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S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

From - Posted: Nov 14, 2010 - 10,520 views
Phim | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
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THAT EVENING Demi: *comes out of Joe's bedroom and sits next to him on the couch, tired* Hey. Joe: *smiles at her and wraps his arms around her* Hey cutie. You missed lunch. Demi: I'm just REALLY tired. Joe: Well, you ARE having a baby. Demi: *smiles* I know. Joe: *smiles wide* Are you hungry now? Demi: *nods* Yes. Very hungry. Joe: *smiles* Well, *sits up* You relax and I'll make you some.....lunner. Demi: *raises her eyebrows* Lunner? Joe: Well, breakfast and lunch is brunch. So, lunch and dinner has to be lunner. Demi: *trying not to laugh* Oh....Kay. *Joe smiles and nods then goes to the kitchen. Demi thinks about something for a few moments then follows him. He's at the counter interested in the sandwich he's trying to make* Demi: *smiles, walks up behind him and starts massaging his back* Hi. Joe: *smiles as he starts cutting the crust off the bread* Hey. Demi: *kisses his neck once* I'm really horny. Joe: *swallows the lump in his throat* Really? *pushes the crust on to the counter* Demi: *nods even though he can't see* I want you to fuck me hard. Joe: *getting turned on but doesn't want to show it* How hard? Demi: *wraps her arms around him from his back, plays with the buttons on his shirt* Harder than you ever have before. Joe: That's really hard. *puts a piece of cheese on the bread* Demi: *smiles. reaches up his shirt and rubs his abs* I know. *Joe get some mayonnaise and spreads it over the piece of cheese* Demi: *whispers in his ear* Punish me. Joe: *smiles a little* What did you do? Demi: *giggles and moves her hands closer to his dick* I don't know. I just want it to be really dirty. Like....bent over a table dirty. Joe: *smiles and turns to her* That would be HIGHLY uncomfortable for you. Demi: But, it would be pleasurable. *unbuttons one of the buttons on his shirt* I want you to fuck me like you did before we were a couple. Joe: Oh, you mean before I had any respect for you? Demi: *giggles* Yeah. Joe: *throws her over his shoulder and starts walking to their room* Okay. NEXT EPISODE IS RATED R!
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Download DEMI feat. the new single "Made in the USA" and "Heart Attack" on iTunes - http:smarturl.itdlitunesa1Lovatics! Subscribe to Demi on YouTube! ► http:bit.ly1bLR1Mf----------------------Listen to the full DEMI album here: http:bit.ly1cYSK11----------------------Follow Demi: Facebook - http:facebook.comdemilovato Twitter - http:twitter.comddlovato Instagram - http:instagram.comddlovato Tumblr -- Official site - Lovato - Made in the USA (Official Video) lyrics: Our love runs deep like a Chevy If you fall I'll fall with you baby 'Cause that's the way we like to do it That's the way we likeYou run around open doors like a gentleman And tell me, "Girl, every day you're my everything." 'Cause that's the way you like to do it That's the way you likeJust a little West Coast, and a bit of sunshine Hair blowing in the wind, losing track of time Just you and I, just you and I Whoa, whoaNo matter how far we go, I want the whole world to know I want you back, and I won't have it any other way No matter what the people say, I know that we'll never break 'Cause our love was made, made in the USA Made in the USA, yeahYou're always reading my mind like a letter When I'm cold, you're there like a sweater 'Cause that's the way we like to do it That's the way we likeI'll never ever let the world get the best of you Every night we're apart, I'm still next to you 'Cause that's the way I like to do it That's the way I likeWe touch down on the east coast Dinner on the sky rise, Winter is the best time for walking in the city lights You and I, you and I Whoa, whoaNo matter how far we go, I want the whole world to know I want you back, and I won't have it any other way No matter what the people say, I know that we'll never break 'Cause our love was made, made in the USA'Cause baby I'll bite the bullet And take the blows for love Whoa oh oh, our love was made in the USA Made in the USA, made in the USANo matter how far we go, I want the whole world to know I want you back, and I won't have it any other way No matter what the people say, I know that we'll never break 'Cause our love was made, made in the USA Made in the USA, yeahMade in the U.S. Made in the U.S. Made in the U.S.A.----------------------Music video by Demi Lovato performing Made in the USA. (C) 2013 Hollywood Records, Inc.
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S.E.X. Ep.12 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

DEMIS POV: I can't believe I haven't gotten car sick yet. We've been driving for about 3 hours straight now. I've never been in a car this long before. But, it's time with Joe. So I'm enjoying it. Joe: So, enjoying the ride? Demi: *smiles* Yeah. You? *Joe nodds* Demi: I'm hungry. Joe: I have no idea where a good stopping place would be. Demi: Well then let's stop at a McDonalds. I want a cheese burger. Joe: Okay, where's a McDonalds. Demi: Shut up. Joe: What'd I do? Demi: Stop asking me questions. Just find a McDonalds. Joe: Bossy. Demi: I'm hungry. Joe: Obviously. ABOUT 15 MINUTES LATER Joe: *see's a McDonalds* FINALLY. *pulls in* Demi: Yes. *Joe parks the car and they both get out* Joe: Lady's first. *Demi smiles and walks in front of him. They order, get their food, and sit down* Demi: *takes a bite of her cheese burger and smiles* This is so good. Joe: *smiles* I'm glad. *watches her eating* Demi: *swallows* You know I don't like it when you watch me eat. Joe: *looks away* Right. Sorry. Demi: Eat your food. Joe: *stuffs his mouth with his cheese burger* Yum. *Demi smiles and drinks some of her Dr. Pepper* Demi: When are we gonna get to Florida? Joe: Most likely 2 days from now. Demi: Why didn't we fly again? Joe: *shrugs* I like driving. Demi: Your probably the only person I know that likes driving. Joe: I don't see why people hate it. Demi: It's too much work. *Joe tilts his head* Demi: We're lazy. And we have to be careful not to hit others. Where's the fun? Joe: *smiles* Getting to places. Demi: I feel bad for the teenagers who have to drive themselves to school. It must take all their power not to go to the mall instead. Joe: I drove myself to school perfectly fine. Demi: Nerd. Joe: I was not! I just didn't want my parent's to beat the shit outa me and take my car away. Demi: Mmhmm. Joe: You just wish you could do it all over again instead of ditching everyday. Demi: Actually, I had some good times. I met Selena at the bar I snuck into. She snuck in too. Joe: Ahhh. You and her were both ditchers? Demi: Yep. And instant best friends. Joe: So you guy's have been best friends since high school? What grade? Demi: 10th. Joe: When did you guy's start fucking? Demi: About a week after we met. We were bored and a little drunk, so we tried it, liked it, and here we are. Joe: But I thought you were a virgin until me. Demi: I was....with guys. Joe: Mmmmm. Demi: Girls are really good though. I can see why guy's want it so much all the time. Joe: No we don't. *Demi gives him a look* Joe: Only SOME of us do. *Demi nodds and eat's a bite of her cheese burger* Joe: I can't wait until we get to Florida. It's gonna be awesome. Demi: I know. We better be staying in a 5 star hotel. Joe: Yes ma'am. Demi: *smiles* What hotel is it? Joe: I don't know. I figured I'de just find one when we get there. Demi: What if we can't find one? Joe: Then the beach is all ours.
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Demi Lovato Let It Go from Frozen Official

Frozen Soundtrack available NOW! Download on iTunes - http:smarturl.itfa1Disney's Frozen is in theaters now!Facebook -- http:www.facebook.comDemiLovato Twitter -- http:www.twitter.comddlovato Official Site -- Tumblr -- Instagram -- http:www.instagram.comddlovatoMusic video by Demi Lovato performing Let It Go (from "Frozen"). (C) 2013 Walt Disney Records
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S.E.X. Ep.10 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

Next Morning *Joe knocks on Demi's door holding an envolope and waits impationantly* Demi: *opens the door* Hey. Joe: You wanna go to Florida with me? Demi: *schocked* What? Joe: Do you wanna go to Florida with me? I have the tickets. Demi: *looks at the envelops then back at him* I see that. But, why? Joe: Because I wanna go to Florida with you. It's for a week. Demi: Why do you want to go to Florida with me? Joe: Because....*thinking* Should I tell her? Demi: That's not really a good reason. Joe: Just go pack. Please. Demi: *sighs* 'Kay. When's our flight? Joe: We're driving. Demi: I thought you said we had tickets. Joe: It's just an invelope. I knew you wouldn't agree to driving so I....lied. Go pack. Demi: So we're..... Joe: Driving to Florida and staying their for a week. Demi: Okay. *goes and starts packing and comes out a couple minutes later* Are we gonna go to the beach? Joe: Yeah. That's where the condo is. Demi: what condo? Joe: The one I rented for us. It's the only house for a few miles and the only one on the beach. It's a fenced in area so we have the house and that part of the beach to ourselves. Demi: So we can be as loud as we want? Joe: *slightly smiles* As loud as you want. *Demi smiles and continues packing* A Couple Minutes Later Demi: Okay. *picks her suitcase up* I'm ready. Joe: Okay. *they go to the car, put Demi's suitcase in the back and get in their seats. Joe starts to drive* Demi: This is gonna be so fun. FLORIDA! Joe: *chuckles* Yep. So, ummm, there's this girl. *Demi's smiles turns to a frown* Joe: She's funny, smart, pretty, wel, actually beautiful, and I really like her. Should I tell her? Demi: *clears her throat* I don't know. I mean, if she likes you back, duh, but if she doesn't, I wouldn't. Trust me. I've done that before. Joe: *he adjusted his hands on the steering wheel and kept looking straight ahead* I'm sorry. Demi: I know. It's fine. Maybe you could make it up to me when we get there. Joe: *slightly smiles while looking straight ahead* Maybe. Demi: You will. *looks out her window and smiles* Joe: You never know. I might be too warn out from all the driving. Demi: We have to stop sometime. Joe: I can go a while without sleeping. Demi: I know. *Joe smiles and continues driving* A COUPLE HOURS LATER Demi: Are we there yet? Joe: *a little annoyed* No. You wanna pull into a motel for the night? Demi: Yep. Joe: Okay. *he finds an motel and pulls in it. they get out of the car and walk in* Ummm, one room please. Person: One bed or two. Demi: Two. Person: Okay. *hands Joe a key* There you go. Joe: Thanks. *Jemi goes to the room* Demi: *walks in* Wanna test out the bed? Joe: Damn. You already want sex? Demi: Alway's. I think I get it from you. *Joe smiles and starts kissing her. He wraps his arms around her waist and she wraps her arms around his neck. He pulls her closer to him not wanting to ever let her go. He let's her tongue into his mouth and sucks on it egerly. He pushes her down on the bed, breaking the kiss and smiles when she giggles. They get undressed and Joe get's back ontop of Demi and looks into her eye and feels the erge to get off of her. He slowly does so and starts putting his clothes back on. Demi: Babe, how come everytime you look at me you get off of me? *Joe ignores her and focuses on putting his clothes on* Demi: Am I that un-appealing? Joe: *looks back at her with nothing but his boxers on* Are you insane. I thought I told you, your beautiful. Demi: Yeah, when I was in the dress. Joe: *starts putting the rest of his clothes on* Well your beautiful with or without the dress. I just never notices because I was alway's ontop of you kissing you. Demi: *kinda sad cuz he never noticed* Oh. Well. Thanks. Joe: Yeah. *sits down next to her on the bed* Demi: So why do you alway's stop when you look at me? Joe: *afraid to even think about it* I don't know. Ummm, I just feel kinda bad that you lost your virginity to me. Demi: Why? Joe: Because. You should've lost it to someone you loved. *Demi looks at him* Joe: I mean, I know you love me, but, I mean loved then. You shouldn't have lost it to someone who was training you. Demi: Are you thinking your a mistake? Joe: *now thinks that he is* Yeah. Demi: Well, your not. Your sweet, funny, kinda smart, fun to be around, I couldn't have lost it to a better guy. Joe: *smiles at her* Thanks. Demi: Yep. *lays her head on his shoulder* Joe: Are you tired? Demi: Yeah. *she lays back on the bed* Joe: *lays next to her* It's only 5. Demi: Seriously? *Joe nodds* Demi: Ugh. I'm gonna take a nap. Joe: Okay. *Demi closes her eyes*
15,328 views | Sep 08, 2009

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