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From - Posted: Mar 03, 2015 - 10 views
Phim | nhung doa hoa ngoc l | nhung doa hoa ngoc l
nhung doa hoa ngoc l
nhung doa hoa ngoc l
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Bring Me to Life Orange Coloured Cliffs

THIS VIDEO WAS SUCH A MO'FO' TO UPLOAD. xD But I finally managed it, proving that a 15-year-old girl CAN be smarter than a computer. Or at least more Anyways, this FINALLY finished video is for Kryalla Orchid on, and I hope she likes it. ^^ The song reminded me of her story, Orange Coloured Cliffs, hence the video title. The last two shots of the video before the credits (the hands seperating and then coming back together) are my little actual tribute to the story where Starfire 'explodes' and then Robin finds her again. Read the story and you'll understand. xD; Last thing: this is probably one of my personal favorites because it begins and ends with Fall Out Boy. nn I wanna hug Patrick. o3o EDIT: as usual, YouTube threw off the timing of the video. xx here's a link to a much better version: http:www.livevideo.comvideo923275ACE006491AA4FE07FE4444C118bring-me-to-life-orange-colou.aspx What's This? (NBC cover) (c) Fall Out Boy Bring Me to Life (c) Evanesence Grand Theft AutumnWhere Is Your Boy (c) Fall Out Boy Teen Titans (c) DC Comics, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, and all other respective owners OCC (c) Kry xD
3,752 views | Jul 08, 2008

Measure of a Man

Happy Valentine's Day! Just something you could call either a preview or a short video... xD Anyways, enjoy, and hope you guys have a great V-Day (I had a really good one myself). Measure of a Man (c) Clay Aiken Teen Titans (c) DC Comics, Cartoon Network, and Warner Bros.
1,037 views | Feb 14, 2008

Batman Beyond SexyBack very short preview

I would've posted more... this as TerryDana, but I don't think most people know who they are (=o). I'll put up my reason for using this song (besides the fact that it's awesome) with the finished product. ;D Batman Beyond (c) Warner Brothers and all other respective owners SexyBack (c) Justin Timberlake
957 views | Nov 13, 2007

Batman Tell my Father by john barrowman

Little video I put together for a friend, she requested the song. Its a collage of Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, little bit of Harvey Dent , little bit of Alfred, and Thomas Wayne. I own nothing. clips copyright of WB and DC comcs. Song copyright of John barrowman Non profit legal crap, i dont own any of this stuff, purely made for fun.
3,853 views | Sep 19, 2008

upercapitalist SAG Foundation Screening Aug 1st 2012

Screen Actor's Guild Foundation Screening with Q&A Moderator Nick Sakai, 812012 Stacey Jackson NY Program Director: In Theaters, Cable VOD, iTunes(Search "$") www.supercapitalist.net810 NY Village East Cinemas: http:bit.lyscnytix 817 Wash DC: Landmark's E-Street 824 SF: Landmark's Opera Plaza 831 LA: Laemmle NohoJoin the Journey! Subscribe for behind the scenes! Facebook: http:www.facebook.comsupercapitalist Website: Twitter: @supercapitalistGET THE TRAILER HERE$upercapitalist is a financial thriller about a young maverick hedge fund trader who is sent to Hong Kong to orchestrate a mega deal that swiftly gets out of his control.An indie film shot across 3 countries: USA(New York), Hong Kong, and Macau In Theaters, USACANADA Cable VOD and iTunes August 10, 2012Executive Produced by: J.A.H. Lee, James C. Chie, John C. Hsu, Sam Kwok, Phillip Yin Produced by Derek Ting, Joyce Yung, Diana Footitt, Keith Lau, Juyoung Park Director: Simon Yin Stars: Golden Globe Nominee Linus Roache(Law and Order, Batman Begins), Kenneth Tsang(Die Another Day, Rush Hour 2), Derek Ting, Richard Ng, Kathy Uyen, Lester Chan(Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman), Michael Park(2 time Emmy Winner, As the World Turns) Written by: Derek Ting & Young Cho Screenplay by: Derek Ting and Simon Yin
1,500 views | Aug 13, 2012

Law Order 20 years Behind the scenes look

Take a quick behind the scenes look at NBC's Law & Order, which is celebrating its 20th season. The show's new night and time is Friday at 8:00 PM ET 7C on NBC. Please visit my Law & Order Blogs:
19,893 views | Sep 18, 2009

Batman begins animal i have become

betman begins music video song:animal i have become by.three days grace
3,369 views | Aug 02, 2008

Batman Begins Batman vs. Ras Al Gul HD

Batman Begins: Batman vs. Ras Al Gul
692,926 views | Jun 06, 2009

Lena Headey as Ava Wigram

Lena Headey as Ava Wigram in The Gathering Storm (2002)
7,678 views | Dec 26, 2007

Law Order s Alana De La Garza and Linus Roach visit TV Guide Magazine

Law & Order stars Alana De La Garza and Linus Roach talk about their worst jobs, going to jail, American Idol, and scrabble with TV Guide Magazine on Cubicle Confessions!
39,136 views | Oct 12, 2009

PM Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses Congress

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses Congress March 3rd, 2015.
26 views | Mar 03, 2015

Batman begins Bruce s parents death

Really used time to show how much the love and impact from Bruce's parents have on him after their death, and the motto from his father he always follows to beat his enemies "why do we fall Bruce ? we can learn to pick ourselves up.". please rate and leave comments :] HD Download : http:files.filefront.comBatman+BeginsThe+people+who+we+love;11498289;fileinfo.html
26,783 views | Apr 06, 2008

Batman Begins Trailer HQ

Trailer for Christopher Nolan's film starring Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Katie Holmes, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe, Mark Boone Junior, Linus Roache, Larry Holden, Gerard Murphy, Colin McFarlane, Rade Serbedzija, Sara Stewart, Gus Lewis,
4,404 views | Feb 12, 2009


Who knew that the British actor best known for such first rate 1990s projects as Priest, The Wings of the Dove, and the cable film Shot Through The Heart would end up a cast member on NBCs tried and true series, Law & Order? Linus Roache, who plays Executive Assistant District Attorney Michael Cutler on the show, talks about having Law & Order back on its Monday night time slot. Fans of the Caped Crusader will also remember Roache as Dr. Thomas Wayne from Batman Begins.Law & Order airs Monday Nights on NBC
12,641 views | Mar 01, 2010

MIDDLETOWN Opening Night

Opening night of MIDDLETOWN at the Vineyard Theatre. Written by Will Eno and Directed by Ken Rus Schmoll. Starring Heather Burns, Cindy Cheung, Johanna Day, Georgia Engel, David Garrison, Ed Jewett, McKenna Kerrigan, James McMenamin, Michael Park, Linus Roache, Olivia Scott and Pete Simpson.
1,866 views | Nov 22, 2010