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AV IDOL AV女优 Trailer Opens 25 April In Singapore

From - Posted: Apr 05, 2013 - 34,744 views
Phim | AV IDOL AV女优 Trailer Opens 25 April In Singapore | AV IDOL AV女优 Trailer Opens 25 April In Singapore
AV IDOL AV女优 Trailer Opens 25 April In Singapore
AV IDOL AV女优 Trailer Opens 25 April In Singapore
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Facebook: www.facebook.comencorefilmsAV Idol is a comical and sexy movie about adult video star Ryoko (Yui Tatsumi) starting to make movies in Korea and meeting Yoon-ah (Yeo Min-jeong) the idol wannabe. Brave, sexy and hot Hallyu idols are coming!Ryoko, the AV movie goddess is getting tired of AV movies. She feels something is wrong when she hears that her next movie is taking place in Seoul, Korea where Hallyu is centralized. She goes through trouble starting from the Incheon Airport with depthless production fees and unexperienced staff. Then she meets idol wannabe Yuna. Ryoko lies to her that she is a popular Japanese idol actress and takes her to the AV movie set. The AV movie director is interested in the new face and casts her right away in a new AV movie. Will they be able to make this new AV movie?
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This is the censor version.
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