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S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

From - Posted: Nov 14, 2010 - 11,866 views
Phim | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
THAT EVENING Demi: *comes out of Joe's bedroom and sits next to him on the couch, tired* Hey. Joe: *smiles at her and wraps his arms around her* Hey cutie. You missed lunch. Demi: I'm just REALLY tired. Joe: Well, you ARE having a baby. Demi: *smiles* I know. Joe: *smiles wide* Are you hungry now? Demi: *nods* Yes. Very hungry. Joe: *smiles* Well, *sits up* You relax and I'll make you some.....lunner. Demi: *raises her eyebrows* Lunner? Joe: Well, breakfast and lunch is brunch. So, lunch and dinner has to be lunner. Demi: *trying not to laugh* Oh....Kay. *Joe smiles and nods then goes to the kitchen. Demi thinks about something for a few moments then follows him. He's at the counter interested in the sandwich he's trying to make* Demi: *smiles, walks up behind him and starts massaging his back* Hi. Joe: *smiles as he starts cutting the crust off the bread* Hey. Demi: *kisses his neck once* I'm really horny. Joe: *swallows the lump in his throat* Really? *pushes the crust on to the counter* Demi: *nods even though he can't see* I want you to fuck me hard. Joe: *getting turned on but doesn't want to show it* How hard? Demi: *wraps her arms around him from his back, plays with the buttons on his shirt* Harder than you ever have before. Joe: That's really hard. *puts a piece of cheese on the bread* Demi: *smiles. reaches up his shirt and rubs his abs* I know. *Joe get some mayonnaise and spreads it over the piece of cheese* Demi: *whispers in his ear* Punish me. Joe: *smiles a little* What did you do? Demi: *giggles and moves her hands closer to his dick* I don't know. I just want it to be really dirty. Like....bent over a table dirty. Joe: *smiles and turns to her* That would be HIGHLY uncomfortable for you. Demi: But, it would be pleasurable. *unbuttons one of the buttons on his shirt* I want you to fuck me like you did before we were a couple. Joe: Oh, you mean before I had any respect for you? Demi: *giggles* Yeah. Joe: *throws her over his shoulder and starts walking to their room* Okay. NEXT EPISODE IS RATED R!
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S.E.X. Ep.48 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

Where We Left Off *Demi giggles as Joe sets her down on the bed. He undresses himself fully then climbs on top of her* Demi: *giggles and wraps her arms around his neck* Your so strong. Joe: *smiles* Thanks babe. *kisses her roughly. Demi moans a kisses back, sliding her tongue across his bottom lip. He forces his tongue into her mouth and explores her mouth. Demi grabs one of his hands and set's it on her Vagina.* Demi: *sexy voice* Rub me. *Joe starts rubbing Demi slowly, making her moan extremely loud* Joe: *smiles while rubbing her* You like that, baby? Demi: *moans* Oh yesssss! *starts humping his hand* Joe: *bites his lip* Your pussy is SO smooth. Demi: *smiles a little and moans* It's all yours. Joe: *staring at it* I wanna fuck you so hard. Demi: *stops humping and spread her legs extremely wide* I wanna feel you in me. Joe: *smiles, grabs her hips and thrusts inside her* Ohhhhh! Demi: *screams in pleasure, grips his shoulders* Joey! Joe: *moans and starts thrusting up and down* Oh baby. Demi: *in major pleasure* Oh! Your so b-..Big! *Joe grunts as he goes in and out of her* Demi: *kisses him passionately for a few seconds* Mmmm. So hard! Joe: *thrusting* God, your amazing! Demi: *throws her head back* Ugh! Suck on my boobs. Joe: *smiles and sucks on her left one while thrusting* Demi: *get's an idea* Hold on. Joe: *stops and looks at her* What? Demi: Let's make a sex tape. Message me if you wanna cyber!
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The 2-11-09 episode had the most s ex ever on ATWT. The couples having se x were Brad and Katie, Gay Henry and Vienna, and Casey and Jade. The first two couples had an element of deceit. Both Katie and Vienna want babies but the men don't. Katie neglected toput in her diaphrgam before se.x ad Vienna punched holes in Henry's condoms. Henry reacted especially badly. The s.ex was pretty realistic. Most men will recognize Henry's reaction immediately after se.x. The penile glans become extremely sensitive and painful to the touch. As for Casey and Jade, you have to look in the other video for them. Judging from their reciprocal sleeping positions, I'm pretty sure they had oral s.ex in 69 position. Some have complained that we have yet to see Nuke in bed together (although we have seen them soon after having s.ex). Longtime viewers will remember that exactly 2 years ago, ATWT had a Valentine Day Fantasy episode where each couple had a skit based on a romantic movie. There were 13 kisses in that episode -- but none between Nuke. Every other couple kissed. Even non-couples kissed lip-to-lip (it was a fantasy, after all). My protest letter pointed out that it made no sense since the scene was Luke's fantasy, and surely he's dreamt of them kissing.
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RATED R RATED R RATED R RATED R ABOUT... DEMI(16): She's the school bitch. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her Mum. Her BF is Miley. They also have sex (Both are bi). Shes one of the Cheerleaders and "loves" the girls in her group. She hates Joe, Selena, Nick... MILEY(16): She´s also a school bitch. Her BF is Demi, they also have sex. She´s Bi. Her parents are happy married. Shes one of the Cheerleaders and "loves" the girls in her group. She also sleeps with her father, mother and her brother Trance(18). She hates Joe, Selena, Nick... JOE(17): He´s a nice boy. In his whole he had 9 Girlfriends. His first Girlfriend was Demi (He was 15 and she was 14). They broke up after 2 weeks. His Girlfriend today is Selena. NICK(16): He´s Joe´s brother. BBoth are BF´s. He has sex with Selena, but Joe doesn´t know about it. He love Girls and has all two weeks a new Girl. He alway cheated on his Girlfriends. SELENA(16): She´s the Girlfriend of Joe and cheat on him with Nick. She doesn´t feel mad about it. She´s Bi but Joe doesn´t know about it. Shes one of the Cheerleaders and "loves" the girls in her group. NO POV *At Demis House* Diley:*making out in Demis bed* Demi:*on Top of Miley, squeezes her breats* Miley:*moans* Demi...Fuck me Demi:*Takes off her Clothes, puts off Mileys shirt* No bra, me likey *sucks and Miles left breast* Miley:*Moans louder* Demi:*takes off the rest of Mileys cloth* Gosh, you´re so hot! Miley:*can´t take it anymore, pushes Demi on the bed, humping her hard* Demi:*moans* ooohhh mileyyyyy Miley:*moans, humping her harder* SHIT! This i sooo gooooood! Demi:*pushes Miley of, goes on top of her* Demi shows Miley the big two headed dildo and turns it on extreme vibration. Demi shoves one end into herself and the other in Miley. Demi:*tils her head back* Fuck *starts humping the vibrator* oooooh Miley:*cums* aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Demi:*cums too* ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh *after 10 min.* Miley:*sry babe have to go *kiss her* Demi:*kiss back* See you Tomorrow Miley:KK *leaves*
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Be safe out there.Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! http:bit.lyYTbuzzfeedvideoGet all 12 episodes of the BuzzFeed Violet Series - You Do You on iTunes now! - http:apple.co1ltvttxCheck out more awesome BuzzFeedViolet videos! http:bit.lyYTbuzzfeedvioletMUSIC Humble Beginnings Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks. ( Footage provided by VideoBlocks http:vblocks.coxBuzzFeedYouTubeMade by BFMP www.buzzfeed.comvideoteamGET MORE BUZZFEED: www.buzzfeed.comvideoteam www.facebook.combuzzfeedvideo www.instagram.combuzzfeedvideo www.buzzfeed.comvideo VIDEO BuzzFeed Motion Picture’s flagship channel. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always shareable. New videos posted daily! Subscribe to BuzzFeedVideo today! http:bit.lyYTbuzzfeedvideo
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phim | S.E.X. Ep.19 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.19 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

S.E.X. Ep.19 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

Where We Left Off Joe: Demi, will you be my girlfriend? Demi: *keeps her excitement to herself* Really? I mean, I don't even know if I'm finished with the fight yet. *laughs a little* Joe: Well, let me know when you are. *pecks her lips very lightly then walks off* Demi: *squeels as quietly as she can* Finally! *follows him to the kitchen* I guess I can be your girlfriend. *Joe smiles and turns around* Demi: It's not like I have anything betther to do. *Joe smiles as kisses her lightly. Demi wraps her arms around his neck and deepens the kiss. Joe pushes her up against the wall and quickly takes all her clothes off. Demi watches him as he undress himself and then he starts kissing her again. Demi moans through the kiss and runs her fingers through his hair. Joe grabs her hands and brings her into the room without breaking the kiss. He breaks the kiss and pushes her down on the bed. He puts a condom on and get's on top of her then quickly starts thrusting in and out of her. Demi moans loudly as he thrusts. Joe get's bigger everytime she moans. He starts sucking on her neck making her moan again. She almost screams and cums all over Joe. Joe smiles, and licks all of it up then starts playing with her clit with his finger. Demi starts moaning uncontrollably* Demi: *moans* Joey. *cums more and Joe locks it up. Demi moans and holds his head closer to he'll keep licking. He nibbles on her clit and she screams in pleasure. He goes back up and starts kissing her again while thrusting in and out of her. She flips over to where she's on top and starts riding him* Joe: *moans* Uhhh, *moans again* Demiiiiiii. Demi: *rides him harder and faster* Mmmm. Joe. Joe: *flips on top of her and thrusts his hardest and fastest* Moan for me. Demi: *moans in pleasure* Joey. *moans again and move with his body, trying to keep up with his pase* Baby. *moans* That feels so good. *traces his abs. Joe starts sucking on her breast which makes her moan louder* They continue for about 30 more minutes then Joe get's off Demi and lay's down beside her, pulling her into his arms. Joe: *holding Demi* That was amazing. *kisses her head as she smiles* Demi: Yeah. *cuddles impossibley closer to him* Maybe another week won't be so bad. Joe: *slightly smiles and rubs her back* Yeah. *rests his head on top of hers* I don't know when I can do the marathon. There will be a marathon though. I've just been really busy.
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Okay, before I start this episode, I'm looking for those pictures where it looks like it's Demi and Joe on the beach doing you know what but it's photoshopped. I've been all around Flickr and Photobucket so if you have a link please tell me. THAT NIGHT Joe: *goes to Selena's apartment and knocks on the door. Selena opens it* Hey. Selena: Hello. Joe: Bill said I get to train you. *walks in* Selena: *smiles and closes the door* Great. Joe: Okay. I only brought 5 condoms so we won't be doing it that much tonight. Selena: Okay. *leads him to her room and closes the door* Joe: *sits down on her bed* This is so comfortable. Selena: *sits on his lap* Thank you. Joe: Yep. *starts kissing her. Selena pushes him down on the bed and takes his pants and boxers off* Joe: Mmm. You don't like waiting. Awesome. *Selena smiles and starts sucking hard on his dick. Joe groans in pleasure and grips the sheets* Joe: *Pleased* Selena. *moans loudly. Selena gives him a bj for a couple minutes then stops* Joe: You know what's next? Selena:Puting...A...Condom...On? Joe: No. Selena: Oh. Joe: You strip for me. Selena: I don't have a pole. Joe: Don't worry. You'll get used to stripping without one. Selena: Okay. *stands up* Umm....Music? Joe: Oh yeah. Your aloud that. *Selena turns on her radio and starts dancing sexily. She starts striping and smiles when she see's Joe's boner* Selena: *smiling and dancing* You like? *points to the way herhips are moving* Joe: *eyeing her hips* Yeah. *he takes his shirt off not understanding why he still had it on then continued eyeing her hips. She got to her matching hot pink thong and panties* Joe: Okay, now stop. Selena: *stops dancing* Okay. Joe: Come here. *pats his lap. Selena sits down on his lap* Now you give me a lap dance. Selena: How do you know all of this. Joe: I'm one of the guy's that's a main lead. Selena: Oh, that makes sence. Joe: Yep. Okay. Go. *She starts giving him a lap dance. He bites his bottom lip trying not to loose controll of himself. He holds onto her hips as she moves* Joe: *holding her hips* Your doin' great. Selena: *dancing. smiles* Thanks. Joe: *supposed to stop her now but just pulls her closer* You were a striper, huh? Selena: *dancing* How can you tell? Joe: *holding her waist* You move like one. Selena: *dancing* Yep. Joe: *pulls her closer making her dance on his boner* Mmmmm. That's good. *realizes he was supposed to stop her* Okay. *Selena stops and sits down on his lap* Joe: Now we go. Selena: Where? Joe: No, I mean we fuck. Selena: Oh. Duh. *turns around to where she's still sitting on his lap but her legs are wrappes around his waist. She starts kissing him passionantly. He rubs her waiste* Joe: *get's an idea and pulls away* I almost forgot. The newbies have to shoot a scene where their getting their picture taken by the guy. So, let me go get my camera. Selena: Okay. *get's off of him* A MINUTE LATER Joe: *walks in and turns it on* Okay. You just pose sexy and I'll take the pictures. Selena: Okay. *starts posing really sexy as Joe takes the pictures* ABOUT 15 MINUTES LATER Joe: Okay, memories full. Selena: 'Kay. Joe: *looks at a few of the pictures* God, you look like your one of the baddest people on earth. (AN: She's on the bed) *She crawls over and get's on her hands and knees* Selena: Punish me then. *takes her thong off* Joe: *get's horny. He set's the camera down, goes over to her and fingers her* You like that? *Selena nodds holding in her moans. Joe adds another finger which makes her moan louder* Selena: *get's on her back making his fingers come out* Fuck me. *Joe puts on a condom, get's on top of her and enters her harshly but she likes it. She moans and starts moving with his body. She starts tracing his abs. Joe goes in and out harder and faster. Selena flips ontop of him and starts humping him. Joe grons and Selena goes faster* Joe: *moans, holding onto her hips* Bang that pussy harder! *Selena goes harder and cums. Joe wants to lick it up but he doesn't want her to stop. He takes her bra off and sucks on her breast* Selena: *moans while humping him* Joe. *moans again* *doorbell* Joe: *sighs* I'll be right back. *pulls out of her and waits for her to get off. He puts a robe on and goes to the door and opens it* Demi: *sniffs* Sorry. I'll come back later. *let's another tear escape her eyes* Joe: No. *grabs her hand* What's wrong?
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phim | S.E.X. Ep.12 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.12 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

S.E.X. Ep.12 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

DEMIS POV: I can't believe I haven't gotten car sick yet. We've been driving for about 3 hours straight now. I've never been in a car this long before. But, it's time with Joe. So I'm enjoying it. Joe: So, enjoying the ride? Demi: *smiles* Yeah. You? *Joe nodds* Demi: I'm hungry. Joe: I have no idea where a good stopping place would be. Demi: Well then let's stop at a McDonalds. I want a cheese burger. Joe: Okay, where's a McDonalds. Demi: Shut up. Joe: What'd I do? Demi: Stop asking me questions. Just find a McDonalds. Joe: Bossy. Demi: I'm hungry. Joe: Obviously. ABOUT 15 MINUTES LATER Joe: *see's a McDonalds* FINALLY. *pulls in* Demi: Yes. *Joe parks the car and they both get out* Joe: Lady's first. *Demi smiles and walks in front of him. They order, get their food, and sit down* Demi: *takes a bite of her cheese burger and smiles* This is so good. Joe: *smiles* I'm glad. *watches her eating* Demi: *swallows* You know I don't like it when you watch me eat. Joe: *looks away* Right. Sorry. Demi: Eat your food. Joe: *stuffs his mouth with his cheese burger* Yum. *Demi smiles and drinks some of her Dr. Pepper* Demi: When are we gonna get to Florida? Joe: Most likely 2 days from now. Demi: Why didn't we fly again? Joe: *shrugs* I like driving. Demi: Your probably the only person I know that likes driving. Joe: I don't see why people hate it. Demi: It's too much work. *Joe tilts his head* Demi: We're lazy. And we have to be careful not to hit others. Where's the fun? Joe: *smiles* Getting to places. Demi: I feel bad for the teenagers who have to drive themselves to school. It must take all their power not to go to the mall instead. Joe: I drove myself to school perfectly fine. Demi: Nerd. Joe: I was not! I just didn't want my parent's to beat the shit outa me and take my car away. Demi: Mmhmm. Joe: You just wish you could do it all over again instead of ditching everyday. Demi: Actually, I had some good times. I met Selena at the bar I snuck into. She snuck in too. Joe: Ahhh. You and her were both ditchers? Demi: Yep. And instant best friends. Joe: So you guy's have been best friends since high school? What grade? Demi: 10th. Joe: When did you guy's start fucking? Demi: About a week after we met. We were bored and a little drunk, so we tried it, liked it, and here we are. Joe: But I thought you were a virgin until me. Demi: I was....with guys. Joe: Mmmmm. Demi: Girls are really good though. I can see why guy's want it so much all the time. Joe: No we don't. *Demi gives him a look* Joe: Only SOME of us do. *Demi nodds and eat's a bite of her cheese burger* Joe: I can't wait until we get to Florida. It's gonna be awesome. Demi: I know. We better be staying in a 5 star hotel. Joe: Yes ma'am. Demi: *smiles* What hotel is it? Joe: I don't know. I figured I'de just find one when we get there. Demi: What if we can't find one? Joe: Then the beach is all ours.
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Ina 7 Malayalam full movie I.V.Sasi Teen love and sex 1982 ............. One of the first malayalam movies to discuss about child marriage.....Also deals with teen love and sex..........Days when an adult rated movie also ran in packed houses in the theaters........Scripted by John Paul.......Music by A.T.UMMER and Lyrics by BICHU THIRUMALA.......The movie has few good songs.........Background music by SHYAM.......Murali Movies produced the movie........Director - I.V.SASI
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Heres a Rated PG version since my 1st one got flagd. (why hate, its just a dog-on song) Remembr to Tell A Friend, Subscribe & Rate my shit! Hope U Like! Send me a message for the other version (rated r)
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Prison Sex Rated PG 13 in all honesty, MAYBE NC 17

This is what can happen when you do not change your can wind up in some deep stuff. All music and video by none other than Big Bad Crow Russell.
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Dark Shadows Love Scene

Great love scene with Johnny Depp and Eva Green in the horror comedy film Dark Shadows
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phim | S.E.X. Ep.1 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.1 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

S.E.X. Ep.1 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

Demi: *knotting her fingers through Joe's hair* Mmmmm. Director: And CUT! That was great. See you guy's next week. *walks away* Joe: *get's off of Demi and wraps a robe around him* Good job. Demi: You too. *wraps a robe around herself and stands up* So, umm, next week I don't think I'll be able to make it. Joe: Why not? Demi: I don't know. I'll fake sick. Joe: Come on, am I really that bad? Demi: No. We just fuck EVERY week. I need someone new. Joe: Ouch. Demi: I didn't mean it like that. I'll still do you, but, someone else would be amazing. Joe: I have a brothers. His names Nick. Demi: Mmmm. Is he any good? Joe: I wouldn't know. Demi: Good. Bring him next week. Joe: You have to bring a friend too. Demi: Selena or Miley, pick. Joe: Miley, she's so fuckin' hot. Demi: Yep. See ya later. *walks away. Joe smacks her butt and stares at it as she leaves* LATER THAT NIGHT WITH DEMI SITTING AT HOME WATCHING TV *doorbell rings* Demi: *goes, opens it and see's Joe* Yes? Joe: I'm bored. Demi: *smiles* So? Joe: So fuck me, I'm bored. Demi: *sighs and let's him in hen closes the door* Why didn't you go to Miley's? I texted you the address. Joe: I'm in the mood for Demi not Miley. *starts kissing her neck and pulls her closer to him* Demi: *pushes him away from her neck, grabs his hand and leads him to her room* Now, we can be comfortable. *Joe pushes her down on the bed and get's on top of her. Demi takes his shirt off and starts tracing his abs. He smashes his lips onto her's as she runs her fingers through his hair. She unbuttons his pants and takes them off quickly, not breaking the kiss. He takes his boxers off and then undresses her quickly, unlocking their lips. Demi rolls over and lay's on her stomach* Demi: *out of breath from the kiss* Finger me. *Joe starts fingering her and she let's out a loud moan of pleassure while gripping the sheets. Joe adds another finger making Demi moan louder and breath heavy* Demi: *in major pleasure* JOEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! *Joe adds another finger getting more and more turned on. He starts sucking on her neck making her moan even more. He stops sucking on her neck, takes his fingers out of her, turns her around and starts humping her fastly* Demi: Oh, Joe! *moans* That feels so good. *wraps her arms around his neck. Joe stops, get's a condom out of his pocket, put it on, then continues to hump her hard and fast* Demi: Joe! *moans. She grabs his dick and sticks it in her and they both moan* HARDER! *Joe goes harder and starts sucking on her breast. Demi cums. Joe goes out of her, licks her cum up then sticks his dick back in her and continues humping her. Demi rolls ontop of him and starts grinding* Joe: *gripping the sheet's* Demi. *moans* Just like that. *grabs her hips and helps her move. Demi takes his condom off and starts giving him a blowjob* Joe: *moans loudly* God, yes. *moans again* DEMI! *Demi sucks harder and rubs the part she can't fit in her mouth* Joe: *moans* Fuck yes. *He pushes her head down lightly making her deap throat it* QUESTIONS: 1. Is there too much sex? 2. Should I do more sex? 3. Do you want Jemi to get together sometime in the story as a couple? 4. Do you want me to make another episode?
2,346 views | Sep 05, 2009
phim | PG PORN Roadside Ass Sistance | PG PORN Roadside Ass Sistance

PG PORN Roadside Ass Sistance

Sasha Grey looks for a little "help" with her "engine" from mechanic James Gunn. For people who love everything about pornography except the sex. For the first time available on the internet in Hi-Def!
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phim | S.E.X. Ep.5 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.5 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

S.E.X. Ep.5 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

JOES POV: Why is she so jelous? Their just girls, just like her. They were my job. They all let some guy knock them up though. It wasen't me. They all had boyfriends who hated me but that's beyond the point. *cell phone starts ringing* Joe: *picks it up* Hello? Bill: Joe, we have to cancel you and Demi's shoot's for a while. We got some new people in so we're gonna help them get used to it. Joe: Okay. *they hang up* JOES POV: Great. Now I'm probably never gonna get to see what's up with Demi. She's definintly not coming over here and I don't think I'll risk going over there. WITH DEMI IN HER CAR DRIVING TO THE MALL DEMIS POV: Shopping alway's calms me down. I parked my car and went inside. I saw Miley and ran over to her. Demi: What are you doing here? I thought you had to work. Miley: He let me off early today. Demi: Oh. Miley: Where were you? I tried your home phone like a million times. Your cell went straight to voice mail. Demi: I was.......Just walking around. Miley: Oh. Well, wanna go to my apartment? We could.....hang out. *smiles* Demi: *smiles* Sure. *they go to Miley's apartment* Miley: Okay. *puts all her bags on the floor and walks towards Demi. Phone starts ringing* Miley: *sighs* Hold on. *picks it up* Hello? ????: Miley! Miley: *gasps* Selly?! Are you back?! Selena: Yep! Can I come over? Miley: Yeah. Demi's over too. Selena: Great! See ya in a few. *hangs up* Demi: Is she back? Miley: *hangs up* Yep. Demi: Yay! Today is gonna be SO fun. Miley: Can we get a head start? Demi: That wouldn't be fair to Selena. (AN: Joe, Miley, and Selena live in the same apartment building) WITH JOE Joe: *walks out of his apartment building quickly and runs into someone and knocks her over* Oh, I'm sorry. *helps her up. He looks at her shirt and see's the company name of the porno place he works for* Do you work there? ????: *getting steady* Yeah. I'm new there. Joe: Your one of the reason's I can't work for a while. ????: Umm, I'm sorry. Joe: *chuckles* No problem. I'm Joe. *holds his han out* ?????: *shakes his hand* Selena. Joe: *let's her hand go* Selena, as in, Demi's friend Selena? Selena: Yep. That'd be me. You know her? Joe: She's the other part of my job.....get it? Selena: *smiles* Yeah. Joe: Maybe you could come bye sometime and I could help you.....adjust to the porno life. Selena: Maybe. Joe: So, which apartment's yours? Selena: 317. Joe: Hmmm. A floor apart isn't that bad. I think I can walk that far. Selena: You should be able to. I'll see you later? Joe: Probably. *watches her walk off. whisper* Damn. *can't help but stare at her butt. When she enters Miley's apartment Joe starts walking quickly down the hall and pulls out his cell phone, dials and number and holds the phoen up to his ear* Bill. I'm desperate. Bill: *smiles* No, your weak. Joe: Which means I become desperate. I can train one of the new ones. Bill: Ummm, *looks at a list thing* You can train Selena. She lives at- Joe: Yeah, I've met her. Bill: And your happy? Joe: Yep. Bill: Well, what happened to Demi? Joe: Uhhh.....She got a boyfriend. Bill: It alway's happens to you. WITH MILEY, DEMI AND SELENA Miley: *hugs Selena* I missed you so much. *sarcastic* Thanks for the letters and emails. Selena: *kisses her passionantly* I'm sorry. Miley: *smiles* It's okay. Demi: How was it? Selena: It was great! I did SO much shopping. Demi: I can't believe your working with me now. Selena: I know. Demi: Well, not exactly WITH me. But, you have the same job as me. Selena: I know! Miley: Okay, I'm ready. *starts undressing Selena. Demi starts undressing herself. After Miley's done undressing Selena, she undresses herself. They go into Miley's bedroom* Selena: *looks at the wall* New picture. Miely: Mmhmm. *starts kissing her. Demi lays down on the bed and waits. Selena stops kissing Miley, get's ontop of Demi and starts riding her. Demi moans and smiles* Miley: *whinny* What about me? Demi: Come here. *Miley get's on the bed and Demi starts french kissing her and moans when Selena goes harder. Demi starts rubbing Miley's pussy making Miley moan loudly and cum. Demi goes and licks it up then continues kissing Miley* 1. Should Demi tell Joe how she feels about him? 2. Should Jeo tell Demi about the Selena situation? 3. Should I make another episode?
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