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Sex Offender

From - Posted: Jun 08, 2009 - 156,614 views
Phim | Sex Offender | Sex Offender
Sex Offender
Sex Offender
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Many sex offenders keep their stories secret, but this man wants to tell his side of what happened. Lockdown: Sex Offenders : http:channel.nationalgeographic.comserieslockdownallOverview
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gladiator days prison murder

real prison murder .."warning graphic content "
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Secret Life 1 5 The Story of a Child Sex Offender, Channel 4, 2007

Charlie is white, middle class and a child sex offender. And though he's served his sentence, by his own admission, he continues to pose a significant danger to children. When the rehabilitation centre he has elected to attend is shut down, he is cast adrift in the local community, without guidance or psychological treatment, to struggle alone with his compulsion to re-offend. Written after the closure of the last rehabilitation centre for child sex offenders in the UK, Secret Life is a difficult and powerful feature-length drama that seeks to explore how children can be safeguarded from convicted child sex offenders. And which questions the lack of effective measures in place to prevent them from re-offending. A download link (not the version I uploaded, this one has a smaller file size) I found in the IMDB boards:
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Watch the full episode here: http:youtu.beg3lw6PMjj40"Young Kids, Hard Time" is now available to purchase from the Calamari Outlet: http:www.calamarioutlet.comYoung-Kids-Hard-Time-101.htmlPremiering Sunday November 20th on MSNBC:The YIA cellblock is home to 53 kids who are rarely permitted to leave the unit, due to the dangers posed by the adult prisoners just outside their door. But once a youth offender turns 18, they begin the immediate transition into the general prison population, where thousands of adult prisoners await. The program will reair in January.
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Inside Wisconsin Sex Offender Treatment Facility

WISN 12 News' Joyce Garbaciak recently traveled to the place where the most violent sex offenders in the state are forced to live.
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Sex Offender Who Posed As Boy Gets 70 Years

A youthful-looking sex offender who posed as a 12-year-old boy to enroll in several Arizona schools was sentenced Tuesday to 70 12 years in prison. Neil Havens Rodreick II pleaded guilty last year to seven criminal charges. (April 7)
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Kid Catches Sex Offender At Disney World

An excellent example of the need to educate kids and develop their situational awareness.
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Rehabilitation for child sex offenders

What to do with child sex offenders? Many would say lock them up and throw away the key..or worse. But most convicted abusers are eventually released from prison - so what's going to stop them from reoffending? Carmen Parahi visited Te Piriti, New Zealand's high risk child sex offenders unit to find out
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