Phim 18 | Just You drama Bed Scene | Just You drama Bed Scen

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Just You drama Bed Scene

From - Posted: Nov 10, 2013 - 4,608,407 views
Phim 18 | Just You drama Bed Scene | Just You drama Bed Scene
Just You drama Bed Scene
Just You drama Bed Scene
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Just You drama Kisses scenes

就是要你愛上我 Episodes 1-21
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phim 18

FAN MV More than anyone in the world Lena Park sub español eng sub

(720p for HD)-- sub press CC Apreten CC para ver sub ... Disclaimer: I do not own the song or picture used in this video. All credit goes to their respective owners.Credits: -Sub eng: -sub español: asianatikassorry if u found any mistakes but had to render many times and couldn´t see previews :( ... dee my crazy laptop ¬¬hope you like it~ made this MV with sad -but romantic- moments btn Woo-Wol couple.... trying to fit with the lyrics of this beautiful song -that actually really fits with MW's feelings *.*algunos errores... pero mi laptop no resiste el HD :S ... hice este MV con momentos tristes -pero romanticos- entre KW-MW, tratando de encajar con la cancion, que por cierto narra exactamente los sentimientos de MW. Espero y les guste.Visten mi blog: http:asianatikas.wordpress.comPost con letra: http:asianatikas.wordpress.com20110904lyrics-mv-more-than-anyone-in-this-world-by-lena-park-spy-myung-wol-ostDescarguen el OST: http:asianatikas.wordpress.com20110822spy-myung-wol-descarga-el-ostVisiten y suscribanse a mis otros canales:
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phim 18

Favorite K Drama Real Kisses

LIST OF TIME-STAMPED DRAMA'S ARE IN THE DESCRIPTION!! I know one drama is Taiwanese, I explain the mixup in the description :) ** No new videos for now, I'm still fighting Copywright claims on this one. Everytime I decide to make a Favorite K-Drama "Real" Kisses 2, I get hit with another copywright on this one that make me rethink it. So for now, sorry but this is it. So here it is, my compilation of my (and yours, if you requested one) favorite "real" kiss scenes from K-drama. A "Real" kiss means that there's none of that silly lip touch crap going on, no sirrie' we have actual lip movement, authentic looking kisses and some very real and very (some even very very) long makeout sessions.If you requested a kiss and it's not in here let me know, if you want a video with your favorite scenecouple -also let me know in your comments. Ahh, and the end focus on one of the great k-drama kissers (I think). Several people showed up a couple of times, kudos to them and their awesome makeout skills. Also below you will find a list of all of the drama's included in the video if you don't want to wait and see. Okay, done rambling let me know what you think.Drama List: Reply 1997 (Answer Me 1997) - 0:00 Marry Me Mae Ri (Mary Stayed Out All Night) - 01:14 Scent of A Woman - 01:27 My Lovely Sam-Soon - 01:40 Lie To Me - 02:05 Coffee Prince - 03:09 A Love To Kill - 03:35 Cinderella's Stepsister - 03:57 Queen In Hyun's Man - 04:37 Flower Boy Raymun Shop - 05:10 Me Too Flower (I'm A Flower Too) - 05:44 Goong (Princess Hours) - 06:04 The Devil Beside Me - 06:24 (Yes! I know it's Tawanese, however it was a request, I realized too late and I liked the kiss too much to remove it. Since it's still a "real kiss" I've made an exception for it) Love Rain - 06:45 Playful Kiss - 07:17 Personal Taste (Personal Preference) - 07:50 City Hunter - 08:37 Faith - 09:24Songs: Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran - Lady Antebellum - Just A Kiss (Cover by Alex G & Adam Stanton) - Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss -
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phim 18

Jessica Lowndes

Jessica Lowndes. 27 year olds playing high school students lol
16,851,446 views | Oct 22, 2012
phim 18

Devil Beside You Kissing Scenes Mike He Rainie Yang

Comment which drama I should do next! ^-^ Or you can vote (on the side panel) at Please support Universal Subtitles! http:www.drumbeat.orgprojectuniversal-subtitles Scenes from Taiwanese drama, Devil Beside You Devils Do Exist 惡魔在身邊 E Mo Zai Shen Bian. Made with Kdenlive. Music: Chou Nan Ren (臭男人) Jerk by Huang Yida (黃義達) Li Xiang Qing Ren (理想情人) Ideal Lover by Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) Set Me Free by Huang Yida (黃義達) http:wiki.d-addicts.comDevil_Beside_You
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phim 18

Waking love up kissing scenes Trạch Yên

862,589 views | May 27, 2013
phim 18

Yoo Seung Ho Kiss Behind the Scene Collection Kang Sora Jiyeon UEE Par...

After watching this collection, you will get an idea of Seungho's definition of a "real kiss", haha.
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phim 18

Just you MV2 Just you

Drama: Just you Song: Fall Out Boy - Young Volcanoes Episodes:9-12
757,983 views | Sep 17, 2013
phim 18

Fated to love you passionate kiss

Fated to love you
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phim 18

Queen In Hyuns Man ep 11 The Kiss english subs

The best kiss scene ever! I'm in love with this drama. Never fails to surprise me with each episode full-packed of emotions. I love the witty dialogue and pasionate kiss of this scene. So much I had to share it! Don't worry Boong Do, I will keep you company! ;P
770,971 views | May 27, 2012
phim 18

Just You Taiwanese drama MV

就是要你愛上我 -contains spoilers!- MV with scenes of episodes 1-9
452,921 views | Nov 07, 2013
phim 18

yoo seung ho park eun bin hot kiss operation proposal ep 11 kiss 1

this is one of the best kiss in kdrama land... deep, passionate, hot, intense, what else we should call them... like : http:www.facebook.comYooSeungHoParkEunBin
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phim 18

The Day Before CD2 Vietsub clip4

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phim 18

JUST YOU MV Alien Huang One In A Thousands ID SUB

This is my first fanvid, bcoz i really like them both (arron and puff Qi Yi and Liang Liang) I hope you'll enjoy it Thanks for watching
1,314,342 views | Oct 23, 2013
phim 18

KS DA honeymoon part 1

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phim 18

79 Sweet kiss scene in drama

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phim 18

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