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The Complete Sex Guide R18

From - Posted: Mar 21, 2013 - 48,049,580 views
Phim | The Complete Sex Guide R18 | The Complete Sex Guide R18
The Complete Sex Guide R18
The Complete Sex Guide R18
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WARNING: This Documentary shows REAL UNCENSORED SEX. DO NOT PLAY if seeing VAGINAL, ANAL & ORAL SEX offends.Arguably the most comprehensive and best sex education documentary ever made, "A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex" is a documentary series about everything sex, which ran for 8 episodes on UK Public TV in 2006. All 8 episodes here are in full, indexed and in chronological order. OFCOM (the UK TV standards regulator) stated images of 'real' sex in this series were justified by the educational purpose.The actor is Stefan Hard (English). The actress is Elizabeth Lawrence (Australian). It is presented by Dr Catherine Hood.As shown in the index it is a vital educational resource for all genders, persuasions and ages.Thanks for making this the MOST WATCHED 'age restricted' video in YOUTUBE HISTORY. Share with everyone at your preferred social media site (at the Share tab above).00:00:00 EPISODE 1 00:01:52 Female Orgasm 00:04:02 Female Ejaculation 00:07:09 Faking It 00:08:17 Oral Sex 00:12:00 Sexual Position (Missionary) 00:13:13 Foreplay 00:16:39 Climax 00:17:39 Gonorrhea (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) 00:21:13 Overweight Sex 00:24:54 Super size Model 00:26:33 Lesbianism 00:31:00 Strap Ons (Fake Penises) 00:34:30 EPISODE 2 00:35:31 Clitoris 00:37:50 Clitoral Stimulation 00:39:05 Finding the Clitoris 00:40:39 Sexual Position (DoggieDoggy) 00:45:45 Male Ejaculation 00:46:35 Penis Enlargement & Erections (Part 1) 00:47:15 Erectile Size 00:51:53 Stretching the Penis 00:52:48 Genital Warts 00:58:02 Penile Severance & Reattachment 01:01:48 Cunnilingus (Oral Sex) 01:04:18 Penis Enlargement Results (Part 2) 01:07:39 EPISODE 3 01:09:25 G-Spot 01:10:36 Finding the G-Spot 01:12:19 G-Spot Amplification 01:14:00 Role Playing (Fantasy) 01:17:18 Sexual Position (Side Slide) 01:18:48 Erotic Massage 01:20:30 Preventing Premature Ejaculation (Squeeze Technique) 01:22:13 Chlamydia (Disease) 01:27:33 Small Penis Sex (Penile Lengthening) 01:35:57 Sex in Pregnancy 01:41:22 EPISODE 4 01:43:18 Male Masturbation 01:48:15 Sexual Position (Reverse Cow Girl) 01:50:05 Stimulating the Anus 01:52:03 Peyronie's Disease (Bent Penis) 01:56:48 Disabled Sex 02:05:13 Female Multiple Orgasm 02:07:40 Illegal Drugs 02:13:30 Artificial Enhancement (Myosin) 02:15:21 EPISODE 5 02:17:04 Tantric Sex & Male Multiple Orgasms 02:20:26 Delaying Male Orgasm 02:22:44 Female Tantric Orgasm 02:24:35 Sexual Position (Spoons) 02:26:24 Lubrication and Arousal 02:27:11 Ejaculation 02:27:30 Sleep After Sex 02:29:04 Impotence 02:32:16 Penile Implant Pump (for Impotence) 02:36:13 Erogenous Zones 02:38:02 Syphilis (Disease) 02:42:44 Anal Sex 02:47:20 Rimming (Anal Kissing)02:49:08 EPISODE 6 02:50:50 Group Sex & Swinging 02:59:08 Sexual Position (X Position) 03:00:09 Spanking 03:04:19 Lichen Sclerosis Disease (Vulva) 03:11:57 Sex Toys (Vibrators, Anal Beads etc) 03:15:02 Bondage (Fetishism, Mummification, Sleeping Sacks) 03:22:28 EPISODE 703:23:40 Aphrodisiacs (Food, Drug, Scent) (Part 1) 03:28:00 Semen Taste 03:29:13 Sexual Position (Splitting the Cicada)(Thin Penis) 03:34:41 Genital Crabs (Disease) 03:39:23 Older Age Sex (Including Full Size Dolls) 03:45:44 Reclaiming Sexual Fitness 03:49:00 Sex in Public Places (Cottaging) 03:56:00 EPISODE 8 03:57:24 Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery (LabiaplastyDesigner Vaginas) 04:03:18 Sexual Position (Lotus Position) 04:08:22 TranssexualGender Re-Alignment (Part 1) 04:14:22 What is Semen? (& Fertility) 04:20:16 Aphrodisiacs (Part 2) 04:21:36 TranssexualGender Re-Alignment (Part 2) (Penile Removal)
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A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex is a documentary TV series about sex presented by Dr. Catherine Hood.
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http:www.facebook.comcherrytvcom http:www.twitter.comcherrytvFemale orgasm can be difficult to achieve consistently (male orgasm too!) For us women, finding the right position during sex for orgasm, a "favorite" or "go-to", is a great thing. Often it involves self-stimulation, and can change depending on the partner -- but for many of us, it helps guide our sex.Cherry TV, sex for women, features sex how tos, and real world relationship help for all us females. It's girl talk and sex experts discussing all aspects of sex -- the good, the bad, the ugly. Here we share advice on sexual performance, tell about awkward bedroom moments, present kissing tips and help with erogenous zones, offer orgasm how to, help with masturbation ... basically we explore intimacy in all its glory."sex women" "how to sex" "girl talk" relationships, masturbation, how orgasm, kissing, erogenous zones
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