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Mrparka Review s Diary Of A Sex Offender

From - Posted: Nov 09, 2010 - 17,963 views
Phim 18 | Mrparka Review s Diary Of A Sex Offender | Mrparka Review s Diary Of A Sex Offender
Mrparka Review s Diary Of A Sex Offender
Mrparka Review s Diary Of A Sex Offender
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To be released November 23rd. Was pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised with the feature Diary of a Sex Offender, with a title like that i was thinking, it's going to be a guy raping chicks with nothing else driving the movie except sexual obsession. In a way our film has that, but it has something else as well. The film opens up with a blue tint as if it has just gotten dark out, the same blue tint that leaves us all feeling a little hopeless before the night closes in. Our lead is narrating his beliefs about God, while trucking on down the road. All and all he doesn't seem all that bad, the title of the movie never lets your forget that he is. Out lead picks up a young hitchhiker and takes her back to his place. She claims to be underage, but isn't frightened by the dark and creepy artwork that fills his "shit hole" as a future victim would call it. He drugs her and molest her with a little help from GOD. A dark figure watches over our sex offender rubbing his hands until our lead finishes the deed and suffers a psychedelic seizure where he is shown the way to life, which he in turn writes into his book, hes been working on for years.Our lead only takes time out of his raping and killing to chat with his only friend and do some side art, eventually he finds someone who may or may no be the one, but what does God have to say about that.Had some nice style points and looked very well for its budget. The rape scenes were dis-pleasant enough most of it being fondling, but one particular scene was work mentioning as vile. The gore is minimum to none. There does seem to me a misplaced scene or two, but all and all the film moves pretty smoothly and having seem quite a good amount of flicks like this, this is one of the better ones at showing a psychopath. Reminds me a bit of God's Memoirs where our lead is trying to find answers as well. Check it out. I've included the first few minutes of the film. To download the Free Mobile App for Rape Prevention, go to
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