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cat3 3.mkv

From - Posted: Apr 08, 2012 - 540,362 views
Phim 18 | cat3 3.mkv | cat3 3.mkv
cat3 3.mkv
cat3 3.mkv
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Check out my main channel for more HK Movies! to Kill - 虐之戀 (1993) Full Movie English Sub 18SX"Love to Kill" is directed by Billy Chung and it also stars Anthony Wong as a sadistic husband that tortures and abuses his wife and this leads the thing into a typical hyper strong HK terror cinema climax that is filled like the whole film with extreme violence and brutality.This film is easily among the most outrageously sick Cat III films ever made as it features plenty of misogynistic violence and several nasty rape scenes.Like my friend Bogey Man noticed there are two versions of "Love to Kill":the pretty rare Taiwanese DVD with subtitles and the unsubtitled HK DVD which turned out to have longer and nastier rape scene of Julie Lee on the table,near the end.There is also an insanely bloody axe decapitation that left me stunned.I think that the whole film is redeemed by a gritty performance by victim Elizabeth Lee as well as the dependably creepy Anthony Wong.The climax is brutal and horrifying but it never reaches the levels of intensity of "The Untold Story" finale.Still this film is so extremely rare.
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Video Title: Take Me Also Known As: 情不自禁, Qing bu zi jin Year: 1991 Director: Cha Chuen Yee Starring: Veronica Yip Yuk Hing, Ken Tong Chun Yip, Hui Siu Hung, Maria Tung Ling, Ng Sing Fat, Charlie Cho Cha Lei Country: Hong Kong Genre: Adult, Cat III, Comedy Subtitle: English, Chinese Size: 1.05 GB Resolution: 640×480 Length: 01:29:27 Video format: DX50A woman's husband dies on their wedding night, before they can consecrate the marriage. But he assures her that he'll watch over her from beyond the grave as she searches for a new mate. Romantic misadventures ensue. "Milk" sadly narrates how her husband died on their wedding night, pre-conjugals. Husband's soul leaves the body and benevolently announces he'll watch over her while she seeks out a new guy. At a party, Milk is comforted by highly-oversexed friend Maria, while Human Dick (Charlie Cho Cha Lei, who else?) impersonates a....guess what? Milk and her new boyfriend, boyishly-handsome Ronald, are robbed and he chases the robbers, leading to some fun fu antics, but they eventually throw him into the sea, and he can't swim....... So Milk looks for another boyfriend. Poor painter Wai is tiring of his snooty girlfriend and patron Amy, who pleads with him to paint her in the nude, but he's not interested. Crooks break into the gallery while Milk is there, and they make everyone strip and tie them up in facing pairs. Wai is paired with Milk, predictable results. So Wai becomes Milk's third man, but dead hubby starts getting jealous, causing mischief. Milk moves in with Wai, but Ronald turns up again. Ronald had been saved by boat people. And here starts the seriously silly bedroom farce. Milk pretends to be Ronald's Filipina maid, and tries to keep them ignorant of each other. When the truth comes out, the two guys alternate between fighting each other and fussing over Milk. In the end, she ends up with just one of them.....or does she?
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