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robot chien dau

From - Posted: Apr 20, 2013 - 691 views
Phim Hanh Dong | robot chien dau | robot chien dau
robot chien dau
robot chien dau
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This is an other non runner I bought from ebay.The beautiful motor was build inspired by the engine "Futura" from Heribert Midderhoff which was published in the german magazine "Maschinen im Modellbau (305)".The main problem was that the fly wheel was to small. (I show the originial fly wheel at the end of the film). So I made a large fly wheel from aluminium and brass.Another problem was that the spring in the valve was too strong. I replaced it with a shortend spring from a ball pen. Then the valve was not smooth-running enough. I lubricated it with graphite. Then I adjusted the valve with was the most challenging part. It has to be tight at the right moment but does not slowdown the engine.
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Đồ chơi xếp hình Lego Star Wars 75002 Robot chiến đấu AT RT™

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Xe tăng, xe bọc thép Nga khoe hỏa lực tại triển lãm RAE 2013

( - Máy bay chiến đấu, trực thăng tấn công cùng các hệ thống phòng không, xe tăng và xe bọc thép của quân đội Nga đã có màn trình diễn hỏa lực thật ấn tượng tại RAE-2013.Triển lãm vũ khí và đạn dược quốc tế RAE 2013 đã khai mạc tai khu vực Nizhniy Tagil của Nga vào ngày hôm qua (259) với màn trình diễn hỏa lực vô cùng ấn tượng của dàn vũ khí và thiết bị quân sự Nga, gồm: máy bay chiến đấu, trực thăng tấn công, tổ phợp pháo phòng không, xe tăng, xe bọc thép,...Một số loại phương tiện quân sự mới, như xe bọc thép chở quân, robot chiến đấu,... cũng lần đần đầu tiên được giới thiệu trước công chúng tại triển lãm RAE 2013.
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AlphaDog, U.S. Marines Robot Pack Animal Legged Squad Support System A...

The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab in partnership with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Boston Dynamics tested an autonomous robot on Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Sept. 10. Alpha Dog- The Legged Squad Support System, or LS3, demonstration was a performance test of the pack mule prototype for the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James Amos and DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar. Interviews include: Lt. Col Joe Hitt, DARPA program manager, and Brig. Gen. Mark R. Wise, Commanding General of the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. Video by Cpl. Christofer Baines | Defense Media Activity - Marines=== AiirSource === Give us your thumbs up for the troops! Source for interesting current- and archival military videos. Favorite this video and subscribe to AiirSource for future video updates.subscribe: http:youtube.comAiirSource facebook: http:facebook.comAiirSource g+: twitter: http:twitter.comAiirSource on the web:
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HOT ROBOT SLAVE Smosh vostfr

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Military Robots Boston Dynamics

new era of turks
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Google Buys Scary Military Robot Maker

Google has purchased the cutting-edge robotics firm which supplies mobile research robots for the Pentagon. The tech giant is keeping secret what it will produce with the acquired technology.Boston Dynamics, an engineering company that designs robots like BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat, and Atlas, is now the eighth robotic company to join Google's ranks in the last six months, the company confirmed Friday, according to The New York Times.The robotics company - based in Waltham, Massachusetts - is known for its fascinating robots that have a sense of balance and can walk and run on almost any kind of terrain. Boston Dynamics was established in 1992 and is known for supplying robotics technology mostly for Pentagon clients, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).Google has so far refused to reveal what it is planning to do with the new technology, but the internet giant's robotic efforts, headed by Andy Rubin, will certainly have impressive capability due to the new acquisition. The company also said it will keep the financial aspect of the deal confidential.The tech giant said that it intends to honor the existing military contracts the firm has, but does not plan to become a military contractor.As of now, Boston Dynamics has a $10.8 million contract with DARPA to supply several humanoid Atlas robots. The machines are set to participate in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, which awards the winning maker with a $2 million prize. The contest evaluates robots' ability to function during natural disasters and catastrophes such as an earthquake or a nuclear power meltdown. The company's robots are famous for their abilities to walk through terrain which is difficult even for humans. One of its four-legged robots, BigDog, can climb hills, walk through snow, travel through ice, and remain standing even after being kicked by a human, according to a video of the robot released in 2008. One of the company's recent creations is WildCat, a four-legged outdoor runner capable of rising, turning, and reaching running speeds of up to 16 miles per hour (mph) on flat ground. The robotics firm has also designed robots that can climb walls and trees, as well as run faster than any human being on earth. A video recorded the Cheetah robot running 29mph faster than the fastest human, Usain Bolt. The Jamaican sprinter's top speed is 27.78 mph (44.7kmh). Other robotics companies purchased by Google are based in the US and Japan, and focus on software for advanced robotic arms, grasping technology, and computer vision.
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Đấu Trường YoYo tập 26b Ngân Điện Thần Lửa

Do Hoàng Ngọc Quang Anh upload
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TVC Robot chiến đấu 1900 599 958 Phím 7

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Inside Adam Savage s Cave Awesome Robot Spider!

We're back in Adam's cave to check out his latest obsession, a robot spider with incredibly realistic movement. Adam shows off the special box and platform he built to tinker and calibrate the spider, and then sends it crawling around the pool table in his shop. It's not for the arachnophobic!Find out more about the Robugtix here: http:www.robugtix.comMore cool stuff from Adam Savage's Cave here: Subscribe to Tested for videos about all the stuff you love -- amazing technology, unbelievable maker projects, engineering masterpieces, delicious food, magical special effects, and much more. Subscribing is free, and our goal is to tell the stories of the people who are working to build the future. Tested is about all the stuff we love too. We are Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Norman Chan, and Will Smith. If you'd like to know more about what we do, the best way to find out is to start watching. Check out the playlists below, visit, or subscribe to the channel. Enjoy! Subscribe for more Tested videos! http:youtube.comtestedcom?sub_confirmation=1 Find more general awesomeness at
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phim hanh dong

LEGO Chima film Nederlands gesproken Deel 1

Welkom in de wereld van Chima. Een magisch koninkrijk met machtige dierenstammen die in vrede samenleven. Helaas wordt de vrede op de proef gesteld!De dierenstammen zijn het niet met elkaar eens en gaan strijden om de magische CHI, de energiebron die de strijders en hun voertuigen speciale krachten en snelheid geeft.Deel 2 staat ook op Youtube!Beleef de legende en zoek mee naar de kracht van de CHI op LEGO.nlChima
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Hướng Dẫn Đấu Trường Robot 1

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