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Xem Phim
Many foreign journalists, authors writers and Khmer intellectuals living overseas, who only knew and heard the rumors, whose articles were being printed in the "News" and in the "BulletinsNewsletters", to describe about the chain of events of Cambodia like riding a horse in a horse stable, do not illustrate...why the whole Cambodia is falling into Hanoi's pawns? More than 2,000,000 Cambodian people were brutally butchered, whose properties, and the State's assets, which in Cambodia were taken away secretly by Angkar LeurCap Tren to Vietnam by boatsships and trucksGMG. That was a really mysterious, which is the most destructive period of modern Cambodian history begun in the summer of 1975 to the 1979. To tell the world not to misunderstand about the destruction of Cambodia a man-made disaster will be recognized as one of the great crimes of the 20th century, which was created by the mysterious regime of Angkar LeurCap Tren of Hanoi," whose wish is to incorporate Cambodia into their "Vietnamization" or indo-Chinese federation. It was not an act of god! It was Ho Chi Minh's greedy and ambitious wishes and dirty-secret-plan formulas. An ancestral prophecy predicts that one the unfortunate Khmer people will be forced to choose between being eaten by tigers (Khmer Rouge) or swallowed by crocodiles (Vietnamese). Today, we are seeing clearly that prophecy fulfilled in the most tragic way possible. The Kampuchean people are on the brink of extinction. Cambodians are on the brink of extinction, dying a slow death, murdered in the name of two conflicting types of communism. It is a struggle to the death between Kampuchean and Vietnamese communism; it is also a dispute between the two communists' giants they represent, China and Russia. The past and the present Hanoi leaders had been [and] are trying every diplomatic and legal means to eliminate the Khmer race by using the secret words of "Angkar Leurcap Tren" during the terror of war in indo-china from 1970-1979. Hanoi had used only their two secret paramount-Pol Pot and Ieng Sary -on the international levels. But in the country, they had used "mysterious young soldiers of "Angkar Leurcap Tren" to kill the Khmer innocence brutally. NORODOM Sihanouk in his finest hour...All national heritage which were collected, sorted, and stored in various large warehouses throughout the country, especially in Phnom Penh since April 17 1975, were taken to Vietnam by boats, trucks, and planes - an operation strangely resembling a large scale national plundering. This shows that the step following that of April 17, 1975 was indeed that of January 7, 1979. In 1978, Hanoi sent her secret-Special Bo Dois to capture Prince Sihanouk alive while he was under house arrest. He amazingly told us that Khmer soldiers killed all those Bo Dois at Tonle Chartaumuk of Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Was Prince Sihanouk a real prisoner of Khmer Rouge?
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History. For Vietnam and Cambodia old timers, we have posted some videos discovered in our archives from 1979 and 1985. 1. Talk of new tensions in June 2011 between Vietnam and China prompted us to recall the brief war between China and Vietnam in 1979. Here is a report from Hanoi in April 1979 in the aftermath of the Chinese attack on northern Vietnam. 2. Attention friends at the Raffles Group. Looking through old Video 8 material from 1985, we came across these shots of Le Royal Hotel. Then the Samaki, it was center of NGO activity in Phnom Penh. Note the bungalows (long gone) which in days pre 1975 housed the news agencies. 3. In 1985, ten years after the fall of Vietnam to Communist forces, a large group of journalists was invited to visit. I shot these scenes of Vietnamese military exercises arranged for the occasion. 4. The occasion was also marked by the first ever satellite broadcast from Vietnam. The NBC TODAY Show decided to broadcast live, bringing in their own dish, from the grounds of the Presidential Palace, Saigon. 5. Later journos were taken to a 'MODEL' 'Re-education camp' where enemies of the state after 1975 were imprisoned. A surreal visit. We were not allowed to talk to prisoners. At one point we were told that some prisoners were so happy with conditions, they asked to stay on voluntarily. 6. In the video you will see a number of distinguished journalists. Lew Simons (former Washington Post) is an old Indochina hand. And these are some of the last pictures of Neil Davis and his sound man David Latch. The two were killed some months later in an attempted coup d'etat in Bangkok.
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This French video documentations called "Cambodge le départ des bodois" show withdrawal of Vietnamese Division from Cambodia in 1983. Whatever The last Vietnamese troops withdrawal Cambodia in 1989 In December 1978 the PAVN launch a massive attack into Democratic Kampuchea with objective to Remove the Criminal Khmer Rouge from the Power the Khmer Rouge aligned the country politically with the People's Republic of China and adopted an anti-Soviet Vietnamese line. China Pol Pot allied do a Retaliations and attacking Vietnam in February - March 1979 but the Chinese attack were Stooped by Vietnamese second Hands troops. During December 1978 -1989 24.500 Vietnamese were killed 10,000 Military + 14.500 Civilian. The Khmer Rouge causalities allied with another Cambodian anti Vietnamese factions under Chinese support in is unclear but different estimates are between 100.000 - 200.000 Killed most of them in 1979. In this conflicts the PAVN used American weapons captured during the Vietnam War especially the M-113 Early all 80s the Khmer Rouge revived Economical and Military and aid from Communist China and the CIA I taken the video from this place
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It is interesting to note that the operations undertaken after April 17, 1975 repeated again following the victorious second step of Vietnamese expansionist strategy in Cambodia. January 7, 1979 but their plunder took another dimension even more significant quantity than those undertaken on April 17, 1975. Did you know that when Cambodian came back to their home they found the NEW people living all over their hometown? The Vietnamese activities, who had a secretly well planned to exterminate all Khmer race step by step; group by group; political party by political party; village by village; and province by province in sequence...etc., according to the right time. Inside of Cambodia, there were no documentsbooks to be recorded. Therefore, international agencies, foreign journalists, authorswriters and pamphleteers have discovered nothing about the "Truth". The archenemy of Khmer is so cunning to announce deceitfully that their "friends are their enemies; their enemies are their friends...etc." They invaded Cambodia happily, who had used their political stratagem to scare off the Khmer people to leave Cambodia for them, by collecting and stealing the Cambodian Victims' properties and the state's assets, which were taken away by Vietminh and Vietcong to Vietnam since 1975. But they unshamefacedly announced to the Cambodian Victims the greatest proof of their loyalty to Cambodian people and its chief of state (no leader in Cambodia from 1975 to 1979), is the sacrifice of Vietnam's finest, hundreds of who have already given their lives for Cambodia. Since, every day our soldiers (VietcongNVA Bo Doi), far from their dear homeland and their beloved families, fight and die on the sacred soil of our Khmer Brothers and Sisters, side by side with them against our common enemies, to save and liberate the country of Kampuchea. Oh, my Buddha! "It's like an old Cambodian saying: an evil heart, [but] an angel's mouth", in English, "Wolf in sheep's clothing. Our archenemy said sweetly that they have already helped Cambodian people three times. It's ridiculous! Look, Hanoi has been taking a good opportunity to learn Khmer language since 1979, who are being naturalized as Khmer citizenship; and those who have also used the Khmer names instead of their Vietnamese names. Our enemies have made up the New Khmer Nation, to convert continuously the Khmer nation into their Vietnamization. Even some international agencies try to discover and write to describe about the strange events of Cambodia, but who wrote only the enemies' two-faced activities, which they-foes have written in some of their papers to divert the international the world attention, to seal off their war crimes against humanity in Cambodia.
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At that time, Pol Pot was the head of primary school in the commune of Banhaa Chi (Kompong Thom bordering with Siemreap province). Khum Banhaa Chi was a big base of Khmer-Vietminh troops since 1940. Thap Ngieng, who had a son, named "Chol". During the Khmer Rouge's rule of 1976, Chol killed at least 100,000 people by his hands and orders in three areas of Battambang. A daughter of Thap Ngieng still lives in U.S.A. today. We would ask why Thap Ngieng didn't send Pol Pot to fight the Americans in Laos, instead of appointing Pol Pot to lead an army. To answer: only Pol Pot, who knows the Army's strategy better, can command 3000 forces, whereas others do not know anything about the technics of army. Therefore, they were sent to study with Vietnamese in Laos. If possible kill Pol Pot as they could is to erase evidence that Pol Pot had against them. But fortunately, Pol Pot could escape many assassinations until he died in 1998 peacefully. Because Pol Pot didn't follow his masters' plans of Indochinese Communist PartyFederation, which was led by Yuon secret agents but in the fake names of Khmer Rouge. However, Pol Pot's left, and right hands and his right leg were brutally cut off by Yuon secret agentsinsiders. His left hand was his best unit of the Khmer Rouge and his right hand was his gentle and innocent people and his right leg was many of his loyal Khmer Rouge leaders were also brutally killed. He had only one left leg left was his Chinese supporters who had supported him until he died in 1998. Pol Pot had been a hostage, threatened with Mafia-style execution since 1972 and before, afterwards acting consistently to save his own life. Yuon secret agentsspies trying to kidnap Samdech Euv Sihanouk as they could, according to Ho Chi Minh's dying wish so that Samdech Euv Sihanouk who is easily to be led on the nose like royal Laotian families. But so intelligently, he has had his North Korean bodyguards and Chinese supporters to protect him against Yuon secret agents. During K5 Plan of Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia; Yuon secret agents who were so active everywhere in Cambodia, what they did to Cambodian innocent people, always blamed on Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge: In June, 1946, suddenly to see they arrested 14 Khmer Krom women who sold rice and were walked in line to be detained in a big prison at the back of Tra Vinh School. It was later known that Yuon who served the French had accused those women who sold rice with broken glasses in it. When Khmer Krom auxiliary soldiers, who bought rice to be cooked for eating that caused the eaters whose stomaches were cut off, died in agony. Why did rice have broken glasses in it like that? In the long run, then we Khmer Krom learned that the strange story was the tricks of the former Yuon Vietminh who surrendered to serve the French.
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Other children had simply far too little to eat to be able to grow properly and were suffering from marasmus. Their match like limbs hung over the empty skin folds of their bodied, they had almost no muscular control, and eight-year olds looked like shriveled babies. For most of them there was no hope. The World vision child nutrition center had to turn away 1,758 severely malnourished children between December 1974 and February 1975; they had beds for only 235 of the worst new cases. The Inspector-General's report noted: "It requires little imagination to picture these wretchedly frail and sickly little bodies, borne away in their weak mother's arm, carried to an alley somewhere, to die; certain to suffer, untreated, and unhospitlized. Vietcong Khmer Rouge trying to close off the Mekong River, preventing any convoys of food, fuel or ammunition from reaching besieged Phnom Penh. Sadly they all had 70 days to live before all were executed by Youn Angkar LeurCap Tren. Before Phnom Penh fell into "Mysterious Anonymous higher Organization" in 1975, there was extremely strangely that there were so many Lon Nol's soldiers had deserted from Neak Leung who were being brutally chased after by the Khmer Rouge soldiers. Extremely great number of those soldiers tried to swim across the Mekong River to get to the island where a big ship waiting in the midstream for rescuing, but so many of them were unlucky being brutally drowned to their death by machineguns and rockets of the Khmer Rougemen-in-black. Those who were picked up from the river might have been shot to death because they were the most important targets of "Mysterious Anonymous higher Organization", I supposed. Therefore, Vietnamese secret agents had to get rid of their enemies- especially they had to get rid of all Khmer men who Vietnamese secret agents didn't want in their wayeyes. No one knows how many thousands of children died in Cambodia in those final months before the end of the war. Their suffering was perhaps the most poignant demonstration of the government's inability to sustain its population, but in these final weeks the majority of the population collapsed into the sort of half life that the refugees had always endure. The U.S. AID Termination Report commented later that although more and more people were still pushing desperately into the enclaves and thus exacerbating the refugees crisis, it was at the same time less and less readily identifiable as a distinct problem...[and] became inseparable from the larger social economic collapse of the country." By now, "There was little or no food to be had by anybody-refugees, civilian or soldier. Malnutrition became rampant, especially in Phnom Penh, and spread to all classes of the Khmer society."
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Chiến trường Campuchia : Những người lính trong căn cứ Pol Pot. (bản thuyết minh tiếng Việt) ------------------------------------ Đôi nét về tác giảPeter Scholl-Latour (sinh ngày 9 tháng 3 năm 1924, tại Bochum, Đức). Ông là một nhà báo quốc tịch Pháp - Đức.Trong năm 1945 và 1946 Scholl-Latour tình nguyện ra nhập lính Lê Dương của Pháp một thành viên trong Commando Parachutiste Ponchardier (đơn vị lính nhảy dù Pháp), ông nằm trong số những người lính nhảy dù xuống Hải Phòng năm 1946.Kênh truyền thông Phönix tạm dịch là "Phượng hoàng" là kênh truyền thông của Tây Đức cũ, thuộc truyền hình nhà nước ARDZDF Địa chỉ trên internet: -------------- Xem thông tin chi tiết tại: http:tinquocnoi.comnewsTai-lieu-tham-khaoPeter-Scholl-Latour-624
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TWO IMPORTANT POINTS TO YUON: 1. They caused chaos to frighten Khmer women who sold rice to stop doing this likelihood; 2. If, there was no rice seller; there would be lack of rice so the soldiers who served French had to return to their farms. Along the road, there were Yuon women who sabotaged of pretending to buy rice by putting broken glasses into that rice. I would like to remind Khmer brothers to consider about the phoney tricks of Yuon Hanoi who were the former Vietminh, the former Vietcong who cultured in Cambodia in 1982 to force Khmers out: According to Yiey Phon's report, who arrived in France on 2-11-85, to confirm to Yiey TiengTien in person that she also misunderstood like other Khmer brothers who thought that Yuon came to help Khmers. Suddenly, in 1982, there was a strange event took place shockingly. Yuon sent Young Yuon girls with long fingernails covered in dark red (1. Usually, Vietcong -Vietminh girls who has no law to allow using makeup). In those long fingernails had hidden poison brutally. In April, 1982, in Phnom Penh where had a terrible turmoil that caused from the rice, Ban Chok and Corn Cake, vegetables and other fruits that all had poison that killed the eaters on the spot. There was other Yuon group who brought poison guavas in from Srok Yuon and sold in Phnom Penh. The eaters died instantly. Yiey Phon confirmed seeing with her own eyes of the two foreign girls who were living next to her house eating the poison guavas died on the spot in agony. She continued that she was 71 years old now, who had never thought to leave the country but because of seeing with her own eyes clearly and there were too far many Khmers who were poisoned holding their children's hands to flee continually. She who was so terribly shock decided to flee with other Khmers with her walking stick. As for Khmer Krom people who knew too well about the phoney inhumane tricks of Vietminh. But "down in the lake to meet the crocodiles, up the land to meet the tigers", Khmer Krom people in those days were like the orphans, who were like fish that caught into a jar..., could not speak Yuon and French, didn't have any means to flee the country to seek peace, freedom like others so they stayed so quietly shutting up their mouths to keep farming as usual. Vietnamese blamed on Pol Pot everything they have done against Khmers since 18th Century to 21st Century. Hanoi's tactful-criminal tricks, who has tried every means, and all kinds of stratagems to exterminate the Kampuchea Krom race in sequence. And then, they are starting o kill Khmer Kandal race again in order to swallow up Kampuchea is to be incorporated into an Indo-Chinese federation which a man, whose name was "Nguyen Ai Coc" (pseudonym Ho Chi Minh), was the founder of 3230. Before revealing the criminal and ferocious political stratagem of Hanoi's, which the all Khmer Victims have already received three times. Some of Cambodian Victims misunderstood or lack of considering (short memory) instead of thanking the Vietminh and then become Vietcong. I want to clearly express that Hanoi is gifted, to invade its neighbors for many centuries. For example, in 1696, after swallowing up Champa. The Vietnamese did not even rest peacefully, who then started to commit aggression of Kampuchea Krom. In those days, province by province of Kampuchea Krom, which had been eaten up slowly by Hanoi's mouths until is erased on the Maps of the World in 1840. Those provinces in the Khmer names, which were changed into the Vietnamese names once and for all...they exercised brutally all their powers and means to annihilate Kampuchea Krom race. From 1815 to 1820, by forcing Kampuchea Krom people to work so extremely hard was to dig a long-53-km canal (Kinh Ta) from Moat Chruuk to Rongdamrey in Kampuchea Krom (now known as "South Vietnam"). If any Khmer Krom people weren't be able to work, the Yuon ordered to bury the Khmer Victims alive; but to keep a three-head Khmer Victims above the ground like a triangle-stove for making tea for Ong (Vietnamese high officers). That's why today, there is still one phrase, "Be careful of spilling Tae Ong.... Etc. By 1858, Kampuchea Krom and Vietnam had become the French ColonialismColonialists then. Therefore, the French ColonialismColonialists were a "Magic Brake", which could prevent Vietnamese brutalities and tortures of Kampuchea Krom.
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វាលវែងឆ្ងាយ សូសាវឿន1980s,សំនៀងដើមឈួនម៉ាលយ័

music from my cassette and film from King Sihanouk. ជារឿងពិតរបស់ឈួនម៉ាល័យ នៅស្រុកកំណើតរបស់គាត់ វាលវែងជាឈ្មោះស្រុកមួយដែលនៅខេត្ត​ពោធិ៍សត្វជាប់ព្រំប្រទល់តខេត្តកោះកុងនិងព្រំដែនថៃ។
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24.8.2013 Cambodia U16 vs Vietnam

brave performance went all wrong and Cambodia lost several key players and the game 0:6.
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