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bubu chacha

From - Posted: Nov 24, 2014 - 10 views
Phim Hoat Hinh | bubu chacha | bubu chacha
bubu chacha
bubu chacha
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bubu chacha
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shouldve been the winning team if the judges were fair...
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BuBu ChaCha Opening Theme english subbed

One night, when my house had a power failure, my siblings and I gathered together and started singing some random old songs, while I play the guitar (my sister held the flashlight for me to see the strings). Then while singing, I had a flashback of my childhood memories. My favorite TV shows, lullaby, etc. "BuBu ChaCha" came to my mind and we all sang the opening theme song. I used to watch BuBu ChaCha, when I was roughly around 6 years old, before going to school. I miss this show so much. Please subscribe! ^.^
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ayaw eat bubu
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eppisode 2 of BubuChacha part 13After looking at all the clouds in the sky that look like animals, Randy gets the urge to fly, just as every child does. He wants to go visit the "Zoo of the Clouds" Randy and ChaCha think of many ways, but they fail at every attempt. ChaCha decides to call all the birds to help them fly, and off they go into the sky.
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hulog bubu
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xD era e lo sarà xsempre il mio cartone animato preferito xD
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BuBu.ChaCha. .Sigla.iniziale.

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De vorba cu bubu
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