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Final Fantasy VIII all cutscenes

From - Posted: May 14, 2011 - 1,106,955 views
Phim Hoat Hinh | Final Fantasy VIII all cutscenes | Final Fantasy VIII all cutscenes
Final Fantasy VIII all cutscenes
Final Fantasy VIII all cutscenes
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Xem Phim
Enjoy my compilation of all cutscenes from Final Fantasy VIII.All musictracks are from the original Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack: (Intro: fix music = "Liberi Fatali") overture starting up waltz for the moon dead end blue sky fithos lusec wecos winosec the extreme the stage is set premonition never look back find your way Memoria retaliation compression of the time the loser the castle (Outro: fix music = "ending theme" "eyes on me")-in this order-Many of you asked in your comments why I put music over the video clips and why I used music different from the original world music you heard when playing through the game. Here are the reasons:1) Most video clips had no audio at all and after a few minutes the whole video felt boring without melodies. 2) The whole video felt uncomfortable and disturbing when I put world music over it and changed the music track with every clip. 3) Putting long music tracks over "many" video clips resulted in a positive feeling that different clips belong together. The effect was that connected video clips suddenly created a "golden thread" and a storyline. 4) Achieving this goal forced me to use different songs than in the original game from time to time. Believe me: I tried to use the original songs whenever I could but sometimes it just didn't fit with the following scenes and keeping them would have resulted in keeping uncomfortable crossovers during the whole video.
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