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Pony Footwear Threads TV

From - Posted: Jan 05, 2012 - 10,063 views
Phim | Pony Footwear Threads TV | Pony Footwear Threads TV
Pony Footwear Threads TV
Pony Footwear Threads TV
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Xem Phim Threads TV brings to you is a special feature, introducing the new re-launching preview for Pony SS12 collection. Subscribe to Threads TV: Twitter: http:twitter.comWatchThreadsTV Facebook: http:www.facebook.compagesThreads-TV170302249688955
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John Fluevog Clog Shoe Production Manufacturing

Some of our Fluevog Shoe and Clog Families are made in this wonderful, small, family-owned factory in Mexico. The Asks are one of those Families. Watch the Fluevogian creation of an Ask Response Clog. For as long as we produce the Ask Family they can be found on our site here: http:www.fluevog.comcode?w=family:ask
12,546 views | Mar 09, 2011

Threads TV Episode Oliver Sweeney Sasha Keable EP5 S2

Episode 5 is upon us -- welcome! In this month's episode we've got some fantastic features; our Brand Spotlight segment sees us delve into the world of all things Oliver Sweeney, we also have a chat with the wonderfully talented Sasha Keable and find out her top tips in My Style, before stopping off in Covent Garden to hit you guys up in Street Style Live. We're back in November with a brand new season finale for your screens only, so keep watching and make sure you subscribe! Tweet us your thoughts on @WatchThreadsTV, @Sashakeable & @oliversweeney with our hashtags #ThreadsTVEP5S2.For more visit | Follow Threads TV on Twitter | http:www.twitter.comWatchThreadsTVProduced by Andre Modeste-Humphrey, Jay London & Dumas Haddad Motion Graphics & Grade by by Josh O'Leary Filmed by Bernard Bushnell, Andre Modeste-Humphrey & O'Shaya Dawkins Edited by Bernard Bushnell, Josh O'Leary & O'Shaya Dawkins Assistant Editor by Jay London Artwork by Willkay
4,310 views | Oct 01, 2013

Threads TV Episode Stooki Balistiq EP6 S2

Our final episode of the year is here! For our final instalment we drop in for a Brand Spotlight with the trio from Stooki Craftmakers, looking at the creative ethos of the brand on the back of thier exciting collaboration with Topman. We bid farewell to Cherelle Chambers in our recap of Street Style Live, showcasing some of the great items we've seen on our travels and Jay London checks in with the talented Balistiq for our final My Style.We'll be back next year with a bang, so keep up to date with us on Twitter @WatchThreadsTV and we'll see you in 2014!Tweet us your thoughts on @WatchThreadsTV, @_stooki_ & @Balistiq with our hashtags #ThreadsTVEP6S2.For more visit | Follow Threads TV on Twitter | http:www.twitter.comWatchThreadsTVProduced by Andre Modeste-Humphrey, Jay London & Dumas Haddad Motion Graphics & Grade by by Josh O'Leary Filmed by Bernard Bushnell & Andre Modeste-Humphrey Edited by Bernard Bushnell, Josh O'Leary & Jay London Assistant Editor by Jay London Artwork by Willkay Music by @stookisound
13,903 views | Nov 30, 2013

Native Footwear Factory

Filmed inside the Native Shoes factory this short film takes you behind the scenes to reveal the inner workings of the innovative manufacturing process. The images reveal the beauty behind the skilled craftsmanship of EVA injection molding. You no longer have to wonder how that pair of cushy, candy colored shoes came to be. The future of footwear delivered on time by Ray-Ban-wearing Technicians. More info:
19,261 views | Nov 25, 2010

Manufacturing a Pair of Shoes DB Shoes Ltd

This 6 minute video shows a brief overview of some of the processes involved in making a shoe. The shoe progresses from "clicking" or cutting of the leather components, through "closing" or stitching and fitting of the various components to make the upper. The upper is then "lasted", a sole is directly injection moulded onto the upper and finally shoe roomed, inspected and boxed. Unlike many fully automatic manufacturing processes, shoe making is still very labour intensive and involves a great many manual steps. DB Shoes are sold in the UK through a network of retailers and online through Widerfit Shoes Ltd. at
92,233 views | Sep 09, 2010

Обувь трансформер покорила израильских модниц

Студентка из Иерусалима придумала супертуфли, которые можно собирать словно конструктор. Состоит этот набор из гибких пластиковых деталей - их нужно скреплять между собой с помощью резинок.Для израильского дизайнера Шарон Голан это не только дипломная работа. Кусочки пластика, резины и металла принесли ей популярность и славу. Шарон воплотила мечту миллионов женщин - иметь обувь на все случаи жизни за минимальные деньги. При определённой сноровке и фантазии гибкие детали превращаются в настоящую обувь. 256 вариантов туфель всего из 16 компонентов."Мы любим меняться и менять гардероб. Не любим зацикливаться на каком либо направлении моды. Я воплотила желание девушек, которые считают себя модными, но тратить бешеные суммы на новинки не хотят. Купи недостающий кусочек и смоделируй новый стиль. Это же так просто", - считает дизайнер Шарон Голан .Удивлять окружающих теперь стало действительно просто. Супертуфли покорили сердца израильских дам. Единственный минус - это сборка конструктора. Понять где каблук, а где подошва может только модница с богатой фантазией. Но мир гламура и шика видел и не такие эксперименты. Пока Шарон ищет инвестора, чтобы запустить в производство туфели-трансформеры. Клиентов уже хоть отбавляй. В очереди и мужское население Израиля."Это супер. Отличная идея. У моей матери 200 пар обуви. Она выбросила тысячи долларов на их покупку. Половина пар так и стоит без дела. Я бы непременно купил бы ей такую обувь, а она бы только докупала новые части конструктора. Это очень выгодно и стильно", - говорит Надав Реутер. Идея вдохновила и крупные обувные предприятия. Ведь постоянно тратясь на запчасти для туфель, женщина становится постоянным клиентом обувных магазинов. А это - воплощенная мечта миллионов бизнесменов.
91,481 views | Jul 20, 2011

How to Diamond Lace shoes with Lace Anchors

Want to purchase these? FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! Go to WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.comlaceanchors Sick of dangling bows hanging off the top of your shoes? Sick of dealing with shoelaces shoved inside your shoes just to get rid of the bow? *Insanely comfortable fitting shoes. *No more bows or knots behind the tongue. *No more discomfort. *No more tucking in laces. *No more dangling bows. Just clean, comfortable, bowless, shoes that look and fit legit! You will never have to tie your shoes again once Lace Anchors are installed. They keep your shoes tight and fitting right. They also allow you to create custom shoelace patterns. Check out our other videos for other cool ways to lace your shoes. This is the best way to KNOT tie your shoes!
813,799 views | Apr 03, 2012

How New Balance Sneakers Are Made

@Cole_STP and @DYVisuals of head over to the New Balance store in New York City and gather insight as to how their sneakers are made.
75,997 views | Apr 09, 2012

Fábrica de Pony

35,217 views | Dec 01, 2010

Threads TV Episode Meet Bernard Youngman S1.EP5

Twitter http:bit.lyH3qbxD Facebook http:on.fb.meyOqwxd Threads TV http:bit.lyHwjdzsThreads TV is back!!! In Episode 1 for the new series, we follow the UK's rising star Youngman, as he takes us on a tour of Boxpark in Shoreditch showing us his essential footwear choice from Puma, and explaining where he and Dizzee Rascal differ in their taste in Varsity jackets! Episode 1 also features a behind the scenes look at Dope Chef's new collaboration range with alternative UK MC Mikill Pane, as well as a #BrandSpotlight feature on boutique label Meet Bernard, and a chat with streetwear legend Michael Dupouy about his legendary book All Gone, at his launch at Foot Patrol alongside Puma.
9,424 views | Mar 30, 2012

How to Bar Lace Easy Tie Under Insole ★★★★★

Similar DC Shoes Click Here: http:amzn.to1ktRiq1Cool Color SHOE LACES Here: http:amzn.to1mTLTWuIf you have any questions just leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. When you tie the knot under the insole, tie it towards the inside arch of your foot so you don't feel the knot. The thinner shoe laces came with the shoes. I put thicker laces on the shoes, they came with another pair of shoes. The shoes are called DC Character.
470,292 views | Jul 28, 2009

Spud Webb Can I Fly

Atlanta Hawks PG Spud Webb was the shortest to win the 1986 Dunk Contest at 5'7. This mix features highlights from Spud's career and ends with the historic 1986 Dunk Contest in Dallas. Song- B.O.B.: Can I Fly
120,609 views | Jun 01, 2011

Nomadic People Live Workshop at the Threads TV x somewhereto store Thr...

Nomadic People -- Founded by best friends Tobi and Julius and inspired by the multicultural nature of their hometown, Nomadic People is a brand that brings something different to the table. Using locally sourced materials (with each piece handmade, by the way) Nomadic People craft the finest Rucksacks, Tote bags and document holders south of the river. Using the skills they've learnt they'll be hosting in-store workshops across their first two days, with a live Hangout during the #ThreadsTVPicNMix that you won't want to miss.For more visit | Follow Threads TV on Twitter | http:www.twitter.comWatchThreadsTV
159 views | Sep 22, 2013

Supra Footwear Collection March 11,2011

If you find yourself going to for any Supra,Nixon,Nike,10deep,or Android Homme and alot other street stuff heres my rep code so you can save on checkout price. REP CODE: XGM4LIFE What it do youtube, got a colmination of shoes today for yall; in no particular order Skytop Blue suede tigers, Red Tie-Dye, Black Croc. Then the Skytop II White Duct Tape, Kamikaze II Revenge. Supra NS models Strapped Grey Tie-Dye, and Indy Pony Fur. Also the Tk Black & Green Nylon and the Cuban 1.5 Navy Pancho. Each shoe is great in its own way and has its own unique style and swagg; I will be getting more but for right now these are my nine pairs of SUPRA's. Thanks as allways, And I hoped this helped IM XGM4LIFE AND......IM OUT
63,934 views | Mar 11, 2011

Welsh Home Pony International 2014

Videos show the 1m open and Newcomers second rounds on both of them- Bailey came 15th in the 1m open out of 95+ and Milly was unlucky. Very happy with both of them :)
146 views | Jul 27, 2014

Welsh home pony international 2013

aw had such a good time in wales! with meg, lottie, meg and coco ( in the tent ) ;-) clips from the little ring and also of meg with missy in the home pony good luck to Meg too for hickstead next week with Nemo and also missy and jacksie too ( it think) ! getting sliver for england yay! also meg with lady jumping discovery with the fastest time but then bug's speed made the pole role :- had such a good time tho :'-)
776 views | Jul 28, 2013

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