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S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

From - Posted: Nov 14, 2010 - 11,177 views
Phim | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
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THAT EVENING Demi: *comes out of Joe's bedroom and sits next to him on the couch, tired* Hey. Joe: *smiles at her and wraps his arms around her* Hey cutie. You missed lunch. Demi: I'm just REALLY tired. Joe: Well, you ARE having a baby. Demi: *smiles* I know. Joe: *smiles wide* Are you hungry now? Demi: *nods* Yes. Very hungry. Joe: *smiles* Well, *sits up* You relax and I'll make you some.....lunner. Demi: *raises her eyebrows* Lunner? Joe: Well, breakfast and lunch is brunch. So, lunch and dinner has to be lunner. Demi: *trying not to laugh* Oh....Kay. *Joe smiles and nods then goes to the kitchen. Demi thinks about something for a few moments then follows him. He's at the counter interested in the sandwich he's trying to make* Demi: *smiles, walks up behind him and starts massaging his back* Hi. Joe: *smiles as he starts cutting the crust off the bread* Hey. Demi: *kisses his neck once* I'm really horny. Joe: *swallows the lump in his throat* Really? *pushes the crust on to the counter* Demi: *nods even though he can't see* I want you to fuck me hard. Joe: *getting turned on but doesn't want to show it* How hard? Demi: *wraps her arms around him from his back, plays with the buttons on his shirt* Harder than you ever have before. Joe: That's really hard. *puts a piece of cheese on the bread* Demi: *smiles. reaches up his shirt and rubs his abs* I know. *Joe get some mayonnaise and spreads it over the piece of cheese* Demi: *whispers in his ear* Punish me. Joe: *smiles a little* What did you do? Demi: *giggles and moves her hands closer to his dick* I don't know. I just want it to be really dirty. Like....bent over a table dirty. Joe: *smiles and turns to her* That would be HIGHLY uncomfortable for you. Demi: But, it would be pleasurable. *unbuttons one of the buttons on his shirt* I want you to fuck me like you did before we were a couple. Joe: Oh, you mean before I had any respect for you? Demi: *giggles* Yeah. Joe: *throws her over his shoulder and starts walking to their room* Okay. NEXT EPISODE IS RATED R!
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S.E.X. Ep.48 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

Where We Left Off *Demi giggles as Joe sets her down on the bed. He undresses himself fully then climbs on top of her* Demi: *giggles and wraps her arms around his neck* Your so strong. Joe: *smiles* Thanks babe. *kisses her roughly. Demi moans a kisses back, sliding her tongue across his bottom lip. He forces his tongue into her mouth and explores her mouth. Demi grabs one of his hands and set's it on her Vagina.* Demi: *sexy voice* Rub me. *Joe starts rubbing Demi slowly, making her moan extremely loud* Joe: *smiles while rubbing her* You like that, baby? Demi: *moans* Oh yesssss! *starts humping his hand* Joe: *bites his lip* Your pussy is SO smooth. Demi: *smiles a little and moans* It's all yours. Joe: *staring at it* I wanna fuck you so hard. Demi: *stops humping and spread her legs extremely wide* I wanna feel you in me. Joe: *smiles, grabs her hips and thrusts inside her* Ohhhhh! Demi: *screams in pleasure, grips his shoulders* Joey! Joe: *moans and starts thrusting up and down* Oh baby. Demi: *in major pleasure* Oh! Your so b-..Big! *Joe grunts as he goes in and out of her* Demi: *kisses him passionately for a few seconds* Mmmm. So hard! Joe: *thrusting* God, your amazing! Demi: *throws her head back* Ugh! Suck on my boobs. Joe: *smiles and sucks on her left one while thrusting* Demi: *get's an idea* Hold on. Joe: *stops and looks at her* What? Demi: Let's make a sex tape. Message me if you wanna cyber!
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S.E.X. Ep.9 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R PART 1

Joe: I really should go now. *stands up and get's dressed* Demi: But....I don't....want you to. *looks down, embarassed* Joe: *sighs* May I use your shower? *Demi nodds and watches him walk out of the room* JOES POV: I took my shower thinking about Demi. My phone rang which means I had to cut my shower and thinking short. I got out, dried my hand off and answered it. Joe: Hello? Bill: Joe. You have a tuxedo, right? Joe: Uhhh, no, why? Bill: Well, you should get one. Joe: Why? *dries his face off* Bill: Big porno event thing. Since your a big star, you gotta be there. It's tonight at 7. Get a date. Joe: *sarcastic* Thanks for telling me in advance. Bill: No problem. *hangs up* Joe: *dries himself off, get's dressed and goes back to Demi's room to find her waiting* Hey. Demi: Hey. Joe: Bill just ca- *Demi's phone rings* Demi: Hold on.*picks it up* Hello? Bill: Demi. You have a nice dress right? Demi: Yeah. Tons. Bill: Great. Get one on and come down to Area (club), there's a big porno event. Your on the list. Find a date. Demi: Sure. *hangs up* Joe: Was that Bill? Demi: Yeah. *goes to her closet and starts flipping through her clothes* I don't think I have anything to wear. Joe: Then go shopping. Your good at that. Demi: Thanks. Joe: Ummm,*clears his throat* You wanna go with me? Demi: *looks at him* What? Joe: Do you want to be my date? Demi: Everybody'll think we're together. Joe: Everybody already does. Demi: *shrugs* I guess. But right now you have to leave. Joe: Why? Demi: I gotta get ready. Joe: Okay. I'll see you tonight. I'mm be here to pick you up around 6:30. *kisses her passionantly then walks away and out of the house* Demi: Okay. Shopping time. *smiles and get's ready to go out* THAT NIGHT *Joe rings Demi's doorbell and waits for her to open the door* Demi: *opens it* Hey Joe. Joe: *stunned* You look beautiful. WHAT SHE'S WEARING: http:www.polyvore.comdemi_lovatoset?id=11943709 Demi: *blushes a little* Thanks. Joe: Yeah. *they go to Joe's car, get settled and stuff, and Joe starts to drive* Demi: I remember the first time I was in this car. *wainks at him and smiles* Joe: *smiles* Me too. *Demi nodds* Joe: I also remember the first time we were in bed together. *Demi giggles* Joe: You were such a virgin. Demi: *laughs* Shut up! I was not. Joe: Dems, I popped your cherry. You were a virgin. Demi: Whatever. Joe: It was an honor. *Demi laughs* A COUPLE MINUTES LATER Joe: Okay. We're here. *pulls into the parking lot* Demi: I didn't know there were this many porn stars. Joe: Me neither. *get's out with Demi and they go to the red carpet thing and people start taking their picture. Joe wraps his arm around Demi's waist and pulls her closer to him* LATER THAT NIGHT JOES POV: I don't know why but I can't stop looking at Demi. Not in the way that I want her for sex. I mean, I do, all the time. But, she just looks so beautiful. I alway's see her when her hair is messed up and she's tired. Never when she's calm and still. I grabbed her hand and smiled when she smiled at me. I could hear camera's flashing in the back. Ever since our first movie together their had been rumors about us dating. We didn't mind because we already knew that the rumors were gonna happen. I kept staring at her wanting to be able to see her eye's instead of just the side of her face. DEMIS POV: I noticed him staring at me but I didn't look back. I knew somehow that he didnt' want me to know he was looking. so I just payed attention to the person speaking. It was kinda hard when there were a million camera's taking pictures in the back. Stupid rumors. I've learned to deal with them. Finally the speeches were over and it was time to eat. This was the worst part. Every girl was looking at every girl giving them a sympathy look which meant " I know. The camera's bother me too." And we were all thinking it. We alway's have to take little bite's and little sips. Tonight actually wasen't that bad. Considering it wasen't tabloid junk. It was "She looks fabulous and he's so hot" That stuff. Their okay. I finished eating a looked at Joe who was playing on his phone. Joe: *looks up at her* Hey. You ready? Demi: Yeah. *they get up and leave* YouTube Is Being Mean And Won't Let Me Post All Of It So In A Second Part 2 Will Be Up
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S.E.X. Ep. 2 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

ABOUT AN HOUR AFTER THE LAST EPISODE *Their both still naked. Demi's laying on Joe's chest and Joe's holding her* Joe: That was amazing. Demi: *smiles* I know. Miley's amazing too. Joe: How would you know? *Demi looks up at him like it's obvious* Joe: You fuck her? Demi: All the time. She's really amazing. Joe: I didn't know you fucked girls. Demi: Yep. But just Miley and Selena. Joe: Mmmmm. Demi: Oh, give me Nick's number so I can call him. Joe: Later. Demi: Okay. Well, it's time for you to go. Joe: Why? Demi: Because. I wanna call Miley. Joe: Oh, *get's dressed* By the way, Bill (director guy) is looking for 2 girls for this one role. I'll put a good word in. *walks out of the house. Demi get's dressed and dials Miley's phone number* Miley: Hello? Demi: Hey. Miley: Hey. What's up? Demi: I was wondering if you wanted to come over. We could have a little fun. Miley: *smiles* Sure, I'll be there in a few minutes. Demi: 'Kay. *they both hang up* A COUPLE MINUTES LATER *Miley rings he doorbell* Demi: *opens the door and smiles* Hey Miley. (AN: Demi's just in her bra and thong) Miley: *checks her out* Hey sexy. *walks in and waits patiantlly for Demi to close the door* Demi: Come on. *She grabs Miley's hand and drags her to her room and pushes her on the bed* Miley: I want it hard please. Demi: *giggles* Okay. Oh! I have an idea. *runs out of the room and comes back with a video camera and set's it up* Miley: A sex tape? We have a million of those. Demi: This one's for Joe. Miley: Who? Demi: Oh, he's a guy that I recomended you to. He's so good. Miley: Oh, okay. Demi: Okay, you ready? Miley: Yeah. Demi: Kay. *starts filming. She get's ontop of Miley and starts humping her. Miley rubs her waist and watches her with firey eyes. Demi takes off Miley's shirt revealing Miley's lace bra (it's black and practically see through). Demi smiles and traces some of the lace* Miley: *giggles and smiles* You like it? *Demi nodds as she humps* Miley: We should strip for him. Demi: I like that idea. *they both get up* Demi: Let me turn on the radio real quick. Miley: Okay. *Demi turns on the radio and goes back over to Miley. They starts dancing really sexy with eachother. Miley takes her jeans off and starts dancing with Demi again. Miley puts her hands on Demi's waist and pulls her really close. Miley starts rubbing Demi's pussy making her cum* Demi: *giggles* Baby, we're dancing. Miley: *rubbing her pussy* And......? *Demi takes her bra off and Miley get's really turned on as she stops rubbing* Miley: Damn! Demi: *giggles* I know. *starts dancing with Miley again. Miley starts rubbing Demi's breasts. She stops and takes off her panties and bra. Demi takes off her thong off* Miley: *checking her out* I love your body so much. *Demi wraps her leg's around Miley's waist and starts going up and down. Miley moans while holding onto Demi's waist* Miley: *holding onto Demi* Baby. *falls back on the bed. Demi goes faster. Miley moans and plays with Demi's hair. Demi starts licking Miley's pussy making Miley cum. Demi licks it up and sucks on Miley's clit. Miley screams in pleasure* 1. Too much sex? 2. Should I do another one?
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S.E.X. Ep.11 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

I'm so sorry I posted in a while. NEXT MONRING Joe: Demi. *shakes her a little* Demi: *opens her eyes slowly* Yeah? Joe: We gotta go now. Demi: Why? Joe: So we can get there sooner. Demi: Did I sleep all night? Joe: Just like a baby. Demi: *smiles and sits up* Goodmorning. Joe: 'Morning. Can we leave? Demi: God. Your in a hurry. Joe: Sorry. The sooner the better though. Demi: Really? *Joe nodds* Demi: Because I was thinking we could do something else. Joe: It's 7 in the morning. Demi: And we're both up and both here. Why waiste the perfect opurtunity? Joe: I don't know. Demi: *sits on his lap* Please. Just a quicky. Joe: Aren't you a little tired? Demi: I'm pretty sure I'll be more awake if we do this. *starts kissing him lightly while knotting her finger in his hair. Joe moves his hands down to her hips and deepends the kiss a little. Demi wraps her legs around his waist and pulls closer to him. He put's his hands slowly up her shirt and starts rubbing her hips. Demi takes off his shirt and starts tracing his abs while kissing him. She pushes him down and starts undressing him without hessitation. Joe lays there with a smirk on his face as she undresses him. She hands him a condom. He star's opening it* Demi: Hurry up. Joe: *looks at her* Well your ancious. Demi: Hurry. *Joe goes slower on purpose. Demi sighs, takes it from him and puts it on him. She takes of her clothes then starts kissing his passionantly. He rolls over on top of her and starts humping her hard and fast. Demi moans. Joe enters her and keeps going in and out making Demi moan louder and louder. She flips on top of him and starts grinding which makes Joe moan loudly. He starts sucking on her neck which makes her moan. Someone knocks on the door. Demi stops and Joe stops* Demi: I'll be in the bathroom. *runs to the bathroom* Joe: *get's dressed wuickly and goes to the door* We have maids here? Maid: *smiles* Hello. Joe: Hi, ummm, your not really needed at the moment. Maid: Okay. *walks off* Joe: *shuts the door* Okay, she's gone. Demi: *comes out of the bathroom* I'm not really in the mood now. Joe: *mumbles* Damn. Demi: Huh? Joe: Nothing. Can you get dressed? Your body's very tempting. Demi: *giggles* Sure. *starts getting dressed. Joe goes up behind her, puts his hands on her waist and starts leaving little pecks on her neck* Demi: Joe. *turns around so he'll stop* I said I wasn't in the mood. Joe: *winny* But IM in the mood. Demi: Oh, funny how these things work out, huh? *puts a bra and a shirt on* Joe: Please don't get dressed. Demi: *smiling while putting on a thong* Your the one who told me to. Joe: Well, I changed my mind. Demi: *pulls her pants up* Ah well. Joe: That's not fair. *Demi shrugs* Joe: Your mean. Demi: I've been told. *grabs her bag* You ready? Joe: *sighs* Yeah. *grabs his bag and they leave* Another?
7,124 views | Sep 26, 2009

S.E.X. Ep.12 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

DEMIS POV: I can't believe I haven't gotten car sick yet. We've been driving for about 3 hours straight now. I've never been in a car this long before. But, it's time with Joe. So I'm enjoying it. Joe: So, enjoying the ride? Demi: *smiles* Yeah. You? *Joe nodds* Demi: I'm hungry. Joe: I have no idea where a good stopping place would be. Demi: Well then let's stop at a McDonalds. I want a cheese burger. Joe: Okay, where's a McDonalds. Demi: Shut up. Joe: What'd I do? Demi: Stop asking me questions. Just find a McDonalds. Joe: Bossy. Demi: I'm hungry. Joe: Obviously. ABOUT 15 MINUTES LATER Joe: *see's a McDonalds* FINALLY. *pulls in* Demi: Yes. *Joe parks the car and they both get out* Joe: Lady's first. *Demi smiles and walks in front of him. They order, get their food, and sit down* Demi: *takes a bite of her cheese burger and smiles* This is so good. Joe: *smiles* I'm glad. *watches her eating* Demi: *swallows* You know I don't like it when you watch me eat. Joe: *looks away* Right. Sorry. Demi: Eat your food. Joe: *stuffs his mouth with his cheese burger* Yum. *Demi smiles and drinks some of her Dr. Pepper* Demi: When are we gonna get to Florida? Joe: Most likely 2 days from now. Demi: Why didn't we fly again? Joe: *shrugs* I like driving. Demi: Your probably the only person I know that likes driving. Joe: I don't see why people hate it. Demi: It's too much work. *Joe tilts his head* Demi: We're lazy. And we have to be careful not to hit others. Where's the fun? Joe: *smiles* Getting to places. Demi: I feel bad for the teenagers who have to drive themselves to school. It must take all their power not to go to the mall instead. Joe: I drove myself to school perfectly fine. Demi: Nerd. Joe: I was not! I just didn't want my parent's to beat the shit outa me and take my car away. Demi: Mmhmm. Joe: You just wish you could do it all over again instead of ditching everyday. Demi: Actually, I had some good times. I met Selena at the bar I snuck into. She snuck in too. Joe: Ahhh. You and her were both ditchers? Demi: Yep. And instant best friends. Joe: So you guy's have been best friends since high school? What grade? Demi: 10th. Joe: When did you guy's start fucking? Demi: About a week after we met. We were bored and a little drunk, so we tried it, liked it, and here we are. Joe: But I thought you were a virgin until me. Demi: I was....with guys. Joe: Mmmmm. Demi: Girls are really good though. I can see why guy's want it so much all the time. Joe: No we don't. *Demi gives him a look* Joe: Only SOME of us do. *Demi nodds and eat's a bite of her cheese burger* Joe: I can't wait until we get to Florida. It's gonna be awesome. Demi: I know. We better be staying in a 5 star hotel. Joe: Yes ma'am. Demi: *smiles* What hotel is it? Joe: I don't know. I figured I'de just find one when we get there. Demi: What if we can't find one? Joe: Then the beach is all ours.
10,607 views | Nov 07, 2009

S.E.X. Ep.44 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

Demi: *starts crying and looking around the apartment* Joe?! With Joe JOES POV: I don't WANT to leave. But, I know she doesn't want me there. If she's pregnant and I find out, hell yeah I'll come back. But, I won't talk to her. She's probably so pissed off at me right now. I have no clue where I'm going but I'm driving somewhere. I'll figure it out once I get there. Maybe I'll go to Taylor's. She's alway's had my back...Yeah, I'll go there. She'll feed me for sure. DEMIS POV: No! This can't be happening! I can't leave me! I need him! I love him. I thought he loved me. I sat down on the side of our bed and started balling my eyes out. What if I'm pregnant? I can't raise a baby on my own. Especially since the only way I can make money is if I do porn. That's the only way I know how. I guess if I am pregnant, I could get an ebortion. Joe's totally against it, but he'll never know I'm pregnant now. Because he won't be here. I started crying harder and harder and I began to hypervinilate. I can't breath. I tried slowing my breathing down but the last thing I remember, I fell. Then everything was black. When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed. I sat up a little and saw Joe in the corner of the room with his head down. Demi: *weak* Joe? Joe: *shoots his head up and walks over to her* Hey babe. *strokes her hair* How are you feeling? Demi: *leans back on the bed* What happened? Joe: *shrugs* We don't know. We thought you would remember. Demi: The only thing I remember was crying hard. Joe: *sighs* Oh. *kisses her forehead* Demi: *tears fill her eyes* Why did you leave? I thought you loved me. Joe: I do. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. I just figured you didn't want me anymore. Demi: Joe, of course I want you. I love you. Joe: *nods* I love you too. *kisses her softly* Demi: *smiles in the kiss and pulls back* Have sex with me. Joe: In the hospital? *Demi nods, biting her lip* Joe: Okay. *takes his shirt off and starts kissing her*
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S.E.X. Ep.57 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

That Night Demi: *sitting in the passenger seat, smiling* I'm so excited to see it. I bet it's beautiful. Joe: *driving* Not as beautiful as you but beautiful. Demi: *blushes* Is it far away from the apartment? Joe: *shrugs, stops at a stop light* Not too far away. Demi: *lays her head on Joe's shoulder* Drive faster. Joe: *laughs* If you're tired we can go home and come back tomorrow. Demi: *shakes her head* Nope. With Drew And Selena Selena: *sighs, content* I better get home. *sits up and looks for her clothes* Drew: *pulls her back down* No. I'm horny. Selena: *giggles* Still? Drew: *shrugs* Your hot. Selena: Thank you. *lays back down, rubs his chest* But I don't think my girlfriend would like me staying the night at a guy's house. Drew: *raises his eyebrows* You have a girlfriend? Selena: *nods* We're aloud to have sex with other people, but I think she'll be upset is I stay the night. Drew: *sighs* Fine. Leave me. Selena: *giggles, starts getting dressed* Sorry. With Miley And Nick Miley: *moans* Nick, Selena should be here any minute. Nick: *rubbing her softly, kissing her neck* She's way too lucky to get you every night. Miley: *smiles and runs her fingers through his hair* Nickyyyy. Nick: *sticks a finger in her* You sure Selena won't want a threesome? Miley: *moans* She might want one but she might be tired. Nick: *pulls his finger out and licks the cum off* I'll wait until she get's here so we can ask her. *lays down next to her* Does she taste as amazing as you? Miley: *smiles* Better. Nick: Joe and Demi are back together. Miley: Really? How do you know? Nick: They're Joe and Demi. Miley: *think for a second* You are so right Nick. *door to the apartment opens* Miley: *smiles* Sel?! *runs over to her and hugs her. Selena: *get's horny* Baby, why are you naked? Miley: *looks at her sexily* Why are you NOT naked? Selena: *giggles* Is Nick here? Miley: *smiles and nods* He wants a threesome. Selena: *smiles, bites her lip* Awesome. *pulls Miley into their room* Hey Nicky. Nick: Hey babe. Selena: *kisses him deeply, takes her clothes off* Miley, you lay down on your back, Nick, I want you to fuck me doggy style. Miley: *lays down* You turn me on when your controlling. Selena: *smiles and lays down on top of her* You just make me horny. Nick: *smiles, get's on top of Selena and thrusts into her. moans* God, your so tight. Selena: *moans, starts humping Miley* Tell me what you want me to do to you. Miley: *smiles, spreads her legs apart. whispers in her ear* I want you to tell me who you fucked earlier. Selena: *pulls back* What? Nick stop. Nick: *groans. stops* Whyyyy? Miley: You smell like sex. Who was it? Selena: Some guy. Miley: Do I know him? Nick: Ladies....I'm horny and hard. Selena: Shhh. Babe, we agreed we could fuck other people. Miley: Other people that we KNOW. Selena: I know him. Miley: I don't. Nick: Who cares? Miley and Selena: Shut up. Miley: I don't want you cheating on me. Selena: I wasn't! We agreed we could fuck other people. You never said we both had to know those people. Miley: It was implied. Selena: *kisses her forehead* You're better than him. I just needed a guy. Nick: I'm a guy.
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S.E.X. Ep. 3 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

ABOUT AN HOUR AFTER THE LAST EPISODE *Miley's ontop of Demi. Their both out of breath* Demi: *catches her breath* Okay. I think that's enough. Miley: Okay. *get's off of her and stops the camera* You think he'll enjoy this? Demi: I've known him for 3 months. He enjoy's anything that involves sex. Miley: *shakes her head* Men. Demi: Yeah. Anyway, wanna watch a movie or something? Miley: Sure. *they get dressed and go to the living room* Demi: Which one? Miley: I'm in the mood for a romantic one. *winks* Demi: *smiles* Okay. *goes and put's in The Notebook and sits down next to Miley and cuddles up to her* (AN: In this series, Demi's 19, Miley's 20, Selena's 19, and Joe's 24) A LITTLE BIT INTO THE MOVIE *Miley's kissing Demi's neck lightly and Demi's giggling* Demi: Miley, we gotta watch the movie. We jest had sex. Miley: *barely stops kissing her neck* So? Demi: *giggles* So I'm tired. Miley: *stops kissing her neck* Ugh, fine. Demi: Thank you. *cuddles closer to her* AFTER THE MOVIE IS OVER Miley: I guess I should go. Demi: Why? Miley: The movie's over. Demi: Well you can stay over. Miley: Are you sure? Demi: Uh huh. Miley: *smiles* Okay. Demi: We can edit that video for Joe. Miley: Yeah. THE NEXT DAY Demi: *wakes up and notices Miley is holding her. Smiles* Miles. Baby, wake up. Miley: *sighs and opens her eyes* Okay. I'm awake. Demi: *sits up* Do you know when Sel's gonna get back from Paris? Miley: No. I miss her though. I call her first. Demi: That's not fair. Miley: Is to. Demi: We'll both do her at the same time. Demi: Good idea. Miley: Thanks. *Demi kisses her with a ton of passion and pulls away* Miley: What was that about? Demi: I don't know. Just wanted to. Miley: Oh. Okay. Now I have to go to work. Demi: Why don't you just do porn with me? Miley: Because, I have a great job now. Demi: Don't you fuck your boss everyday? Miley: Yeah. That's why it's so great. His dick get's up to 13. Demi: That's nothing, Joe's get's up to a 15. Miley: SERIOUSLY?! Demi: I didn't even know that was possible. Miley: Wow. *stands up* Bye baby. Demi: Bye. *watches her leave* 1. Was this one any good? 2. Should I make another one?
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S.E.X. Ep.50 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

Where We Left Off Joe: *groans* Now their laughing? Miley: Their just having fun. Joe: Kiss me. Miley: *shocked* What?! Joe: That'll make her jealous. You've kissed me before...You've kissed every inch of me before. Miley: We were having sex Joe. Joe: She's looking. Please? *Miley sighs and kisses Joe sexily, running her fingers through his hair. Joe wraps his arms around her waist, licking her tongue, wondering if Demi's looking* Demi: *see's them, crushed. looks at Nick* Let's go have sex. Nick: *shocked but happy that he's gonna have sex* Aren't you and Joe together? Demi: *looks at Joe and Miley then back at Nick* We just broke up. *pulls Nick out of the club* Joe: *pulls away and see's Demi leaving with Nick* What the fuck? Miley: *bites her lip* Maybe she thought you were cheating on her. Joe: *groans* Fuck. With Selena Dancing Alone Random Guy: *comes up behind her, starts grinding on her* Hey beautiful. Selena: *turns around to face him and smiles* Hi. Who are you? Random Guy: *wraps his arms around her waist, pulls her close, lightly humps her to the beat of the song while standing up* Do you honestly need to know? Selena: *smiles, rests her hands on his chest, sways her hips to the beat of the song* I guess not. Random Guy: So, I've seen some of your movies. *humps her a little harder* Selena: *giggles* Really? Random Guy: *smiles and nods* Your hot. *squeezes her butt* Selena: *smiles* Let's go back to your place. *Random Guy smiles and takes her out of the club* Back With Miley And Joe Miley: All you have to do is call her and sort everything out. Tell her that you got jealous an- Joe: Wait. I can't tell her I was jealous. Miley: You can and you will. Joe: *sighs* Yes ma'am. With Nick And Demi In Nicks Car Demi: *moans* Oh Nick! *kisses him* Yes! Harder! *humps along with him* Nick: *grunts with every thrust, rubs her boobs* Your so fucking tight! Demi: *smiles, wraps her legs around his waist* Just for you. Nick: *smiles, goes deeper into her, hits her G-spot* Ugh! Shit! Demi: *jaw drops, throws her head back* Yes baby! OH! Right there! *runs her hands along his back* I'm gonna cum! Nick: *wants to feel his cum on his length* Cum for me! *goes as fast and as hard as he can, moans* Shit baby! Uhhh! *bites her nipples* Demi: *screams in pleasure, cums all over his dick* Oh! *kisses him once more than collapses on to the car seat* That was amazing! Nick: *smiles, goes down to her pussy* I bet you taste so good. *rubs her thighs* Demi: *smiles, plays with her hair, spreads her legs* Find out. With Selena And Random Guy Random Guy: I'm gonna fuck you so hard. Selena: *smiles, kisses his neck* How hard? Random Guy: Your gonna bleed. *speeds up* Selena: *moans as if they should already be having sex* You must be huge. Random Guy: 15 inches when extremely turned on. Selena: *smiles, rubs herself* Mmmm. *lays her head back* Random Guy: *pulls her hand away from her pussy* Save the pleasure for me. With Miley And Joe Miley: Let's go back to the apartments. You need sleep. Joe: *nods and stands up* She has to take me back. She's pregnant. Miley: She will. Once you explain. With Nick And Demi Demi: *making out with Nick who's sitting in the drivers seat, on his lap. their both still naked. giggles* Your still so big. Nick: *smiles* Because your sexy. Demi: *smiles and kisses him again* Your sexier. Nick: Really? *Demi nods, tracing shapes on his muscular chest* Nick: I would fuck you 24 hours a day if you would let me. Demi: *laughs* I might take you up on that. *feels him getting less hard, giggles and starts rubbing her boobs* Oh Nicky! *humps him softly* Yes baby. *moans* Nick: *bites his lip, staring at her boobs* Damn. Demi: *smiles and stops rubbing them* Suck on them. I'm going to try to get another episode up today about Selena and the Random Guy :)
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it s genderswap time 2! 性転換の時間です 2!

2nd funny sex change fanarts slideshow! song: A simple life by: Daisuke Ishiwatari, Koh-ichi Seiyama Guilty gear XX original soundtrack
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