watch the whole thing, even the fight with Sentinel is slightly edited. This is easily 9000 times better then the actual fight.
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Transformers Dark of the Moon Megatron Vs Sentinel Prime Blu ray Editi...

Optimus Prime is still Battling Sentinel Prime to the Death..... While Megatron wait's For the Right Time To Strike......---(C) 2011 Paramount Pictures. (C) 2011 Paramount Home Entertainment.
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Tuyển tập 1000 Video clip về các câu chuyện cổ tích Việt Nam và Thế giới; chuyện ngụ ngôn; Tuyển tập các câu chuyện Quà tặng Cuộc Sống; Khoảnh khắc kì diệu; truyện tranh thiếu nhi; Phim hoạt hình; Ca nhạc thiếu nhi; Đồ Rê Mí 2012...
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ทรานส์ฟอร์เมอร์ส 2 part 1

มือใหม่หัดอัพค่ะ part 2 ค๊าบบบบบ
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Bumblebee Tribute

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Transformers Transforming Deluxe 1080p

Every single transformation from the first Hasbro Cinematic Universe Transformers Film Trilogy, Directed by Michael Bay, in Stunning HD! Props to ILM, Digital Domain and co for their good work, also sound designer Erik Aadahl and his team, and to Excedrin (for my head)
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Transformers Dark of the Moon Allies VS Decepticons and Shockwave 1080...

Um No Words................Besides Epic! ENJOY I Dont Own Any CopyRights In This Video, All Right Go To Paramount
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Iron man vs. Iron Monger Iron Man

I do not own this movie, scenes, or pictures you might see in the video. This is all property of Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios.
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Phim hoạt hình Kinh Dị tập 3 [máy phát điện -]
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Transformers Dark of the Moon It s Our Fight Blu Ray Edition

---(C) 2011 Paramount Pictures. (C) 2011 Paramount Home Entertainment.
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