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Final Fantasy XV English Fandub Fan Launch Trailer

From - Posted: Nov 15, 2012 - 194,684 views
Phim | Final Fantasy XV English Fandub Fan Launch Trailer | Final Fantasy XV English Fandub Fan Launch Trailer
Final Fantasy XV English Fandub Fan Launch Trailer
Final Fantasy XV English Fandub Fan Launch Trailer
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-FANMADE- FAN-DUB-18-09-2014-Tetsuya Nomura has stepped down from the XV development. His position as director goes to the capable Hajime Tabata (FF Crisis Core, Type-0.) Nomura will now be focusing his all on Kingdom Hearts 3.-Personal note- I see this as good news since this probably means that the development is so far that it's possible for him to hand it over and since Hajime Tabata is more than capable I don't think there's any reason to worry. On another note - There will be a demo key for XV for the people who buy Type-0 HD which is set for a march release.A new trailer was also released today all this in mind i'm positive that the game will release in 2015. I'm hoping for a June release, but I woulnd't be surprised if it released at the end of 2015.-18-09-2014-FINAL FANTASY VERSUS HAS BEEN CHANGED TO XV. IT'S NOW FOR THE PS4! SEE THE TRAILER HERE AND THE KINGDOM HEARTS 3 TRAILER XV- KH3*Check the description for Versus news and updates*Fanmade! Fandub! Estimated release date! The second song is fanmade! "Versus XIII is a title that will unite the nostalgia of the past Final Fantasy games and will tie it to a whole new way to experience the franchise" It will be something truly interesting. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Newest update: "Quite far into development" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway I didn't make the fandub. It is on the channel sinscale7 and I got permission to use it. Check it out to see the full list of all the people who did the voices check out StevenMKelly who recreated the second song from ear, based on listening to the Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailers. The ones from the trailers have gunsounds and such which is why I didn't use them. Unite the old and the new to surpass the master! The Legend meets its match.
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This is a fan made video about an **upcoming** game from Square Enix, initially called Final Fantasy versus XIII BUT HAS NOW BEEN RENAMED FOR THE NEXT INSTALMENT FINAL FANTASY XV - yuhoooooo!!! The main character is Noctis and the girl is Stella. This GMV's story is totally fan made and plotted by ME and has no resemblance at all with the original story of the game.If anyone wants to know more about the REAL game, you can read at the following links: - http:finalfantasy.wikia.comwikiFinal_Fantasy_Versus_XIII - http:finalfantasy-xiii.netThe song is in Japanese, its title and performer properly credited at the end of this description and has no relation with the game also. So, please, don't go asking what I just answered here on the comments, please. I'm already very thoughtful in replying all the "answerable" comments but my patience is limited. Don't even lose your time, cause I'm simply removing the comment.0o0o0o0o0FANMADE STORY:Noctis is the former vampire king and last one of his race. The vampire hunters are determined to kill him and rid Earth from these monsters once and for all. But humans and technology are no match for the strongest of vampires, even alone. He completely annihilates the army they sent. But Noctis was feeling lonely and guilty and just too tired of living from centuries straight. Times ago he ended up falling in love with one of the spies of the hunters, Stella, and they held a secret romance. She was in a run, hiding from the hunters, because they discovered her and wanted her dead for treason. Noctis decided that, if he was to die, it could only be by his lover's hand...Well, that's the main thing XD Follow the lyrics, and the feelings and meanings of the story will be clear. Who knows someday I don't write a fanfic?? I sure write ways better than do GMV's T.T0o0o0o0o0Song's lyrics:Aimai na tamashii wa subete wo wasure tokete yuku (My uncertain soul melts into oblivion) Miserareta kizuato ni tomadaoi nagara te wo sashidasu (Puzzled by the visible scars, I stretch out my hand)Masshiro na manazashi wa saigo no toki wo moteamashite iru (A pure white gaze makes the final moment unbearable) Nagare ochiru sono namida wa modorenai ano hi no yakusoku (The tears flowing are the old promise of that day to where we can't return )Dare ni mo tomeru koto dekinai futari dake ni (No one could stop them, they're allowed only to us) Yurusareta wakare no namida wa (These farewell tears) Kurikaesu ayamachi wo koko de (The mistakes we keep repeating) Owarasu tame no kako no yakusoku (Are to be stopped by the past promise)Taemanaku afuredasu yokubou wa mitasarenai (The overflowing lust couldn't be fulfilled) Honno sukoshi no aida de ii hito no sugata ni modoritai (If only for a little while, I want to be human once again)Kokoro no itami wo keshite kureru no nara (If you're going to erase the pain in my heart) Mayowazu koroshite okure yo (Then don't hesitate, kill me) Sabishii kao wa shinai de saigo gurai wa waratte hoshii (Don't look so sad, I want you to smile in the end) Omae dake ni wa (Just you)Kokkyuu wo kurikaesu (I keep breathing) Hitsuyou na mono wo mitsukarazu (Unable to find what I need) Subete no yasuragi wo kowasu (Breaking the peace) Onaji ayamachi wo kurikaesu (Repeating the same mistakes)Dare ni mo tomeru koto dekinai futari dake ni (No one could stop them, they're allowed only to us) Yurusareta wakare no namida wa (These farewell tears) Kurikaesu ayamachi wo koko de (The mistakes we keep repeating) Owarasu tame no kako no yakusoku (Are to be stopped by the past promise)0o0o0o0o0The video contents do not belong to me. It was made only for fun. No copyright infringement intended or any profits from this. I only own the idea.Final Fantasy VII AC, DC, CC and versus XIIIXV ₢ Square Enix Lust for Blood ₢ Camui Gackt & Nippon Crown
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Final Fantasy XV Already Over

PLEASE!!WATCH IN HQ DISCLAIMER:This is purely fan-made i don't own the clips or the song. All rights go to Sony Music Entertainment and SQUARENIX. No Copyright Infringement intended at all. NO PROFIT IS BEING MADE FROM THIS VIDEO. Clips:Final Fantasy XIII Versus Trailers Song:Already Over By:RED
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Final Fantasy Top 10 Difficult to obtain Items

Well you asked for here it is. Another top 10 countdown. This movie is doing better than I though it would. But it also has a lot of dislikes. Why is that?But this one is different..and according to's first of it's kind. With so many items in the series..I may have easily missed a few. So feel free to post your own opinins about the most difficult items to obtain. These are the ones that haunted me the most.
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Final Fantasy XV Trailer in HD

Cliquez sur le bouton HD!L'histoire de Final Fantasy XV tourne autour d'un prince nommé Noctis Lucis Caelum, qui est le dernier héritier d'un royaume sans nom dans lequel le dernier cristal est maintenu. En raison de la modernisation de plus en plus apparente à la différence de pays voisins, le royaume de Noctis est lui-même isolé du monde extérieur. Le jeu se déroule entre deux nations s'affrontant pour la domination totale et le dernier cristal détenu par le royaume de Noctis .www.square-enix.comTous droits réservés à Square Enix Co., Ltd pour les médias. Il s'agit purement d'une vidéo de fans réalisés à des fins de divertissement sans violation de copyright prévu. Je ne fais pas un bénéfice de cette vidéo car elle est purement pour le divertissement
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19 Part 1080p version: http:goo.gl7JqaqG My Marathon Edition gaming Movies (Including FFXIII-2 & FFXIII-3): http:goo.glJIHKF0 The holidays are coming, so I figured I'd drop another Marathon edition for all you crazy kids that want to see 8 hours worth of FF13 goodness :) Same as the FFX version, it's all 19 parts of the Movie Version I made stuck together as one marathon video :)Here's a list of my Marathon Edition Gaming Movies:Batman: Arkham Origins - Bioshock Infinite - The Last Of Us - Final Fantasy X - Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (Undub): Final Fantasy X-2 - Final Fantasy XII - Final Fantasy XIII - Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Metal Gear Solid 4 -
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Credit goes to their respected owners. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING!School is finally almost done, which means that I can finally get a lot more on my Youtube and deviantArt. First off, thanks to everyone who has subscribed, liked, commented, or even viewed my videos. You guys are awesome and I never thought I'd actually get so many. Now, this here is a really simple video. So no effects, and no textures. I tried to make it seem a little trailer like, since the game isn't even out yet. I also wanted to say that I got a bunch more videos that I'm actually working on at the moment, so I should be uploading another one real soon. I've also reeally got into Kingdom Hearts, so expect a few there. Like always, thanks so much, I hope you enjoy it. And don't forget to rate, comment, and subscribe! :)You can also download the video in better quality right here: http:www.animemusicvideos.orgmembersmembers_videoinfo.php?v=182728Song: Take It All Away Artist: Red
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Prefer it in short episodes? - Full Playlist: http:goo.glabBw21 More gaming Movies (inc. FFXIII and FFXIII-2): http:goo.glJIHKF0 So here it is, the final Marathon Edition Movie for the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. It's time to see the last chapter in Lightning's story. I hope you all enjoy :) Here is the description from part 1 of the episodic version, should answer some questions about the movie:1) This movie contains subtitles. Ever since I made my Final Fantasy XIII movie without them I have regretted it, and prefer to have my videos reach as many people as possible. This includes those with hearing difficulties and that have English as a secondary language. I appreciate that subtitles detract from the visual experience, but I don't have the time to upload 2 separate versions, so I have to go for the one that will allow the greatest number of people to understand the story.2) As the FFXIII games have progressed it has become more and more difficult to turn them into movies. This game is pretty bad for any in-game stuff. They have introduced a new bar on the bottom left of the display that is present at all times and cannot be removed (unlike the map). The autosave icon is also intrusive, and is still present 5-10 seconds into a cutscene. There isn't a lot I can do about this, I have obviously removed all loading screens where applicable. The battle system is also very cluttered with a crowded UI and a lot of information on screen. For the Boss battles I started out by removing them entirely like I did for most of FFXIII and FFXIII-2, but afterwards changed my mind since they were a fairly important part of the quests, so I kept them in, but as "highlights", showing only major attacksstaggers etc. Only a few minor boss battles were skipped early on.3) I believe that listening to the in-game conversations and getting to see the environments add greatly to the experience so I will take my time and make this movie version to the best of my ability. Since the game features a running clock and cannot be completed until the 13th day, I put in some sidequests where applicable to space out the main story events and pad the story out a little more. Despite this I completed all the main quests by day 8 so I had to skip the last few days, for days 9-12 only the important story cutscenes were shown, since it was sidequest only for those days... I am almost certain that someone will put out a shorter cutscene only version, feel free to watch something like that instead.Thanks for reading, and I hope that answered your questions about why things are the way they are in this version. It's not as clean as I would have liked it to be (FFXIII was the best in terms of creating a movie, this one has been the worst so far, not even quick time events that I could keep in for action sequences)... I hope you stick around and watch this series the whole the way through, this is the last Final Fantasy movie I'll be making until the long anticipated Final Fantasy XV (except for re-uploading my FFX Movie with the HD remastered edition).Lighting has awoken from her seemingly eternal sleep and has returned once again. A servant of God, she must save as many souls as she can from a world approaching the end of days. She begins her mission by meeting Snow, her sister's fiancee... It's not entirely clear how he is still alive, and things get even more confusing when it becomes apparent that Hope Estheim is providing "radio" support... After our initial encounter, Lighting warps back to the Ark, where Hope awaits her, and he explains some of what we've been missing, and fills Lightning in on the details of her mission.FFXIII-3 Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII-3 Walkthrough Lighting Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Lightning Returns FFXIII Walkthrough Lightning Returns FFXIII-3 Walkthrough Lighting Returns XIII-3 The Movie Lightning Returns XIII-3 Full Movie All Cutscenes Lighting Returns Final Fantasy Full Movie All Cutscenes Lightning Returns Gameplay Lightning Returnspart 1 Lightning Returns gameplay part 1 Lightning Returns let's play Lightning Returns lets play Lightning Returns walkthrough part 1 no commentary let's play Lightning Returns Lightning Returns Ending Lightning Returns final boss Lightning Returns review Lightning Returns Trailer Lightning Returns - walkthrough part 1 Lightning Returns walkthrough part 1, today Lightning Returns, this week Lightning Returns walkthrough, today Lightning Returns walkthrough, this week "Lightning Returns - walkthrough part 1" "Lightning Returns walkthrough part 1 no commentary" "Lightning Returns let's play" "Lightning Returns Ending" "Lightning Returns review" "Lightning Returns lets play" "Lightning Returns Gameplay" "lets play Lightning Returns" "Lightning Returns gameplay part 1" "Lightning Returns Trailer"
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Want 1080p episodes instead? - http:goo.glfDleA My Marathon gaming Movies including FFXIII-3!: http:goo.glJIHKF0 So, here is the full length Marathon Edition Movie for Final Fantasy XIII-2... After the events of FF13 we follow Lightning's sister, Serah as she goes on a journey across space and time to save her sister and correct the distortions that have occurred in the timeline...An important production note, this game is very branched and non-linear, there are many different branches to the timeline and multiple ways to reach the ending. In order to make the story work and to make the recording and preparation process efficient and smooth, I resorted to the help of a FAQ written by SplitInfinity. He produces excellent guides and this guide had the simplest and clearest run to the finish. This means that not EVERY SINGLE SCENE IN THE GAME is here, but all scenes that are a part of the route from start to finish are there... This was a compromise that had to be made in order to get this Movie done...Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy :)Here's a list of my Marathon Edition Gaming Movies:Batman: Arkham Origins - Bioshock Infinite - The Last Of Us - Final Fantasy X - Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (Undub): Final Fantasy X-2 - Final Fantasy XII - Final Fantasy XIII - Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Metal Gear Solid 4 -
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Final Fantasy XV Noctis meets Stella English Dub

PLS READ THE DESCRIPTION to watch this CLEAR, for windows users go to the start menu and look for magnifier, click it and then go its magnifier options then turn on color inversion. NOTE: YOUR SYSTEM MUST BE IN WINDOWS OR AERO THEME IF YOU ARE USING VISTA, 7 OR 8. NEVER put it in the simple theme (WINDOWS 98 theme) if you did everything right, then your whole screen should be in negative colors.Mac users may invert the colours of their screen to display this video in its true form. Press control + altoption + apple then 8 at the same time to invert your screen. To reverse the effects I assume your press them again.Macbook pro users go here http:techmell.commac-tipsinvert-c... for how to invert the color.If you still have a problem with inverting the colors or if your system is still windows xp and your magnifier takes up only half your screen then pls send me a message.YES THIS IS FROM THE OLD FF V13 proj. AND IS PROBABLY REMOVED OR REMADE IN THE NEW FFXV versus epic, BUT WE ALL LOVE NOCTIS AND STELLA RIGHT? All thanks goes to @Samuel Drake, I do not own this video, and my purpose for uploading this is for the entertainment of FF fans everywhere alone. Hope you enjoy it
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Final Fantasy XV Primer Part 1 Everything You Need to Know

Gameplay analysis: by the announcement about Final Fantasy XV? Know nothing about Versus XIII? This series should fill you in on everything you should know about the plot, characters, gameplay, development, and anything else you ask about.Sorry about poor audio quality in a few places and the text I added in. I really rushed to get this out quickly just because I was seeing so much confusion regarding this 'new' game.Please leave questions in the comments, and I'll try and answer them as best I can either by replying to your comments directly, or by addressing your questions in the next video.
234,120 views | Jun 13, 2013