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S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

From - Posted: Nov 14, 2010 - 11,421 views
Phim | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
S.E.X. Ep.47 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R
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THAT EVENING Demi: *comes out of Joe's bedroom and sits next to him on the couch, tired* Hey. Joe: *smiles at her and wraps his arms around her* Hey cutie. You missed lunch. Demi: I'm just REALLY tired. Joe: Well, you ARE having a baby. Demi: *smiles* I know. Joe: *smiles wide* Are you hungry now? Demi: *nods* Yes. Very hungry. Joe: *smiles* Well, *sits up* You relax and I'll make you some.....lunner. Demi: *raises her eyebrows* Lunner? Joe: Well, breakfast and lunch is brunch. So, lunch and dinner has to be lunner. Demi: *trying not to laugh* Oh....Kay. *Joe smiles and nods then goes to the kitchen. Demi thinks about something for a few moments then follows him. He's at the counter interested in the sandwich he's trying to make* Demi: *smiles, walks up behind him and starts massaging his back* Hi. Joe: *smiles as he starts cutting the crust off the bread* Hey. Demi: *kisses his neck once* I'm really horny. Joe: *swallows the lump in his throat* Really? *pushes the crust on to the counter* Demi: *nods even though he can't see* I want you to fuck me hard. Joe: *getting turned on but doesn't want to show it* How hard? Demi: *wraps her arms around him from his back, plays with the buttons on his shirt* Harder than you ever have before. Joe: That's really hard. *puts a piece of cheese on the bread* Demi: *smiles. reaches up his shirt and rubs his abs* I know. *Joe get some mayonnaise and spreads it over the piece of cheese* Demi: *whispers in his ear* Punish me. Joe: *smiles a little* What did you do? Demi: *giggles and moves her hands closer to his dick* I don't know. I just want it to be really dirty. Like....bent over a table dirty. Joe: *smiles and turns to her* That would be HIGHLY uncomfortable for you. Demi: But, it would be pleasurable. *unbuttons one of the buttons on his shirt* I want you to fuck me like you did before we were a couple. Joe: Oh, you mean before I had any respect for you? Demi: *giggles* Yeah. Joe: *throws her over his shoulder and starts walking to their room* Okay. NEXT EPISODE IS RATED R!
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Demi: *knotting her fingers through Joe's hair* Mmmmm. Director: And CUT! That was great. See you guy's next week. *walks away* Joe: *get's off of Demi and wraps a robe around him* Good job. Demi: You too. *wraps a robe around herself and stands up* So, umm, next week I don't think I'll be able to make it. Joe: Why not? Demi: I don't know. I'll fake sick. Joe: Come on, am I really that bad? Demi: No. We just fuck EVERY week. I need someone new. Joe: Ouch. Demi: I didn't mean it like that. I'll still do you, but, someone else would be amazing. Joe: I have a brothers. His names Nick. Demi: Mmmm. Is he any good? Joe: I wouldn't know. Demi: Good. Bring him next week. Joe: You have to bring a friend too. Demi: Selena or Miley, pick. Joe: Miley, she's so fuckin' hot. Demi: Yep. See ya later. *walks away. Joe smacks her butt and stares at it as she leaves* LATER THAT NIGHT WITH DEMI SITTING AT HOME WATCHING TV *doorbell rings* Demi: *goes, opens it and see's Joe* Yes? Joe: I'm bored. Demi: *smiles* So? Joe: So fuck me, I'm bored. Demi: *sighs and let's him in hen closes the door* Why didn't you go to Miley's? I texted you the address. Joe: I'm in the mood for Demi not Miley. *starts kissing her neck and pulls her closer to him* Demi: *pushes him away from her neck, grabs his hand and leads him to her room* Now, we can be comfortable. *Joe pushes her down on the bed and get's on top of her. Demi takes his shirt off and starts tracing his abs. He smashes his lips onto her's as she runs her fingers through his hair. She unbuttons his pants and takes them off quickly, not breaking the kiss. He takes his boxers off and then undresses her quickly, unlocking their lips. Demi rolls over and lay's on her stomach* Demi: *out of breath from the kiss* Finger me. *Joe starts fingering her and she let's out a loud moan of pleassure while gripping the sheets. Joe adds another finger making Demi moan louder and breath heavy* Demi: *in major pleasure* JOEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! *Joe adds another finger getting more and more turned on. He starts sucking on her neck making her moan even more. He stops sucking on her neck, takes his fingers out of her, turns her around and starts humping her fastly* Demi: Oh, Joe! *moans* That feels so good. *wraps her arms around his neck. Joe stops, get's a condom out of his pocket, put it on, then continues to hump her hard and fast* Demi: Joe! *moans. She grabs his dick and sticks it in her and they both moan* HARDER! *Joe goes harder and starts sucking on her breast. Demi cums. Joe goes out of her, licks her cum up then sticks his dick back in her and continues humping her. Demi rolls ontop of him and starts grinding* Joe: *gripping the sheet's* Demi. *moans* Just like that. *grabs her hips and helps her move. Demi takes his condom off and starts giving him a blowjob* Joe: *moans loudly* God, yes. *moans again* DEMI! *Demi sucks harder and rubs the part she can't fit in her mouth* Joe: *moans* Fuck yes. *He pushes her head down lightly making her deap throat it* QUESTIONS: 1. Is there too much sex? 2. Should I do more sex? 3. Do you want Jemi to get together sometime in the story as a couple? 4. Do you want me to make another episode?
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That Night Demi: *sitting in the passenger seat, smiling* I'm so excited to see it. I bet it's beautiful. Joe: *driving* Not as beautiful as you but beautiful. Demi: *blushes* Is it far away from the apartment? Joe: *shrugs, stops at a stop light* Not too far away. Demi: *lays her head on Joe's shoulder* Drive faster. Joe: *laughs* If you're tired we can go home and come back tomorrow. Demi: *shakes her head* Nope. With Drew And Selena Selena: *sighs, content* I better get home. *sits up and looks for her clothes* Drew: *pulls her back down* No. I'm horny. Selena: *giggles* Still? Drew: *shrugs* Your hot. Selena: Thank you. *lays back down, rubs his chest* But I don't think my girlfriend would like me staying the night at a guy's house. Drew: *raises his eyebrows* You have a girlfriend? Selena: *nods* We're aloud to have sex with other people, but I think she'll be upset is I stay the night. Drew: *sighs* Fine. Leave me. Selena: *giggles, starts getting dressed* Sorry. With Miley And Nick Miley: *moans* Nick, Selena should be here any minute. Nick: *rubbing her softly, kissing her neck* She's way too lucky to get you every night. Miley: *smiles and runs her fingers through his hair* Nickyyyy. Nick: *sticks a finger in her* You sure Selena won't want a threesome? Miley: *moans* She might want one but she might be tired. Nick: *pulls his finger out and licks the cum off* I'll wait until she get's here so we can ask her. *lays down next to her* Does she taste as amazing as you? Miley: *smiles* Better. Nick: Joe and Demi are back together. Miley: Really? How do you know? Nick: They're Joe and Demi. Miley: *think for a second* You are so right Nick. *door to the apartment opens* Miley: *smiles* Sel?! *runs over to her and hugs her. Selena: *get's horny* Baby, why are you naked? Miley: *looks at her sexily* Why are you NOT naked? Selena: *giggles* Is Nick here? Miley: *smiles and nods* He wants a threesome. Selena: *smiles, bites her lip* Awesome. *pulls Miley into their room* Hey Nicky. Nick: Hey babe. Selena: *kisses him deeply, takes her clothes off* Miley, you lay down on your back, Nick, I want you to fuck me doggy style. Miley: *lays down* You turn me on when your controlling. Selena: *smiles and lays down on top of her* You just make me horny. Nick: *smiles, get's on top of Selena and thrusts into her. moans* God, your so tight. Selena: *moans, starts humping Miley* Tell me what you want me to do to you. Miley: *smiles, spreads her legs apart. whispers in her ear* I want you to tell me who you fucked earlier. Selena: *pulls back* What? Nick stop. Nick: *groans. stops* Whyyyy? Miley: You smell like sex. Who was it? Selena: Some guy. Miley: Do I know him? Nick: Ladies....I'm horny and hard. Selena: Shhh. Babe, we agreed we could fuck other people. Miley: Other people that we KNOW. Selena: I know him. Miley: I don't. Nick: Who cares? Miley and Selena: Shut up. Miley: I don't want you cheating on me. Selena: I wasn't! We agreed we could fuck other people. You never said we both had to know those people. Miley: It was implied. Selena: *kisses her forehead* You're better than him. I just needed a guy. Nick: I'm a guy.
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Learn the proper way to have sex at school in this first installment of my new series of educational school-place tutorials.Created, Written & Co-Directed By: CecileyStarring CourtneyPants & Kyle Mooney❤❤❤Be a creeper:FaceBook: http:www.facebook.comCecileyJenkins Twitter: http:twitter.comCecmonster Dailybooth: http:dailybooth.comCecMonster IMDb:❤❤❤Subscribe to Courtney: to Kyle Mooney : & Edited by Michael Livingston: by: Channing Sargent (she played the teacher!) Coordinator: Jon Cvack (he played the cop!)❤❤❤
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phim | S.E.X .Ep.18 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X .Ep.18 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

S.E.X .Ep.18 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

CHECK OUT MY NEW BG! THAT NIGHT (Demi hasn't came out of the bathroom once, despite Joe's pleads. Joe's depressed and sitting on the bed, thinking about how much of a jerk he was to her) Joe: *sighs* Demi, PLEASE. *silence* Joe: *sighs* Okay. *goes over to the bathroom and kicks the locked door down. Demi stares at him, shocked* Joe: What?...Yes, I'm that strong. *Demi just stays silent and sits down on the toilet seat* Joe: Demikins...*kneels in front of her and grabs both her hands* Please, I'm extremely sorry. *Demi starts to cry silently* Joe: Babe, please don't cry. *holds onto her hands tighter* *Demi can't help bu let the tears fall out of her eyes* Joe: *hates seeing her cry* I just don't think we'll make it and I don't want either of us to end up hurt. Demi: *crying* But I already am hurt. Joe: *thinks* Right, but, how many famous couples actually stay together? Especially PORN stars? Demi: *crying* But I wanna be with you. Joe: I know. I wanna be with you too. Demi: *crying harder* Then let's be together. *looks down, crying* Joe: *kisses her forehead lightly and sweetly* Come on. Let's go watch a movie. Demi: *crying* I don't WANNA watch a movie. Joe: You wanna take a nap? *Demi shrugs a little bit. Joe smiles, ticks some hair behind her ear, and walks with her to the bed. He picks her up and lays her down then pulls the blanket on top of her and brushes the hair out of her face* Sleep good, okay? *Demi nods slightly and closes her eyes. Joe sits down in one of the chairs and watches her, smiling at how cute she is* ABOUT 3 HOURS LATER Demi: *groans and rolls over and see's Joe, on the couch, watching tv* Joe. Joe: *turns his face and smiles when he see's her. He turns off the tv and goes over to her then kneels down beside the bed* Hey. How'de you sleep? Demi: *tired* Good. You? Joe: *chuckles* I didn't. Demi: *tired* Oh. Okay. Joe: *nods* Am I forgiven? Demi: *sits up* I don't let up THAT easy. Joe: I know. *winks* Demi: *hits him playfully* Shut up! *Joe smiles and kisses her softly but passionantly. He cups her face and traces her lips with his tongue then pulls away. Demi's blushing and slightly smiling* Joe: *nods* Yeah. We- We should be together. *Demi looks at him, with a hopeful expresion on her face* Joe: Demi, will you be my girlfriend? Sorry I haven't uploaded in a while. BUT, here's a new episode :) I wrote this while reading another series on YouTube so I'm sorry if it isn't that good :) POLL: More Sex? Keep The Sex Rate At The Way It Is (lol) Demi say Yes or No? OMG! 2 MORE SUBBERS AND I REACH 200! THAT IS AMAZING! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
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Une chanson du film Mother India
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funny logo toilet
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phim | Jonas sex scenes Rated R Episode 1 | Jonas sex scenes Rated R Episode 1

Jonas sex scenes Rated R Episode 1

First epidode ~ Joe + Nick = Jick ;) Joe and Nick had been introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Joe had always seemed weird to Nick but Nick being the nice guy he is, never thought much of it. Sometimes things were very awkward around Joe... but again, Nick let them pass...and then one day. (oh and, they're not brothers in this soooo.. yeah) Nick's POV (point of view) There always had been something weird about that Joe person. And today I was staying after school in an empty classroom trying to finish my homework because there was this party going on at my house that my parents threw and I just did not want to be there. So, here I am trying to finish my homework when Joe comes in... He locks the door and... was he smirking? He came closer and all I did was look up at him. He sat pulled up a chair next to me and sat down. He was still smirking and I was sweating buckets. He stroked my forehead and down my cheek to my jaw line with his finger and I moved my head away and closed my eyes. "Why so nervous, babe?" he asked. I froze. He touched my knee and I winced and turned my legs away. He gripped my arm and pulled me towards him and got up in my face. I started tearing up at the look dangerous look in his eyes. And then he started to lean in and I tried to lean away as much as I could to avoid it but he kissed me. Nick: *whimpers into the kiss* Joe: *grabs Nick's hands behind his back and pushes him against the wall, still kissing him* Nick: *starts to squirm* Joe: *pulls away* What's wrong, babe? *gives a fake look of worry and starts to stroke Nick's outer thigh* Nick: *starts to shake a little with fear* J-j-jo...ple-please don't... Joe: *grabs Nick's dick through his pants hard* Nick: *gasps*N-n-no, please don't, please, it-it hurts...why are you d-doing this? Joe: Because you're sexy. *unzips Nick's pants* Nick: N-n-no Joe, No! Please don't!!!!!! *tears fall down fast* Joe: *slides his hand into Nick's boxers and touches his dick* Nick:*shivers at the feeling of Joe's cold hand against his skin and starts to cry even harder* S-s-stop it!! I beg you... please! Joe: *pulls nick's dick out and starts to jack him off* Nick: *starts to scream and squirm even harder* Joe: mmm, oh yeah, babe. Keep on squirming like that, it turns me on. Nick: *starts to cry even harder and stops squirming, is still screaming* S-STOP IT!! STOP! *door opens* ??-What the fuck, Joe?! So do you guys like it? Comment and subscribe and tell me what you want to see next especially which couple you wanna see :)
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phim | S.E.X .Ep.17 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X .Ep.17 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

S.E.X .Ep.17 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

WHERE WE LEFT OFF Demi: *kinda out of breath* You love me? *Joe nodds and Demi kisses him romantically while running her fingers through his hair* Joe: *pulls away* But, I don't think we can be together? Demi: What? Why not? *sits up* Joe: Demi, we work together. We're porn stars. I don't think we're meant to be together. *Demi, choking on her tears and ignoring Joe telling her "I'm sorry" and "please listen", grabs her clothes, runs into the bathroom and locks the door. She puts her clothes on and cries. Joe keeps banging on the door, asking her to let him in and saying that he's sorry and he does love her. Demi just ignores him. She keeps telling him to shut up and go away and that she doesn't care. Joe finally gives up, sighs, and sits in front of the door* THE NEXT DAY Demi hasn't come out yet and Joe hasn't slept. Joe: Demi, please come out. At least come out and have some breakfast. You don't even have to talk. You can just eat. *Demi opens the door slowly. Joe's eye's widen when he see's her cut up arms. She walks past him to the kitchen* Joe: *follows* You cut yourself? *Demi ignores him, making a bowl of ceral* Joe: Okay, now that I can see you. I'm extremely sorry. *Demi rolls her eyes while sitting down* Joe: *sits down across from her* I do love you...more than I've ever loved anyone. But, our relationship has alway's been based on sex and making the next big porno and money. That's not what I want and I know you don't want that. Demi: I want you. Joe: *sighs* We can't- Demi: Be together? Oh, I know. You told me yesterday. Remember? Right after you said that you loved me? Joe: *sighs* I'm really sorry. Demi: When are we leaving? *Joe looks down* Demi: What? Joe: When we were getting along, I kinda booked another week for us, non-refundable. Demi: *sighs* Oh. Joe: I still wanna spend the time with you. *Demi rolls her eyes while taking a bite* Joe: Don't roll your eyes. I'm being serious. Demi: Okay, so let me get this straight, you love me, you wanna spend time with me, you can't be with me. Right? Joe: Your making this hard. Demi: THEN WHY DID YOU SAY IT?! YOU KNOW I WANT TO BE WITH YOU, WHY DID YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME?! Joe: *looks down* Demi, please. Demi: No! I HATE YOU! *runs off to the bathroom again. Joe just sits there with tears in his eyes*
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phim | S.E.X. Ep.27 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.27 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

S.E.X. Ep.27 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

About 3 Hours After The Last Episode Joe: *get's off Demi slowly and lays down next to her, pulling her close to him* That was amazing. With Miley And Selena Both Of Them Are Drunk Selena: I want you babyyyy. *sits on her lap* Miley: *giggles and kisses her neck* I want you more. Selena: *starts dry humping Miley* Oh Miley! *moans* Miley: *moans and watches Selena's boobs bounce up and down* I love your boobs. Selena: *smiles* Suck them baby. *shoves them in Miley's face. Miley takes Selena's shirt off and starts sucking on one of them* Selena: *rubbing her other boob* Oh Miley. *moans* *Miley bites Selena's nipple lightly* Selena: *moans and pulls Miley's head closer to her boob* More baby. *Miley bites on her nipple hard* Selena: *screams in pleasure* MILEYYYY! Miley: *grabs Selena's hand and takes her over to the bed. She pushes Selena down on the bed and takes all of her clothes off then takes her own clothes off. She get's on top of Selena and starts grinding their pussy's hard* Beg for more. Selena: *moans loudly* Please give me more baby. Wait! *Miley stops* Selena: I want a dildo. Miley: *giggles* Okay. Let me go find mine. I think it's in my bag. *stands up and walks out of the room and to her bag* ABOUT AN HOUR LATER WITH JEMI Demi: *slowly opens her eyes and see's Joe smiling down at her* What? Joe: Nothing. Your just cute when you sleep. *kisses her forehead* Demi: *smiles and snuggles closer to him* Thank you. Joe: Are you hungry? Demi: *shrugs* A little. Joe: I can make you something. Demi: *smiles and sits up against the head board* Really? Joe: I'm a pretty good cook. Demi: *giggleS* Okay. *serious look* Just don't poison me. Joe: *chuckles* Okay. Demi: I'm being serious.
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phim | Rachel Bilson s Deleted Sex Scene | Rachel Bilson s Deleted Sex Scene

Rachel Bilson s Deleted Sex Scene

Become a fan on facebook: http:www.facebook.comfunnyordieExclusive sex scene from Rachel Bilson's upcoming film "Hearts of Palm"...Is that a body double?See the original at: http:www.funnyordie.comvideosf8fab67257rachel-bilson-s-deleted-sex-scene
1,907 views | Dec 15, 2009
phim | S.E.X. Ep.25 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R | S.E.X. Ep.25 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

S.E.X. Ep.25 A Jemi Story Rated PG 13 to R

WITH SELENA AND MILEY SELENA POV: I untied Miley a while ago and that was the best choice I ever made. She's going so hard right now. I'm just laying here, letting her do whatever she wants to do to me. Her hips grinded on mine as she let out a soft moan. She was just about to clean me out when we heard the doorbell. Miley: Maybe that's Demi. *puts a robe on and rush's to the door. opens it* Hey, hottie. ???: Hey, are you Miley? Miley: Me! ???: *nodds, checking her out* I'm Nick. Joe's brother. Miley: *gasps* Demi told me about you. Come on, Selena's here too. *pulls Nick in and shuts the door then runs to Selena's room* Sel, this is Nick. Selena: *smiles* Hi Nick. Nick: *checks her out* Damn. Selena: *giggles* I know. Amazing huh? Nick: Yeah. Miley: *takes her robe off* You want to join us? Nick: Maybe a little. Selena: *squeels* Three some! This is gonna be so awesome! *pulls Nick on top of her and starts sucking on his neck. Nick lays on top of her, tracing her curves. Miley smiles and and takes off Nick's shirt. She unbuttons his pants and slides them off of him then slides his boxers off. She lay's her head under his dick and starts sucking on it. He moans and becomes very week. Miley and Selena roll him over. Miley continues sucking on his dick as Selena kisses him and sucks on his neck* Nick: *groans* Fuck. Selena: *pulls back barely* Louder, baby. *sucks harder and rubs his chest. Nick moans extremely loud* Miley: *stops sucking* You taste SO good. *turns Selena around. Selena is sitting on Nick's chest, facing Miley. Miley is sitting on Nick's dick, facing Selena. Miley starts rubbing Selena's boobs and smiles as she moans* Miley: I wanna fuck you so hard. Nick: I wouldn't mind. *flashes Miley a cute grin when she looks at him, trying not to laugh* Miley: *turns her attention back to Selena* Would you like that, Sexy? *Selena nodds, moaning. Miley starts rubbing Sel's pussy* Selena: *tilts her head back* Miley! *moans* WITH JEMI IN THE CAR Joe: *driving* Did he hurt you? Demi: *shakes her head* No. Joe: *parks the car in the apartment parking lot* He's a stupid bastard. Demi: Well, *takes her seat belt off and looks at him with a sexy smile* You could take your anger out on me. *leaves pecks along his neck* Joe: *smiles* Your such a tease. *kisses her forehead as she looks up at him* What should I post next?
1,907 views | Feb 27, 2010

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