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300 This Is Sparta

From - Posted: Mar 26, 2007 - 9,029,836 views
Phim 18 | 300 This Is Sparta | 300 This Is Sparta
300 This Is Sparta
300 This Is Sparta
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Madness? This is Sparta!
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300 Spartans Vs 3000 Romans

300 Spartans take on 3000 Roman Urban Cohorts.Rome: Total war, is an RTS game focused on the Roman era, hence the name. Although a tiny bit unpopulated the Multilayer is addictive, choose any faction and upgrade your troops depending on how much money, aka Denarii, the 'host' of the game sets it to be. I believe its about $5 or $10 on Steam and there is a demo if you want to try it first. Click here to see a remake of this battle on open terrain! for any interested in Martial Arts, more specifically Taekwondo, then check out this channel If your're not sure if your computer can run this game then you can go to: http:systemrequirementslab.comcyri Type in the name of the game.If you have any request's for battles send me a private message with what factionunits. Just in-case you dont know them here they are: Armenia Britannia Brutii (Rome) Carthage Dacia Egypt Gual Germania Greek City States (Spartans) Julii (Rome) Macedon Numidia Partha Pontus Scipii (Rome) Scythia Seleucid Empire Spain Thrace
8,968,711 views | Feb 02, 2010
phim 18

Everything Wrong With 300 In 10 Minutes Or Less

You asked for it. We wanted to do it anyway. And now with the sequel coming out... it finally seemed like the perfect time to go looking for sins in Sparta. Here's everything we found wrong with 300.This week: More sins, & a cat-based video.Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we recount next?
4,831,301 views | Mar 04, 2014
phim 18


This is Sparta!!! Techno Remix. MP3: [Full Version] of the song here: http:www.keaton-world.commusicFuntastic_Power_-_300_This_is_Sparta_EXTENDED_mix.mp3
2,212,490 views | Aug 08, 2007
phim 18

Counter Strike DE dust2 HD

Based on the game, Counter-Strike: Source, this fifth episode in the series brings our stick characters to the map, de_dust2.Facebook! http:fb.comflashdeck Twitter! http:twitter.comflashdeckanimCredits: Done by Wei Xing Yong http:flash-deck.comThis flash was first released in October 2008. Enjoy!
53,234,347 views | Oct 07, 2009
phim 18

300 First Battle Scene Full HD 1080p Earthquake. No Captain, Battle Fo...

First battle scene from the movie 300(2006). Leonidas, the king of Sparta, motivates his warriors to defend the "Hot Gates", thus blocking the invading Persian forces of Xerxes into the narrow pass between the rocks and the sea. There, their superior numbers count for nothing...Romanian subtitles
7,039,927 views | Nov 11, 2012
phim 18

Best 300 Battle

This is the best 300 battle I ever seen. Music- Enter the sandman-Metallica
1,150,389 views | Apr 09, 2011
phim 18

10 hours videos This is sparta!! remix

This is spartaaa!!!!!!!
9,232,382 views | Aug 27, 2011
phim 18

How 300 Should Have Ended

This one's for Spartaaaaaaaaa! In typical HISHE fashion, the crew retells the tale of the mighty 300. Did it really have to be so tough for those Spartans? How will you know if you don't watch?Get your HISHE shirts now: http:howitshouldhaveended.spreadshirt.comHISHE Compilations now on iTunes videos: Harry Potter HISHE http:youtu.beYsYWT5Q_R_wDark Knight Rises HISHE http:youtu.befLyoog562x4Toy Story 3 HISHE http:youtu.beUEnVEPaCH8ADont forget to like our facebook page if you want more HISHE updates https:www.facebook.comhowitshouldhaveendedCheck out our website to see our vids a week early: http:www.howitshouldhaveended.comFollow us on Twitter https:twitter.comSimpleCapSpecial thanks to Michael Cole for his voice of Leonidas!
15,801,696 views | Jul 14, 2011
phim 18

Honest Trailers 300

Become a Screen Junkie! ► ‪http:bit.lysjsubscr‬It's our 50th Honest Trailer!! To celebrate, we revisit Zack Snyder's "300," the shoutiest movie about ancient Greece ever!We'll be uploading new HONEST TRAILERS on Tuesdays! (And 'Supercuts MashUps' in between weeks) And new episodes of the ScreenJunkies Show on Thursdays! So make sure to SUBSCRIBE!!Got a tip? Email us at - [email protected] Like us on Facebook - ‪http:www.fb.comscreenjunkies‬ Follow us on twitter - ‪http:www.twitter.comscreenjunkies‬You can find all our Screen Junkies t-shirts here:‪‬Honest Trailers: 300 Directed by Andy Signore Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner Episode Written by Spencer Gilbert, Josh Simpson, Jason Mathews, Dan Murrell, and Andy Signore Edited by Dan MurrellVoiceover Narration by Jon: ‪http:youtube.comjon3pnt0‬ As always let us know in the comments what movie or television show you wanna see next! And check out our previous Honest Trailers:Honest Trailers: GRAVITY http:youtu.beVzzLngXfCcIHonest Trailers: THOR: THE DARK WORLD http:youtu.be4eAgsrEX_CAHonest Trailers: ROBOCOP http:youtu.bepGemfKLV1JAHonest Trailers: FRIDAY http:youtu.beQeAb8qnQrLgHonest Trailers: DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION http:youtu.begFzLMGKtY04Honest Trailers: THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY http:youtu.beSc32YdEWHzoHonest Trailers: HOME ALONE http:youtu.beGTo6yvJ5SCMHonest Trailers: MAN OF STEEL http:youtu.beSge5sUNJkiYHonest Trailers: THOR http:youtu.beztTG4P44164Honest Trailers: PACIFIC RIM http:youtu.befupWquPNoTcHonest Trailers: THE WALKING DEAD http:youtu.berNxvo8AcpQQHonest Trailers: AFTER EARTH http:youtu.be6x4qNdSM4dAHonest Trailers: THE MATRIX http:youtu.befY9UhIxitYMHonest Trailers: WORLD WAR Z http:youtu.beI2cS5Fv5xIQHonest Trailers: IRON MAN 3 http:youtu.bee3r4FklA4gIHonest Trailers: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS http:youtu.be6B22Uy7SBe4Honest Trailers: BREAKING BAD http:youtu.beoDqGAUvWKkUHonest Trailers: BATMAN & ROBIN: http:youtu.beFCS_kif7qfkHonest Trailers: X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE: http:youtu.bePA576VinXT0Honest Trailers: GROWN UPS http:youtu.bezcFOthNlCtgHonest Trailers: INDEPENDENCE DAY http:youtu.be7YtvsxB9xQYHonest Trailers: THE LAST AIRBENDER http:youtu.beH3VnQE3qXHEHonest Trailers: FAST FIVE http:youtu.beMOTk1Gi5zoAHonest Trailers: STAR TREK (2009) http:youtu.beOTfBH-XFdScHonest Trailers: IRON MAN 2 http:youtu.beuKCF63Ux4x8Honest Trailers: HARRY POTTER http:youtu.bekL1aqfnIr2YHonest Trailers: JURASSIC PARK http:youtu.besgjDSfbB2okHonest Trailers: LES MISERABLES http:youtu.beIBYfA3zTxFEHonest Trailers: TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN http:youtu.beyvo5_Zi-YxsHonest Trailers: THE NOTEBOOK http:youtu.be6Gv-AMiofEIHonest Trailers: SKYFALL http:youtu.be5FWfg__wKSYHonest Trailers: INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL http:youtu.beIFKu_bwMoYEHonest Trailers: INCEPTION http:youtu.be8BfMivMDOBIHonest Trailers: THE LORD OF THE RINGS http:youtu.beAOIi9SjJvgUHonest Trailers: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES http:youtu.beWQJuGeqdbn4Honest Trailers: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN http:youtu.bel2KSPiTOMR8Honest Trailers: PARANORMAL ACTIVITY http:youtu.beHdZW2b0FzPcHonest Trailers: PROMETHEUS http:youtu.beRBaKqOMGPWcHonest Trailers: THE AVENGERS http:youtu.beQDajL441mZcHonest Trailers: THE HUNGER GAMES http:youtu.be_hp_xsUg9wsHonest Trailers: THE DARK KNIGHT http:youtu.beu843KNE-exoHonest Trailers: AVATAR http:youtu.beeUTtt14G31cHonest Trailers: TRANSFORMERS http:youtu.beNzJuDo5ots0Honest Trailers: TITANIC http:youtu.bes6mMvBeEPT4Honest Trailers: TWILIGHT http:youtu.be0gugBiEkLwUHonest Trailers: THE PHANTOM MENACE http:youtu.be0sKRRY5tQz8Are you still reading this?? If so, type "This! Is! Scotland!" in the comments below!!
6,340,536 views | Feb 24, 2014
phim 18

ROME 2 300 Spartans vs 1000 Romans

300 Spartans take on 1000 Romans in Rome 2 Total War!
719,144 views | Sep 05, 2013
phim 18

Behind the Scenes of 300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE Making Of 1

Subscribe Here & Now ➨ http:bit.ly16lq78C ★ Sub NOW ► http:bit.lyTRAiLERS ★ Join us on Facebook ►http:facebook.comOnlyBlockbusters ★ Latest BLOCKBUSTERS ➨ http:bit.lyBest-Blockbusters"300: Rise of an Empire" pits Themistokles against the massive invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes, and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE B-ROLL Video Directed by Noam Murro Starring Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Hans Matheson, David Wenham, Rodrigo Santoro Release Date : In theaters March 2014.300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE Behind the Scenes - Making Of [Part 1] © Warner Bros Pictures✓ Subscribe now 2 catch the best trailers and the latest HD official movie trailer, film clip, making-of, b roll and behind the scenes videos !
1,208,233 views | Mar 02, 2014
phim 18

THIS... IS... SPARTA!!!!! Song Remix

THIS IS SPARTA!!!!! 300 Song Remix wit funny pics of King Leonidas and other stuff. Ps. a friend of mine made this not me so i don't take credit for it.
1,070,454 views | Apr 14, 2009
phim 18

Battle of Marathon 300 Rise of an Empire Full HD 1080p First Battle sc...

Song name: 300: Rise of an Empire (OST) - Marathon
1,265,150 views | Jun 30, 2014
phim 18

FIFA 12 Chuck Norris vs Barcelona Gameplay

This is what happens when Barcelona challenges Chuck Norris to a match.Note: The voices were not added at the edition, they are my FC Chuck Norris Custom Chants. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isto é que acontece quando o Barcelona desafia Chuck Norris para uma partida.Nota: As vozes não foram adicionadas na edição, elas são os cantos de torcida do FC Chuck Norris. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dificuldade: Lendário (Legendary) Música: Guile Theme - Super Street Fighter II Edição: Sony Vegas Pro 10 Creation Centre: http:www.ea.comukfootballcreation-centre User Sliders: Sprint Speed (100), Acceleration (100), Shot Error (0), Pass Error (0), Shot Speed (100), Pass Speed (100), Goalkeeper Ability (100). CPU Sliders: Injury Frequency (100), Injury Severity (100).
1,420,781 views | Nov 24, 2011
phim 18

300 We will Blot out the Sun.

Movie 300 - Scenes where the Persian Messenger comments that their arrows will blot out the sun and The scene shows the Arrows doing just that.
1,569,328 views | Jun 17, 2008
phim 18

300 Rise of an Empire Ending Scene

In remembrance of the 300 Spartans. Enjoy the epic Scene:D Hercules 2014 Ending Scene Dwayne Johnson http:youtu.beFS3spGJdnw8 Hercules Dwayne Johnsen First Battle Scene: Transformers Age Of Extinction Ending Scene http:youtu.bePJ5KahCZQJI Transformers Age Of Extinction Dinobots http:youtu.benSimDACkGgQ Another Ending Scenes(here in the description:D) Edge of Tomorrow Rita Vrataski Edge of Tomorrow Ending Scene: http:youtu.beWwP-_3hp9TE Captain America: The Winter Soldier Ending Scene: Divergent Ending Scene: Sabotage Ending Scene Arnold Schwarzenegger: 47 Ronin Ending Scene: Brick Mansions Ending Scene: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All rights goes to the owners and Warner Bros. Entertainment .
885,969 views | Jun 20, 2014
phim 18

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