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Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video

From - Posted: Sep 19, 2006 - 55,600 views
Phim | Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video | Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video
Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video
Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video
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Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video
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Vector Lovers Neon Sky Rain

From the 'Capsule For One' album. I added a clip from 'Thru the Moebius Strip', it's not timed or anything, just made some minor adjustments.
80,218 views | Mar 04, 2008

Incal, Arzach, Internal Transfer animation reels

A collection of sample reels for animated film projects based on the work of Jean "Moebius" Giraud: The Incal(Co-created with Alejandro Jodorowsky), followed by Arzach, and Internal Transfer. Sadly, none of these attempts ever succeeded.
118,524 views | Jul 17, 2006

THE INCAL movie trailer

© Les Humanoïdes Associés A movie trailer project inspired by the graphic novel "The INCAL", from Moebius and Jodorowsky.A while ago, I reunited a bunch of artists from the original "Heavy Metal" movie to produce a trailer based upon this great work. Then I got busy building my company and it sat on my shelf until a few months back, when I decided to revamp it with today's digital punch.Two sequences from the original "Heavy Metal" movie were borrowed from Moebius's work; "The Long Tomorrow" story and "Arzach". Given that till this day, Moebius and Jodorowsky are heralded as some of the world's greatest Sci-Fi visionaries; it seems to me that a film, based on their work would be even more successful than one inspired by it.Bringing these incredible artist's work to the big screen, I am convinced would be a great much so that I animated and directed this piece with other like artists.-Pascal BlaisHere are the contributors to this project:CreditsPascal Blais, Director Animator Jean Blais, Line producer Daniel Decelles, Animator Tapani Knuutila, Animator Mitch Lemire, Animator Louis Piché, Animator Shivan Ransaran, Animator Norm Rouen, Animator Jean Sarault, Animator and airbrushFX Max Tremblay, Animator Keith Van Allan, Animator Joseph Gilland, SFX Animator Pascal Blais, Head Assist Animator Bennie Denk , Assist Animator Hasmig Marangian, Assist Animator Anne Chevalier, Assist Animator Christian Bénard, Layouts & Backgrounds Rammond Lebrun, Layout Artist Pierre Houde, Background Artist Jean Banville, Line Up Maldwin Philipps, Xerox Bonnie Glover, Color Models Lucie Belec, Head Inker Don Barrett, Paint & Trace Joan Churchill, Paint & Trace Nancy Cosgrove, Paint & Trace André Desjardins, Paint & Trace Andrew Gryn, Paint & Trace Philip Anderson, Digital P & T Nancy Parisella, Digital P & T Michel Laroche, Kodalith mattes Pierre Provost, Cameraman Serge Langlois, Optical camera Pascal Blais ,Head Editor & Compositing Marc-André Bourgouin, Compositing Guillaume Balckburn, Compositing Jacob Potashnick, Film Editing Pascal Languirand, Music composer Vlasta Vrana, Voice Talent
141,777 views | Oct 20, 2011

Daniel Davis Thru The Moebius Strip

Part of his voice work as Arthur in the animated movie, Thru The Moebius Strip.
19,333 views | Oct 13, 2009

In Search of Moebius BBC 4 Documentary

Documentary about Frenchman Jean Giraud, one of the most influential comic strip illustrators and authors of all time and also one of the genre's best kept secrets. He achieved his greatest fame under the pseudonymalter ego Moebius, and his artistic influence extends beyond Europe to the USA and Japan. Features interviews with Giraud himself, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, American comic book artists Jim Lee and Mike Mignolla and many others.
126,489 views | Mar 12, 2013


Jean Giraud (Moebius)draws Blueberry in april 13 2005, in a chat video.Original video: http:www.france5.frbdindex.php?page=bd-bande-dessinee-dedicaces&id_document=98 Enjoy!
109,411 views | Jun 01, 2008

Thru the Moebius Strip Movie Trailer

Visit watch this movie!
13,784 views | Apr 14, 2010

Thru the Moebius Strip Mark Hamill michael dorn trailer film dvd regio...

In the not-too-distant future, a young boy travels to an alien world to find his father and learn of his destiny.
7,292 views | Mar 21, 2010

魔比斯環 Thru the Moebius Strip 2005

導演: 格蘭·枈卡 Glenn Chaika 編劇: 讓·紀勞 Jim Cox Paul Gertz 主演: 動畫類型: 科幻 冒險製片國家地區: 美國 語言: 配音片長: 89分鐘劇情簡介   科学探险家西蒙(马克·哈米尔 Mark Hamill 配音)秘密研究出一种能瞬间到达宇宙任何地方的时空隧道——魔比斯环,然而,在进入魔比斯环探险后,西蒙失踪了。   七年后,西蒙的儿子杰克(克里斯·马奎特 Chris Marquette 配音)已成长为一个14岁的少年,他怀着"一定要找到父亲!"的强烈信念,穿越魔比斯环,到达了2700万光年之外的巨人星球拉菲卡。 在这个拥有奇迹、壮丽景观、神秘魔法的巨人王国,杰克结识了年轻的王子拉吉斯(乔纳森·泰勒·托马斯 Jonathan Taylor Thomas 配音)和美丽的魔法少女爱伦娜(简·西蒙斯 Jean Simmons 配音),获知父亲西蒙被国王托囚禁于此,并因此被意外卷入了一场宫廷阴谋:狂暴贪婪的托国王阴谋篡位,还想利用魔比斯环的力量进一步统治整个宇宙。为了营救亲人,杰克和拉吉斯、爱伦娜一起带领义军与邪...
169 views | Jun 09, 2014


Trailer de la película Moebius de 1996 realizada por los alumnos de la Universidad del Cine Trailer of the films "Moebius"
48,341 views | Nov 01, 2006

Möbius Strip Teaser

Wherein Aeric Winter shows you how to create a piece of paper that only has one side: The Möbius Strip. You're welcome to try this at home. This is meant as a teaser for a (hopefully) upcoming series of videos demonstrating neat, everyday tricks of physics.
31,262 views | May 06, 2007


A "Space Conquistador" on a alien planet meets a native life form and has to answer their wild curiosity. A Graphic Music Video of MOEBIUS' short story. Music: Flashback by the Chemical Brothers.
20,629 views | Oct 09, 2007

Moebius Sylvain

Interview with French comic artist MOEBIUS and the equally talented Sylvain Despretz - the storyboard artist for Alien, Gladiator and many other films. I filmed it in 2001.
9,368 views | Jun 07, 2006

Jodorowsky Constellation

Extracts on my film on Alexandro Jodorowsky Fascinating and challenging, Alexandro Jodorowsky is a multi-talented person : director of cult-movies (EL TOPO, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, SANTA SANGRE... ), founder of the "Panique" movement, performer of provocative happenings. mime artist, succesful comic strip writer (the INCAL, ALEPH TAU, THE WHITE LAMA...), animator of the "Mystical Cabaret", Tarot card master, launcher of the "psycho-magic".... This is the quest of the multiple facets of Jodorowsky and includes views of those who have been closely connected to him (Fernando Arrabal, Peter Gabriel, Marcel Marceau, Jean "Moebius" Giraud, the martial arts master Jean-Pierre Vignau). They appear like mirrors in this quest and reveal that the only important search is for oneself. *** the complete film is now available on WWW.EYESODA.COM ****
71,089 views | Sep 10, 2006

Interview Jean Giraud Moebius

Interview de Jean Giraud "Moebius". L'artiste se prête au jeu des questions réponses et revisite sa carrière extraordinaire.
26,349 views | Nov 30, 2006

Mobius Strip

Poly MIC final project by Shing and Tifa
12,347 views | Sep 06, 2007

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