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Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke

From - Posted: Dec 28, 2012 - 1,066 views
Phim | Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke | Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke
Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke
Inexperienced Couple in the Woods Sex Joke
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If you don't know sign language, you can see the anno-notes for Closed Captions.Hello to everyone! I hope that y'all are doing great. For myself, I am doing alright.I've been working on my portfolio. It takes so much of my time and I need a break.I am halfway through. The process is going pretty well...ANYWAY, I am here to share a sex joke with you! I hope you like this, because I find this pretty funny.OKAY..It started off as a couple who has been together for a year.Both of them are in a serious relationship and they are virgin-- NO EXPERIENCES OR ANYTHING!They never went to pass the first base or beyond that.Both of them are very young and have been very curious about SEX. They have been asking people around, such as finding best place to do "it."In the car? Too much public and felt that they're likely to get caught. They couldn't find a good parking spot.They cannot find affordable hotel or motel. They don't have any money.The guy has been doing a lot of thinking... He cannot sneak at his parents' house, because they are always there [and never left the house for a long time].The lady has been thinking, too. She asked him "Why don't we go in the woods? I think people have done that kind of stuff. We can hide behind the bushes."The man has accepted and thought it is a good idea.They have waited until it is very dark at night.They wondered and went into the woods. Nobody was around or can see them.They went to a dark area behind the bushes. They had a lot of privacy. The woman decided to go first and make him hard (with boner rising). She pulled his pants down and did the blow-job.And then, it was the guy's turn to eat her [vargina]. The woman told him that she would lay down and the guy replied with "okay."As the time has passed... the lady has been laying down for about 10 or 15 minutes.She has been waiting for a long time.The guy sighed and told her that he couldn't really see what he was doing. He wished that he has brought his own flashlight.The lady said "Yeah! Me, too. You have been eating that grass for 15 minutes!"Now.. I thought that was pretty funny. That is pretty fucked-up.© 8588ceeSubscribe and don't forget to follow me on my facebook page: http:www.facebook.comlaughterbeforemidnightJoin the deaf humor videos group and exchange jokes (search Deaf Humor Videos on facebook):!groupsdeafhumorvideosKnow sign language and love football? Join this group- Deaf NFL Debates (facebook search) http:www.facebook.comgroupsDeafNDebates?fref=tsIf this link doesn't work, search Deaf NFL Debates on the facebook.Second youtube channel - visualmusicwithsigns
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I found a bunch of sex jokes... and didn't read them till turning on the camera... apparently a lot of people have crappy marriages :PNew site: http:onision.tvThank you for watching my SEX JOKES video! Hopefully I'll have a new music video out soon :) Lots of work to do.
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I busted one hearing person who pretended to be deaf person. It was a mockery for our deaf community. I wanted this to become a deaf awareness to the hearing world. It was sad when many hearing people didn't know about this fraud. I hope this could become an awareness to the world. It made me sick to my stomach and I encouraged you to stop this fraud. Follow me on the facebook: http:www.facebook.comlaughterbeforemidnight
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NOTE: Turn on Loudness Equalization and Treble effect in Realtek HD Audio Manager or (whichever you have) because the sound is kinda low.MOVIE PLOT: An really old film...don't think "ooh scary" by the name...think "Oh my...God...that's ridiculously terrible!" Yes, terrible in a so BAD it's GOOD. A Horror, or should I say spoof (it is more fitting) about a group of teenage kids (teenage? Right.....) that innocently go into the woods for a relaxing weekend. Little birdies, flowers and spooky campfire stories? Is that what they had in mind? Well.....WRONG! A crazed madman for no apparent reason (WHATSOVER) is killing off turists and random campers scattered around, including the most hilarious couple in a mini van you will ever see. What is his horrifying motive? Well folks...his motive is that the director just said "Kill them are crazy after all, right?" and that's that. Anyway...enjoy the will laught out LOUD from the hilarious BADness from some scenes...even the so called "nasty" ones. *NO COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT INTENDED AT ALL!, FOR VIEWING PURPOSES ONLY!*I'll upload Serbian subtitles (it were the only ones I could find) If I find the English one...I'll upload those also.Grab some popcorn and enjoy the good old 80's!
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Last time on "The Real World - Disney Princesses", the girls received their new housemate Keith only for him to become perplexed with the sociopathic personalities he now has to contend with. This week, the Princesses get to share their true feelings about Keith AND each other.Somewhere in a Land Far, Far Away... called Manhattan, are a group of the most the beautiful, dazzling Princesses to have ever step foot on this Earth. Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Tiana and Mulan are the Princesses of Disney. And they live together - with a guy called Keith. For the first time, we catch a glimpse into their real lives, their real worlds and their real dramas - this is The Real World - Disney Princesses. Episode 2.Love fresh comedy? Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Follow us at http:www.twitter.comthehardcomedy & Like us at http:www.facebook.comthehardcomedy... or send us fanmail at [email protected] Claire Cartwright, Chris Dingli, Emiko Ishii, Avita Jay, Catherine Povinelli, Brittany N. Williams and Mahmoud El-Azzeh Written by Brittany N. Williams and Mahmoud El-Azzeh Directed by Mahmoud El-Azzeh Cinematography by Samuel Pearce Sound by Jasim Jaffer 1st AC by Iustin Filip-Mucenic Make-Up and Hair by Claudine van Erven Edited by Lara Blanco Color Grading by Timothy Greenfield Sound Design by Billy Pleasant Intro Sequence by Timothy Greenfield Music by Mahmoud El-Azzeh, Billy Pleasant and David S. Hamilton Music from "Zum Muckenkogel", "Juskiddink Jingle", "Sports News Jam" and "Zyberbird Beat" courtesy of (All Royalty-Free)The Hard Comedy are: Claire Cartwright Sohail Chaudhry Emile Clarke Chris Dingli Emiko Ishii Clare Fitton Avita Jay Catherine Povinelli Nick Ricketts Brittany N. Williams and The Man They Call MooAn Elazayan Films Production
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Hey! It's funny. What were yu expecting? Now listen ya young punks, This is a new channel and I'm old and I'm gonna die soon, so share my wisdom with as many other young punks as yu can before I piss myself for the last time & take that long dirt nap. OK, do it!
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Hello everyone. I hope that everyone is doing well. It was a busy year for me. I am back to studying. This time, I am in grad school studying in architecture. My goal is to become a licensed architect after earning professional degree. My break wasn't so bad. I spent my time to visit my girlfriend's family. The first trip wasn't so bad. However, on the way back to home, the second trip was awful. There was heavy snow and it reduced a lot of visibility. I couldn't see anything 14 mile ahead of me. I was driving slow and kept my eyes open. One of the drivers wanted to past me on the left lane. He lost control of his car front of me and went off the ditch. I was very shocked. I didn't want to stop in the middle of highway. I didn't want to make another drivers nervous and get into car accident pile up or anything like that... I then saw that there was a rest area one mile ahead. I wanted to stop there. I missed the rest area. I was still driving for about ten minutes. I was hoping to see if there would be another rest area nearby. There was a gas station. I went there to calm my nerves down and reported that a driver lost control. I prayed that driver would be okay. My girlfriend saw that driver was really angry after he lost his control. He was slamming his fist on the wheel in the ditch (I think he was okay, due to body movement). I later thought about it. It was a good thing that I didn't want to stop and walk over to see if he was okay. You never know if a driver would get violent and wanted to get physical with me for an accident that I did not cause. He might get wild idea and believed it was my fault for driving "too slow" on the right lane. I knew that it was all on him. He was the one who lost the control of his car. Whoever is driving through a bad weather, you should always drive carefully and keep control of your car no matter what condition or situation that you are in. © 8588ceeSubscribe and don't forget to follow me on my facebook page: http:www.facebook.comlaughterbeforemidnightJoin the deaf humor videos group and exchange jokes (search Deaf Humor Videos on facebook):!groupsdeafhumorvideosKnow sign language and love football? Join this group- Deaf NFL Debates (facebook search) http:www.facebook.comgroupsDeafNDebates?fref=tsIf this link doesn't work, search Deaf NFL Debates on the facebook.Second youtube channel - visualmusicwithsigns
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Feel free to share your stories through video response or whatever. Maybe this would help hearing people to be more aware of deaf community.
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