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Final Fantasy XV English Launch Trailer

From - Posted: Nov 15, 2012 - 160,652 views
Phim | Final Fantasy XV English Launch Trailer | Final Fantasy XV English Launch Trailer
Final Fantasy XV English Launch Trailer
Final Fantasy XV English Launch Trailer
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-FANMADE-FINAL FANTASY VERSUS HAS BEEN CHANGED TO XV. IT'S NOW FOR THE PS4! SEE THE TRAILER HERE AND THE KINGDOM HEARTS 3 TRAILER XV- KH3*Check the description for Versus news and updates*Fanmade! Fandub! Estimated release date! The second song is fanmade! "Versus XIII is a title that will unite the nostalgia of the past Final Fantasy games and will tie it to a whole new way to experience the franchise" It will be something truly interesting. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newest update: "Quite far into development" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway I didn't make the fandub. It is on the channel sinscale7 and I got permission to use it. Check it out to see the full list of all the people who did the voices check out StevenMKelly who recreated the second song from ear, based on listening to the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers. The ones from the trailers have gunsounds and such which is why I didn't use them. Unite the old and the new to surpass the master! The Legend meets its match.
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