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Xem video clip Kiss cass lee min hoo DaRa Video h p d n Clip hot Baamboo com

From - Posted: Sep 24, 2010 - 3,145 views
Phim Han Quoc | Xem video clip Kiss cass lee min hoo DaRa Video h p d n Clip hot Baamboo com | Xem video clip Kiss cass lee min hoo DaRa Video h p d n Clip hot Baamboo com
Xem video clip Kiss cass lee min hoo DaRa Video h p d n Clip hot Baamboo com
Xem video clip Kiss cass lee min hoo DaRa Video h p d n Clip hot Baamboo com
Thời lượng: 05 phút 28 giây 
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2NE1 Dara Park Lee Min Ho Cass CF Epilogue

Cass Epilogue - Lee Min Ho and Sandara Park Translation Credit: lovebommie @ YGLadies (Dara comes to the bar stand, to receive beer) [Dara]: Two cans of Cass, please [Minho]: Ta-dah! [Minho]: How have you been? You look much prettier than before. Nice to see you again. (Dara's Song, "Kiss" flows into the air)
32,019 views | Dec 04, 2009
phim han quoc


* Watch in High Definition (HD) I loved 2NE1's, "IN THE CLUB", and Dara's chemistry with Lee Min Ho in their recent CASS CFMV, "KISS", so much that I decided to make my own version of the CFMV altogether. While making this fanvideo, I tried to make the story flow where the viewers can make up their own version of the story as the video plays along and also added English subtitles to the song for a better understanding of the content. "...the image of me you knew til' now won't exist anymore." * NOTE: This fanvideo was made for viewing purposely only and do notwill not be used for any type of profit of any shape or form. - "In The Club" by 2NE1 ---------- (* Youtube user kym7878 was confused about the concept of my fanvideo; therefore, I gave her as thorough description of the original concept I had in mind...) The PLAY BY PLAY of the fanvideo: LMH & Dara already liked each other and he gave her the ring which is why she was surprised to see him act fresh with this other chiq, Jessica, in front of her at the bar. That night in the club, she witnessed for the first time what a player LMH is and how different he was to when he gave her the ring (shown after the concert from the 'Kiss' CF). Little did she know that more dissappointment was coming her way. After that club incident with Jessica, LMH shows up in his sports car acting like nothing had happened and surprisingly takes Dara on a shopping spree by buying her clothes and shoes she doesn't need. Obviously, he is still in his player mode or maybe subconciously, he was feeling guilty without even realizing it. He later invites her to go to a partyclub with him--shown in the beginning and at the end of my fanvideo. In the other hand, Dara revealed her frustrations by trashing the clothes and shoes he bought for her as soon as he dropped her offf and drove away. That's what LMH gets but I would've atleast kept the shoes! ;-P The next scene is now LMH with Jessica (who's somehow famous?) and they are walking out with reporters outside taking their pictures. In this scene, I wanted indicate that he was secretly two-timing both girls by dating them at the same time. Now, this is where it gets very interesting for LMH because while he's walking out with Jessica, he reminisces on what had happened the past few days (or weeks?) especially with his situation with Dara. And yes, he definitely get's a reality check! After taking her to a (guilty) shopping spree, a very major incident occured when LMH met up with his friends at the bar where Dara bartend. That night, he carelessly and impuslively takes a bet on Dara where she slaps him for it in the end. Only after reminiscing what had happened that night of the bet, LMH finally realizes what a HUGE mistake he made but little did he know that it was already too little too late. I mean, he actually really liked Dara and he let his friends get the best of him when he took that bet and in the end, hurting and embarrasing Dara for his stupidity. Anyway, he 'breaks it off' with' Jessica and that's why you see her screaming at him in the limo... So now, the ending starts where the beginning of the fanvideo left off. Still following? The next scene is now back at that same party he originally invited Dara to go with him after taking her in that shopping spree but when he called her earlier that night, she was clearly still upset with him. At this point, he figured she wouldn't come but boy, was he in for a shock! * For clarification (to those who may still be a little lost), she is upset with him because of the humiliating bet he made with his friends in front of everyone which she slapped him for it. It was then she realized that MAYBE she was like the other girls (like Jessica) and that everything was still a game to him.... To LMH's surprise, Dara comes to the party anyway but with her own agenda which she eventually gives him a taste of his own medicine. Touche! The chorus of the song should be reasonable enough for her actions. ;-) Therefore, this song was perfect to initiate Dara's reasons to teach LMH a lesson and that she did! Ironically, the twist is that she will never know how much he actually liked her but that was his fault in the first place because he had the worst way in expressing his true feelings. Or maybe it was just simply a little too late when LMH realized how much he actually liked Dara and how much he would eventually regret hurtingembarrasing her that night he took the bet. Whew! That was a long one! Oh, and I decicided to keep the original ending of the 'Kiss' CF where they show DARA touching the ringcap he gave her. I thought that plays an important part because even though she hateddespise him for his playershady ways, she did like him at one point. If you have further questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them when I can. :-)
4,149,401 views | Sep 17, 2009
phim han quoc

2NE1 Dara KISS with Lee Min Ho

HD Download: http:ursecretgarden.blogspot.com200912hip-hop-kiss-2ne1-dara.html#download
402,969 views | Mar 10, 2010
phim han quoc

Nhac Han Quoc gai dep .flv

2,767,432 views | Dec 26, 2010
phim han quoc


1ST ALBUM [TO ANYONE] ▶ NOW available on iTunes: http:smarturl.it2ne1ToAnyone ▶ 2NE1 Products on eBay: http:stores.ebay.comygentertainment ▶ Released at YG-eShop: http:www.ygeshop.comFor More Information @ http:www.facebook.com2ne1 http:twitter.comygent_official http:me2day.netygonair App Store: http:goo.gll9TU6 Google Play: http:goo.glUiEn1© YG Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.
23,402,665 views | Sep 05, 2010
phim han quoc

roly poly Quang Anh.flv

POPODOO - Quang Anh Pro - be 4 tuoi tu hoc nhay rolypoly tuuyet dep!!!!!!!I Love Quang Anh.....
116,035 views | Oct 15, 2011
phim han quoc

Hậu trường phim Lee Min Ho vàToyota Camry

Toyota Thanh Xuân, Toyota Thanh Xuan, Toyota Camry Giá tốt nhất Hà Nội: Toyota Camry 2.0,Toyota Camry 2.5 G, Toyota Camry 3.5 Q. Chi tiết xem tại: - Hoặc vui lòng liên hệ trực tiếp : 0984 515
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Chung Kết Hoa Hậu Việt Nam 2012 Đặng Thu Thảo đăng quang Hoa Hậu 25.8....

Chung Ket Hoa Hau Viet Nam Dang Thu Thao Dang Quang Hoa Hau Chung kết hoa hậu Việt Nam 2012 - Đặng Thu Thảo đăng quang Hoa Hậu (25.8.2012) Cà Phê Nắng Khuya - 10F Trần Nhật Duật, P.Tân Định, Q.1, HCM - Chương trình nhạc ACOUSTIC hát với nhau hàng tuần vào các buổi tối T6, T7 & CN. Thân mời các bạn !!!
50,830 views | Aug 25, 2012
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Fancam Lee Min Ho at Baeksang Adward

69,214 views | Feb 28, 2009
phim han quoc

Lee Min Ho 2012 Toyota Camry The One and Only Ep2 MPG Engsub

Credit ToyotaUSA
160,946 views | Nov 03, 2011
phim han quoc

Lee Min Ho Jessica Gomes Extreme 2X Cass Commercial

TV Commercial Lee Min Ho & Jessica Gomes Music - Extreme commercial- 2X Cass
2,846,411 views | Jul 19, 2010
phim han quoc

Kiss by Sandara Park Lee Min Ho Full Music Video

Kiss Full Music Video by Sandara Park & Lee Min Ho
485,893 views | Sep 10, 2009
phim han quoc

Season 1 phần kết Toyota Camry The One Only ft.Lee Min Ho Chỉ một và d...

Lee Min Ho vào vai 1 cặp anh em sinh đôi (Joon và Kwon). Joon và Kwon là anh em sinh đôi, họ đã bị chia cắt từ khi mới sinh và chưa từng biết đến sự tồn tại của nhau. Joon là nhân vật chính diện và là người yêu của Sohee, anh rất giàu có, thành đạt và rất được mọi người xung quanh yêu quý . Kwon người anh em song sinh là nhân vật phản diện, anh đã bị bỏ rời và phải sống chia cắt với người anh em sinh đôi của mình, Kwon đả sa chân vào con đường đen tối. Khi Kwon biết rằng mình có 1 người anh sinh
3,365 views | Oct 31, 2012
phim han quoc

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