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From - Posted: Jul 28, 2011 - 19,300,349 views
Phim | HONG KONG HONG KONG 1983 Trailer | HONG KONG HONG KONG 1983 Trailer
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Yvonne Yung Hung, Vincent Lam Wai in My Pale Lover

Video Title: My Pale Lover Also Known As: 情難自制, Ching laan chi chai, Qing nan zi zhi Year: 1993 Director: Chow Jan Wing Starring: Yvonne Yung Hung, Vincent Lam Wai, Patrick Keung Hiu Man, Victor Hon Kwan, Ying Siu Liu, Ching Siu Yuet, Chiu Wai Country: Hong Kong Genre: Adult, Cat III, Comedy, Drama Subtitle: English, ChineseA crazy sex comedy that takes place in a Hong Kong topless bar called Club Venus. Kind of like a love triangle, but more of a love square. Mu Gwai (Rose) is an office manager who fancies Gum Sing. Gung Fei (a sort-of Chinese Don Johnson) runs the nightclub and is fancied by tit-bouncing good-time-girl barmaid Sei Kee, much to the annoyance of Gung's girlfriend, the bar manager. Mu and Sei swap jobs, Mu is attracted to the leather-jacketed Gung to the annoyance of Gum, who is then pursued by Sei. A number of the scenes are pinched from Pretty Woman (the HK one), including the one where a woman walks in on a man having a headjob under the desk.
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HISPANIA Sabina salva a Nerea de ser violada ANTENA 3 TV

http:www.antena3.comserieshispania Sabina salva a Nerea de ser violada. Series Antena 3 Televisión. AtresMedia. España, UE.
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Assault. Terror en el bosque

Sinopsis: Terror e intriga que tiene lugar en un colegio britanico,victima de un peligroso psicopata.El asesino asalta sexualmente y mata a las estudiantes.El detective encargado del caso tiene muchos sospechosos y solicita la ayuda de una joven.
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Spanish Beauty A Beautiful Wife Barbara mori Part 5

A woman bored with marriage discovers the pleasure and pain of infidelity in this stylish drama from Mexico. Soniya (Barbara Mori) is a beautiful woman who has been married to Ishaan (Christian Meier) for nearly a decade. While Soniya still loves her husband she feels the spark has gone out of their relationship and she become restless and anxious. Hoping to find the excitement she craves in forbidden fruit Soniya falls into an affair with Rohan (Manolo Cardona) Ishaan rough-edged but handsome friend. Soniya and Rohan passionate affair is deeply satisfying to them both but the adulterous couple must deal with the sharp sting of betrayal when Ishaan finds out they have been sleeping together. However the story takes a big turn when we find out the affair has only been revenge towards his friend for Rohan.To watch more movies in high quality HQ log onto To receive regular updates on new movies SUBSCRIBE NOW at ============================================= Enjoy Full Hindi Movie --
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Ina 7 Malayalam full movie I.V.Sasi Teen love and sex 1982 ............. One of the first malayalam movies to discuss about child marriage.....Also deals with teen love and sex..........Days when an adult rated movie also ran in packed houses in the theaters........Scripted by John Paul.......Music by A.T.UMMER and Lyrics by BICHU THIRUMALA.......The movie has few good songs.........Background music by SHYAM.......Murali Movies produced the movie........Director - I.V.SASI
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La montaña del misterio parte 2

Al Sur de Venezuela existe una región dominada por grandes formaciones rocosas de la época precámbrica rodeadas de la selva virgen más extensa del planeta. Es el Macizo de Guayanes, cuyos majestuosos tepuyes (montaña en idioma pemone) han sido desde siempre temidos y venerados por los nativos de la zona. Este capítulo realiza un intenso recorrido por estos colosos geológicos y la indómita naturaleza que les rodea, a la vez que toma contacto con algunas de las de las tribus que habitan en la cuenca del Orinoco.Sobrevolaremos los tepuyes que separan la cuenca del Amazonas de la del Orinoco hasta llegar al más grande de estos, el Auyan Tepuy. La superficie plana de su cima tiene 700 kilómetros cuadrados y cuenta con la caída de agua más alta del mundo. Esta impresionante cascada de casi un kilómetro de altura, llamada Salto Ángel, es considerada tabú por los indios ya que en ella habitan dioses que no deben ser vistos. El recorrido por esta enigmática región, una de las menos exploradas de Venezuela, nos llevará a convivir con tribus nativas como los Sánema. Conoceremos sus formas de vida tradicionales y les seguiremos hacia el interior de la selva, en la que se internan para cazar. Seremos testigos de los rituales gracias a los cuales, mediante el uso de potentes alucinógenos, toman contacto con los dioses que moran esta sorprendente región dominada por los tepuyes.
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videoplayback 6

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sexy love scene from rudra the fire bengali film

adult sexy love scene film rudra -the fire- bengali WATCH MORE AT http:movieonl9.blogspot.inpb.html
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前男友 Ex boyfriend Ep 9 Part 4 5

I do not own anything, No copyright intended...前男友 Qian Nan You 第9集 Li Qian Na (李千娜) as Lin Chun Jiao 林春嬌 Tony Yang as Lai Zhi Ming 賴志明 Jerry Huang as Dai Yi Xiang 戴亦翔 Liao Yi Qiao (廖苡喬) as Xiao Z 小Z
31,414,070 views | Feb 24, 2012

2011 Documentary Barbara Yung 翁美玲

I do not own copyright or any content of this clip.(originally from;WWW.BARBARAYUNG.NL) This is a documentary from the Chinese serie unexplained death, shown in may 2011. This episode is about the death of Barbara Yung. May 18, 1985. It's the funeral of Barbara Yung held in Hong Kong. Many of her friends from the entertainment business: Felix, Carina, Tony Leung & etc attended. Why did this happen? It has taken everyone by suprise. Why? Why? There was this guy holding a bouquet of roses. He is known then as Barbara's former boyfriend Kent Tong. Newspapers in Hong Kong ran highlights on her death and funeral. Whole Hong Kong was silent at that moment. 1983 Legend of the condor heroes was broadcasted in Hong Kong & overseas. There is this character Huang Rong played by Barbara Yung that made her a household name and left deep impression. Barbara Yung was successful. During her prime, 14 May 1985 she died of gas inhalation. She was 26 years old. What causes her to take this path? There were doubts about her death. Was it due to the relationship between Kent Tong or were there other factors. Lets do some analysis. 25 years on, the idols of the 80's era, Michael Miu, Sharon Yeung, Felix Wong and Ken Tong left the entertainment industry. Jing Guo Guo (Felix Wong) had stayed on the industry for sometime but in the end quit too to have a quiet life. Michael Miu left the industry in 1991 to set up his own business. Barbara Yung's best pal Sharon Yeung too left after Legend Of The Condor Hero'83 to Taiwan. She has set up her own company since then. As for Ken Tong, he is now on low profile and opens his own company too. After 20 over years whenever Barbara Yung is remembered he couldn't hold back his tears. In Cambridge, at the New Market cemetery there is a tombstone with a heart shape. A picture of Barbara Yung and the name Ms Barbara Yung. 20 over years on many Chinese people from across the globe visit London. They would not missed Cambridge and would pay respect at Barbara Yung's grave. There will always be flowers on her grave. Fans of Legend Of The Condor Heroes'83 have matured now. Most have their career, married, have their own life & etcs. As for Barbara Yung she will forever be 26 and the ICONIC Huang Rong.
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5,791,337 views | Jun 20, 2011

Sex Zen 3D il trailer

Il primo film erotico in 3D campione d'incassi in Cina, dove ha battuto film del calibro di Avatar. Dal 30 settembre al cinema.
2,161,223 views | Aug 30, 2011

Indian Tomb

Debra Paget in Fritz Lang's INDIAN EPIC from Fantoma DVD
22,947,329 views | Dec 19, 2006


Comercial que estuda bem o Marketing fazendo a analogia entre potência de motor de carro com o interesse de uma mulher.
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Olhos azuis Blue Eyes

O riso é um calmante sem efeitos secundários. O melhor espelho é um velho amigo. Não se pode separar a paz da liberdade, porque ninguém pode estar em paz consigo mesmo se não é livre. Não há nada impossível, porque os sonhos de ontem são as esperanças de hoje e podem converter-se em realidade amanhã. O pior castigo de um mentiroso não é do que não se lhe criam os demais, senão que ele mesmo será incapaz de crer ou confiar em outros.
18,626,554 views | Mar 22, 2009