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Many foreign journalists, authors writers and Khmer intellectuals living overseas, who only knew and heard the rumors, whose articles were being printed in the "News" and in the "BulletinsNewsletters", to describe about the chain of events of Cambodia like riding a horse in a horse stable, do not illustrate...why the whole Cambodia is falling into Hanoi's pawns? More than 2,000,000 Cambodian people were brutally butchered, whose properties, and the State's assets, which in Cambodia were taken away secretly by Angkar LeurCap Tren to Vietnam by boatsships and trucksGMG. That was a really mysterious, which is the most destructive period of modern Cambodian history begun in the summer of 1975 to the 1979. To tell the world not to misunderstand about the destruction of Cambodia a man-made disaster will be recognized as one of the great crimes of the 20th century, which was created by the mysterious regime of Angkar LeurCap Tren of Hanoi," whose wish is to incorporate Cambodia into their "Vietnamization" or indo-Chinese federation. It was not an act of god! It was Ho Chi Minh's greedy and ambitious wishes and dirty-secret-plan formulas. An ancestral prophecy predicts that one the unfortunate Khmer people will be forced to choose between being eaten by tigers (Khmer Rouge) or swallowed by crocodiles (Vietnamese). Today, we are seeing clearly that prophecy fulfilled in the most tragic way possible. The Kampuchean people are on the brink of extinction. Cambodians are on the brink of extinction, dying a slow death, murdered in the name of two conflicting types of communism. It is a struggle to the death between Kampuchean and Vietnamese communism; it is also a dispute between the two communists' giants they represent, China and Russia. The past and the present Hanoi leaders had been [and] are trying every diplomatic and legal means to eliminate the Khmer race by using the secret words of "Angkar Leurcap Tren" during the terror of war in indo-china from 1970-1979. Hanoi had used only their two secret paramount-Pol Pot and Ieng Sary -on the international levels. But in the country, they had used "mysterious young soldiers of "Angkar Leurcap Tren" to kill the Khmer innocence brutally. NORODOM Sihanouk in his finest hour...All national heritage which were collected, sorted, and stored in various large warehouses throughout the country, especially in Phnom Penh since April 17 1975, were taken to Vietnam by boats, trucks, and planes - an operation strangely resembling a large scale national plundering. This shows that the step following that of April 17, 1975 was indeed that of January 7, 1979. In 1978, Hanoi sent her secret-Special Bo Dois to capture Prince Sihanouk alive while he was under house arrest. He amazingly told us that Khmer soldiers killed all those Bo Dois at Tonle Chartaumuk of Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Was Prince Sihanouk a real prisoner of Khmer Rouge?
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IN a revealing passage, Pol Pot said that it found them worse than Hitler: Hitler killed the Jews and those which were opposed to him. But Vietnamese kills those which are opposed to him, and of innocent which does not want to join him. In January, 1979, the South-Western Khmer Rouge fully ruled, who forced Khmers to harvest, to thresh and to trample rice under foot all day and night. Putting all rice into sacks, and then transported to an unknown mysterious place. After transporting to an unknown place, they burnt all hays to ash then they started to conscript many thousands of thousands of New People to follow them. Those conscripted people who came from other cooperative areas such as: Prey Touch cooperative, Kompong Preah, Reang Ke Say, OO Sra Lau, OO Bambang ...etc. The results were at that time, old ages, the sicks and children under the ages of 3 had to die subsequently. Please Khmer brothers consider very carefully seeing that only during three months periods that they conscripted the people, once backward and once forward, what did the Khmer victims have to eat? Where could we have fire to warm up ourselves to protect against the cold weather during the night? When walking backward to Reussai Krang and Phum Prey Khlot then everyone was so surprised to know that: Oh, Angkar Leur brought us to death with natural weapons! According to many sources, Indochina will compose with 90% of Vietnamese and 10% of other race that Vietnamese consider as minority in their NEW STATE, so all Native Khmer that Vietnamese will keep alive to plan the rice plantation to feed Vietnamese. The exploitation of terror was the main way in which the Angkar LeurCap Tren enforced their will is to make Khmer really hate Khmer until today. Khmers are very kind, gentle, short-sightedmyopic, naïve and gullible. Chinese proverb: What you see is not a true sign, but what you can't see is a true sign. Many of Cambodian Victims never ever use their brain to think about Vietnamese Hidden faces Behind Killing Fields. We only use our eyes to see what is not a true sign, but we never ever use our brain to think what you can't see is a true sign at all. A Yuon top commander told to the world about Khmers who are black never ever consider what they see. It means all Cambodians never use their brain to think what is right and what is wrong: (Yuon) Lt-General Phan Thach Van also calls Khmers Ill-natured barbarians, ill-natured blood, Khmers have traits of stupidity, idiot, illogic. Cambodia has become completely a land of widows under the murderous-powerful shadowy Angkar LeuCap Trens Communist Dictatorial regime left behind many enduring legacies since 1975. One of the more striking reminders of this horrific period are the vast number of women who are left widowed and children left orphaned by their husbands and fathers. Why did the murderous Angkar LeurCap Tren drastically order Krom Khiet Kar Aat Kambang Mysterious Group of Murderers to massacre nearly all Khmer men in every province like that? These stories reveal another determined effort by Angkar LeurCap Tren to sever family ties and to uproot the traditional relationships that existed between the Cambodian husband and wife and between the Cambodian mother and her children. Abandoned by a hopeless future, the women wonder who will avenge their past and who will remember their story. Those widows whose husbands were secretly led away to be brutally murdered in the infamous name of Angkar LeurCap Tren are only housewives-survivors who know nothing about Yuons dirty plans of Genocidal Regime against Khmers. Truly, they also didnt even know who were Mysterious Group of Murderers behind killing fields? Vaguely, they only knew the Khmer Rouge who killed their familieshusbands in the notorious name of Angkar LeuCap Tren. But if we all Khmers just glance at these killings without thoroughly thinking, we really think that only the bloody super-illiterate-ignorant ignorant Khmer Rouge and former cruel-uneducated bandits who brutally murdered our educated dads. But on the other hand, if we really think profoundly by using our brain every past that Yuons have done to our lands and Khmer Krom so far so worse by impersonating themselves as all leaders among the former ignorant and illiterate bandits of the Khmer Rouges who were already appointed as the chiefs of cooperatives, of committees and regions to have led us-Khmers on the noses every movement. All former bandits of the Khmer Rouge who did the arresting of the Khmer victims who were handed over to Mysterious Group of Murderers who were always waiting in the bush like vampire who did the killings at their will were to pave the way for Yuon Bo Dois who were also often waiting for golden opportunity in the jungles of Cambodia to come out to rescue all Khmer victims from the hot grips of the murderous Cap Tren.
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Democracy Endangered, 1996 - Cambodia - Since the Khmer Rouge's demise in Cambodia, democracy has been a struggling ideal, and progress is very slow.For downloads and more information visit:'s so-called democracy often seems a cover for intolerance and suppression.According to politician Ahmad Yahya, most of the elected Funcinpec representatives are too intimidated to stand up to Sen's CPP. Sam Rainsy left the Funcinpec to set up his own opposition group. Campaigning in the countryside, he is trailed by drunken and armed militiamen. He suspects that they have been hired by the CPP to frighten his supporters. In an interview, Prince Ranariddh asks our reporter to name any countries where corruption does not exist. But, Hun Sen, sweating from the heat at a school opening, maintains that he is "a good leader" who "understands his people". A lifelong autocrat, he used his position ruthlessly to exile Prince Sirivudh, half brother of the King. Sirivudh's wife admits that her husband was becoming too powerful. At a local trial, journalist Thun Bun Ly is sentenced and fined for exposing human rights abuses. A few months later he is shot by an assassin on a motorcycle. Now in hiding, his grieving widow burns incense sticks in his memory. Is Cambodia returning to pre-democracy days of old?Produced by ABC Australia. Ref - 294Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.
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In mid-1975, a series of border clashes erupted between Cambodian and Vietnamese forces. Each side blamed the other for initiating the conflicts, which occurred even as Hanoi defended the Pol Pot regime against international criticism of atrocities inside Cambodia. Border fighting increased in 1977, according to some reports. In June of that year, Vietnam proposed negotiations to settle the border dispute, but the Khmer Rouge said negotiations would be premature. In December, Cambodia accused Vietnam of aggression, demanded withdrawal of its troops from the country, and severed diplomatic ties. In February 1978, Hanoi called for an immediate end to all hostile military activities in the border region and for the conclusion of a peace treaty. At the same time, Hanoi denied the allegations that it had been trying to incorporate Cambodia into an Indochinese federation, adding that Vietnam had not entertained the idea of federation since the ICP was dissolved in 1951. The Pol Pot regime continued to claim, however, that Vietnam had never abandoned the idea of a federation, and the regime called on Hanoi to cease activities aimed at overthrowing the Government of Democratic Kampuchea. But on the international scene, Hanoi Communist leaders were so happy to have Pol Pot's name showing up to the world. Since then there were two Pol Pots. The first Pol Pot was Yuon secret agents who brutally killed Cambodians at its free will every day and night on the genocide orders of the first Yuon Angkar LeurCap Tren. This Pol Pot, whose brain was all but Yuon secret agents who had been hiding and waiting patiently for a unique golden opportunity in Cambodian jungles since 194546. The second Pol Pot, whose brain is real Khmer, and whose name was used to protect Samdech Euv Sihanouk and his royal families who were staying in Royal Palace while nearly all Cambodian innocent people had been secretly murdered in every province and district in the name of the first Pol Pot and the first Yuon Angkar LeurCap Tren as Yiey Tien clearly describes about Yuon Vietcong who tried to secretly impersonate themselves by using all Cambodian names instead of Yuon names: 1. Third Group of Khmer Rouge Soldiers who volunteered to destroy the feudalists and imperialists. (Feudalists are mean to kill all Cambodian high-ranking officersofficials, mandarins...etc. Imperialists are mean to kill all Cambodian educated men, intellectuals, professors, engineers, doctors...etc.) Most of their leaders, who are all but Yuon stealing to fake their names as Khmer, at present returning to their bases everywhere in the jungles in Cambodia by using the Khmer Rouge's names. 2. The Fourth Group of Forwarding Children who volunteered to destroy the Khmer Rouge. This group, which is at age of 18 to 25 only in 1993, as far as I know today there are 25,000 men. 3. Fifth Group of young intellectuals who are Yuon nationalities stealing to impersonate themselves as Cambodians by using all Khmer names. 4. Sixth Group of Khmer-Islam. This group is very cruel. 5. Seventh Group consisting of 60,000 men hiding secretly, named "The Mysterious Support Revolutionary Group or Krom Aat Kambang Bong Ek Padevat". Cambodian puppets spends a lot of money, each day million riels to feed this group is the Mysterious Murderers' Group, which is used in the future. In his criticism of the left, Sihanouk made clear that he knew Hanoi continued to shelter Cambodian communists. He probably did not know just how many were in Vietnam, and certainly would have been unaware in 1965 that one of them was the future Pol Pot, still at this stage working closely with the Vietnamese. As Sihanouk commanded, that Cambodia gave only moral support to the Vietnamese communists when the entire world knew that huge quantities of rice were smuggled to them from Cambodia. Some Khmer Rouge leaders simply thought that they could use the Vietnamese and Chinese communists to usurp the power in place. In the foreword of his recent book "Recent History of Cambodia and My Successive Standpoints," Khieu Samphan declared: "When Third World countries are threatened by colonial re-conquest, the forced choice was either the submission to imperialism, or the rallying with the communist camp and dictatorship..." Clearly, the same scenario had been planned for Cambodia, but the frantic nationalism of the Khmer Rouge was blocking Hanoi. Aha! Pol Pot was completely destroying Hanoi's schemes on time.
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LON Nol leaving the capital and visit the Northern Zone with his escort convoy. French crew interview Lon Nol on the political situation and the soldier which he is confronting. And the subsequence reduction of American assistance. Lon Nol, the "black papa," then described the current situation and the modern enemy-the North Vietnamese and Vietcong, whom he was as the modern children of the Annamites who had conquered Kampuchea Krom. Their goal, he wrote, was to "systematically destroy our socioeconomic structure to them but to change our way of life, to modify our way of thinking and abolish our religious beliefs." He said the country was embroiled in war for the very existence of the Khmer race and culture against an "implacable enemy... the most cruel and most barbaric in history." but he had full confidence that his holy warriors would defeat the Vietnamese. "during five centuries our people have known miseries and calamities, but in the face of all these vicissitudes-occupied territory, people under domination-the Khmer, thanks to their determination, to their indomitable courage, have lifted their heads and are recovering liberty... we can restore our historic glory that our country the titles' the island of power' and 'Chenla the rich'; it is possible that our generation can fashion from their hands a new Khmer state, rich, independent, and powerful." Lon Nol (1913-85), Cambodian general, who headed the country's last regime before the Yuon takeover. He was born in Prey Veng Province, attended a French secondary school in Saigon, Vietnam, and entered government service; by 1955 he had become minister of defence under Prince Norodom Sihanouk. He became commander in chief of the armed forces in 1960 and was made prime minister in 1966. Forced to resign in 1967, he was recalled to office in 1969 and the following year led the military overthrow of Prince Sihanouk; in 1972 he proclaimed a Khmer Republic with himself as president. Unable to withstand the Khmer Rouge rebel forces, he fled the country in 1975 and after that lived in exile in Hawaii and California. French: Lon Nol laissant le capital et visitent la zone nordique avec son convoi d'escorte. Les Français servent d'équipier de l'entrevue Lon Nol sur la situation politique et le soldat qu'il confronte. Et la réduction de subsequence d'aide américaine. Lon Nol, « le papa noir, » a alors décrit la situation actuelle et le vietnamien du nord d'ennemi-le moderne et Vietcong, lequel il était en tant qu'enfants modernes de l'Annamites qui avait conquis le Kampuchea Krom. Leur but, il a écrit, était « détruisent systématiquement notre structure socio-économique à eux mais pour changer notre mode de vie, de modifier notre façon de penser et de supprimer notre croyance religieuse. » Il a dit que le pays a été embrouillé dans la guerre pour l'existence même de la course et de la culture de Khmer contre « un ennemi implacable... le plus cruel et le plus barbare dans l'histoire. » mais il a eu la pleine confiance que ses guerriers saints déferaient les Vietnamiens. « pendant cinq siècles nos personnes ont su des misères et des calamités, mais face au tout ceux-ci le territoire vicissitude-occupé, les gens sous le Khmer de domination-le, grâce à leur détermination, à leur courage invincible, ont soulevé leurs têtes et récupèrent la liberté... que nous pouvons reconstituer notre gloire historique qui notre pays l'île des titres du power et « du Chenla les riches » ; il est possible que notre génération puisse façonner de leurs mains un nouvel état, les riches, l'indépendant, et puissant de Khmer. » Lon Nol (1913-85), général cambodgien, qui a dirigé le dernier régime du pays avant le changement Yuon. Il était né dans la province de Veng de proie, est allé à une école secondaire française dans Saigon, Vietnam, et est entré dans le service gouvernemental ; d'ici 1955 il a eu le Ministre de la Défense devenu sous prince Norodom Sihanouk. Il est devenu commandant - dedans - chef des forces armées en 1960 et a été fait à premier ministre en 1966. Forcé à démissionner en 1967, il a été rappelé au bureau en 1969 et l'année suivante a mené le renversement militaire de prince Sihanouk ; en 1972 il a proclamé une République de Khmer avec se comme président. Incapable de résister aux forces rebelles de fard à joues de Khmer, il s'est sauvé le pays en 1975 et ensuite cela a vécu dans l'exil en Hawaï et la Californie.
3,336 views | Jul 07, 2007


Their resentment of urban dwellers carried over to a strong prejudice against the 'new people' arriving in their villages. The base peasants, Kiernan argues, identified with the victors, though they themselves were not really in control: "Even so, peasant support for the regime enforcing the sanctions remained surprisingly high until 1977. Support for an established order, perhaps especially a new revolutionary one, is another option for peasants, one that many base people chose." Yiey Tieng, sadly and unbelievably told us the Khmer Victims that Hanoi Leaders were pre-cautiously well planned to seal off their dirty murderous plans of eliminating us-Khmers:- That they already sent their secret Bo Doi to work everywhere in Cambodia since 1945. For example, she knew many Vietnamese in Battambang Province before the war, but those who were real Vietnamese civilians had all used the Cambodian names instead of their Vietnamese ones. They all had become the brutal Khmer Rouge cadres everywhere in Battambang Province and Pursat Province who had ordered to real Khmer Rouge peasant cadres' hands to kill our families. Those 4000 Khmer Communists to Hanoi after the 1954 Geneva Conference to be trained and brainwashed who must be brutally killed because they were real Khmers. Hanoi Leaders only sent them back to Cambodia were Vietnamese citizens who used to living in Cambodia before the coup d'etat of 1970, by Lon Nollians. Those Vietnamese citizens who used to living in Cambodia could speak and write Khmer fluently much better than Cambodians themselves did were to be disguised as Khmer Rouge soldiers. Tactfully, Hanoi declared to the world that they completely withdrew their troopsfaces stationed in Cambodia in 1973 from the Arena of International but in fact they secretly had hid their bumsbuttocks in the forestsjungles in Cambodia to wait for the ripe time to come to kill all of us Khmers as they did kill our Khmer families-as King Sihanouk stated in his "War & Hope) that "The Kampuchean people are on the brink of extinction, dying a slow death, murdered in the name of two conflicting types of Communism. It is a struggle to the death between Kampuchean and Vietnamese Communism. People never take notice how Vietcong men and women dress in black and do they ever ask "are they the same people who wore like the Khmer Rouge!" The past and present Dracula-Yuon Leaders have been trying every means to eliminate the Khmer race by using the secret words of "Angkar LeurCap Tren" during the Terror Regime of Angkar LeurCap Tren from 1973-79. Hanoi used only their secret paramount-Pol Pot and Ieng Sary-on the international levels. But in the country, they had secretly used "Young Mysterious Murderous Soldiers of Angkar LeurCap Tren" to brutally kill too far many Khmer innocent people. But the real murderers are all but Yuon citizens who used to live in Cambodia. I want to know who the leaders of the country were. They must have been foreigners, understand? If they were Khmer, how could they kill their own people? For whom would the land be reserved? I don't understand. It is common to kill politicians, but why were those who were not involved in politics also killed? The Khmer Rouge assigned ignorant people to control us. Some didn't know how to write Khmer, but they were very familiar with the expression, Keu Tha Daembei. Then they took people away to be killed. Doesn't the world require educated people? Why did they slaughter people? On the 19th April 1975, two days after the Khmer Rouges victory, the Quotidien de Paris announced that there was a total information blackout from Phnom Penh. All the contacts had been cut off with the outside world, except Beijing, Pyong Yang, and until 1977, Hanoi. The extract of a letter of Noun Chea, sent to the Party Communist of Denmark, mentioning the creation of the pro-Vietnamese Khmer Rouge party. Vietnam temps to govern on all the Indochina after the departure of the French. But Vietnam will do better by assimulant its own pawns in the true party of the Khmer communism. And they succeeded! Result, three million of dead parmis innocent Khmers.
3,336 views | Jun 16, 2007
phim | Cambodian journalist coaxes confession from Khmer Rouge leader | Cambodian journalist coaxes confession from Khmer Rouge leader

Cambodian journalist coaxes confession from Khmer Rouge leader

A Cambodian filmmaker spent 10 years gaining the trust of former Khmer Rouge ideologue Nuon Chea, also known as "Brother Number Two." His film, 'Enemies of the People' provides a fascinating account of one of the world's worst genocides. Duration: 02:32.
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