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Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 Walkthrough All levels

From - Posted: Feb 17, 2012 - 117,481 views
Phim | Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 Walkthrough All levels | Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 Walkthrough All levels
Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 Walkthrough All levels
Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 Walkthrough All levels
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This is a walkthrough for the free online game: Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2. Includes all levels! :) Monkey GO Happy Marathon 2 at: Game Rating: ★★★
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Hey everyone! Today, I have a walkthrough for Monkey Go Happy! (Levels 1-15) Look below for a complete guide for all of the levels! ;) CHEATS ARE BELOW Level 1: 1. Click on coconut to drop it 2. Click on the knife to pick it up 3. Click on coconut to slice it open Level 2: 1. Click matchbox to open it 2. Click on match to get it 3. Click on side of matchbox to light match 4. Run lit match across end of firework Level 3: 1. Click on rifle 2. Shoot 4 ducks Level 4: 1. Click on bowling ball 2. Click on lane when the marker at the top of the screen runs across strike Level 5: 1. Click on remote to pick it up 2. Click on Power button on remote 3. Change to channel 3 (Nature channel) Level 6: 1. Click on money bag 2. Click on coin slot to insert coin 3. Click on left arrow 3 times 4. Click on down arrow once to pickup monkey toy Level 7: 1. Click on cannon twice to raise it 2. Click on cannon balls to pick up 3. Click on cannon to load cannon ball 4. Click on torch 5. Run torch across end of cannon to light it Level 8: 1. Click on all mushrooms to pick them up Level 9: 1. Click on each square until the Monkey image is complete Level 10: 1. Drag all objects into their approapriate locations 2. When all object are placed down, click on the handle on the top right to fire ball Level 11: 1. Run you cursor down each path, starting at A, then B, then C Level 12: 1. Click on mallet 2. Click to hit all moles when they appear Level 13: 1. Right click on your mouse after you run your cusror over the start button 2. Move your cursor to the pin and click 3. Pop the balloon! Level 14: 1. Insert the numbers of the wall... 2, 4, 9, 7 Level 15: 1. Click on tree 2. Click on pot with root of tree 3. Click on each decoration and then on the tree to place it 4. Click on power cord 5. Click on power socket YOU'VE FINISHED! Anyways, thanks for watching! Subscribe for more cheats, guides, walkthroughs, glitches, hacks, and much more! Subscribe and follow my other channel! Other channel: youtube.comMagmaboy231 AndkonCheats' Email: [email protected] Magmaboy231's Twitter: @G63Cp Magmaboy231's Facebook: http:on.fb.megyGhJn Magmaboy231's Email: gamer63cp Magmaboy231's Xat: xat.comGamer63cp Magmaboy231's MSN: [email protected] Again, thanks for watching! ;D .AndkonCheats Productions 2011. (All Rights Reserved)
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lets play, monkey go happy 2

this is my lets play on monkey go happy 2
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