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O Shamo

From - Posted: Apr 03, 2011 - 11,791 views
Phim | O Shamo | O Shamo
O Shamo
O Shamo
Thời lượng: 03 phút 53 giây 
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Shamo black-red, Shamo noir à camail doré, Combattente Shamo rosso nera, Shamo's zwart roodhalzig, O-Shamo, Bojowiec shamo czarno czerwony, Šamo , Šamo cierno-cervená, Bojovnice šamo cerne cervené. Hahn kräht mehrmals. Schweizer Nationale Geflügelausstellung 29. - 30.12.2012 CH 6210 Sursee Swiss National Poultry Show 2012. Exposition Nationale d'Aviculture Suisse. Esposizione Nazionale Volatili - Svizzera. Video by HenDaisy. - www.hü - Die reale Welt der Hühner
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Ga Noi Don cock update

Also the hennie bloodline pair update 4.5 month's old, the 2 stag's are from the same bloodline black is 5.5 month's old and red one is 6.5 month's old. the Ga Noi Don cock is now 2 years old.
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Sun bathing before they go through molt. Stag is 8 month's old, 8-9lbs real fit and the flatcomb pullet is 10 month's old, 6.5lbs. Enjoy
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Big japani shamo ..

New and beautiful shamo ..
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Ga Noi Don hennie cock Ó Mã Lại Eagle brown Hennie

With him is a dark brown hennie bloodline pullet (same bloodline) and a frog eyes pullet from my bloodline. there molting at the moment. all the credit for the hennie's goes to MrPhon. Enjoy!
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2012 Ga Noi Don baby chicks

F1 Born Apr 3rd 2012 (10 baby chicks in total) Brood cock and silver hen (has hennie bloodline) More chicks are being hatched ill update on them in a few month's. Ó Mã Lại (Eagle-brown Hennie) chicks are due in a few weeks ill post them up soon.Enjoy
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Ayam BANGKOK import

ayam bangkok. umr 13 bulan, uk 8.5. CONTEC 085885555807
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She is about 8-9 month's old really proud of this bloodline. bred her and picked her out of a few that hatched. she has quick beak and hits hard accurately and throws kicks constantly.she is a beast. will be breeding her soon.Enjoy! here is the brood hen
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o shamo

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