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hmoob liab qab

From - Posted: Jan 28, 2011 - 31,417 views
Phim | hmoob liab qab | hmoob liab qab
hmoob liab qab
hmoob liab qab
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Yog koj xav pom Hmoob mauv vim liab qab. Sau nthawv rau peb. [email protected] Ua tsaug rau Moshlub tau siv law txoj nkauj.
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Here is a cover to an old good classic song by Kaying Xiong "Kuv Nco Koj". Sorry if the music video doesn't go well with the song. I just used clips from the korean drama save the last dance. Its not the best :) Just for fun This wasn't record professionally just regular mics. All credits goes to original: Kaying Xiong
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