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CF sexy spop...

From - Posted: Jan 06, 2011 - 91,894 views
Phim | CF sexy spop... | CF sexy spop...
CF sexy spop...
CF sexy spop...
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→ Facebook: http:facebook.comJuninhoCFALGAMER→ #03 CFAL BRINCADEIRAS: http:migre.mejoNKC ========================================­=======• MEU GRUPO NO FACEBOOK: → Entre agora e participe , tire suas duvidas e poste suas imagens sobre games ! → https:www.facebook.comgroupsJuninhoCFAL========================================­=======• CROSS FIRE AL FÃNS : → Curta para ficar ligado sobre tudo que acontece no CF: → https:facebook.comCFALFAS========================================­­=======• RESUMO : Chamei o pessoal que curtiu minha pagina no facebook para fazer essa zoeira ^.^ Logo logo outra zoeira dessa sera feita.========================================­=======• MUSICA INTRO: Thousand Foot Krutch - War Of Change ========================================­=======• DADOS P CONTATO : Facebook: https:facebook.comJuninho.CFAL.7 Email Contato profissional: [email protected] Twitter: @JuninhoCFAL Skype: junior.cesar96 ========================================­=======
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Chinese Crossfire Biochemical Laboratory Research Facility

Sorry if it took a while to upload a new video, but I got a little problem with another video that I uploaded few days ago. The sound got desactivated, so I try to contest but no anwser yet... I'll reupload it with new music, but NO SOUND FX....Well it's not that much, :p So, this is 1 of my favorite Mutation Mode map, :D All these mutant in progress, the breakable windows and boxes, :D Got lucky there, I got the Minigun (again) twice in this gameplay, ;) Hope you will like it, the next video will be a ''Cool Weapon'' video, ;) Stay tuned! _____________________________ Music used : - Damage Inc. by Metallica - Toxin Refinery from PSX Doom - Lurker from Command & Conquer Renegade - E1M3 by Sonic Clang - E1M5 by Sonic Clang - E1M1 by Sonic Clang (ROCK!!!!) __________________________ Stay tuned for the upcoming cool weapon video (berreta include) Enjoy, :D
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So, I made a video about this map's hard difficulty, but not about the map itself? How crazy does that sound? lol. Well, at least it is still a new video I could make, so hell yeah, and thankfully I had assistance so no hackers would ruin my streak of successful boss blind runs! Also a quick shoutout to iPHiL for the nice outro template that I used at the end! • Ron_BWL (RsAOfAnt): [] • Xbox? (Korasi): [] • Mistaqura: [] • iPHiL: []If you are interested in seeing their perspectives: Ron's [] Mist's []Music: • Damage Inc. by Metallica. • Work Day, Loading and How'd I do? from Rise of the Triad (2013). Soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult (originally composed by Lee Jackson)! []Stay tuned for more videos!
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Gameplay showing the new Mutation Mode only character the Maiden, as well as the new Galil - SCOPED version and my skills. =DSong same is in the song.
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→ Facebook: http:facebook.comJuninhoCFALGAMER========================================­=======• OUTROS VÍDEOS:→ MODO GATLING GUN:→ MODO WINCHERSTER: →­=======• CROSS FIRE AL FÃNS : → Curta para ficar ligado sobre tudo que acontece no CF: → https:facebook.comCFALFAS========================================­­=======• RESUMO : Chamei o pessoal que curtiu minha pagina no facebook para fazer essa zoeira ^.^========================================­=======• DADOS P CONTATO : Facebook Perfil: https:facebook.comJuninho.CFAL.7 Twitter: https:twitter.comJuninhoCFAL Skype: junior.cesar96 ========================================­=======
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So, as you guys see, I'm running out of hope to recover my old account back, thanks to those slowpokes VTC staffs - I mean, hell, even if I got bailed out, I'm still a customer, and they should know well the sooner they give me back my account the more money I'd put to it... Anyhow, playing secondary account is fine with me for the time being, but without a Black Market character, I can't stay in public match long since people simply accuse me of hacking after a few lucky kills. So, I need to get a new character - since my old account has LA SWAT, I decided to try something new and gamble FOX. 9 crates, not so many, and I'd say I was lucky this time since it's very hard to win off FOX. The 40 crates are just for safety, but who knows she'd give in that quickly, heh!Edit: In response to everyone's request, here's the FOX-X theme I used for this video. Extract everything to CrossFire\rez\UI_GachaShop, hit YesYes to all to confirm file replacing.http:www.mediafire.comdownloadigjygz3y0fwhl5lFOX-X.rar
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I just put a random name, xD But it's a fking cool idea! If only I had any zp pistol! D:From http:cf.qq.comEnjoy! XD
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Bugando de tanta habilidade P Crossfire AL

Não esqueçam do joinha, e se gostou bastante se inscreva!Skype: limafith Soldado: Sniper-Lima Facebook:https:www.facebook.comLimonadusGamers Twitter: https:twitter.comEdward_ElricCanal do Pato: Canal do Killer: _____________________________________________________________________Artist: White ComicSubscribe to their Youtube: their Facebook Page: http:www.facebook.comwhitecomicofficialDownload this song for free: http:www.mediafire.comdownload.php?d1x4i4kmwlsb26i ________________________________________­_______________Our Twitter:!ByeByeCopyrightOur Facebook: http:www.facebook.compagesByeByeCopyright117547701661164?sk=infoDownload ByeByeCopyright's Official Intro:
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