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Tom and Jelly

From - Posted: May 01, 2013 - 4,511 views
Phim Hoat Hinh | Tom and Jelly | Tom and Jelly
Tom and Jelly
Tom and Jelly
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Final film Computer Animation Sheridan College 2013Music: Bubblin' Pipe - Thiaz Itch Spazzmatica Polka - Kevin Macleod
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Next Episode - Wednesday Hello everyone and welcome to my sky island challenge! This is my let's play series where I do challenges that you guys set me! If you have a challenge please send it to my facebook or twitter or inbox me on youtube! My twitter and facebook are listed below :)Squiddy T-Shirts - - - https:twitter.comiBallisticSquidFacebook - http:www.facebook.compagesIBallisticSquid164520893684505
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oggy and the cockroaches all out os shape

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Kung Fu Cooking Girls Original animation movie Abridged version

Some scenes of this video are been covered or deleted because of the clauses of Youtube. Plsease see the original HD version here: http:www.catsuka.complayer.php?id=kung_fu_cooking_girls&hd=1 Thanks to the suppost of CATSUKA! Wolf Smoke is a small original animation making studio. We have only a few ppl but we trying our best to make great animtion. Kung Fu Cooking Grils is a short story, we made it for testing new cartoon style and methoud of the way of making movies. We did key frames on paper first then used vector software to do the between frames and color painting. This is the first time that we use this way to do stuffs. Over 4000 key frames hand drawing and over 10,000 betweens in this movie. Any suggestion and comment is welcome!
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Lezhou Zhang rio 2013 Modeling Showreel 2013 Sheridan College Grad

Lezhou hang RioMy objective is to o create creatures in 3D modeling design packages always makes me so exciting. With the super cool features like Dynamesh in Zbrush, modeling just become so fascinating and enjoyable. I started to learn 3D modeling in Maya,2009. Now i am still learning modeling skills.I like to start modeling in Zbrush, whatever use ZSphere or Dynamesh, and then make a low poly mesh or an animation ready mesh in TopoGun. Baking some maps for using in Maya. Giving cool looking lights and render in Vray or MentalRay in Maya also. Moreover, I also can do some rigging, animation and compositing.www.Sketchoholic.comrelaxio https:www.facebook.comrelaxio
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Demo Reel 2010 3D Animation

Sheridan College 2010 Demo Reel breakdown: 1. Final Film: Dino Damage (Trex vs VTOL) - Zbrush, Mudbox, Maya, GeoControl, Photoshop, Mental Ray, Vray, AfterEffects. 2. Interstitial - Maya, Photoshop, Mental Ray, AfterEffects. 3. Trex Turntable - wireframe, occlusiondisplacementnormal map, diffusespecular map. 4. Tachikoma Turntable - wireframe, occlusion, diffuse map. 5. Gamecube Controller Turntable - wireframe, diffuse map. 6. Lipsync assignment - character supplied by Sheridan College. Scene from 'Dazed and Confused'. 7. Turn and Walk - character supplied by Sheridan College. Music: Satoshi Tomiie - Glow (Spirit Catcher Remix)
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Algonquin College Animation Program Demo Reel

Highlights of work produced by second and third year students of the Algonquin College Animation Program, Ottawa, Canada. Clips include traditionally drawn, Toonboom Harmony, Flash and Maya assignments. Music used with permission (if you like it check out more from Elvis Bossa Nova). For more info about the program go to http:www.algonquincollege.comMediaAndDesignprogramsanimation.htm
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Food Taste Test Mr Tom and Jelly Cups

This video is where real life ParasectGaming eats foods and gives opinions. Today he examines a nut bat mysteriously named 'Mr Tom' and jelly cups!
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Tom y Jerry Mama yo quiero mama Español Latino YouTube

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Xem clip Tom and Jerry 1 clip tap clip 1 Rạp tivi

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Justin Chan Animation Reel 2012 2013

Rough cut for my demo reel for my first year at Sheridan. What you see here are my best animated works mainly from the second semester. Please leave me some feedback!Music by Jim Guthrie: Sword and Sworcery - Lone Star
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DESTINED Romantic Love story. 3D Animated film By Yanyan Li Carol Sher...

Destined (2010) 01:22 | Animation - Drama Produced at Sheridan College ( Modelling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Compositing, Lighting and Rendering by Yanyan Li Carol.
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Thiaz Itch La Valse des Cordonniers

"La Valse des Cordonniers" - music & movie by Thiaz Itch (2009-2010) -
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Animation Demo Reel 2013

2013 computer animation reel music: Hungaria by Latche Swing
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phim hoat hinh

Beat Appetit HD CUTE 2D Animation by students at Sheridan College

What happens in the kitchen when you're enjoying your meal at a restaurant? Music to your ears that's what. Beat Appetit (2010) 03:10 | Animation - 2D Comedy Produced at Sheridan College ( CREDITS: Creates & Animated by Emily Pickett, Johnny Koester, Nicole Gagnon, Gordon Blagojevic, Ashley Belgrave, Leon Jo, Paul Halasa, Chris Makerewich, Dilraj Gahunia, Steve Robinson, Duck Lee, Andrew Glisinski. Watch short film at http:bit.lynSLDZ0 or scan the QR Code with your device =============================================== Browse our Digital Books at, please remember to LIKE and SHARE our pages. AND YOU TOO can be featured in our books or on our websites, simply create an account on and click BE PUBLISHED from the homepage. We'll see you on the site, please remember to share, like and comment our videos. We do this for free to promote all artists of the world. http:facebook.comSketchoholic htttp:Youtube.comMadArtistPublishing
11,442 views | Aug 19, 2011
phim hoat hinh

Thiaz Itch Earth, Wind, and Fire 2008

Album: The Box (2008)
1,240 views | Aug 28, 2012
phim hoat hinh

Wacom And Sheridan College Animation

Animation students and instructors at Sheridan College discuss how Wacom's Cintiq interactive pen displays play a vital role in the classroom and prepare graduates with the tools and techniques they will need in the workplace.Subscribe to our channel: Follow Wacom on Twitter: https:twitter.comwacom Like Wacom on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comWacom Join Wacom on G+: Follow Wacom's Pinterest Board: http:www.pinterest.comwacom
21,561 views | Mar 12, 2013
phim hoat hinh

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