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That son than quyen xa quyen

From - Posted: Oct 14, 2010 - 9,262 views
Phim Vo Thuat | That son than quyen xa quyen | That son than quyen xa quyen
That son than quyen xa quyen
That son than quyen xa quyen
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Nhất long thủy sơn quyền ( TSTQ1)
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Thất Sơn Quyền Thất Sơn Thần Quyền Thanvodao Seven Mountains Spirit Fi...

Vietnamese Kung Fu of Indo-Chinese martial art. It's an internal & external martial system of Thanvodao, an ancient form of mystic Taoist-Buddhist Kung Fu.Thất Sơn Quyên có nhiều hệ phái. Hê phái này hơi nghiêng vào khuynh-hướng tâm-linh. Võ phái với cá-tính biệt-lập & không giống các môn phái Thất Sơn khác. Nó là tác-hợp giữa Thần Quyền & Thất Sơn Quyền làm cơ sở cho nền tảng tâm-linh và võ thuật.
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phim vo thuat

That son than quyen Ho quyen

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Thất Sơn Quyền Thần Quyền Thần Võ Đạo Trường Đao 苗刀Miao Dao Chang Dao

According to the ancient, the Miao ( the ancient Viet people in old China & now is an ethnic group in China, & Vietnam ) & many nearby Asian people have had the long bladed swords. Chinese call Miao Dao, Chang Dao. We call Trường Đao, or Burmese call Dza, etc....It's a family of Wu Jian 武劍, 武 刀, Võ-Đao & belonged to double-handed combat sword family. In the old days, we used different sizes, & length of banana -choppers to replace them. After the revolution, to custom-made a sword was an outlaw in some areas if done without the permit of the local government . It's doesn't matter how people call it, it's just a long bladed weapon. I like it the most besides the whip & Kwan Dao. It's a harmonious combination of Quyền (Form) & Kiếm Pháp ( Sword Technique ) beside the Thần Quyền (Spirit form ). The fighting technique off its alertness without going to the trance ( không dùng võ Tổ). The Spirit weapon style is very different than this. It doesn't look like anything.Our tradition is counted on how effective the cuts to be applied, but not how pretty the posing or theatrical dance-like forms. To have a good long bladed sword, a traditional one should be made one-edged sword, its handle-grip length should take into account of both hands, since in use with one hand sometimes. It is considered in certain technique in our Thất Sơn Quyền. The blade is the most important parts of the attack, second is the nose. But in some cases, such as very close to the opponent, it can not be effectively used, the reverse part of it is the different angles of handle strikes then can be used. In our style, the blade must be heavy at the end, & very different with Japanese's, so it can be ground at the center-pose near the Tan Tien, Đơn-Điền. The thinner blade is moving faster, but it is flimsy, only for easy to practice form. When you attack, it has the disadvantage to the weak side of it. But, in the traditional way to use it, we prefer the correct weight proportionally compared to the heaviness at handle. To be called a reasonable nice sword, it does not refer only to the structure of the solid and fragile, but that in a whole piece when the back of the blade is relatively thicker & strong because the leverage is likely grounded at the bottom, & not right at the center, or tilted toward front. The " Long Hổ Đao Pháp "龍虎刀法 is our based form for it. Our ancestors used this traditional technique in battles & form-practice, but not for showmanship. It's not a flashy style of weapon. The Zue Wang Jian 越王劍 of King Goujian of Yue 越王勾踐 (reigned 496 BCE - 465 BCE ) was the king of the Kingdom of Yue, ancient Viet people (present-day Shanghai, northern Zhejiang and southern Jiangsu, China ) is the long double-edged sword. For sword's resting technique, we use its sharp edge to place against the shoulder back, but nowadays people has changed it I've been taught & grown up with this art all my life, & many traditional Asian masters are still use the old techniques. If using the double-sharp-edged sword, where can you hide the other sharp side of it? If people are so afraid to get cut, may just don't practice it!
10,418 views | Feb 10, 2012
phim vo thuat

Thất Sơn Thần Quyền Thần Võ Đạo Seven Mountains Spirit Fist Kung Fu

I attempted doing this video clip slower to show the moves & the chikung training, Luyện Công partially as reference for our students. The haft lower body was cut off completely for trademark purpose since people has faked our system in CA, or Pa areas. This is not the most perfect clip but just to share. Each style has its own art & ways of practice. I try not to seft-claim what is good about ours, but with the intention contributing to my Than Quyen folks at home also of the overseas' That Son Quyen.The technique of Luyen Cong 練功 soft-hard dynamic martial Chi Kung worked must faster for re-booting the energy level as healing & manifesting the body-heat. This is one of the version, but it is still in a fast version in this clip, since the time limit of loading on YouTube. I aimed at some places here for cultivating the Chi like in the stage of using single finger technique " I Yang Ji" 一陽指 , " Nhat Duong Chi " pressure-point strike, & directing Chi float. The animals hand forms included also. While doing the internal moves, must knowing how to direct & hold Chi at certain spots of the points on the body for about few seconds for Chi travel, focusing fully on the wanted target before releasing the inner Chi just like boiling water to evaporate. The process must be repeat in many times until grounding the Chi down to Dan Tian & ready to be activated before sending entire the body or wanted areas. It's our martial & healing Chikung applied when feeling sick or physical recovery for body low-battery recharging method. Sometimes, I apply the normal practice to refresh the practice. Our movements of not a graceful, fluent, fancy or pretty internal form, but contains the mainly slow & fast, Yin & Yang principle of martial forms. I use some of these for the ultimate confrontation between life & death situation if using on street for making a realistic final decision since I do not want to be bothered using Animal or Spirit kung fu skills, but from Chikung in fighting art. Our form is side by side with the step initiating the moves of Wu Zhu ritual & mainly based on calligraphic dance-like moves. It is continuous and directed from the center, reflectively with other angles of surrounding protection with covering moves, when needed on ground, then the form will be applied.The internal breathing exercise by using body as a tool to clean internally through martial posturing as a Chikung practice is the best way for me. With this slow & clear moves, I showed Shaolin (Hong Men 3rd Gate) stances, "Irion Jacket" Chi Kung ( Cương Khí Công), hard breaking technique " Công Phá ", mystic Wu Dang "Chuen Fa " Chưỡng Pháp, some parts of 36 continuous hands ( Liên Hoàn Thủ Pháp) related to 36 astral spirits (6th Gate), and finally the essence of the 8th Ultimate Gate (Bát Môn) is Thần Quyền ( Spirit Martial Art) related to mystic Er-Mei Pai & normal Thất Sơn Quyền ,七山拳 & 七山神拳 or Thần Võ Đạo of Vietnamese kung fu. Personally, to say, it's a real combat style between life & death match. I like the hardness & solidity of the Yang, or masculinity form of it. The cursive or soft Yin part is the intellectual kung fu style of ours that I apply in spiritual & health purposes instead of killing, but also it's a very abstract to understand of its use. Its dynamic character combined with muscle, tendon with bone columns enforced which is the famous traditional of Nan Chuan, Nam Quyền 南拳 combined with realistic northern kicks Bắc Cước 南拳北腿 with entire body application全身勢法.For its body coordination of martial drill when you think of training in kung fu, it's all Animal styles of exercise with claws & fist, flat hands & moving step by step in fighting poses, stances as the way to look at its forming characteristic. Here, it's just a form of Chi exercise for body conditioning & martial application of the Seven Mountains Kung Fu style. You can not expect by watching in a short clip & rely on what I practice to compare what you learn from necessarily. It's a mystic kung fu system in Southeast Asia. A rose is different than a Peony! The distance of the journey is a time consumed depend on how you traveling whether faster by airplane, bus, boat... it's all based on individual interest. I would take the air plane for expedite my trip & careless about enjoying the beautiful ride from bus, or a boat scene from a ship. It's my kung fu reference based on individual karma is all good for somewhat highly value reasons!
32,676 views | Feb 20, 2012
phim vo thuat

That son than quyen an thuy tinh

4,730 views | Oct 14, 2010
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Thieu ta luyen that son than quyen1

Môn này đánh rất nhanh, đa dạng. Các thế võ phát ra tự nhiên phụ thuộc vào khả năng ngộ đạo của từng đệ tử.
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ICMAC Masters Demo Thất Sơn Thần Quyền Shen Chikung Seven Mountains Sp...

Vietnamese Kung Fu of Indo-Chinese martial art. It's an internal & external martial system of Thanvodao, an ancient form of mystic Taoist-Buddhist Shen Chikung 神氣功of Mystic Kung Fu system. It's a Masters Demo for ICMAC, Orlando,Fl. When practicing, I normally do slow & stationary Chikung sets ( Jing Kung ) 靜 功 of 柔 功 or 軟功法, but it might bore people so I decided to do the Tung Kung ( 動 功) Action Chikung) in combination of the Liang Kung Fa 練功法. Thất Sơn Quyền có nhiều hệ phái. Võ phái với cá-tính biệt-lập & không giống các môn phái Thất Sơn khác. Nó là tác-hợp giữa Thần Quyền & Thất Sơn Quyền làm cơ sở cho nền tảng tâm-linh và võ thuật. Đây là phép Luyện Công thần-bí "Nội-Ngoại Công Pháp" của võ-phái bao gồm với đặc trưng Mudra Chikung 手印功 法 "Ấn-Công Pháp".
3,047 views | Jul 18, 2012
phim vo thuat

hầu quyền Nam Hồng Sơn.MP4

5,227 views | Oct 19, 2010
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Hạt thần quyền Cảm xạ 1

Sau 1 tháng luyện tập, Cảm xạ viên đang thi triển Hạt thần quyền Cảm xạ tại biển Kê Gà
29,045 views | Nov 12, 2008
phim vo thuat

That Son Than Quyen 2012

Đầu năm tập lấy ngày một tí.
4,935 views | Jan 29, 2012
phim vo thuat

That son than quyen an dao cao

6,926 views | Oct 14, 2010
phim vo thuat

Thất Sơn Thần Quyền dòng võ bùa Hoa Tạng Hoa Ấn

Các em học trò tập công, đem chia sẽ cho vui vì mỗi dòng võ thất sơn đều không giống nhau về cách dạy của từng võ phái.Bên phái này đa số nặng về phái quyền gồng & khí công. Luyện quyền thì khác, & khi sáp trận thì rất khác.
14,225 views | Jul 11, 2013
phim vo thuat

Hiệu ứng sinh học TNP 2 2 Thần Quyền, Bùa chú, Xiên lình

Sự kích họat bởi hai trường năng lượng Âm thanh và Ánh sáng đồng pha nhau sẽ tao nên Hiệu ứng kích họat năng lượng tiềm ẩn (được lập trình sẵn từ thiên nhiên nhằm 2 mục đích cơ bản đó là: đấu tranh sinh tồn và duy trì nòi giống) của Hệ sinh học trong Hệ quy chiếu Không-Thời gian khả kiến (Hiệu ứng sinh học - kỹ sư Đỗ Thanh Hải,NXB TP.HCM 2005) .Năng lượng tìềm ẩn sẽ được khai thông nếu và chỉ nếu hệ sinh học xác lập được sự tập trung cao độ của tinh thần, theo quan điểm nghiên cứu của công ty TOTHA gọi là Hiệu ứng Tâm năng phát khởi, gọi tắt là hiệu ứng TNP. Vấn đề đặt ra là khi nào thì Hệ sinh học xác lập được trạng thái nầy? Có 3 cách để truy xuất dữ liệu TNP : - Luyện tập : Thiền, Yoga, Khí công - Kết quả sẽ lâu bền tùy công năng luyện tập (Xem thêm) - Kích họat bởi Hệ sinh học đã được khai mở (tha lực tiếp dẫn) -.Kết quả nhất thời - Kích họat bởi Trường năng lượng Âm thanh và Ánh sáng - Kết quả nhất thời Lưu ý, tùy theo phương pháp kích họat chọn nguồn thông tin thu,phát từ thiên nhiên, hoặc từ vũ trụ mà hiệu ứng TNP sẽ tạo ra hai dòng năng lượng đó là : - Năng lương trắng (mang thông tin Chân-Thiện-Mỹ). - Năng lượng đen (mang thông tin Giả-Ác-Tà). (Hiệu ứng sinh học - KS ĐỖ THANH HẢI)
10,607 views | May 12, 2010
phim vo thuat

thất sơn thần quyền Võ cổ truyền
159,610 views | Dec 01, 2010
phim vo thuat

Thất sơn thần quyền

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6,895 views | Dec 01, 2010
phim vo thuat

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