Phim | 屬於我們的回憶 SNSD in taiwan EP1 | 屬於我們的回憶 SNSD in taiwan E

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屬於我們的回憶 SNSD in taiwan EP1

From - Posted: Aug 22, 2013 - 328,351 views
Phim | 屬於我們的回憶 SNSD in taiwan EP1 | 屬於我們的回憶 SNSD in taiwan EP1
屬於我們的回憶 SNSD in taiwan EP1
屬於我們的回憶 SNSD in taiwan EP1
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EP2 有使用到許多飯拍影片..照片.... 沒跟原影片者告知....抱歉.....
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屬於我們的回憶 SNSD in taiwan EP2 有使用到許多飯拍影片..照片.... 沒跟原影片者告知....抱歉.....
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SNSD少女時代 2013感動的 三巡 Taiwan場

注意 2015327 ♘SNSD 少女時代 2015重返榮耀 連結最尾端重整理剪輯720 721 少女時代三巡兩場台北演唱會精彩畫面,影片版權屬於原拍攝著所有 .. 謝謝你們辛苦的拍攝珍貴的畫面 留下2013最美好的回憶
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Girl s Generation 2011 2nd Tour in Seoul 1 2 Full

Girl's Generation 2011 2nd Tour in Seoul- Part 1. Act 1: 1.Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) 2.You-aholic 3.Mr. Taxi (Korean ver) 4.I'm In Love With The Hero 5.Let It Rain (Korean ver.) 6.Snowy Wish 7.뻔 & Fun (Sweet Talking Baby) 8.Kissing You 9.Oh! (House ver.) Act 2: 1.Don't Stop the Music (Hyoyeon's solo) 2.Almost (Jessica's solo) 3.3 (Sunny's solo) 4.Lady Marmalade (Taeyeon & Tiffany's duet) Act 3: 1.The Great Escape 2.Bad Girl 3.Run Devil Run 4.Beautiful Stranger 5.Hoot (Rock ver.) Act 4: 1.If (Yuri's solo) 2.Sway (Sooyoung's solo) 3.Stuff Like That There (Seohyun's solo) 4.4 Minutes (Yoona's solo) Act 5: 1.Danny Boy 2.Complete Encore 1 1.My Child 2.Cold Noodles 3.HaHaHa 4.Gee 5.Forever Encore 2 1.Into the New World 2.Way To Go 3.Baby Baby 4.It's Fantastic
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130721 SNSD World TOUR In Taiwan Talk JeTi

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[Girl's Generation World Tour 2013 In Taiwan] Sone acapella Into The New World for SNSD #‎GGWTInTaiwan‬...Congratulations Soshi......Thanks Taiwan-Sone I LOVE YOU T-SONE
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SNSD dancing and having fun!! 2009

follow me on instagram @snsdinstaeffect all the girls (maybe) yoona was doing other job ... but they have a lot of fun here ...Song List 0:54 Mondotek - Alive 3:18 WALI ALI - SWERVE 3:40 아기염소 - 꾸러기 동요 4:08 Toni Basil - mickey 4:33 Daler Mehndi-Tunak Tunak Tun 5:03 Shinhwa - Wild Eyes 5:37 Park Hyun Bin - Shabang Shabang 6:24 Girls' Generation - Gee 7:26 Norazo - Superman (SHUPAMAN) xD!! 8:01 Jyp - honey 8:40 Dj Peter Project - Doo be doo 9:25 Madonna - Music haha nice dance! lee bum soo dance lol
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SNSD 6th 因為少時我很幸福Taiwan fan made 少女時代六周年飯製中文字幕

少女時代六周年快樂 還要到十周年二十周年!!!!!!! 製作:就是我~ 影片內容均來自youtube和自己的一些檔案 音樂:SNSD-Promise(整首)SNSD-Forever(有剪接)SNSD-Complete(有剪接)
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130721 SNSD World TOUR In Taiwan ITNW

130721 SNSD World TOUR In Taiwan 西西最後跟大家舉不同手唷 XD
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SNSD The Funniest Girl Group Part 8

Please do not re-upload. Thank you!Hi guys! I'm back :)Enjoy!
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Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I uploaded a video. Hope you all will enjoy this ^^ Sorry if you can't watch this on mobile devices T-T Please DO NOT re-upload.
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130823 SNSD Yuri Seohyun arrived Incheon Airport leaving for Singapore

130823 Yuri & Seohyun baby arrived @ Incheon Airport leaving for Singapore! Yuri is so pretty while Seobb is so cute as always! Ironic as in I'm sending them to my country while I'm staying in Seoul! LOL!
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Vietsub SNSD Into The New World Concert Full Disc 1

My-J Cafe Shop (27157 Pháo Đài láng,Đống Đa,Hà Nội - Điểm gặp mặt của cộng đồng fan kpop.
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