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From - Posted: Oct 09, 2011 - 4,717,638 views
Phim | アメリカンドッグキット | アメリカンドッグキット
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★RRcherrypie Group does not have Twitter Instagram facebook etc. YouTube & FC2 is the only website we have and the other is fake.★(1) Product name: アメリカンドッグキット (It cost 980 yen.) Brand: Kaijirushi (貝印) (2) It is not a basic (proper) corndog recipe. So calm down. (3) It is edible. I ate it after filming. It tasted good. (4) 0:37 Fish sausage is popular in Japan. I use it because lipid is low. If you like fatty food, it doesn't suit your taste. It tastes good for me because I don't like fatty food. (5) 0:46 The directions say, "poke holes in the sausage". I don't know why. (6) 1:32 Melon soda (Brand: Kracie). (7) 2:07 The directions say, "do it on 600watts, 40 seconds". My microwave is 700watts. It burst when it passed 35 seconds. ▼To Haters: In every city in Japan have recycling systems. Plastic can be recycled, so calm down.▼▼Titled by re-uploaders▼تحضير الحلوى الشهيه
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