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Many foreign journalists, authors writers and Khmer intellectuals living overseas, who only knew and heard the rumors, whose articles were being printed in the "News" and in the "BulletinsNewsletters", to describe about the chain of events of Cambodia like riding a horse in a horse stable, do not illustrate...why the whole Cambodia is falling into Hanoi's pawns? More than 2,000,000 Cambodian people were brutally butchered, whose properties, and the State's assets, which in Cambodia were taken away secretly by Angkar LeurCap Tren to Vietnam by boatsships and trucksGMG. That was a really mysterious, which is the most destructive period of modern Cambodian history begun in the summer of 1975 to the 1979. To tell the world not to misunderstand about the destruction of Cambodia a man-made disaster will be recognized as one of the great crimes of the 20th century, which was created by the mysterious regime of Angkar LeurCap Tren of Hanoi," whose wish is to incorporate Cambodia into their "Vietnamization" or indo-Chinese federation. It was not an act of god! It was Ho Chi Minh's greedy and ambitious wishes and dirty-secret-plan formulas. An ancestral prophecy predicts that one the unfortunate Khmer people will be forced to choose between being eaten by tigers (Khmer Rouge) or swallowed by crocodiles (Vietnamese). Today, we are seeing clearly that prophecy fulfilled in the most tragic way possible. The Kampuchean people are on the brink of extinction. Cambodians are on the brink of extinction, dying a slow death, murdered in the name of two conflicting types of communism. It is a struggle to the death between Kampuchean and Vietnamese communism; it is also a dispute between the two communists' giants they represent, China and Russia. The past and the present Hanoi leaders had been [and] are trying every diplomatic and legal means to eliminate the Khmer race by using the secret words of "Angkar Leurcap Tren" during the terror of war in indo-china from 1970-1979. Hanoi had used only their two secret paramount-Pol Pot and Ieng Sary -on the international levels. But in the country, they had used "mysterious young soldiers of "Angkar Leurcap Tren" to kill the Khmer innocence brutally. NORODOM Sihanouk in his finest hour...All national heritage which were collected, sorted, and stored in various large warehouses throughout the country, especially in Phnom Penh since April 17 1975, were taken to Vietnam by boats, trucks, and planes - an operation strangely resembling a large scale national plundering. This shows that the step following that of April 17, 1975 was indeed that of January 7, 1979. In 1978, Hanoi sent her secret-Special Bo Dois to capture Prince Sihanouk alive while he was under house arrest. He amazingly told us that Khmer soldiers killed all those Bo Dois at Tonle Chartaumuk of Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Was Prince Sihanouk a real prisoner of Khmer Rouge?
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It is interesting to note that the operations undertaken after April 17, 1975 repeated again following the victorious second step of Vietnamese expansionist strategy in Cambodia. January 7, 1979 but their plunder took another dimension even more significant quantity than those undertaken on April 17, 1975. Did you know that when Cambodian came back to their home they found the NEW people living all over their hometown? The Vietnamese activities, who had a secretly well planned to exterminate all Khmer race step by step; group by group; political party by political party; village by village; and province by province in sequence...etc., according to the right time. Inside of Cambodia, there were no documentsbooks to be recorded. Therefore, international agencies, foreign journalists, authorswriters and pamphleteers have discovered nothing about the "Truth". The archenemy of Khmer is so cunning to announce deceitfully that their "friends are their enemies; their enemies are their friends...etc." They invaded Cambodia happily, who had used their political stratagem to scare off the Khmer people to leave Cambodia for them, by collecting and stealing the Cambodian Victims' properties and the state's assets, which were taken away by Vietminh and Vietcong to Vietnam since 1975. But they unshamefacedly announced to the Cambodian Victims the greatest proof of their loyalty to Cambodian people and its chief of state (no leader in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979), is the sacrifice of Vietnam's finest, hundreds of who have already given their lives for Cambodia. Since, every day our soldiers (VietcongNVA Bo Doi), far from their dear homeland and their beloved families, fight and die on the sacred soil of our Khmer Brothers and Sisters, side by side with them against our common enemies, to save and liberate the country of Kampuchea. Oh, my Buddha! "It's like an old Cambodian saying: an evil heart, [but] an angel's mouth", in English, "Wolf in sheep's clothing. Our archenemy said sweetly that they have already helped Cambodian people three times. It's ridiculous! Look, Hanoi has been taking a good opportunity to learn Khmer language since 1979, who are being naturalized as Khmer citizenship; and those who have also used the Khmer names instead of their Vietnamese names. Our enemies have made up the New Khmer Nation, to convert continuously the Khmer nation into their Vietnamization. Even some international agencies try to discover and write to describe about the strange events of Cambodia, but who wrote only the enemies' two-faced activities, which they-foes have written in some of their papers to divert the international the world attention, to seal off their war crimes against humanity in Cambodia.
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After killing as far many million Cambodian people as they could in their mysterious names of Angkar LeurCap Tren and are to send their illegal Yuon settlers to live in Cambodia freely and happily as their dirty plan in the future. They also tried to kills as far many best units of Khmer Rouge as they could so that their masters in Hanoi can send their troops to rescue Cambodian victims from their mysterious names of Angkar LeurCap Tren and Party showing the evidences to the world and Cambodians that they came here to save Cambodians' lives from the Khmer Rouge. And almost of us Khmer victims who are terribly misled that Yuon troops came here to rescue us from their Angkar LeurCap Tren and Party. Then we all thank Yuon troops to invade our country. And very few people at the UN headquarter in New York condemned Yuon invasion of Cambodia. There is no other race on earth can commit crimes like Yuon can and then they can conceal their One Million Super-Dirty-Demonic Genocidal Plans very well in the eyes of the world and Cambodian people. Khmer Rouge deployed huge troops for reprisal but Khmer Rouge didn't know that Vietnamese had hidden so many thousand troops in Cambodia for a long time since the French colonial period living brightly under the Vietnamese associations. Vietnamese Associations were in these areas had procreated many children with the indigenous minorities.... Vietnamese migrants lived here, total numbers were about 350,000 from villages to others like the villages of Kaneukanghot, Phnom Vay Chap, Phnom Sampeou to the Kvak, along the bank of Kvak in Battambang. The Kvak was a big base of secret Yuon soldiers. Ong Thouy, a Yuon political commander-in-chief, and under-Commander Ta Chich and Nguyen Son, the chief of Army to Battambang, Siemreap, Kompong Thom since the French colonial period. Nguyen Son, knows Khmer, Siamese and French, was ordained as a Buddhist monk and was a witch. And then Yuon Vietminh formed a puppet organization "Khmer-Vietminh" as hands-legs to control our Khmer country. Thap Ngieng, was the general of Army, Khmer-Vietminh, to Battambang, Siemreap, Kompong Thom since the French colonial period, positioned in the village of Khnachromeas. We would like to tell that Thap Ngieng, the leader of Khmer-Vietminh, who appointed Pol Pot (Salot Sar) to be in charge of 3000 men in 1957. At that time, Thap Ngieng ordered Tea Banh (the present minister of national defence) who was the secret messenger to guide 60 men to study the Army's technics in Laos for helping Vietnamese attack Laos during Laos was having unrest of coup d'etat.
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Vietnam Cambodia archive 1979 1985

For Vietnam and Cambodia old timers, we have posted some videos discovered in our archives from 1979 and 1985. 1. Talk of new tensions in June 2011 between Vietnam and China prompted us to recall the brief war between China and Vietnam in 1979. Here is a report from Hanoi in April 1979 in the aftermath of the Chinese attack on northern Vietnam. 2. Attention friends at the Raffles Group. Looking through old Video 8 material from 1985, we came across these shots of Le Royal Hotel. Then the Samaki, it was center of NGO activity in Phnom Penh. Note the bungalows (long gone) which in days pre 1975 housed the news agencies. 3. In 1985, ten years after the fall of Vietnam to Communist forces, a large group of journalists was invited to visit. I shot these scenes of Vietnamese military exercises arranged for the occasion. 4. The occasion was also marked by the first ever satellite broadcast from Vietnam. The NBC TODAY Show decided to broadcast live, bringing in their own dish, from the grounds of the Presidential Palace, Saigon. 5. Later journos were taken to a 'MODEL' 'Re-education camp' where enemies of the state after 1975 were imprisoned. A surreal visit. We were not allowed to talk to prisoners. At one point we were told that some prisoners were so happy with conditions, they asked to stay on voluntarily. 6. In the video you will see a number of distinguished journalists. Lew Simons (former Washington Post) is an old Indochina hand. And these are some of the last pictures of Neil Davis and his sound man David Latch. The two were killed some months later in an attempted coup d'etat in Bangkok.
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Cambodia 1998 Part 9

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Sihanouk who strongly branded Yuon "Ingratitude Crocodiles", after he was spit out like a cherry seed by Yuon Vietcong, who had secretly impersonated themselves as the leaders of super-illiterate-ignorant Khmer Rouge yotheas and former cruel bandits, brutally massacred both Kampuchea Krom and Khmer Kandal people at their free will. All It's really high time to let Pol Pot come out of the jungle to tell the world about the killing fields that secretly created by all Yuon Vietminh and Vietcong, who were still hiding everywhere in the jungles, had tactfully impersonated themselves as the leaders of the super-illiterate-ignorant Khmer Rouge yotheas and former cruel bandits who brutally massacred too far many million Cambodian innocent peoples in the name of the mysterious Angkar LeurCap Tren Yuon. Beyond Cambodia, Sihanouk looked to the United Nations as the institution through which his country's point of view could be brought to world attention. He had attended the 1958 General Assembly, but it was the Fifteenth General Assembly in 1960 had he made the greatest impact. But whether they were friendly or not-with American leaders they were usually the latter-the relationships Sihanouk has had and still has with the political leaders of other countries are a further testimony to the rich diversity of his remarkable life and to his never-ending thirst for recognition as a figure of important on the world stage. Khmer New proverb: Angkor Wat wasn't built in a day. (You can't achieve important things too quickly.) King Sihanouk has been patiently waiting for a ripe time for action for nearly the rest of his life since 1970, whose first aim is to bring Cambodia out of the darkest hell on earth. The only way society can be improved is to mold and shape existing thoughts and ideas through time and patience. Chinese in ancient time used a few tricks of hurting [yourselves] during a war against foreigners' invasion of their country: - A trick of using beautiful woman to lure commander-in-chiefGeneral and kingprince; - A trick of hurting [yourselves]; - A trick of pretending to be dead; Yuon leaders who, during a Bien Dien PhuVietminh war and VietnamVietcong War, were very good at using beautiful women to lure Chinese, French, Japanese, Yankees and Russians the last. Because beautiful Yuon women who are very good flirts making those foreigners fall in love straightaway. This is the most effective weapons Yuon communist leaders perfectly used in the combats against their foreign invaders: The Frenchmen lost their faceslives in Dien Bien Phu because Vietnamese beautiful womenmistresses. Frenchmen were married to Vietnamese girls-far too many in those days. I've quoted from Ho Chi Minh and the struggle for an Independent Vietnam:- The French government had been attempting to uphold its colonialist position by ruthless violence, against increasing opposition from the French people, Dien Bien Phu was the last straw. France was beaten. From then on, until the return of the De Gaulle to power, France left all military and political dealings with Vietnam and Lao to the Americans, and concentrated on re-building her economic ties with those countries, retaining only neutral, independent Cambodia within her sphere of political interest. Yankees also lost their faceslives in VietnamKampuchea Krom War in 1975 because of Vietnamese beautiful womenmistresses. Americans have far too many Vietnamese-American children left in Vietnam when they ran away from losing warunderpants to Vietcong and Vietminh. This is what Chinese called "A first trick of using beautiful woman to lure commander-in-chiefGeneral and kingprince. And the best-effective weapons are used in both past and present times to destroy and kill the enemy on each side. As the world already know the French colonialists and Yankee Imperialists only brought their shamefulness, disgracefulness and their soldiers' bodies back to their countries after they ignominiously lost their faces in Indochina War.
19,411 views | Apr 30, 2007

China Vietnam War 1979 Battle of Cao Bang

China - Vietnam War 1979
1,708,364 views | Aug 26, 2008

City Ghost Phnom Penh 1978

Phnom Penh 1978 ville fantome
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Cambodians Mark Khmer Rouge Anniversary

Opposition leaders, monks and villagers took part in a somber ceremony. Today is the 33rd anniversary of the day the Khmer Rouge started their regime in the capital's infamous killing fields.For more news and videos visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ http:twitter.comNTDTelevision Add us on Facebook ☛ http:on.fb.mes5KV2CThe 33rd anniversary of "Year Zero," when the Khmer Rouge's brutal rule in Cambodia began, has been marked by criticism because of the slow process to prosecute the group's leaders.Opposition leader Sam Rainsy criticizes the government for the long delay of the trial. He told mourners not to forget the killing fields and urged the tribunal to prosecute the former Khmer Rouge leaders.[Sam Rainsy, Opposition Leader]: "We must never forget this day and we ask the Khmer Rouge tribunal with the participation of the United Nation to prosecute the former Khmer Rouge leaders in an effective way so as to bring justice to the victims of the Khmer Rouge and their families."No Khmer Rouge leader has ever faced trial. During the rule, an estimated 1.7 million people died of starvation, forced labor... and many were executed.Survivors of the genocide want justice to be served.[Yeng Phai, Khmer Rouge Regime Survivor]: "I want the tribunal to prosecute the Khmer Rouge leaders soon so that I know how they tortured and killed my children and husband. I want the tribunal to punish them the same as when they killed the victims."A U.N.-backed court recently unveiled a proposal to extend the long-awaited tribunal's three-year life span by two years and drag out the proceedings until 2011.
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Sihanouk had no other choices but to join with Vietcong in comrade-at-arm again. As a Chinese proverb goes: If [you] don't go into cavity of the tiger, how can [you] capture its cub? He really wanted all VietcongYuon leaders to show up all their dirty demonic tricky aimsplans whatever they secretly had hidden in their heads. But he's got "Good Blessing" from his best friends "Chinese" and North Korean as his guarantors and protectors. Without these protectors and guarantors, his fate would have been like Laotian royal families who were disappeared forever under Hanoi domination and colonialists since 1975. Look at Laos, which has only name of Laos in appearance on the international level, but in reality, inside of it has been completely the slave and secret-brutal rule of Yuon Vietcong oppressors. Saloth Sar knew that the army of Lon Nol could not hold head with the Vietnamese. It also suspected (even if it had not been informed) that the Vietnamese at all did not intend to give again in Sihanouk a real capacity when the war would be finished. While waiting, Sar estimated however that the presence of Sihanouk to the head of a plain face and anti-American would ensure the Communists an international support. The model of these diverting arrangements - Elizabeth Becker A extremely precisely qualified "room of the mirrors" - was the national Face of release of Vietnam of the South, whose socialist program and the bonds with Vietnam of North were hidden with the Vietnamese opinion and even with certain active members of the FNL him even. Sihanouk, always well in safety in Peking, where it lived surrounded courtiers and parasites, was since the departure only one symbol, although it affirmed vigorously (and was undoubtedly convinced) that the majority of the Khmers liked it and that it would play a significant role when the war would be finished. Its Chinese guards, in particular Zhou Enlai, granted an enthusiastic support to him, and the publications of the national plain Face, printed in China at the expenses of Peking, gave the impression that the units of guerrilla of Kampuchea fought for him. Sihanouk, who has never been known to give up easily, immediately began a crusade to regain his country. Sihanouk believed that "What was good for Sihanouk, would be good for Cambodia." He created the resistancemaquis known as the National United Front for Kampuchea (FUNK) soon after his overthrow. FUNK was a coalition of communists and royalists. For the next five years, Cambodia was mired in wars on several fronts, both internally and externally. The FUNK joined Vietnamese and Laotian communists on the "single battlefield" to struggle against "U.S. imperialism" under the banner of the United Front of the Three Indochinese People (UFTIP). Militarily, this entailed combined military operations—that is, guerrilla, conventional or proxy military action as was expedient andor possible conducted from "liberated" areas of the country. These "liberated" areas grew as it became clear that America would pursue a "retreat with honour" policy with respect to South Vietnam.
45,696 views | Apr 28, 2007

China Vietnam War 1979 French archives FULL Part 1

Here are a French Report archives in chronological order about the Sino Vietnamese conflict in 1979 but is in French Language . Taken from this place I try translated some thing during the Entire video SORRY if I do a Mistake so the French and English are not my natives Languages. After the Vietnamese invasion of Kampuchea against the Pro Chinese criminal Pol Regime the People's Republic of China Pol Pol allied do a military retaliation against Vietnam with partial US diplomatic Support the Chinese Chinese vice Premier Deng Xiaoping visit US just few days before the attack into Vietnamese territory the Chinese invasion failed in a few weeks but the PLA Caused major damage in six border places into Vietnamese territory this also caused a important quantity of Vietnamese refugees aka "Boat people" After 1979 China and US star a strategic Alliance against the Soviet Union and good economical cooperation between the two powers. This conflict in my personal opinion looking like Vietnam (With Russian Assistance) vs China (With partial US diplomatic support) the causalities in this conflicts are totally unclear according with the Russians 62,500 Chinese soldiers were killed and Vietnamese causalities were less than 10,000. According with pro Chinese Internet sites Chinese casualties at about 20,000 to 30,000 while Vietnamese loss at about 40,000 to 60,000. more Neutral sources from US said estimates suggest at least 20,000 Chinese soldiers died, while Vietnamese dead number under ten thousand. During this conflict the most quantity of Vietnamese regular forces around the 80% were in Cambodia this critical siltation forced Hanoi the mobilization "Second Line" troops against the PLA With important numerical superiority. In the entire Video we can see interview and opinions with some French military veterans from the first Indochina War and French Internationalist experts. Please debate with Respect.
32,395 views | Jul 04, 2010


After Yuon had accelerated it hidden killing of Khmer Rouge intellectual, they eventually disappear into the thin air. Eventually they invaded Kampuchea in the name of "Liberation" or if you look at Problem Reaction Solution you should have some clues. When the Khmer Rouge pushed out, by this time the Cambodian should have realized that the true numbers of Khmer Rouge are only a hand full. The majority of the Khmer Rouge force that had killed millions of Cambodian were transformed into the so call Liberators and they are Yuon. At the beginning, the Vietnamese and the PRK were greeted as Liberators. The Vietnamese invasion had indeed contributed to deliver the Khmers from a genocidal regime. A few years later, however the oft-repeated joke in Phnom Penh was "We thought things would change, but we realize we are in the same car, we have only changed driver." French: Après que Yuon l'ait accéléré massacre caché d'intellectuel de fard à joues de Khmer, ils disparaissent par la suite dans l'air mince. Par la suite ils ont envahi le Kampuchea au nom de la « libération » ou si vous regardez la solution de réaction de problème vous devraient avoir quelques indices. Quand le fard à joues de Khmer éliminé, à cette heure le Cambodgien devrait s'être rendu compte que les nombres vrais de fard à joues de Khmer sont seulement une main complètement. La majorité de la force de fard à joues de Khmer qui avait tué des millions du cambodgien ont été transformées en ainsi appellent des libérateurs et ils sont Yuon. Au début, les Vietnamiens et les PRK ont été salués comme libérateurs. L'invasion vietnamienne avait en effet contribué pour fournir les Khmers d'un régime génocide. Quelques ans après, toutefois la plaisanterie répétée fréquemment dans Phnom Penh était « nous a pensé les choses changeraient, mais nous réalisons que nous sommes dans la même voiture, nous avons seulement changé le conducteur. »
187,399 views | Nov 09, 2007


PHASE THAT ANGKAR LEURCAP TREN HAD TO SEND OUT THE 5TH MYSTERIOUS MURDERERS: In August, 1978, suddenly having seen more South-Western Khmer Rouge appeared in group consisting women and men from the age of 20 to 45 who were not armed but with machetes in every one of them as weapons. At first glance, this group showed their gentle and soft conducts to committees who were the former bandits, addressed to humble themselves: Angkar LeuCap Tren sent us to learn from comrades in order to get experiences for building our nation. This group seemed to show up as they had very tricky phoney speak because in their appearance, they looked like the bandits, ignorant persons who didnt even know an iron, sewing machine or soap. As for the women, who sat disorderly with their lips covered in black chewing betel (with a lime solution, areca and tobacco), spitting out everywhere. But , instead, in every meeting, both women and men who stood up to speak about the theory of loving nation, in their phrase was likely that they were profoundly and wonderfully educated for they spoke fluently. But if the longer we listened to them who seemed to learn to speak like a parrot that learned to speak from its master. Their language was still same as: - Anyone who eats must work! "If you keep these people is no profit, if they go there is no loss" paralysed the victims with fear.(Tuk Kar Min Cham Nenh, Daak Chenh Kar Khaat. This group, who worked extremely hard with the New People friendlily, gently by coaxing with sweet words and speaking regretfully: During Samdech Euv (Sihanouks name was revealed as bait), we had fully happiness, freedomgoing out to dance, to sing, to see movie, to eat nicely. As for the New People, who were receiving the torture, working all day and night in rain and hot sunny day, ate watery gruel, had hardly salt, slept in the jungle taking the sky as their roof, dikes as their pillows, had become deaf, mute. Spoke whatever all comrades liked to speak, no one replied. But then again, the Khmers who saw with their own eyes and ears about conducts and words that didnt make sense at all. Why did it change so rapidly like that? Angkar LeurCap Tren was still the same Angkar LeurCap TrenKhmer Rouge group came from the former Khmer-Vietminh who Angkar LeurCap Tren assigned as the chief of cooperative, committee of Districts and the representatives who were the same persons. Gee, Angkar LeurCap Tren, you used ruse to find out how many Khmers who still loved Samdech Euv were to be killed off! Later, it was clearly known that the South-Western Khmer Rouge came from the Khmer-Vietminh who were Khmer People's Revolutionary Party that was created by Son Ngoc Minh, under the commander of Ho Chi Minh, since 19-6-51 and were hidden in every jungle of Cambodia. In 1982 in Kamput Camp of Thailand, there was a group of Khmer Rouge soldiers-men and women who had deserted from the frontlines were rescued by UNHCR. One of Khmer refugees who friendlily asked one of Khmer Rouge soldiers, Did you know any killings of our relatives in Cambodia from 1975-79? That Khmer Rouge sadly replied to the question of that Khmer refugee, Metcomrade, I dont even know where my family is? Because we were all in battlefields to protect our country from the Vietnamese aggressors. We knew nothing about the killings of Cambodian people from 1975-79. In 1978, around 40,000 Khmer Rouge soldiers, who were pro-Khieu Samphan, were secretly called to liberate Kampuchea Krom from Vietnamese colonialists and expansionism, were being trapped in the crossfire set up by pro-Khmer-VietminhHanoi. Similarly active was Dang Seng, a former Cambodian Justice Minister. But when the Khmer Rouge demanded he too be handed over, he also was forced into exile. Before leaving Thailand in mid-1976, Dang Seng made the pertinently accurate observation that the Vietnamese threat was imminent. The Vietnamese are strong and they intend to swallow Laos and Cambodia, he said. "Once Cambodia is swallowed by Vietnam, the Vietnamese will exterminate the Khmer Rouge." THIS IS THE DESCRIPTION OF A SOUTH VIETNAMESE BO DOI: Ngo Van Duc, a young South Vietnamese Bo Doisoldier, who clearly reassured to witness that he saw every activity of Vietcong before they prepared to send the Khmer Rouge to attack Kampuchea Krom. At that time, Ngo Van Duc received the order from Angkar LeurCap Tren, as an organizer who goes to warn the people in Khmer Krom to evacuate from their places deliberately: "You have to leave by tomorrow, because the Khmer Rouge soldiers will launch an attack on your villages." Angkar LeurCap Tren created some battlefields in the right place of Khmer Krom villagers who were very hesitant and regretful to leaveBo Dois then shot too many villagers to death. Being in turmoil in this ways, all of a sudden, there were too many trucks drove to stop everywhere in which there were Ministry of Security and Psychology came along.
82,249 views | Sep 22, 2007

Cambodian Genocide Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge

The photographs of the victims from the Cambodian genocide are what really haunt you. There's a huge discussion of this topic on my blog, http:www.vagabonding.comtravelogue000060.html Here's an entry I wrote about this: Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, and Genocide in Cambodia During their three-year, eight-month, and 21-day rule of Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge committed some of the most heinous crimes in modern history: - The entire population of Cambodia's urban areas was evacuated from their homes and forced to march into rural areas to work the fields. - Every man, woman, and child was forced into slave labor for 12-15 hours each day. - An estimated two million people (21% of Cambodia's population) lost their lives. Many of these victims were brutally executed; many more died of starvation, exhaustion, and disease. That these crimes were committed so recently (1975-1978) makes them all the more sickening. The country's scars are still plainly visible: - The population is suspiciously youthful (50% is under the age of 15). - The economy is in shambles. This is partially thanks to the Khmer Rouge's execution of the upper and educated classes. The fact that they destroyed most of the vehicles and machines in the cities can't have helped. - New human remains turn up around the exhumed mass graves of the Killing Fields of Cheoung Ek on a daily basis. Silent reminders of the tragedy, these bones and teeth are ceremoniously placed into makeshift shrines in tree hollows and cement planters. It's hard to comprehend the motivations behind an atrocity like the Cambodian genocide. What could have been going through the minds of the Khmer Rouge officers and their leader Pol Pot? "Hey Pol, I've got an idea, man. Let's turn the country upside down and get real primitive. Evacuate all the cities, march everyone out to the country. And then start farming, man! Big time. And if anyone resists, let's execute them. In fact, let's kill a whole lot of people. I'm talking hundreds of thousands. Maybe millions. And do it real cruel-like. Bash their heads against trees, electrocute 'em, drown 'em in vats of cold water..." Fear must have been the prevailing motivator in the regime. How could an officer commit such monstrous crimes against his own countrymen? For fear that something even worse would happen to him. The Khmer Rouge atrocity seems to follow a time-honored recipe for genocide: the obsessive desire to reach a religious or political ideal coupled with a healthy dose of madness. Why don't we learn? It seems as if past atrocities of genocide haven't served as a warning, but instead as a blueprint for how to repeat them. But if history has proven human beings to be intrinsically fallible, it has also proven us to be extraordinarily resilient. Pol Pot cast a heavy shadow over Cambodia, but the people have managed to persevere, begin anew, and find joy in life again. 
-- If you'd like to learn more about the genocide in Cambodia, visit the Yale Cambodian Genocide Project at http:www.yale.educgp.
1,158,120 views | Aug 06, 2007


Other children had simply far too little to eat to be able to grow properly and were suffering from marasmus. Their match like limbs hung over the empty skin folds of their bodied, they had almost no muscular control, and eight-year olds looked like shriveled babies. For most of them there was no hope. The World vision child nutrition center had to turn away 1,758 severely malnourished children between December 1974 and February 1975; they had beds for only 235 of the worst new cases. The Inspector-General's report noted: "It requires little imagination to picture these wretchedly frail and sickly little bodies, borne away in their weak mother's arm, carried to an alley somewhere, to die; certain to suffer, untreated, and unhospitlized. Vietcong Khmer Rouge trying to close off the Mekong River, preventing any convoys of food, fuel or ammunition from reaching besieged Phnom Penh. Sadly they all had 70 days to live before all were executed by Youn Angkar LeurCap Tren. Before Phnom Penh fell into "Mysterious Anonymous higher Organization" in 1975, there was extremely strangely that there were so many Lon Nol's soldiers had deserted from Neak Leung who were being brutally chased after by the Khmer Rouge soldiers. Extremely great number of those soldiers tried to swim across the Mekong River to get to the island where a big ship waiting in the midstream for rescuing, but so many of them were unlucky being brutally drowned to their death by machineguns and rockets of the Khmer Rougemen-in-black. Those who were picked up from the river might have been shot to death because they were the most important targets of "Mysterious Anonymous higher Organization", I supposed. Therefore, Vietnamese secret agents had to get rid of their enemies- especially they had to get rid of all Khmer men who Vietnamese secret agents didn't want in their wayeyes. No one knows how many thousands of children died in Cambodia in those final months before the end of the war. Their suffering was perhaps the most poignant demonstration of the government's inability to sustain its population, but in these final weeks the majority of the population collapsed into the sort of half life that the refugees had always endure. The U.S. AID Termination Report commented later that although more and more people were still pushing desperately into the enclaves and thus exacerbating the refugees crisis, it was at the same time less and less readily identifiable as a distinct problem...[and] became inseparable from the larger social economic collapse of the country." By now, "There was little or no food to be had by anybody-refugees, civilian or soldier. Malnutrition became rampant, especially in Phnom Penh, and spread to all classes of the Khmer society."
73,047 views | Jul 16, 2007

Hun Sen on oil

To tell our countrymen how hun sen speaks as a leader and how he is intellectually visioning the country's future.
137,492 views | May 15, 2007


SIHANOUK asserted that if Cambodia won its independence "peacefully" there would be no reason for communist insurgents to continue fighting his country. And the king made it clear that if he controlled an independent Cambodia then he would refuse to fight for or against the Vietminh-an important consideration for the French, who were facing military defeat in Vietnam. Sihanouk returned from his world tour and went into "exile" in Cambodia's north-western province of Battambang. He had nearly 30,000 royal Cambodian troops and police with him, an impressive show of strength. On November 9, 1953, Paris granted Sihanouk his wish. worn down by the Vietnam war and having only marginal concern about losing Cambodia, France transferred its major powers over to king Sihanouk. He declared himself the father of Cambodian independence. On March 28, 1969 , after allowing the settlement of north-Vietnamese troops everywhere in Cambodia , Sihanouk openly declared at a press conference : "the communists have invaded Cambodia -- "I cannot hide them any more - It is time that the International community knows about it..."
89,339 views | Jul 13, 2007

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