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♥Sexual Desire♥

From - Posted: Jun 20, 2013 - 1,591 views
Phim | ♥Sexual Desire♥ | ♥Sexual Desire♥
♥Sexual Desire♥
♥Sexual Desire♥
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Keiona4rocProduction®✔ Chapter 17 __________________________________I wasn't sure if I was doing any of this right, but I wasn't going to stop and ask. Then I felt something slip inside me. I gasped with his mouth still over mine. He ate my moans before they became sound. I realized that it was his finger inside me, slowly moving in a circle around my walls. "Chresanto!"I arched, my eyes clenched shut as another spasm of electricity hit my system, instantly converting to pleasure. Moving his lips to my neck, he pulled his finger out of me. He traced my opening with his index finger, making three circuits before slipping back into me. "Lesson two," he said calmly. "There will be lots of this to come, Yn. My fingers will be inside you more than once and you will enjoy each time more than the last. Fingering is only a tiny part in what I have planned for you. The rest will come later." Oh my God, nothing like this had ever happened to me before. How could something so simple as a finger inside me create this...blinding ecstasy inside me? It was impossible. And then his hands on my skin. How was it possible that he could make me so aroused before he even touched me there? I had washed my body before in the shower but that was simple and totally unlike what Chresanto had done to me. It didn't make sense. But all thought was wiped clean from my mind when he inserted two fingers inside me. Suddenly, colors exploded behind my eyes and my toes curled as an intense, scorching wall of pleasure hit me. I went soaring into the sky, my back arching sharply. I knew I was making some kind of sound but I couldn't remember what it was. All that my brain was capable of understanding was this new sensation in my body. It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. When I came back down from the heaven I was in, I felt Chresanto still moving his fingers inside me.He was pumping me, now using three fingers. He pinched me gently and I was sent over the edge once more into that vast chasm. This time I was aware of the scream that exited my throat. Chresanto was kissing my mouth, throat, shoulders, breasts, stomach. But he never reached that particular spot. He was avoiding it. He had stopped pumping me. I was silently relieved --I didn't know if I could handle another feeling of helpless pleasure like I had before. My body had turned to jell-o, flimsy and incapable of any kind of strength. "Yn?" he asked. I bit my lip when that musical voice reached my ears."Y-yes...?" I breathed "Open your eyes." I obeyed to find that his face was only inches from mine. Those wide, emerald eyes stared into my own with an expression that was triumphant. "Welcome to your first orgasm," he said huskily. "Or should I say second?" He smirked. I blushed slightly but wasn't full coherent to blush darkly. I was still floating in a fog of bliss."Did you enjoy it?". "Oh yes!" All embarrassment had left me now and I grinned widely, raising myself up on my elbows. His eyes traveled down my chest before flitting back to my face. That's when I noticed I was naked. This time I did blush bright crimson, covering my chest with my arm. He sighed. "I wish you wouldn't cover your beautiful body," he murmured softly, gently grasping my wrists. "It is a shame to hide it away." He didn't force my arms away, for which I was thankful. Chresanto grazed his lips over my shoulder, causing my stomach to tighten once again in anticipation. He bit me softly on the chest. I moaned, closing my eyes. My heart was once again speeding out of control. But I hardly cared. If he stopped, I was sure I would shrivel up and die. His tongue trailed over my breasts and down my stomach. Once again, I was dripping wet for him. It boggled my mind how he was able to make me so anxious for him, so ready. His tongue licked up the juices trickling down my thighs. I arched, my hips unconsciously moving towards him. My own reactions stunned me. How did I know what to do in response to this god on the bed with me? Instinct was my only guide and I hoped I wasn't doing too horribly Then his tongue touched my hot folds. My eyes snapped open and I gasped. He didn't stop his exploration of my most intimate of places. Chresanto's words raced through my mind. "There are only three types of kisses...And the last is one in which I lick and suck your lips" The third kiss. I gasped.No questions on this one! Just want your thoughts! To everyone I was messaging Youtube Being stupid! -.- also at the end of this month I will be making a shout video. :)♥16+Comments ♥16+Likes ♥Subscribe
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How to Turn Spring Cleaning into a Sex Game

Watch more Spring Cleaning videos: http:www.howcast.comvideos418182-How-to-Get-Nontoxic-Spring-Cleaning-IdeasMake spring cleaning something to look forward to by incorporating sex into the action.Step 1: Make a chore list Draw up a spring-cleaning list, and then write down each chore on a separate piece of paper. Tally up the chores, making sure you have an even number, and put them in a bowl.Step 2: Write down sex wishes Write down your sexual desires and fantasies on individual pieces of paper and have your partner do the same. Make sure the number of desires you each list is equal to at least half the number of chores.Tip The wishes don't all have to be sex acts, but they should involve reward, romance, and intimacy. For example: a half-hour foot rub, or a candlelit dinner for two.Step 3: Put them in a bowl Put your wishes into one bowl, and your partner's into another.Step 4: Take turns picking tasks and rewards Take turns picking tasks from the chore bowl. For every chore you do, your partner must pick a sex fantasy of yours they will fulfill, and vice versa.Tip Entice your partner to help you with your chores by donning a sexy cleaning outfit -- or nothing at all.Step 5: Raise the stakes Raise the stakes -- and get things done more quickly -- by awarding an additional wish to whoever finishes their tasks faster.Tip Incorporate penalties for minor infractions. If your partner misses a dust bunny, demand an extra massage.Step 6: Be forewarned Be aware that this game may result in you both becoming sexually aroused by the sight and smell of cleaning products.Did You Know? A quarter of respondents to a spring-cleaning survey said they'd give up dining out for a month to hire someone else to do their spring cleaning.
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Sexual Arousal Through Isochronic Tones

Check out for the full brainwave entrainment experienceThere are 3 types of Brainwave Entrainment of differing popularity: Binaural Beats, the most commonly known type of Brainwave Entrainment Isochronic Tones, the second most commonly known type of Brainwave Entrainment Monaural Beats, the third most commonly known type of Brainwave Entrainment
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Clois Smell Of Desire

*Warning Contains Sensual Content* Due to losing all of my clips and vids, I decided to do a test video with all new clips I ripped and converted. Well the quality is not as good as I wanted due to computer glitches and having to publish like several times. If its not one thing its another. My computer is totally acting up on me, so now I have to fix it. Anyway I had to finish this. I just couldn't stop. Now that I have I can figure out what is up with my computer. Once that is done I will get to The True One. Now for the vid. I am sorry if the quality is poor. This vid is very smutty and suggestive. So hopefully no one gets offended. It contains rated-R clips. If you don't like this kind of stuff. Then please do not watch it. I am going to flag it myself because I just want to make sure that I don't offend anyone and to prevent young ones from watching. Can you tell I am like nervous about this...LOL I am probably over reacting. Anyway let me know what you think if you do watch it. In this vid I have combined clois scenes and others scenes with movie clips. This is paying homage to my very first vid Principals Of Lust. Let's say in this one she knows about his powers. It's what happens in the loft and the farmhouse after Lois' comment "I must have really liked you". Hope you enjoy!! :)
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The Knife song lyrics boy girl

The Knife song lyrics BoyGirl Hope you like it :)The Knife Game Lyrics:Oh, I have all my fingers, the knife goes chop chop chop If I miss the spaces in between, my fingers will come off And if I hit my fingers, the blood will soon come out But all the same, I play this game, cause thats what its all about Oh, CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP Im picking up the speed And If I hit my fingers then my hand will start to bleed
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♥Hαρρy 16th Bιяth∂αy Sριffy♥

Chresanto Romelo Lorenzo August ♥ ♥ ♥ *le melts* OMG today is a very special day for you!! Roc I just wanna say it's so nice to see what an successful young men( Sexy Uyyy ♥) you're growing up to be!!! Your my favorite in MB && you've been my favorite since day one!!! like your changing on me so quickly! I remember hearing "My Girl" on the radio for the first time I remember hearing "My Girl" on the radio for the first time♥ I love your personality!! && of course your sexy ass vampire teeth,&& lastly your voice ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm so happy to see your success cause I know when you first started it wasn't that easy! AHHH I REMEMBER HIM BEING SO TINY LIKE IT WAS YESTERDAY!! now.. you just all BUFFED&& HANDSOM& VERY BEAUTIFUL TO ME ♥ Like to me you just GLOW!! I even remember of course your Puff Ball♥ Like Roc words can't evn explain of how I feel right now! Im especially so happy for mama August for bringing you into the world!! && especially glad that day she brought you to the audition because without you in it MB to me just wouldn't be complete♥ && Oh my your such a tease!♥ betta stop cause some of my friends already wanna kipnap you lol. I know I haven't gotten a chance to meey ya'll but dammit I promise I will! Trust&& Believe♥ I would cry but...umm... today we gonna TURN UP on your amazing 16th Birthday! Enjoy this awesome day!!Have the best day ever!! Don't worry about the HATERS!! Today WILL BE DRAMA FREE!! DON'T. LET. ANYONE. KILL. YOUR. VIBE!! I wish God continue to bless you throughout your life Stay Mindless&& mind your Behavior && Well for most TURN ZEE HELL UP!!! ♥ ♥ ♥We LOVE you soo much!! && Happy 16th Birthday.but hehe ya'll out of your mind if you think this is it! *shakes head* NOO! How about a Birthday Massage shall we? ;)Twitter- KeeKeeOMG( p.s i never really been on it! :P) Instagram-KeeKee_OfficallyMissGuided Kik- KeKe_Beauty98 Wattpad- ( ( http:wattpad.comKeKeSoMindless143 ) Ask- KeionaBeauty Yo I advice you if you wanna turn up on Twitter, Kik, && Instagram tonight to celebrate Roc Bday I advice you to follow, add, etc. ^_^ ~KeKe♥
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This is my desire Michael W. Smith with lyrics

A beautiful song set to some beautiful pictures. Worship video.
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This is My Desire Hillsong

This is my desire, to honor You Lord with all my heart I worship You All I have within me I give You praise All that I adore is in You Lord I give You my heart I give You my soul I live for You alone Every breath that I take Every moment I'm awake Lord have Your way in me
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How to Read Faces for Sexual Attraction Body Language

Watch more How to Read Body Language videos: http:www.howcast.comvideos501679-Clues-a-Person-Is-NOT-Attracted-to-You-Body-LanguageLearn how to read a person's face to see if they are sexually attracted to you in this body language video from Howcast.So essentially the face is like the epicenter of communication so when you're sitting down having a conversation with somebody you're not looking at their arms or leg most of the time. Most of the time you're paying direct attention to the face and for the most part there's a lot of different signs of attraction in the face.One of the most useful things without a doubt is going to be smiles, so smiles and laughter. You tend to see that when someone's attracted to somebody you tend to see a significant amount of smiles. Like when you're on a date and no one smiles once, not a good date. The more smiles the better and typically you want genuine smiles. Genuine smiles are indicated by the crows feet to the left and right to the eyes and wrinkles below the eyelids. Those are the indications of a genuine smile. Essentially there are five points to a smile. One is the upward turning of the lips creating that smile face. The second is the raising of the cheeks. The third is the opening of the mouth. Most people can make that fake kind of smile. Most people can activate the fourth and fifth criteria for a genuine smile or an zygotic smile or a smile which essentially is the crows feet. So there's wrinkles to the left and right of the eyes and there's slight wrinkles below the eye.So most people when they can just nail that and look at you and give you that genuine smile it's an indication that they really like you so it's something that you're looking for. You're looking for smiles, you're also looking for laughter. So laughter is definitely correlated with date success. You'll look for blushing, that helps. What's really cool, is you'll look for the maintenance or preparation of the face. One of the things people tend to do is if they like you they want to look good. Right? So you'll tend to see that during the date for example, they may constantly fix something or constantly gesture something about their face or constantly change some sort of aspect of their face to make themselves essentially look better.So one of the things you'll see before people kiss is that they lick their lips a lot or apply lip gloss. So what you can do is sit there across from somebody and they haven't applied lip gloss once and then all of a sudden in the last 10 to 15 minutes of the date you tend to see them apply lip gloss like three times. Why? Why are you applying lip gloss? The reason is because you intend to be kissed.People check their breath, people will lick their lips a lot. I see it all. I've observed so many people do this. It makes sense. We're about to kiss somebody we want our lips to be prepared. It's one of those things we tend to do to attracted somebody.
594,780 views | Jul 06, 2012

I Give You My Heart Hillsong Featuring Holly Dawson

VERSE: This is my desire, to honor You Lord, with all my heart, I worship You All I have within me, I give You praise All that I adore, Is in You CHORUS: Lord, I give You my heart I give You my soul I live for you alone Every breath that I take Every moment I'm awake Lord, have Your ways in me VERSE: This is my desire, to honor You Lord, with all my heart, I worship You All I have within me, I give You praise All that I adore, Is in You CHORUS: Lord, I give You my heart I give You my soul I live for you alone Every breath that I take Every moment I'm awake Lord, have Your ways in me CHORUS: Lord, I give You my heart I give You my soul I live for you alone Every breath that I take Every moment I'm awake Lord, have Your ways in me BRIDGE: And I will live, And I will live for You CHORUS: Lord, I give You my heart I give You my soul I live for you alone Every breath that I take Every moment I'm awake Lord, have Your ways in me
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Copyright Ft Donae o My Desire Original Mix

Artist:Copyright Ft Donae'o Title:MY DESIRE Genre:Deep House Label:Defected Release Date: 2013-05-20 Buy it :http:www.beatport.comreleasemy-desire1091270DISCLAIMER : Just promote and share music.All the rights belongs to the artists and the owners!!! If you have any problems with the uploads please contact me and I will remove the video immediately.
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Up∂αтɛs ❤

❤ ❤ Young&& Talented ♡♡Hey Sugar's ❣ ❣ ❣ I'm feeling soooo much better now. I was just stressed out kinda with things that's why I haven't been writing as much like I was. but I'm.good like im doing better. umm... Oh yeah I also was making a writingSchedule since I will soon be going back to school August 19 -.- but I'll so you the Schedule later ^_^ umm.. I'm still Brain storming for Baby Mama like I said I'm not going to give up on zee story! but the new story I will be writing after I'm finish with Sex Toy cause I'm trying to keep my stories in order since some ppl say it be hard to catch up with chapter -.- still luhh ya though ❤ Okay So you know how I told you guys to vote between Ray or Princeton( my vote went to Papi ❤) well.. turns out the winner is... Princeton! ❤ Trust me you guys will love it! it will be kinda Exotic as my friends say -.- && it will be some spanish in it & I wont be telling you what it means cause that take up space putting it in parenthesis so If you wanna know what it means go to google translate!! lol changing up somethings.I also want to say Thank You soooo much for the supportive I've been getting like my stuff been Increasing&& I couldn't ask for more ❤ ❤ ❤ like 63 likes :O I was shock because I really didnt expect to get it but thank you just so much I love you guys ❤ I wish I could Inbox all of you but you know Youtube be a Dickhead at times -.-Bubblez I'm still reading your story bew so I haven't forgotten! ❤ OK! I wanna ask zee questions. 1.) Is there anything you guys dislike about my stories?.Like I wanna now is there anything I need to change? 2.) Isn't my bestfriends cute!! When school starts back I'ma video record them so you can see how crazy they are! :PP.s Anybody wanna Kik? If so leave your user below! :)~ KeKeSweetSweet ❤
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DJ Drama feat. Fab, Wiz Khalifa & Roscoe Dash Dir. by Derek Pike Subscribe to Three21: http:bit.lythree21subscribe More Three21 Music Videos: http:bit.lythree21musicvidsTWITTER http:twitter.comRikCordero http:twitter.comThree21MediaFACEBOOK http:facebook.comthree21mediaOFFICIAL SITE http:three21media.comTHREE21 SHOP http:bit.lythree21shop
8,234,064 views | May 27, 2011

My Oh My Desiree Dawson Tremblay

written by Des mixed by Seb
773 views | Jul 05, 2011

Tristan Prettyman My Oh My Official Video

Official Music video by Tristan Prettyman performing "My Oh My". Purchase single on iTunes: http:smarturl.itYTVevoMOM FB: http:www.facebook.comTristanPrettyman Twitter: http:www.twitter.comTPrettyman Instagram: @insta_mistrizz(P) (C) 2012 Capitol Records, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by Capitol Records, LLC, 150 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011.
1,227,263 views | Aug 01, 2012

A Hearts Desire A Twilight Cast story EP6

-AT ECLIPSE PREMIERE- NIKKI POV- "no chace tonight?" some interview asks. i laugh "not tonight im afraid. tonight im here with one of my cast mates. my on-screen hubby kellan!" i laugh as he walks up and putz an arm around me. "something going on there then?" another asks "what?!? no! they're engadged! geez!" kellan replies. "just friends. best friends." i add on the end hugging him. there are several "aaaws". "i must say im a little disapointed, we all thought you two would get together. what a shame. you look so good together." we talked for a few more minutes. -LATER THAT NIGHT- ash, kris, jack, rob, peter, liz, kel and i were walking back to our hotel. we were staying the night and heading back to LA tomorrow. of course all of the couples were sharing rooms. mine and kels excuse was because we wanna have a catch up. best freind movie night. of course we just wanted to be alone, able to spend a night together without chace coming home and kellan having to leave. as soon as we shut the door and flipped on a film kellan locked the door, picked me up and carried me to the bed. "i hate having to sneak around." "not long now baby" i tell him. he chuckles. we stripped eachother, kissing and carresing eachother until i traced his abs lightly with my fingers and moaned into his mouth. then we just couldnt wait any longer. -3AM- i lay on kellans chest listening to his steady breathing. he was still fast asleep. i only just woke up. i hear him murmur my name in his sleep and i like that. knowing that he's dreaming of me. i fall back asleep. -8AM- i jump out of bed, run to the bathroom and am sick. ugh gross. i brush my teeth, hop in the shower and get dressed. i leave emmett a note that says 'gone to shop. be back soon. - butterfly xx' i get to the shop, buy what i need and walk back to the hotel. when i get to the room i see that kellan's gone somewhere and for the moment i'm glad. i walk in to the bathroom. -15 MINUTES LATER- kellan and the others walk into our room to find me curled up on the bed crying. kellan runs to me. "nik, what is it? whats wrong?" "i-i'm pregnant" everyone else is congratulting me. "why arent you happy for nik kel? and nik why are you crying?" "because it might not be chace's" i reply. "what but who..." kris asks. "mine." kellan says. "WHAT?" the others gasp. i start to cry. "please don't hate me... i just... chace is having affaird with 3 other woman. and i love kellan, but i wanted to get back at chace. so i decided that i would text the girls to meet at one of chace's interviews. all of them. and tell them all we broke up. see what happens... please dont hate me?!?!?!?" "oh nik, we could never hate you. i think he deserves it!" ash says. everyone agree's. i take kellan's hand "what are we going to do teddy bear?" "well nik, we get a DNA test. if its mine then thats great, fantastic. and we'll tell everyone that there was one night when you were vulnerable and we were both drunk cos you had just found out about chace lying to you about iraq... and about the other 3..." he trails off. "and if it's chace's?" i ask. "you tell him, he has the right to know. but you still brake up. and ichace wants to be in the baby's life then i'll be the awsome step-dad. if not, ill be the father. i will love that child nik, mine or not..." i kiss him gently and he looks into my eyes. "i love you butterfly" he tells me gently. i run my fingers down his face and kiss he cheeks. "i love you too teddy bear." -1 WEEK LATER- GETTING THE DNA RESULTS BACK- "okay well the baby's father is... kellan lutz." i smile and kiss him passionately. "oh my goodness! thank you so much doctor!kellan were having a baby!" he picks me up and swings me around laughing. "oh my god, the interview is going to start soon. come on!" we run to the car and kellan drives us there.within 15 minutes were sitting in the audience. half way through the interview all 3 woman figure out whats going on and they all slap its my turn. i walk to him. "you know what chace, your a cheating jackass. and were so over." i throw the ring at him, slap him, take kellan's hand and walk out.
145 views | Mar 13, 2012

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