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sonic tap 2 part 1

From - Posted: Oct 22, 2014 - 10 views
Phim | sonic tap 2 part 1 | sonic tap 2 part 1
sonic tap 2 part 1
sonic tap 2 part 1
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sonic tap 2 part 1
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sonic tap 2 part 2

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Sonic Lost World THE MOVIE All Cutscenes HD

Sonic and Tails crash land on a mysterious world after battling their longtime enemy Dr Eggman. Upon touchdown, they are surprised by a deadly new group of enemies intent on destroying both Sonic, and his entire world. Notes: I kind of hate this game's story, but I figured I'd do something with the cutscenes since I recorded the entire game for review footage. Also, I wasn't content with just using cutscenes because every time Sonic battles a boss, the story never shows any evidence of it. This is true in pretty much every video game because hey, it's a video game. You're supposed to be playing it, not just watching the story scenes. Anyway, I added in brief footage of Sonic taking on the bosses in the correct places so.....yeah. Extra detail.
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Shadow and Rouge Play Five Nights at Freddy s

Rouge wants to see what all the hype is about this game! It can't be that scary... Watch it to the very end!Rouge is voiced by Angelina Deheve (http:www.behindthevoiceactors.commembersGhostAnjo) Shadow is voiced Mesmerist ( https:soundcloud.commesmerist-the-cat https:twitter.commesmeristmusic)Royalty-free music from!Yes I'm aware it's not a console game, but it was easier this way. Check out my channel for more Sonic videos~
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Sonic in JAWS

***!!!PLEASE READ!!!***FOR MOBILE USERS: I cannot control if the video is mobile or not. YouTube's crappy copyright policies block it from being mobile.Well the moment has finally arrived. Sonic in JAWS, the original video that started the "Sonic in" movie series has been remade in HD and contains original scenes that never made it due to time restraints. This video took me almost 3 months to complete. It was a LONG and grueling process but in the end as long as you enjoyed it, then it was worth the trouble. Some scenes look goofy because Garrys mod does have its limits. I hope you all enjoy the video, and share it with friends so everyone can join in the madness.This video was created with Garrys Mod 11. I do not claim ownership over the characters, just the video itself. The video ended up to be 217GB worth of files, so it was a whopper of a video.Sonic the Hedgehog © SEGA Jaws © Universal Studios
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Pokemon ngoài đời thật Tập 1 Việt Sub

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Sonic Battle HD Shadow VS Knuckles VS Sonic VS Tails

[GBA] Sonic Battle HD - Opening Shadow VS Knuckles VS Sonic VS Tails
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Tôi là Tều , một người dùng Youtube thích mò những thứ kinh dị để giải trí cho bản thân mình. Những gì tôi làm có mục đích chia sẻ cho các bạn về những điều tôi biết và được trải nghiệm ._____________________________________________Sonic là một nhân vật điển hình của những năm xưa, tôi lớn lên cùng với Sonic suốt bao ngày tháng tuổi thơ. Cho đến khi nghe được về Sonic.exe.... đây là một Creepy Pasta được khá nhiều người ưa chuộng.... Thậm chí có cả Game mô phỏng, truyện tranh hay các tấm Wallpaper về Sonic.exe. Còn đúng hay không thì không ai biết.....Nguồn : Youtube, Google, MrCreepyPasta. Dịch : Tều CreeperFacebook FanPage : http:www.facebook.comHoiNhungNguoiGhienDocCreepypasta?ref=hlFacebook riêng của tôi : http:www.facebook.combay.nguoi?ref=ts&fref=ts_____________________________________________________________________Hãy giúp Channel được lớn mạnh hơn bằng cách nhấn Like,Subscribe,Share và bắt kịp với những video mới nhất của tôi . Cảm ơn sự theo dõi của các bạn .Tags: TeuCreeper Teu.Creeper ljlbuu1412 thesemyths reallifemysteries mrcreepypasta creepy pasta urban legend story nighttime vietsub slender man bloody mary blind maidon the rake lady in white hell hound dead body under the bed slit mouth women love rollercoaster slender the nine page the licked hand smile.jpg Jeff The Killer __________________________FANPAGE FACEBOOK CỦA TÔI: https:www.facebook.comteucreeper
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Sonic the Hedgehog His World Crush 40

Concorrendo ao boneco no Planeta Sonic!
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Super Sonic X Universe OVA el reto maximo

Super Sonic X Universe OVA el reto máximo Esta es el reto más difícil que tendrá Sonic. No es valiente aquel que no tiene miedo a nada sino el que sabe conquistarlo. Super Sonic X Universe es una mezcla de mis animes favoritos así que si no quieres ver una combinación de dragon ball y naruto pero en Sonic no mires el video.https:www.facebook.comjorosahe.ssxu.9
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Sonic the Hedgehog The Movie FULL 1999

The Sonic the hedgehog OVA that was originally released in 1996 and dubbed in English for 1999.Check out my new Sonic fan Page on Facebook! Sonic the Sonic! https:www.facebook.comnote.php?note_id=457770375843If you liked this movie, don't forget to like comment and subscribe!Or check out Seganintendogamer on Facebook and Twitter and likefollow me for updates on new content and more!https:www.facebook.comseganintendogamerhttps:www.twitter.comseganintendogmrI love this move! XDLinks:3:42 SHUT UP TAILS!!!!!18:37 Sonic flips Metal Robotnik20:38 Metal Robotnik fires poop (glue) at Sonic and Tails30:02 Robotnik gropes Sarah 43:20 STRANGE, ISN'T IT!?Other Movies:Pokemon: The First Movie: The Movie 2000: the Captions are transcribed by the computer, so they can sometimes turn out wierd, funny or make no sense (that's why i kept them)Finally, check out this cool new indie game, Super Distro Horizons, that can become a reality with your help. Donate to the Indiegogo campaign! (srsly, it's pretty awesome!) https:www.indiegogo.comprojectssuper-distro-horizons-powered-by-unreal-engine-4
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Sonic 06 Glitchfest Episode 3

Today's glitches focus primarily on Shadow's story, although there were a few loose ends to tie up with Sonic's portion. Shadow '06 - Part 1: Shadow the Hedgehog Review: my crud! Twitter: http:www.Twitter.comScykoh Live Stream: http:www.Twitch.tvScykohMy Other Channels Gameplay Channel: http:www.YouTube.comScykohPlays VlogRandom Channel: http:www.YouTube.comScykohCrudOutro music: "Stage 0 - Tutorial" by XionsProphecy https:soundcloud.comxionsprophecy
61,528 views | Oct 18, 2014

Bakugan Gundalian Invaders 17 Battle for the Second Shield

No copyright infringement intended
1,386,290 views | May 28, 2011

Sonic vs Eggman

Eggman kidnaps Amy, and it's up to Sonic to rescue her! Song is "Sylpheed" by Team Nekokan Sonic Amy, Eggman and all other characters and backgrounds are © to Sega and Sonic Team.
2,417,380 views | Aug 08, 2011

Sonic X Episode 5 Cracking Knuckles 2 3

DISCLAIMER: I do not take credit for this video, This video, and anyall characters, are the property of Sega. I am not using this for my own profit. Plot: Knuckles, frantic to return to the Master Emerald, is told by Dr. Eggman that Sonic is to blame for their predicament and that Sonic believes that Earth is far better than their world. Meanwhile, Sonic and the gang are spotted by Ella and Mr. Tanaka, but Chris tricks them into thinking that they are toys. Chris, Tails, and Amy find a lead on a Chaos Emerald in Silver Valley, and head towards that area. Afterwards, one of Eggman's robots delivers a message from Knuckles to Sonic, who challenges him to a duel in the same area. Eggman manages to capture Chris, Tails and Amy with a robot and reveals to them that it was a trap. Knuckles confronts Sonic, demanding the Chaos Emeralds. After Sonic and Knuckles fight for a while, Amy is able to damage the robot and signal Sonic. After the robot is destroyed, Knuckles realizes that he was manipulated, attacks Eggman, and leaves on his own once again.
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