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cuoc Dau Sung Ki La Nhat The Gioi

From - Posted: Apr 12, 2011 - 822,856 views
Phim Viet Nam | cuoc Dau Sung Ki La Nhat The Gioi | cuoc Dau Sung Ki La Nhat The Gioi
cuoc Dau Sung Ki La Nhat The Gioi
cuoc Dau Sung Ki La Nhat The Gioi
Thời lượng: 04 phút 09 giây 
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phim viet nam

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Medal of Honor Cat

Tweet it! http:bit.lyRTMoHCat Facebook it! http:on.fb.meqt3asu A cat wins the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in the line of duty. We did not hurt any cats in the making of this video. One cat named Danny became incredibly well fed, though! --- 2nd Channel! http:youtube.comfreddiew2 Twitter! http:twitter.comfwong http:twitter.combrandonjla Facebook! http:facebook.comfreddiewspage Website!
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Teen Việt kỉ xảo còn hơn đạo diễn.flv

471,295 views | May 16, 2010
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Đấu Súng Kinh Hoàng Ở Việt nam

30,536 views | Aug 16, 2012
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Counter Struck By Saturday Night Special Productions

Uploader's Note: I do not claim this video mine. This video is about a gamer who plays Counter-Strike and starts to imagine a scenario in the game in real life. Really funny content. Enjoy! FilePlanet's Description: This is a live-action movie about an obsessed Counter-Strike player who loses his distinction between reality and CS, fighting terrorists on an exciting hostage rescue mission, ending with a clever twist. Counter-Struck tells the story of a gamer so obsessed with Counter-Strike that his distinction of what is real and what is not slowly fades away. Cleverly playing upon several quirks from the game, this movie follows the Player through his adventures of fighting terrorists and rescuing hostages, and ends with a twist. Chris shot this movie in a local warehouse in Minneapolis MN, for his final project in film class at MCAD. It took about 6 weeks from planning to completion; actual work time (writing, shooting, editing) was about 60-80 hours. It definitely shows, as it turned out simply amazing. This movie is clever and hillarious - definitely a must see. Video Description: Title: Counter-Struck Released: Jun 6, 2005 Runtime: 00:07:15 Counter-Struck is a parody of the videogame Counter-Strike. This is the original version of the smash-hit Counter-Struck, released in June of 2005. It was created as Chris Hedeen's final project for Intro to Film class at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where he goes to college. Counter-Struck made it into the April 2006 issue of Computer Gaming World Magazine, issue 261! Click the magazine cover below to read the interview with Chris! Magazine Cover Link: http:www.satnightspecial.comimagescgw_article.jpg Original Link: http:www.satnightspecial.commovies.php?movie=4 Main Site: Check out their other videos!
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Diet! Zombie Diet!

A comedy about two zombies and two survivors, created in 24 hours for the St Louis 24 Hour Film Race 2009. Theme: A Diet Prop: A Thermometer
357,131 views | Aug 15, 2009
phim viet nam

phim hanh dong 3D hay nhat nam 2011

3,096,727 views | Oct 18, 2011
phim viet nam

Armor Hero Emperor Movie Official English Clip HD 公式 2

Official Website : Official English Clips Playlist : http:goo.glUVi4P Source : Armor Hero Emperor (Movie)Fight for Glory (Armor Hero Movie OST - Closing Song)Chorus: In the darkness, fate is in your hands The shining light appears You fight for glory! In the darkness, hope is in your hands Believing in yourself Will lead you to the gates of victoryGather strength to fight and move forward Like the wind, you race with all your heart A hero of this world with an endless powerAs your armor is feared by the shadows Let the light of justice heal this world It pierces though dark clouds; It is here to stayEvery hero battles with what he believes Every hero gives his life for you and me The power of the will; The thirst for victory You're an Armor Hero!(Chorus)Every hero gives his life for you and me The power of the will; The thirst for victory You're an Armor Hero!(Chorus)Yeah!(Chorus)Soldier of Fortune (Armor Hero Movie OST)Verse: In this life, I long carve my own path Through time, every battle has its own wrath With courage, I unlock the seal of endless power As world crumbles down, it calls me to be its savior In this world, you wait for light to kill the dark As you sleep in fear, you tremble with your heart When you roam the earth, you see the endless terror Then you ask yourself, "When will evil end its horror?"Rap Refrain: I live, I come, I fight With my armor, I battle with all my might I live, I come, I fight I know victory can never be out of my sight I live, I come, I fight With my armor, I battle with all my might I live, I come, I fight I know victory can never be out of my sightChorus: As I fly with burning wings From the ashes, I'm reborn Every scar and wound may heal too soon But leaves a lasting markAs I come to save the world From the ruins, I will soar We will end this war, and the world will be free We will end this war, and the world will be free
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Hoang Sa Axn Phim hanh dong viet nam 2010

Phim ngắn : Đôi bạn Cast: hoàng sa axn, cascadeur axn, võ thuật việt nam, ngôi sao võ thuật việt nam toàn cầu 2010
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