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S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

From - Posted: Nov 14, 2010 - 11,063 views
Phim | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
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THAT EVENING Demi: *comes out of Joe's bedroom and sits next to him on the couch, tired* Hey. Joe: *smiles at her and wraps his arms around her* Hey cutie. You missed lunch. Demi: I'm just REALLY tired. Joe: Well, you ARE having a baby. Demi: *smiles* I know. Joe: *smiles wide* Are you hungry now? Demi: *nods* Yes. Very hungry. Joe: *smiles* Well, *sits up* You relax and I'll make you some.....lunner. Demi: *raises her eyebrows* Lunner? Joe: Well, breakfast and lunch is brunch. So, lunch and dinner has to be lunner. Demi: *trying not to laugh* Oh....Kay. *Joe smiles and nods then goes to the kitchen. Demi thinks about something for a few moments then follows him. He's at the counter interested in the sandwich he's trying to make* Demi: *smiles, walks up behind him and starts massaging his back* Hi. Joe: *smiles as he starts cutting the crust off the bread* Hey. Demi: *kisses his neck once* I'm really horny. Joe: *swallows the lump in his throat* Really? *pushes the crust on to the counter* Demi: *nods even though he can't see* I want you to fuck me hard. Joe: *getting turned on but doesn't want to show it* How hard? Demi: *wraps her arms around him from his back, plays with the buttons on his shirt* Harder than you ever have before. Joe: That's really hard. *puts a piece of cheese on the bread* Demi: *smiles. reaches up his shirt and rubs his abs* I know. *Joe get some mayonnaise and spreads it over the piece of cheese* Demi: *whispers in his ear* Punish me. Joe: *smiles a little* What did you do? Demi: *giggles and moves her hands closer to his dick* I don't know. I just want it to be really dirty. Like....bent over a table dirty. Joe: *smiles and turns to her* That would be HIGHLY uncomfortable for you. Demi: But, it would be pleasurable. *unbuttons one of the buttons on his shirt* I want you to fuck me like you did before we were a couple. Joe: Oh, you mean before I had any respect for you? Demi: *giggles* Yeah. Joe: *throws her over his shoulder and starts walking to their room* Okay. NEXT EPISODE IS RATED R!
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Where We Left Off *Demi giggles as Joe sets her down on the bed. He undresses himself fully then climbs on top of her* Demi: *giggles and wraps her arms around his neck* Your so strong. Joe: *smiles* Thanks babe. *kisses her roughly. Demi moans a kisses back, sliding her tongue across his bottom lip. He forces his tongue into her mouth and explores her mouth. Demi grabs one of his hands and set's it on her Vagina.* Demi: *sexy voice* Rub me. *Joe starts rubbing Demi slowly, making her moan extremely loud* Joe: *smiles while rubbing her* You like that, baby? Demi: *moans* Oh yesssss! *starts humping his hand* Joe: *bites his lip* Your pussy is SO smooth. Demi: *smiles a little and moans* It's all yours. Joe: *staring at it* I wanna fuck you so hard. Demi: *stops humping and spread her legs extremely wide* I wanna feel you in me. Joe: *smiles, grabs her hips and thrusts inside her* Ohhhhh! Demi: *screams in pleasure, grips his shoulders* Joey! Joe: *moans and starts thrusting up and down* Oh baby. Demi: *in major pleasure* Oh! Your so b-..Big! *Joe grunts as he goes in and out of her* Demi: *kisses him passionately for a few seconds* Mmmm. So hard! Joe: *thrusting* God, your amazing! Demi: *throws her head back* Ugh! Suck on my boobs. Joe: *smiles and sucks on her left one while thrusting* Demi: *get's an idea* Hold on. Joe: *stops and looks at her* What? Demi: Let's make a sex tape. Message me if you wanna cyber!
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