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cat3 3.mkv

From - Posted: Apr 08, 2012 - 688,199 views
Phim 18 | cat3 3.mkv | cat3 3.mkv
cat3 3.mkv
cat3 3.mkv
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Check out my main channel for more HK Movies! "Diary of a Serial Killer" by Otto Chan (who directed another raperevenge film The Final Judgement) is based on actual events that took place in Guangzhao's,Wong Po village in 1991-1996.During five years of terror Li Wenxian raped and murdered thirteen women,mostly prostitutes.Li told authorities he was seeking revenge for a prostitute who cheated him.Lau Shu-bill(Chan Kwok-Bong)is a serial killer.He murders prostitutes in very nasty ways.He wants to dispatch these filthy women,releasing them from their misery and giving them a better shot in the next life.This HK sickie is very well-made and has some rather unpleasant scenes of sexual violence and butchery.There is also plenty of sleazy sex to satisfy fans of exploitation cinema.Chan Kwok-Bong is frighteningly realistic as a sicko killer.The film is not for everyone,but if you're into extreme Asian cinema give this one a look.Recommended.
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Akai, a psychologist, is approached by Haruka, a beautiful but morose young woman seeking help for her depression. Akai uses hypnosis to treat her, and while under its effects she begins to reveal a disturbing secret. As a young girl, she was kidnapped and held captive by a man named Sumikawa. But over time her feelings for Sumikawa began to transform, and the result of her kidnapping is something neither of them could foresee. http:www.japanflix.comtitletotal-obedience-40-days-of-love**NEW PERFECT EDUCATION is available in the US and Canada! Perfect Education 3: Hong Kong Affair! Check out the trailer here: http:youtu.beHegziXbMffs
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Pls Subscribe me, I will upload more nice movie.Your support is my Power!!! Thank You...
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[Chinese Movie 18+] Double Xposure 2012 Full Adult Movie [Chinese Movie 18+] Double Xposure 2012 Full Movie with english subtitles 100 Sexiest Women Issue, Beyonce Style, Beyonce Super Bowl, Beyonce Gq, Beyonce Gq Cover, Beyonce Gq Sexiest Women Of The 21st Century, Beyonce Knowles Gq, Beyonce Knowles Gq Cover, Bv-Fashion-Beauty, Gq, Gq 100 Sexiest Women Of The Century Issue, Gq Magazine, Super-Bowl-Xlvii Beyonce Super Bowl XLVII, Black Voices News
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