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Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke

From - Posted: Dec 28, 2012 - 976 views
Phim | Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke | Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke
Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke
Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke
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If you don't know sign language, you can see the anno-notes for Closed Captions.Hello to everyone! I hope that y'all are doing great. For myself, I am doing alright.I've been working on my portfolio. It takes so much of my time and I need a break.I am halfway through. The process is going pretty well...ANYWAY, I am here to share a sex joke with you! I hope you like this, because I find this pretty funny.OKAY..It started off as a couple who has been together for a year.Both of them are in a serious relationship and they are virgin-- NO EXPERIENCES OR ANYTHING!They never went to pass the first base or beyond that.Both of them are very young and have been very curious about SEX. They have been asking people around, such as finding best place to do "it."In the car? Too much public and felt that they're likely to get caught. They couldn't find a good parking spot.They cannot find affordable hotel or motel. They don't have any money.The guy has been doing a lot of thinking... He cannot sneak at his parents' house, because they are always there [and never left the house for a long time].The lady has been thinking, too. She asked him "Why don't we go in the woods? I think people have done that kind of stuff. We can hide behind the bushes."The man has accepted and thought it is a good idea.They have waited until it is very dark at night.They wondered and went into the woods. Nobody was around or can see them.They went to a dark area behind the bushes. They had a lot of privacy. The woman decided to go first and make him hard (with boner rising). She pulled his pants down and did the blow-job.And then, it was the guy's turn to eat her [vargina]. The woman told him that she would lay down and the guy replied with "okay."As the time has passed... the lady has been laying down for about 10 or 15 minutes.She has been waiting for a long time.The guy sighed and told her that he couldn't really see what he was doing. He wished that he has brought his own flashlight.The lady said "Yeah! Me, too. You have been eating that grass for 15 minutes!"Now.. I thought that was pretty funny. That is pretty fucked-up.© 8588ceeSubscribe and don't forget to follow me on my facebook page: http:www.facebook.comlaughterbeforemidnightJoin the deaf humor videos group and exchange jokes (search Deaf Humor Videos on facebook):!groupsdeafhumorvideosKnow sign language and love football? Join this group- Deaf NFL Debates (facebook search) http:www.facebook.comgroupsDeafNDebates?fref=tsIf this link doesn't work, search Deaf NFL Debates on the facebook.Second youtube channel - visualmusicwithsigns
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