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final fantasy xv eng

From - Posted: Aug 21, 2014 - 10 views
Phim | final fantasy xv eng | final fantasy xv eng
final fantasy xv eng
final fantasy xv eng
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final fantasy xv eng
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[EDIT 08242013] HEY EVERYONE! I've moved to a new channel called ThaGeorgeGuy. It's where I make comedy skits, short films, commercials, etc. SO GO CHECK IT OUT :D Sadly, I won't be on this channel much so if you want to tell me something, tell me through my new channel! Here's the link: youtube.comThaGeorgeGuy See you guys! :3 Haha, hope you guys like this one! I actually made this in about...umm i think two days, so im sorry if it looks rushed. But, actually I think that it turned out really good :D it seems to be the best so far considering i haven't made any videos in a long time. Sorry if the hd sux, iunno how to really do it. and the only way i know how takes too long so yeah...
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Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Trailer 2012 As expected Square-Enix released the first images and trailer of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the third game of the FFXIII saga, with this time a much bigger emphasis on action than a classic RPG.▶ SUBSCRIBE ▶ Check The Channel For More HD Gaming for watching.
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Final Fantasy 13 All Movie Cutscenes HD 720p

I love this games story, its what made me a fan of final fantasy, 13-2 not as good in my opinion but its ok,and yes this was a pain to uploud and edit lol if you want more all movie cutscene vids like this please follow this link to a playlist full of vids like this that I uploaded
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Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Story Trailer

The story is based on the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, but has no direct relation to the other games in this series as it features a unique world, visual design and different characters.
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Final Fantasy XV The Mystery Behind the Myth
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Final Fantasy XIII English Trailer

Name: Final Fantasy XIII Release date: March 9, 2010 Platform(s): PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Publisher(s): Square Enix Developer(s): Square Enix
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Final Fantasy XIII Movie Version 1 The Purge

Full Playlist: http:goo.gl7JqaqG Please Read... This is aimed at either those people who would like to enjoy the storycinematics of FFXIII in 1080p HD without having to watch the gameplay...I have tried to make the cutscenes fit together as smoothly as possible to create a story version of the game that people can enjoy without the constant battlesrunning around. There will be no fights (there are numbersin game sounds everywhere so I can't really crop and change it)... Of course the Bosses are an integral part of the game and therefore when I skip them it will look a little weird, kind of like "Oh there's a big badass enemy - Oh now it's dead!" But that's the way it needs to be, because showing the battles makes it a walkthrough and it loses the cinematic style, so that is the only drawback, but it can't be avoided :)
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Top 10 Most Annoying Final Fantasy Moments

Here's the top 10 most annoying moments from the Final Fantasy series. Disagree?
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Final Fantasy XIII 2 Lightning s Story DLC Requiem of the Goddess

*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION* *SPOILERS WARNING* *JTV LIVE STREAM: http:www.justin.tvomegaevolution *Twitter: http:twitter.comomegaevolution Lightning Story DLC: Requiem of the Goddess What happened to Lightning while the main story happened. Its an interesting DLC that includes some different mechanics than the main game. For one, all the roles have different names and you actually get 1 role for physical RAV and another for magical RAV, which is pretty sweet. Anyway, you have to fight Caius twice and the game gives you all the tools to beat him at the lowest level, BUT if you lose the game still rewards you with exp to "level up". Lightning can go up to level 10 and she will gain uber stats by then but you will have to be faster to kill Caius to get 5 stars (which will net you the V. Lightning monster crystal for you to use). This is done at... lv 7 I believe (whatever level gives you the last Shaman skill... which is godlike btw lol). Sadly each time you lose to Chaos Bahamuth you go back to fight the first Caius, so with the level ups it makes the Caius fight a joke while you go for the next phase xD (this was recorded on the first time I got to beat Chaos Bahamuth). Obviously I cut off the retries to not waste your time :v After beating the whole DLC you will unlock lv 0 which means lower stats than lv 1, for anyone that wants to test their patience :v There is a scene after the credits of the DLC, which I took out the credits since they are the same I posted on the Final Bosses and Endings video back in Feb. PS: oh and to make it clear, lv 10 Lightning has maxed stats (9999 Str, 9999 Mag and 99999 HP) but the game will make it so you only get 1 star rating if you beat Caius like that. Enjoy! Like and Comment please. ---------------------------------- System: PS3 Normal Mode First Playthrough
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Final Fantasy Top 10 Difficult to obtain Items

Well you asked for here it is. Another top 10 countdown. This movie is doing better than I though it would. But it also has a lot of dislikes. Why is that?But this one is different..and according to's first of it's kind. With so many items in the series..I may have easily missed a few. So feel free to post your own opinins about the most difficult items to obtain. These are the ones that haunted me the most.
249,381 views | Nov 25, 2012

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