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CF sexy spop...

From - Posted: Jan 06, 2011 - 87,079 views
Phim | CF sexy spop... | CF sexy spop...
CF sexy spop...
CF sexy spop...
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Chuyen Tinh Buon CF

tình yêu tay ba giữa Fox vs Blade và Rose. giữa 2 cô gái xinh đẹp và sắc xảo rose và Fox chàng lãng tử Blade sẻ chọn ai, tình yêu thật sự của anh ấy sẻ trao về ai ? ^^
414,818 views | Nov 25, 2011

Funny things in Crossfire Part 3

http:www.facebook.comPsych0tikCrossfire Wow ! The part 3 is ready ! OMG ! It's the best day of my life ! P.S: You can put that in motherfucking HD man ! HD !
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Trailers Crossfire

Alguns trailers engraçados do crossfire china não foi feito por mim é obvio mas se gostar clique em gostei.
144,376 views | Jul 11, 2012

CrossFire China Bomb City s Hard Difficulty Blind Run !

Get ready for some intense action. It might not be a three boss encounter like Crater's hard difficulty. But how about a Xeno-like creature moving faster than Nightmare's most deadly attack and giving you the feel he can set the city ablaze at any time? Yeah, that boss is freaking nuts, he's not messing around. You'll see for yourself all the cool attack he has! I'm also happy that he grabbed me for a quick demonstration of one of his best attack! To help soldiers, new additional supply are provided, including Freezing RPG-7 Blaster to slow Blaze's movement temporarily. As well as a Tec crossbow which traps him in a net, too bad I got killed without fully showcasing it, :p The main goal again is to defeat the second form of Atlas, then Blaze under three minutes, which will grant you an additional clear token! It's not impossible, that's for sure, this run took approx four minutes. My weapon is the new AK-103, I simply love it! My only issue with this gun is the sound being too loud, : Other than that, simply amazing, plus it has AK-47 Beast's draw reload animation, c:Music: • Damage Inc. by Metallica. • Boss Battle (Atlas) and Flame Monarch Appear ~ CrossFire. • Smoke and Mirrors ~ Rise of the Triad (2013).As mentioned in the title, this was a blind run, meaning I did not know about anything this boss was capable off, which I believe make things more interesting. You can imagine how I reacted when he grabbed me, *-* But yeah, good times, :p Enjoy!
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Cross Fire ScandaL Baste ScandaL titi at puke..!!!

Baste titi ka ba...!!!! panOurin mu ung videO kau mamaya ng pinsan mu...
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CrossFire CF CGI trailer

To play CrossFire in your region, click here: http:tinyurl.complaycfnowCrossFire is a free-to-play military MOFPS, developed by South Korea-based SmileGate. In Cross Fire two international mercenary forces corporations are at war. Players assume the role of either a Global Risk mercenary or a Black List terrorist, and join an online team that must work together to complete objective-based scenarios. CrossFire offers common MOFPS PvP game modes, such as death match, elimination and escape modes. In the past years SmileGate added the first PvE game modes with mutant zombie modes, in which players have to fight off waves or turn into a zombie. CrossFire claims to be the most played MOFPS in 2012. Through its partnership with publisher and games operator Tencent, CrossFire has achieved a record (September 2012) of 4 million peak concurrent users (PCU) in China. CrossFire runs smoothly on low-end PCs.Min. System Requirements: OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 CPU: Pentium 4 1.5 GHz Memory: 512 MB RAM Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce 5600 Hard Disk Drive: 1.2 GB of free space
929,305 views | Dec 17, 2009

Cross FIre New Girl Character Fox Dual tiger Uzi !

The Ultimate Weapon of Cross fire that is , you guessed it, Foxy girl... Music : Marilyn Manson - This is the new shit
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phim ClipZ vs CF.Pe Phuong Trailer
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Crossfire Bomb Glitches

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CrossFire Movie HD

This Is A Chinese CrossFire Short Movie In HD. Download Link In FoxTeam Clan Website : http:clan.z8games.comclanstat_cf.aspx?guildid=3897 FoxTeam Clan
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CrossFire Ranks Levels

1,000,000 views swag.CrossFire Ranks & Levels Cross Fire CF Z8 Games
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CrossFire China Destiny Arena GC HD

264,423 views | Jul 21, 2014


→ Facebook: http:facebook.comJuninhoCFALGAMER→ #03 CFAL BRINCADEIRAS: http:migre.mejoNKC ========================================­=======• CROSS FIRE AL FÃNS : → Curta para ficar ligado sobre tudo que acontece no CF: → https:facebook.comCFALFAS========================================­­=======• RESUMO : Chamei o pessoal que curtiu minha pagina no facebook para fazer essa zoeira ^.^ Logo logo outra zoeira dessa sera feita.========================================­=======• MUSICA INTRO: Thousand Foot Krutch - War Of Change ========================================­=======• DADOS P CONTATO : Facebook: https:facebook.comJuninho.CFAL.7 Twitter: @JuninhoCFAL Skype: junior.cesar96 ========================================­=======
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Chinese Crossfire Biochemical Laboratory Research Facility

Sorry if it took a while to upload a new video, but I got a little problem with another video that I uploaded few days ago. The sound got desactivated, so I try to contest but no anwser yet... I'll reupload it with new music, but NO SOUND FX....Well it's not that much, :p So, this is 1 of my favorite Mutation Mode map, :D All these mutant in progress, the breakable windows and boxes, :D Got lucky there, I got the Minigun (again) twice in this gameplay, ;) Hope you will like it, the next video will be a ''Cool Weapon'' video, ;) Stay tuned! _____________________________ Music used : - Damage Inc. by Metallica - Toxin Refinery from PSX Doom - Lurker from Command & Conquer Renegade - E1M3 by Sonic Clang - E1M5 by Sonic Clang - E1M1 by Sonic Clang (ROCK!!!!) __________________________ Stay tuned for the upcoming cool weapon video (berreta include) Enjoy, :D
32,134 views | May 21, 2010

Crossfire Trailer 2

A number of soldiers who once belonged to the world-leading Special Forces joined 'Global Risk', the international mercenary forces corporation. The mercenaries carried out difficult missions for the organization, but they have distinctive differences from 'Black List' who commit terror only for profit. Despite an appreciable sum of money, the mercenaries have never participated in any battle without justifiable reasons and they live up to their conviction to fight against terrorists. Based on their practical battle experiences and skills, Global Risk seeks to expand its power. Main clients of Global Risk are third world countries without their own national militaries, countries on the black list of terrorists, and the UN X-File Bureau implementing secret missions. Black List is another mercenary corporation which sponsors terrorism. Its founder is unknown and it is a secret terrorist organization. Hence, it is the only mercenary corporation free from legal commitment to any country. Black List is run by Hedge Fund, which controls the diamond market in England. Its main clients are mostly poor and weak countries. Ostensibly, it seems to be a simple terrorist supplying company, but it has its own justifiable reason to advocate the interests of powerless countries. A large percentage of Black List mercenaries are from the Middle East. Global Risk is a huge military organization without a national identity and is composed of discharged soldiers of Special Forces. It was initially founded by Sir Alex Roid, who was a retired SAS member in British Air Force. Then the Australian-born American businessman, Michael Norman, developed it in the form of a business corporation. On the basis of his principles, the expressions of a desire for peace and cooperation of the world, Global Risk is implementing a terror purge with secret operations to achieve lasting peace for the world. However, some make accusations against Global Risk because Global Risk is relying too much upon powerful countries and their wealth without any justifiable reason as a business corporation. In fact, a number of competent members ran away while carrying out operations based on idealistic peace theories introduced by powerful countries like America or England. The special force troop, GRX, has developed a partnership with UN X-File Bureau. The Allies operate missions effectively; the Bureau plots and plans, and GRX carry out the missions. However, their secret missions have never been exposed to inside or outside troops.
422,546 views | Oct 17, 2009

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