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I Love A Sex Offender

From - Posted: Jul 18, 2012 - 43,073 views
Phim 18 | I Love A Sex Offender | I Love A Sex Offender
I Love A Sex Offender
I Love A Sex Offender
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These are the stories of the families of registered sex offenders. They are the innocent victims of laws made by uninformed, unaware legislators spreading hate. They alone must bare the responsibility for destroying families. If you have a registrant in your circle of family or friends and you have a story of the ways in which your life has changed due to these unconstitutional laws, get in touch with us. Our goal is to flood this channel with the worst of the worst stories. We will travel to you to interview you on camera. If you are worried about being identified we can shoot you in such a way that your face is not shown. Get in touch and tell us YOUR stories. Keep in mind that these stories cannot be about problems with probation or parole or any ongoing court cases. We are searching for innocent victims of the sex offender registry alone. Please include in your email a brief summery of how the registry has impacted your jobs, places to live, or ability to integrate into your community. We are particularly interested in stories of vigilantism. If you have been attacked or harmed by people who have found your address on the registry please get in
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I don't condone or support heinous acts against other human beings, and that goes for everybody. I don't believe all sex offenders are bad or that all are good. Many need to be held in prison, many need to be carefully monitored, many are just simply young and stupid. Some are pedophiles, not all. This video is part of a project I am doing in school. This topic is one that most people are all to ready to discuss one side of, but tremble at looking into the other side. This is an attempt at opening eyes to a rarely seen side of this story. Constructive comments or questions about the content are welcome and appreciated as this is part of my project. Thank you for watching.
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