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Hello! Summer VHOT V HOT Entertainment

From Youtube.com - Posted: Aug 05, 2012 - 6,701 views
Nhac Viet Nam | Hello! Summer VHOT V HOT Entertainment | Hello! Summer VHOT V HOT Entertainment
Hello! Summer VHOT V HOT Entertainment
Hello! Summer VHOT V HOT Entertainment
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No.1 Name: Huỳnh Mi Băng DOBHome: 07-09-1990HCMC HeightWeightBlood: 169cm49kgABNo.2 Name: Khúc Nguyễn Thúy Vy DOBHome: 06-02-1995HCMC Heightweightblood: 169cm48ONo.3 Name: Hồ Hoàng Minh Lễ DOBHome:06-03-1993HCMC HeightWeightBlood:165cm48kgONo.4 Name: Nguyễn Hoàng Ngọc Thảo Dobhome:25-4-1995HCMCity Heightweightblood: 155cm43kgONo.5 Name: Trần Thị Ái Khanh DOBHome: 5-2-1993Đồng Nai Heightweightblood: 164cm47kgONo.6 Name: Trần Ngọc Phương Trang Dobhome: 11-03-1993HCMC Heightweightblood: 165cm50 kgONo.7 Name: Văn Hoàng Anh Dobhome: 28-8-1997HCMC Heightweightblood: 164cm45kgONo.8 Name: Nguyễn Châu Ngân Tữ Dobhome: 1-3-1995HCMC Heightweightblood: 160cm50kgONo.9 Name: Trần Cao Cẩm Tú DOB Home: 18-07-1992HCMC HeightWeightBlood:168cm52kgONo.10 Name: Nguyễn Lâm Hồng Ngọc DOBHome: 10-10-1991 - HCMC Heightweightblood: 168cm48kgONo.11 Name: Nguyễn Hoa DOBHome: 19-05-1991HCMC HeightWeightBlood: 16548ONo.12 Name: Lâm Thanh Thảo DOBHome: 25-04-1994HCMC Heightweightblood: 168cm48kgONo.13 Name: Dương Thu Thảo Dobhome:03-01-1992HCMC Heightweightblood:166 cm49kgONo.14 Name: Huỳnh Kim Ngân Dobhome: 29-05-1994HCMC Heightweightblood: 163cm44kgABNo.15 Name: Trương Phạm Nhất Khanh. D.O.Bhome: 10101995Cà Mau. Heightweightblood: 160 cm45kgO.No.16 Name: Đỗ Ngọc Lan Vy DOBHome: 20-02-1996HCMC Height weight blood: 163cm50kgO
(Source: youtube.com).
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