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Naruto Love Sakura

From - Posted: Dec 29, 2008 - 1,053,303 views
Phim | Naruto Love Sakura | Naruto Love Sakura
Naruto Love Sakura
Naruto Love Sakura
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Naruto Love Stories Ep 2

The second installment in my series of love stories. Story: Sakura becomes very depressed when sasuke leaves and she fell deep into her training, leaving out any time to be with people. or atleast until Kakashi finds her crying during her drills and took her up into her arms. After that she leant on him to make her forget, and slowly fell in love. Later on Sasuke returns to find them in the middle of "action" and storms off in anger. Sakura follows and begs him to stay. In his anger he asks her if she ever truly loved him and the memories flood in. She breaks down crying and tells him yes, but when he asks her to leave Kakashi she ran off and refused him. After much debate she chooses Kakashi, but remains very close friends with Sasuke, sometimes to the point of friends with benfits at times. Kakashi knows that she still loves Sasuke but he could never leave Sakura, and understands that she needs to figure out what to do.
507,547 views | Aug 21, 2009

Ino Hinata Sakura Sexy Naughty Bitchy Remake

Disclaimer: I Own NothingOkay This Is Almost A Remake Of A Remake. I First Made This Back In Early 2011 When I First Started Making AMV's(so obviously it sucks ass) And Then I Go And Remake It Last Year In September. I Just Recently Decided To Watch This 'Remake' On Youtube(to see how it looks) And Was Horrified At What I Watched. It Could Hardly Be Considered A Remake, I Mean Really The Only Thing That Was 'Good' About It Was That It Didn't Have A Bunch Of Pausing Problems....Other Than that It Had NOTHING. I Mean It Used Pretty Much All the Sames Scenes As The Original Just They Didn't Pause, The Screen Kept Changing From Full Screen To Wide Screen, And The Quality Was Still Shit. In My Opinion It Was Almost As Bad As The Original. So I Decided To Remake It Again Being Recently I Had Made The Effort To Not Only Get More NarutoShippuden Episodes But Also Make Sure They Were All Wide Screen, In 720p HD, And They Were All Converted To The Proper Format(trust me it was a bitch and took many hours and days to get all the episodes and movies I wanted, which was a LOT) And Now I Have This Legit Remake And Obviously I Took That First Remake Down(but the horrid original will remain).And Despite The Video Having Been Taken Down Long Ago Even This Remake Is Heavily Inspired By invaderivy's Video Sexy Naughty Bitchy (Minerva Lola Sawyer). I Loved That Video So Much, I Wish It Was Still Up.Also Please Keep Any Bashing(mainly on Sakura) Under Control Or At Least The Minimum. Again I Like Her And I Don't Think I Would Ever Truly Call Her A Bitch.Anime: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden Couples: InoxKiba, HinataxNaruto, SakuraxSasuke Song: Sexy Naughty Bitchy Artist: Tata Young
2,389,952 views | Jun 09, 2013

naruto x hinata , sasuke x sakura

1,549,779 views | Jul 09, 2011

Yumeria Moments

Here are some sad and funny moments from Yumeria!!! It has sound!!!Rate and comment
13,479,011 views | Feb 11, 2008

5 Parodias NaruHina Graciosisimas

Estan muy bien, tal vez gente ya las vio, pero en otra cuenta, al cual me han borrado ~~
2,657,122 views | Nov 22, 2011

Every time we touch Naruto

The first video I'm uploading that I actually made. I was playing around with WWM trying to learn how to use it. Let me know what you think (even if it's critisim!)
1,287,607 views | May 07, 2007

NarutoxSakura Miracle

Disclaimer: I don't own the anime, nor the pictures, nor the musicI have made a other one, i think it better! Check it out on: 4 EVAAAAAAAAAA
1,013,820 views | Jul 16, 2009

Naruto love Hinata

Uma historia não só possível de acontecer mais sim um sonho que esperamos que seja a realizado. A story not only more possible to happen but a dream that we hope is done. Music: 1- Everytime We Touch - Cascada 2- Ready For Love - Cascada
1,654,483 views | May 09, 2008

naruto x hinata and sasuke x sakura

i made it 'cause i want to ENJOY!!!
1,529,261 views | Aug 04, 2009

Naruto and Hinata Love

I just took pictures I found and made a Naruto and Hinata video
852,843 views | Feb 04, 2010

Naruto Having Sex!!!

y0 lmfao this is a mod on a game called sanandreas
511,488 views | May 11, 2012

Naruto Has Family There Is Love In You

COMMENT AND RATE There are some SPOILERS*** in this video from shippuden 167 and up. I hope you enjoy! Rate and comment if you like. Oh and this video is filled with fan art I really liked and parts of the manga. I do not own Naruto and never will this is just a tribute to his family and friends. Edit: Ok My song had to be changed because of copyright problems so until I get it back it will be this song Youtube gave me. Sorry for the inconvenience.
84,739 views | Jul 24, 2010

Naruto and Sakura Until the Day I Die

3,883,063 views | Feb 12, 2008

NaruSaku Tribute Naruto Loves Sakura 4 Ever Shippuden

Here's my tribute to the best manga and anime couple in the world....NARUTO and SAKURA!!!!!!!!!!! Haha don't forget to comment below, did you love it, hate it, anything on your mind, comment below. Plz subscribe haha!
330,462 views | Jul 13, 2011

Naruto e Tsunade What I ve done By Laura

This is my video of the Naruto and Tsunade's story Plese RATE it ; ) If you like it watch my video: " The Forsaken heart of Sasuke" Tanks for watching =)
638,052 views | Jul 10, 2007

Team 7 Reunite Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura vs Sasuke Full Fight English Du...

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