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Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video

From - Posted: Sep 19, 2006 - 55,701 views
Phim | Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video | Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video
Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video
Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video
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Thru the moebius strip DVD hide video
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Thru the Moebius Strip Movie Trailer

Visit watch this movie!
14,116 views | Apr 14, 2010

THE INCAL movie trailer

© Les Humanoïdes Associés A movie trailer project inspired by the graphic novel "The INCAL", from Moebius and Jodorowsky.A while ago, I reunited a bunch of artists from the original "Heavy Metal" movie to produce a trailer based upon this great work. Then I got busy building my company and it sat on my shelf until a few months back, when I decided to revamp it with today's digital punch.Two sequences from the original "Heavy Metal" movie were borrowed from Moebius's work; "The Long Tomorrow" story and "Arzach". Given that till this day, Moebius and Jodorowsky are heralded as some of the world's greatest Sci-Fi visionaries; it seems to me that a film, based on their work would be even more successful than one inspired by it.Bringing these incredible artist's work to the big screen, I am convinced would be a great much so that I animated and directed this piece with other like artists.-Pascal BlaisHere are the contributors to this project:CreditsPascal Blais, Director Animator Jean Blais, Line producer Daniel Decelles, Animator Tapani Knuutila, Animator Mitch Lemire, Animator Louis Piché, Animator Shivan Ransaran, Animator Norm Rouen, Animator Jean Sarault, Animator and airbrushFX Max Tremblay, Animator Keith Van Allan, Animator Joseph Gilland, SFX Animator Pascal Blais, Head Assist Animator Bennie Denk , Assist Animator Hasmig Marangian, Assist Animator Anne Chevalier, Assist Animator Christian Bénard, Layouts & Backgrounds Rammond Lebrun, Layout Artist Pierre Houde, Background Artist Jean Banville, Line Up Maldwin Philipps, Xerox Bonnie Glover, Color Models Lucie Belec, Head Inker Don Barrett, Paint & Trace Joan Churchill, Paint & Trace Nancy Cosgrove, Paint & Trace André Desjardins, Paint & Trace Andrew Gryn, Paint & Trace Philip Anderson, Digital P & T Nancy Parisella, Digital P & T Michel Laroche, Kodalith mattes Pierre Provost, Cameraman Serge Langlois, Optical camera Pascal Blais ,Head Editor & Compositing Marc-André Bourgouin, Compositing Guillaume Balckburn, Compositing Jacob Potashnick, Film Editing Pascal Languirand, Music composer Vlasta Vrana, Voice Talent
145,473 views | Oct 20, 2011

Daniel Davis Thru The Moebius Strip

Part of his voice work as Arthur in the animated movie, Thru The Moebius Strip.
19,367 views | Oct 13, 2009

Thru the Moebius Strip Mark Hamill michael dorn trailer film dvd regio...

In the not-too-distant future, a young boy travels to an alien world to find his father and learn of his destiny.
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Escher Geomag Moebius strip

This model demonstrates the properties of a Moebius strip. Questo modello dimostra le particolarità di una striscia di Moebius.
33,174 views | Jul 29, 2007


You can't stop escapism. A Graphic Music Video of a Moebius' short story. Music by Massive Attack.
19,418 views | Oct 09, 2007

MOEBIUS 1996 Trailer

Written by : Pedro Cristiani In an alternate reality, the subway system has grown like a massive spider-web under the city. Without any explanation, an entire subway filled with passengers dissappears inside the self-contained tunnels. A topologist is given the assignment to find the missing train, but his investigation takes him to a whole new level: the subway lines have evolved into a virtual Moebius Strip, that has pulled the train and its passengers into a different level of reality...
32,652 views | May 24, 2007

Moebius Transformations Revealed

A short film depicting the beauty of Moebius Transformations in mathematics. The movie shows how moving to a higher dimension can make the transformations easier to understand. The full version is available at The background music (from Schumann's Kinderszenen, Op. 15, I) is performed by Donald Betts and available at
2,003,932 views | Jun 03, 2007

TopMod Moebius Strip Checkerboard

20,984 views | Jul 31, 2007

how to theoretically turn a sphere inside out

how to theoretically turn a sphere inside out
2,958,026 views | Jan 21, 2009

Vector Lovers Neon Sky Rain

From the 'Capsule For One' album. I added a clip from 'Thru the Moebius Strip', it's not timed or anything, just made some minor adjustments.
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Moebius Arzach trailer1

Chinese 3D animation
20,788 views | Jul 14, 2006

Monster Model Review 24 Moebius Models

On episode #24, Rob introduces Moebius Models, a new plastic science fiction and monster model kit producer. © Moebius Models Comments, suggestions, and info you would like to share, please contact us at Monster Model Review is a © Pugknows Productions, Rob Mattison
32,323 views | Jan 31, 2008

Moebius Arzach trailer2

Chinese 3D animation
21,396 views | Jul 14, 2006

No Magic At All Mobius Strip

Is it Magic? What do you think? May be it's just Science? Exactly! Go to for more great videos!
255,865 views | Dec 15, 2007

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