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Anita Mui classic 2003 farewell concert voice from the soul

From - Posted: Aug 28, 2008 - 203,807 views
Phim | Anita Mui classic 2003 farewell concert voice from the soul | Anita Mui classic 2003 farewell concert voice from the soul
Anita Mui classic 2003 farewell concert voice from the soul
Anita Mui classic 2003 farewell concert voice from the soul
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She is a famous Singer and Actress, but she is more than a Woman as well. She gets the Cancer, and will die soon, she has refused to take the medical treatment. It is her classical farewell music alive------- The Voice from a Woman's Soul: "Thanks. Do i look well in wedding dress. (Ya) But, the right time (for wedding dress) has gone. Er... Schade. I had several chances to put on the wedding dress. But i missed it. Support me don't marry ? ( to Audiences) You support me what? Go on supporting me----- don't marry? (voice: choke and Shivery) Every lady's dream is: To possess Own wedding adress Own Wedding I do believe i , myself don't have a chance. I'm a Singer and an Actress. About the wedding dress, It's not my first time that i've put on. But everytime, it doesn't belong to me. Finally i tell my career partner---liu pei jin:"I Do really wanna put on for only 1 time, it doesn't matter that nobody marry me. Make me one own wedding dress, to show to everybody. A one really belongs to me. Finally, look, i do have one of my own----------the one simple but ceremoniousred carpet" (voice: choke and shivery) (applause) maybe only for 1 night----tonight, maybe for the whole night music concert, thereafter, it will be in storage. Give it to you? Erhehe (to audiences) So is the life: ---sometimes, you thought, thought, you will have, but the fact is simply against your wish, you couldn't get. ---I thought, i thought i could marry when i was 28 or 30 years old. ---And when i reach 32, i could have my own family, own children, but, but, neither. ---finally, i am 40, what do i have? (to audiences) (audiences' clamour) ---I-Have-You (my fans) But i wanna warn all of you, If you are in love, in dating, Don't think for too long, otherwise your partner will gone at any time. The dream of woman and man are not the same. The woman's dream is to have own family, To have a good husband who loves her. To have a whole life companion to acompany till the end of the life, till they are old. But, the fact is no, no, Nothing. Whatever you do, nomatter how hard you try, you make all your efforts to work it out, its just, just empty. Aha, no problem, i can wait for Beckhamm, wait for his divorce. But wait for liu de hua, more than difficult . He is a celibatarian. (cry+laugh) Liu de hua: a famouse singer and actor, the man whom she loves, and A man who has no intension of marriage. Ok. The following is my last song of the concert. It contains many meanings, including the voice of my heart and soul. But i wanna tell all of you, the sunset is beautiful, but in one second, it becomes the past. So we have to treasure each minute, each second, I wanna tell you, the sunset is beautiful, but it approaches the dust (of the life).
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