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From - Posted: Oct 29, 2012 - 308,741 views
Phim Vo Thuat | TONY JAA in JAPAN YouTube | TONY JAA in JAPAN YouTube
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Tony Jaa, mostra ao vivo coreografias do filme Ong Bak. Tony Jaa showing to the public choreography Ong Bak movie
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Tony Jaa Live in Korea

Tony Jaa - Live in Korea
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Tony Jaa
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Tony Jaa Also Does Kung Fu

For sure, Tony Jaa does martial arts from Thailand. After watching Ong Bak 2, it's very clear that he is influenced by and practices Chinese least for the movies. I do not claim to own any of the video footage here. This video is purely for review purposes.
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Jackie Chan talking about Tony Jaa .

Interview with Jackie chan in Thailand from his promotion of Shinjuku Incident 2009.
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Tony Jaa. Tom yum goong

Отрывок из фильма, известного зрителю СНГ по названию "Честь дракона" с Тони Джаа в главной роли. Просто захотел поделиться несколькими эпизодами. Может и вы захотите посмотреть фильм полностью :)
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