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Tom and Jelly

From - Posted: May 01, 2013 - 4,865 views
Phim Hoat Hinh | Tom and Jelly | Tom and Jelly
Tom and Jelly
Tom and Jelly
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Final film Computer Animation Sheridan College 2013Music: Bubblin' Pipe - Thiaz Itch Spazzmatica Polka - Kevin Macleod
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A classic tom and jerry fight

its a scene from Ho-Ho Horrors and tom tries to eat jerry AGAIN...
7,658,697 views | Nov 05, 2008
phim hoat hinh

Minecraft The Amazing Spiderman! CLIMB WALLS, SHOOT WEBS! 1.8 Mod

More Spiderman in Minecraft - http:goo.glhmQehT The Amazing Spiderman is pretty awesome. But Spiderman in Minecraft? Out of this WORLD! Using this amazing Spiderman Minecraft mod, I'm able to swing on a web, shoot web balls, and capture radioactive spiders! If you guys enjoyed this video, be sure to check out my other Minecraft videos! I post daily Minecraft Roleplay videos, mod reviews, and more! ★2nd Channel - http:youtube.comSGCPlays ★Twitter - http:twitter.comSGCBarbierian ★Instagram - http:instagram.comSGCBarbierian ★Facebook - http:facebook.comSGCBarbierianThumbnail made by - http:youtube.comExultionFilms Thanks to Joe for installing! http:youtube.comSensualPumaLink to Mod - http:bit.ly136Behf
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phim hoat hinh

oggy and the cockroaches all out os shape

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phim hoat hinh

Best Idea Ever!

Funny Story. True Story. A story told like never before. "Best Idea Ever" is a funny take on the actual anecdote of Sir Newton and the apple. Made as my final graduation film at Sheridan College's Computer Animation Program.Softwares used in production are as follows.• Maya 2010 • Adobe After Effects CS4 • Adobe Premiere CS4 • Adobe Photoshop CS4 • Sonic Foundry Sound ForgeMade by Arpan Jolly @ Computer Animation, Sheridan College. 2010
2,036,012 views | Apr 27, 2010
phim hoat hinh

Chicken or The Egg

"Chicken or the Egg" is an offbeat romantic comedy about a pig who has an EGGdiction to eating eggs. But when he falls in love with the hottest chicken in town, he must choose what comes first... the Chicken or the Egg.A student animated short film by Christine Kim and Elaine Wu from Ringling College of Art and Design. Special thanks to our composer Laurent Courbier (laurentcourbier.comfr) and our sound designer Mutante Media (! &for more stuff about the film, please visit facebook.comCOTEfilm Enjoy!"Chicken or The Egg" - Short Film By "Christine Kim & Elaine Wu"{Ringling College of Art And Design}Author : Christine Kim and Elaine Wu Publisher Contact : [email protected]
479,351 views | Jun 09, 2013
phim hoat hinh

Pretty Ugly Final Film

4th year film made at Sheridan College in Ontario during the 200708 school year. Original music by Dan Rodrigues Everything else by Abbey PacciaEnjoy!
2,066 views | Apr 01, 2013
phim hoat hinh

Well,Hare,wait ! Nu,Pogodi ! CARTONS watch 11 20 Series HD

Of course, every once but looked series "Just you wait!". It is this cartoon really be called legendary Soviet cartoon. After all, its still love the look and the children and young people, and adults. And many of them are reviewing a series of series several times, and this in a time when the present abundance of cartoons, all cartoons and different in style and content! After all, even if only so this cartoon can be called a genius! It all started in 1969. Then on Soviet television there was the first cartoon series, "Well, wait a minute!" From director Vyacheslav Kotenochkin. And then it was not necessary, and no advertising! Cartoon with great speed gained wide popularity among people of all ages, regardless of social status, education, and other social characteristics. And now draws its humorous cartoon, which is hidden under the educational, enlightening context. Throughout all the cartoon series follows the adventures of the two main characters - the good and decent Hare and harmful bully Wolf. These two opposites constantly fall into various stories with a variety of problems, which they are able to solve because of their ingenuity, creativity and sense of humor, and all the quarrels and disagreements end peace and friendship. The whole cartoon is accompanied by an excellent sound design and the use of domestic, foreign and classic analog proizvedeniy.Sovetsky American cartoon series "Tom and Jerry", loved by every Russian in early childhood. Soviet animated series, beloved by every Russian in early childhood. In each series, "Well, wait a minute!" We learn about new adventures of a full-grown wolf bully and diligent mischievous Hare.Watch cartoons for kids online free   The first series was released in theaters in 1969, it talks about how they met future arch-enemies. Wolf - a typical Soviet bully wears bell-bottomed trousers, a cap-and smokes vosmiklinku exclusively "White Sea Canal." Hare - a good citizen, a couch potato, playing sports and planting flowers. When Wolf mayalsya idleness, walking the streets, smashed boxes, smiling policemen. Suddenly, a huge drop extinguished his cigarette. The weather is clear, it's not raining, then who is osmelilya for such insolence? And this is a little hare, who pours on the balcony of your flower garden. And the big man decided to punish insolent, having got him to the floor by a rope. However, the baby was not so simple and cut the rope with scissors, hit Wolf on the asphalt. Well, it seems this is war! Legendary and beloved cartoon, "Well, wait a minute!" You can watch online right now. Cartoon Well, wait! You can watch the entire series in a row on our site in high quality for free, without registration and SMS. Enjoy!
28,649,485 views | Feb 20, 2013
phim hoat hinh

Phim hoạt hìnhTom và Jerry mới nhất

Nhắc đến phim hoạt hình chắc hẳn không ai không biết đến loạt phim hoạt hình ăn khách nhất thế giới Tom và Jerry. Có thể nói Tom và Jerry đã chiếm được sự yêu mến của đông đảo khán giả là trẻ em và cả người lớn. Bộ phim ăn khách này được sáng tạo, viết kịch bản và đạo diễn bởi hai nhà làm phim hoạt họa là William Hanna và Joseph Barbera. http:maxphim.netthe-loai-phimhoat-hinh5
311,544 views | Jul 04, 2013
phim hoat hinh

Little Icarus HD Cute Short film about a Boy and his Plane Sheridan

A little boy wants to fly a toy plane, but he keeps getting it wrong until he finds the simplest idea is the best...Little Icarus (2011) | Animation - Cute Family Produced by Sheridan College ( CREDITS: Animated & Directed by Dylan Kurp, Music by Massimo ------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE to our channel for even more great content.If you're an artist or animator and would like to get featured on our channel Submit your Video or portfolio links to [email protected], or message us at Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.If you would like to be part of Mad Artist Group and earn money from all your artwork by licensing it to Advertising Agencies and concept studios, visit http:madartistgroup.comapplication------------------------------------------------------------- http:instagram.commadartistpublishing http:facebook.commadartistpublishing http:facebook.comsketchoholic http:thecompleteartistbook.comFor licensing of films, videos and price quotes relating to creative services, video production or other representation inquiries contact [email protected]
6,789 views | Jul 27, 2011
phim hoat hinh

DESTINED Romantic Love story. 3D Animated film By Yanyan Li Carol Sher...

Destined (2010) 01:22 | Animation - Drama Produced at Sheridan College ( Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Compositing, Lighting and Rendering by Yanyan Li Carol.
18,069 views | Nov 28, 2011
phim hoat hinh

Tom Jerry Tales Cat Nebula Speed 2013

11,385 views | May 12, 2013
phim hoat hinh

Sheridan College Post Grad Computer Animation Montage 2008

This 2 minute teaser is the best of 2007-2008 Post Graduate Computer Animation, Digital Visual Effects and Digital Character students work - Sheridan College Sheridan College 1430 Trafalgar Road Oakville, Ontario Canada L6h2l1 http:www1.sheridaninstitute.caprograms0809pcanm This is our program web page with other student animation examples. The Student Galery link is located in the lower left of page. Contact: Mark Simon, Program Coordinator [email protected]
46,442 views | Nov 07, 2008
phim hoat hinh

Sugar Slam Ringling College of Art and Design Thesis

Check out my animated thesis short film! Sugar Slam is my first 3D animated short. This one is for the kids! Grab some candy and enjoy!Follow me @ https:twitter.comArtSchoolCoolGo to to check out more of my animations.
1,513 views | Jun 20, 2013
phim hoat hinh

Demo Reel 2010 3D Animation

Sheridan College 2010 Demo Reel breakdown: 1. Final Film: Dino Damage (Trex vs VTOL) - Zbrush, Mudbox, Maya, GeoControl, Photoshop, Mental Ray, Vray, AfterEffects. 2. Interstitial - Maya, Photoshop, Mental Ray, AfterEffects. 3. Trex Turntable - wireframe, occlusiondisplacementnormal map, diffusespecular map. 4. Tachikoma Turntable - wireframe, occlusion, diffuse map. 5. Gamecube Controller Turntable - wireframe, diffuse map. 6. Lipsync assignment - character supplied by Sheridan College. Scene from 'Dazed and Confused'. 7. Turn and Walk - character supplied by Sheridan College. Music: Satoshi Tomiie - Glow (Spirit Catcher Remix)
11,779 views | Sep 01, 2010
phim hoat hinh

Xem clip Tom and Jerry 1 clip tap clip 1 Rạp tivi

83,592 views | Jun 28, 2011
phim hoat hinh

Shadows of Yharnam Co op

More like shadows of lag-nam
00 views | Apr 18, 2015
phim hoat hinh

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