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13 Tren Dong Song Dao

From - Posted: Oct 26, 2011 - 34 views
Phim | 13 Tren Dong Song Dao | 13 Tren Dong Song Dao
13 Tren Dong Song Dao
13 Tren Dong Song Dao
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Song Dao,ส่องดาว,Wat Tham Phuang,Sawang Daen Din,2555,Thailand.

Starting off at Sawang Daen Din,สว่างแดนดิน,we head south 30km and south of Song Dao,ส่องดาว, to Wat Tham Phuang,วัดถ้ำพวง, Temple or Wat Tham Apai Damrong Tham Complex perched on the top of mountain range,and 700m above sea level.We visit a collection of 8 temples linked by connecting paths,and with breathtaking views below of the terrain at various points.Stunning tropical plants, flowers.One the temples imported from India.Filmed November 14th 2012,2555,HD,North East Thailand.Included in the movie Museum of Archan Wan Uttamo.The museum features paintings of the famous monk Archan Wan.Sakon Nakhon Province,จังหวัดสกลนคร..All the road signs to this complex are in Thai,so Thai family or friends who can read Thai to guide you the way would be advantageous.
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