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Xem Phim
Many foreign journalists, authors writers and Khmer intellectuals living overseas, who only knew and heard the rumors, whose articles were being printed in the "News" and in the "BulletinsNewsletters", to describe about the chain of events of Cambodia like riding a horse in a horse stable, do not illustrate...why the whole Cambodia is falling into Hanoi's pawns? More than 2,000,000 Cambodian people were brutally butchered, whose properties, and the State's assets, which in Cambodia were taken away secretly by Angkar LeurCap Tren to Vietnam by boatsships and trucksGMG. That was a really mysterious, which is the most destructive period of modern Cambodian history begun in the summer of 1975 to the 1979. To tell the world not to misunderstand about the destruction of Cambodia a man-made disaster will be recognized as one of the great crimes of the 20th century, which was created by the mysterious regime of Angkar LeurCap Tren of Hanoi," whose wish is to incorporate Cambodia into their "Vietnamization" or indo-Chinese federation. It was not an act of god! It was Ho Chi Minh's greedy and ambitious wishes and dirty-secret-plan formulas. An ancestral prophecy predicts that one the unfortunate Khmer people will be forced to choose between being eaten by tigers (Khmer Rouge) or swallowed by crocodiles (Vietnamese). Today, we are seeing clearly that prophecy fulfilled in the most tragic way possible. The Kampuchean people are on the brink of extinction. Cambodians are on the brink of extinction, dying a slow death, murdered in the name of two conflicting types of communism. It is a struggle to the death between Kampuchean and Vietnamese communism; it is also a dispute between the two communists' giants they represent, China and Russia. The past and the present Hanoi leaders had been [and] are trying every diplomatic and legal means to eliminate the Khmer race by using the secret words of "Angkar Leurcap Tren" during the terror of war in indo-china from 1970-1979. Hanoi had used only their two secret paramount-Pol Pot and Ieng Sary -on the international levels. But in the country, they had used "mysterious young soldiers of "Angkar Leurcap Tren" to kill the Khmer innocence brutally. NORODOM Sihanouk in his finest hour...All national heritage which were collected, sorted, and stored in various large warehouses throughout the country, especially in Phnom Penh since April 17 1975, were taken to Vietnam by boats, trucks, and planes - an operation strangely resembling a large scale national plundering. This shows that the step following that of April 17, 1975 was indeed that of January 7, 1979. In 1978, Hanoi sent her secret-Special Bo Dois to capture Prince Sihanouk alive while he was under house arrest. He amazingly told us that Khmer soldiers killed all those Bo Dois at Tonle Chartaumuk of Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Was Prince Sihanouk a real prisoner of Khmer Rouge?
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At that time, Pol Pot was the head of primary school in the commune of Banhaa Chi (Kompong Thom bordering with Siemreap province). Khum Banhaa Chi was a big base of Khmer-Vietminh troops since 1940. Thap Ngieng, who had a son, named "Chol". During the Khmer Rouge's rule of 1976, Chol killed at least 100,000 people by his hands and orders in three areas of Battambang. A daughter of Thap Ngieng still lives in U.S.A. today. We would ask why Thap Ngieng didn't send Pol Pot to fight the Americans in Laos, instead of appointing Pol Pot to lead an army. To answer: only Pol Pot, who knows the Army's strategy better, can command 3000 forces, whereas others do not know anything about the technics of army. Therefore, they were sent to study with Vietnamese in Laos. If possible kill Pol Pot as they could is to erase evidence that Pol Pot had against them. But fortunately, Pol Pot could escape many assassinations until he died in 1998 peacefully. Because Pol Pot didn't follow his masters' plans of Indochinese Communist PartyFederation, which was led by Yuon secret agents but in the fake names of Khmer Rouge. However, Pol Pot's left, and right hands and his right leg were brutally cut off by Yuon secret agentsinsiders. His left hand was his best unit of the Khmer Rouge and his right hand was his gentle and innocent people and his right leg was many of his loyal Khmer Rouge leaders were also brutally killed. He had only one left leg left was his Chinese supporters who had supported him until he died in 1998. Pol Pot had been a hostage, threatened with Mafia-style execution since 1972 and before, afterwards acting consistently to save his own life. Yuon secret agentsspies trying to kidnap Samdech Euv Sihanouk as they could, according to Ho Chi Minh's dying wish so that Samdech Euv Sihanouk who is easily to be led on the nose like royal Laotian families. But so intelligently, he has had his North Korean bodyguards and Chinese supporters to protect him against Yuon secret agents. During K5 Plan of Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia; Yuon secret agents who were so active everywhere in Cambodia, what they did to Cambodian innocent people, always blamed on Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge: In June, 1946, suddenly to see they arrested 14 Khmer Krom women who sold rice and were walked in line to be detained in a big prison at the back of Tra Vinh School. It was later known that Yuon who served the French had accused those women who sold rice with broken glasses in it. When Khmer Krom auxiliary soldiers, who bought rice to be cooked for eating that caused the eaters whose stomaches were cut off, died in agony. Why did rice have broken glasses in it like that? In the long run, then we Khmer Krom learned that the strange story was the tricks of the former Yuon Vietminh who surrendered to serve the French.
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The eventful life of that consumate political survivor King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia. He first came to the throne in 1941 and later declared the independence of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Years of peace and prosperity followed and Sihanouk grew in popularity to be almost worshipped by the Khmer people. However, Cold War entanglements did not spare his country. In 1970 he was deposed by General Lon Nol, the PM with US sympathies. With no other option Sihanouk joined the Khmer Rouge which eventually took over the country. The Khmer Rouge eventually turned against him as well, monarchy being at odds with their purist Marxist doctrine. Sihanouk spent most of his time in North Korea until the Vietnamese invasion destroyed the Khmer Rouge and the UN stepped in. Elections restored King Sihanouk in a constitutional monarchy though the former communist installed by the Vietnamese, Hun Sen, has remained in power as PM ever since. In 2004 he abdicated and his son became King Norodom Sihamoni with Sihanouk being given the title of "King-Father".
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I have been criticised for giving various kinds of help to the North Vietnam and Vietcong in their fight against American imperialism. Lon Nol, Sirik Matak, Son Ngoc Thanh, and their followers sentenced me to death for it, claiming that the colonisation by the Americans was less serious than the Vietnamese threat. As Cambodia's head of state, my objective in dealing with Vietnam was to keep my country safe. We have seen what kind of foul play Ho Chi Minh, Le Daun, Pham Van Dong, Vo Nguyen Giap, and the like indulged in between 1947 and 1954. He set up a "shadow" cabinet of loyalist and moved to shore up what he considered his best advantage-his friendship with the Vietnamese communists. The Prince yielded to Hanoi's pressure and gave the Vietnamese communists rights of passage to Sihanoukville, the deep-sea port he had built on the gulf of Siamese to prevent the Americans from blocking his country through South Vietnam, which controlled the Mekong River and Phnom Penh's river port. The Vietnamese communists were allowed to ship arms to Sihanoukville and truck them overland to eastern Cambodia. By 1967 the North Vietnam already were preparing for the TET offensive the following year: if the promised "uprising" succeeded, Sihanouk's worries about an American intervention would be over. The communists would win and the war would end. Later, he clearly believed that permitting Vietnamese troops to seek sanctuary in his country would appease their leaders and that, once they had won the war, Cambodia's 'hospitality' would be remembered. In Phnom Penh Chinese officials were still trying to persuade Lon Nol that should accommodate the Vietcong in the border areas. If Cambodia had remained a kingdom-since all the solemn pledged the Vietnamese made were to the Kingdom of Cambodia-or if at the very least Norodom Sihanouk had remained Kampuchea's head of state, would Hanoi really have kept all its promises? Sdec Sihanouk clearly tells us victims in his fearful answers about Yuon land-hungry and hegemonic intentions towards Cambodia that he was blindly betrayed by Yuon Crocodile leaders, Yuon Emperors always made many terrible-secret phoney promises to Cambodian kings in the past, but Samdech Euv Sihanouk didn't, perhaps, learn a lesson from his ancestors who terribly made mistake passing down to him was King Chey Chettha II who was the worst mad king in Cambodian history. And 21 provinces of Cambodia in present South Vietnam have fallen into Yuon Crocodile leaders' iron grasps completely in 1975. This is crocodile's loyal-motivated promise to its master not to eat its master. This tragic past repeatedly falls up onto him with many Yuon secret-dirty phoney promises to him as a Khmer old saying: An evil heart but an angel's mouth. (=A wolf in a sheep's clothing.): And, since walls have ears, the FUNK ministers' qualms were repeated to General Giap. Shortly thereafter, his face flushed with anger, he expressed his indignation to me in the following terms: "We North Vietnamese are genuine Communists, men of our word. We promised you solemnly and in writing that we would always respect your sovereignty, your national independence, you territory as is now it stands, including the coastal islands. We will never break our promises. The greatest proof of our loyalty to Kampuchea and its chief of state [myself, at that time] is the sacrifice of Vietnam's finest, hundreds of whom have already given their lives for your country. It is a serious insult for the FUNK ministers to lump us together, most unfairly, with the American imperialist aggressors of our three Indochinese countries. The anti-Vietnamese remarks, made here in Hanoi, hurt us deeply, since every day our soldiers, far from their dear homeland and their loved families, fight and die on the sacred soil of our Khmer brothers and sisters, side by side with them against our common enemies, to save and liberate your country, Kampuchea."
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Although he understood the Vietnamese occupation problem of Cambodia, nowadays, Sihanouk seems not to care at all about the fate of Cambodia ... as long as his son is securely installed as king of the Banana Kingdom. Bravo Prince!?!? Your son will rule over the Vietnamese ... if he will be allowed to.
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Chiến trường Campuchia Những người lính trong căn cứ Pol Pot

Chiến trường Campuchia : Những người lính trong căn cứ Pol Pot. (bản thuyết minh tiếng Việt) ------------------------------------ Đôi nét về tác giảPeter Scholl-Latour (sinh ngày 9 tháng 3 năm 1924, tại Bochum, Đức). Ông là một nhà báo quốc tịch Pháp - Đức.Trong năm 1945 và 1946 Scholl-Latour tình nguyện ra nhập lính Lê Dương của Pháp một thành viên trong Commando Parachutiste Ponchardier (đơn vị lính nhảy dù Pháp), ông nằm trong số những người lính nhảy dù xuống Hải Phòng năm 1946.Kênh truyền thông Phönix tạm dịch là "Phượng hoàng" là kênh truyền thông của Tây Đức cũ, thuộc truyền hình nhà nước ARDZDF Địa chỉ trên internet: -------------- Xem thông tin chi tiết tại: http:tinquocnoi.comnewsTai-lieu-tham-khaoPeter-Scholl-Latour-624
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It is interesting to note that the operations undertaken after April 17, 1975 repeated again following the victorious second step of Vietnamese expansionist strategy in Cambodia. January 7, 1979 but their plunder took another dimension even more significant quantity than those undertaken on April 17, 1975. Did you know that when Cambodian came back to their home they found the NEW people living all over their hometown? The Vietnamese activities, who had a secretly well planned to exterminate all Khmer race step by step; group by group; political party by political party; village by village; and province by province in sequence...etc., according to the right time. Inside of Cambodia, there were no documentsbooks to be recorded. Therefore, international agencies, foreign journalists, authorswriters and pamphleteers have discovered nothing about the "Truth". The archenemy of Khmer is so cunning to announce deceitfully that their "friends are their enemies; their enemies are their friends...etc." They invaded Cambodia happily, who had used their political stratagem to scare off the Khmer people to leave Cambodia for them, by collecting and stealing the Cambodian Victims' properties and the state's assets, which were taken away by Vietminh and Vietcong to Vietnam since 1975. But they unshamefacedly announced to the Cambodian Victims the greatest proof of their loyalty to Cambodian people and its chief of state (no leader in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979), is the sacrifice of Vietnam's finest, hundreds of who have already given their lives for Cambodia. Since, every day our soldiers (VietcongNVA Bo Doi), far from their dear homeland and their beloved families, fight and die on the sacred soil of our Khmer Brothers and Sisters, side by side with them against our common enemies, to save and liberate the country of Kampuchea. Oh, my Buddha! "It's like an old Cambodian saying: an evil heart, [but] an angel's mouth", in English, "Wolf in sheep's clothing. Our archenemy said sweetly that they have already helped Cambodian people three times. It's ridiculous! Look, Hanoi has been taking a good opportunity to learn Khmer language since 1979, who are being naturalized as Khmer citizenship; and those who have also used the Khmer names instead of their Vietnamese names. Our enemies have made up the New Khmer Nation, to convert continuously the Khmer nation into their Vietnamization. Even some international agencies try to discover and write to describe about the strange events of Cambodia, but who wrote only the enemies' two-faced activities, which they-foes have written in some of their papers to divert the international the world attention, to seal off their war crimes against humanity in Cambodia.
107,268 views | Jul 14, 2007

Withdrawal of Vietnamese Division from Cambodia I

This French video documentations called "Cambodge le départ des bodois" show withdrawal of Vietnamese Division from Cambodia in 1983. Whatever The last Vietnamese troops withdrawal Cambodia in 1989 In December 1978 the PAVN launch a massive attack into Democratic Kampuchea with objective to Remove the Criminal Khmer Rouge from the Power the Khmer Rouge aligned the country politically with the People's Republic of China and adopted an anti-Soviet Vietnamese line. China Pol Pot allied do a Retaliations and attacking Vietnam in February - March 1979 but the Chinese attack were Stooped by Vietnamese second Hands troops. During December 1978 -1989 24.500 Vietnamese were killed 10,000 Military + 14.500 Civilian. The Khmer Rouge causalities allied with another Cambodian anti Vietnamese factions under Chinese support in is unclear but different estimates are between 100.000 - 200.000 Killed most of them in 1979. In this conflicts the PAVN used American weapons captured during the Vietnam War especially the M-113 Early all 80s the Khmer Rouge revived Economical and Military and aid from Communist China and the CIA I taken the video from this place
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After killing as far many million Cambodian people as they could in their mysterious names of Angkar LeurCap Tren and are to send their illegal Yuon settlers to live in Cambodia freely and happily as their dirty plan in the future. They also tried to kills as far many best units of Khmer Rouge as they could so that their masters in Hanoi can send their troops to rescue Cambodian victims from their mysterious names of Angkar LeurCap Tren and Party showing the evidences to the world and Cambodians that they came here to save Cambodians' lives from the Khmer Rouge. And almost of us Khmer victims who are terribly misled that Yuon troops came here to rescue us from their Angkar LeurCap Tren and Party. Then we all thank Yuon troops to invade our country. And very few people at the UN headquarter in New York condemned Yuon invasion of Cambodia. There is no other race on earth can commit crimes like Yuon can and then they can conceal their One Million Super-Dirty-Demonic Genocidal Plans very well in the eyes of the world and Cambodian people. Khmer Rouge deployed huge troops for reprisal but Khmer Rouge didn't know that Vietnamese had hidden so many thousand troops in Cambodia for a long time since the French colonial period living brightly under the Vietnamese associations. Vietnamese Associations were in these areas had procreated many children with the indigenous minorities.... Vietnamese migrants lived here, total numbers were about 350,000 from villages to others like the villages of Kaneukanghot, Phnom Vay Chap, Phnom Sampeou to the Kvak, along the bank of Kvak in Battambang. The Kvak was a big base of secret Yuon soldiers. Ong Thouy, a Yuon political commander-in-chief, and under-Commander Ta Chich and Nguyen Son, the chief of Army to Battambang, Siemreap, Kompong Thom since the French colonial period. Nguyen Son, knows Khmer, Siamese and French, was ordained as a Buddhist monk and was a witch. And then Yuon Vietminh formed a puppet organization "Khmer-Vietminh" as hands-legs to control our Khmer country. Thap Ngieng, was the general of Army, Khmer-Vietminh, to Battambang, Siemreap, Kompong Thom since the French colonial period, positioned in the village of Khnachromeas. We would like to tell that Thap Ngieng, the leader of Khmer-Vietminh, who appointed Pol Pot (Salot Sar) to be in charge of 3000 men in 1957. At that time, Thap Ngieng ordered Tea Banh (the present minister of national defence) who was the secret messenger to guide 60 men to study the Army's technics in Laos for helping Vietnamese attack Laos during Laos was having unrest of coup d'etat.
596,565 views | Jul 14, 2007

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