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HD ♥Cách xếp trái tim có cánh phong cách Nhật Bản ♥ Origami heart with wings

From Youtube.com - Posted: Mar 03, 2012 - 453,276 views
Nhac Vang | HD ♥Cách xếp trái tim có cánh phong cách Nhật Bản ♥ Origami heart with wings | HD ♥Cach xep trai tim co canh phong cach Nhat Ban ♥ Origami heart with wings
HD ♥Cách xếp trái tim có cánh phong cách Nhật Bản ♥ Origami heart with wings
HD ♥Cach xep trai tim co canh phong cach Nhat Ban ♥ Origami heart with wings
Thời lượng: 06 phút 08 giây 
Xem Phim
♥ How to make Origami heart with wings - Japan - Korean style ♥If this video gives you an idea to print paint and make a meaning heart, I hope you give thumbs up for my video. Thank u so much :* :* :*Music: Beat - Beat Trình bày: Destroy™ http:mp3.zing.vnbai-hatBeat---Beat-YeuCaHat-com-DestroyIW86WAE0.htmlPaper with a 2:1 ratio, We can use money to fold.Mình tự quay và chỉnh video bởi Iphone4 và Windows Movie Maker.Bên mình có bán giấy (Hàng nhập) như trong clip, giá rẻ và có tặng thêm nhiều nhiều ♥ Giấy xếp mọi người có thể tìm tham khảo thêm tại link: http:www.123mua.vnqua-tang8-3-giay-xep-sao-qua-tang-trao-gui-yeu-thuong_549891-343013.htmlĐây là link shop mình tại web 123mua.vn có chứng thực đầy đủ: http:www.123mua.vnanhquang001 Email cho mình: Chj_shop@yahoo.com.vn------! Thanks for watching ♥
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http:www.CreativePopUpCards.comtwistinghearts Please visit my website for tutorials and templates. This is the tutorial for the Twisting Hearts Pop up card. It features 2 hearts that rotate 90 degrees as you open the card. A boy and girl are attached to the hearts so that when the card is opened, they kiss.
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Like my fanpage me on Facebook to be the first to know what my next video will be! http:www.facebook.comTadashiOrigamiVideo instructions tutorial teaching how to make a paper butterfly Model designed by Michael LaFosse:Other cool videos from Michael LaFosse in this website: http:www.pem.orgsitesorigami
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How to make an F15 Eagle Jet Fighter Paper Plane Tadashi Mori

F16 Origami: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=-QsjoCXiA_A JAS 39 Gripen: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=QTstsbtZo2E F22 Raptor: http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=76whNCgqYgwPDF diagram here: http:origamiyard.comorigamisf15-jet-fighterLike my fanpage me on Facebook to be the first to know what my next video will be! http:www.facebook.comTadashiOrigami1 - This is NOT an easy origami. So don't expect to make it as easily as the other origami airplanes. But for intermediate origami folders this origami should be really easy. Even though I'm used to spoiled and rude people on youtube, it's never nice to see them. So don't be one of them.2 - This airplane doesnt fly. It's just a model.3 - This is my own design, I did create on june2012.How to make an F15 Jet fighter paper plane using a printer paper (A4).Model and Video by: Tadashi Mori http:www.youtube.comtadashimori
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Papier: 7.5cm mal 15cm Modell: 3.75cm Durchmesser beim Herz, Ring mit Durchmesser von etwa 2cmIn diesem Video zeige ich euch wie man das Origamimodell "Lovers Ring" - ein Ring mit einem Herzen - von Francis Ow faltet. Francis hat mir erlaubt dieses Video für euch verfügbar zu machen, vielen Dank an dieser Stelle! Die Diagramme, die ich in dem Video zeige gibt es auch auf http:www.happyfolding.comdiagramsFrancis Ows Seite: http:web.singnet.com.sg~owrigamiMehr origami: http:www.youtube.comuserAdamsSara http:www.happyfolding.com
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Origami Magic Ball Designed by Yuri Shumakov (originally called Dragon's Egg) Yuri's website: http:www.oriland.comMy method is different from other tutorials on youtube. I don't make the diagonal pre-creases, so it's quicker and more fun to make!Difficulty level: intermediateMy paper: regular printer paper 28cm x 14cmPRINTABLE PATTERNS: http:goo.glp1KPL------------------------------------------------------------------------------­--------------- Wanna help me translating to your language? All you need is translate the texts from the file below and send me :D http:goo.glEn4MpSend me as personal message: http:www.youtube.cominbox?to_user_ext_ids=3ICcukYYeSn26KlCRnhOhA&action_compose=1====================================================== YOUR NAME IN ORIGAMI: http:www.iloveorigami.com.brMUGS, T-SHIRTS and more: http:www.cafepress.comjonakashima http:www.zazzle.comjonakashimaFACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.comJoOrigamiGOOGLE+: https:plus.google.comu0106492961579461556601======================================================
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Como hacer corazoncitos de papel

más more: http:wp.mep4x3lk-1t5Muchas gracias Nestor por enviarme el video original! de no haber sido por ti no sabria hacerlos y no habria grabado este tuto. Gracias!---- En este video-tutorial te enseño paso a paso como hacer (mini corazones inflados de papel) corazones pequeños de papel que se ven inflados, tipo 3d como las estrellitas de papel . Son muy muy faciles de hacer, pueden hacerlos en el tipo de papel de tu preferencia y utilizarlos para tu carta embotellada. SUSCRIBETE es GRATIS*[ ENGLISH: Learn how to do little paper hearts. Find more at: http:wp.mep4x3lk-1t5 ]-------Agregame en fb: http:www.facebook.comcraftingeektwitter: http:www.twitter.comcraftingeekpágina web: craftingeek.me ----Música: Kevin Macleod | www.incompetech.comVideo original (de donde yo aprendí): http:www.youtube.comwatch?v=3ZMqIZ99qpk
6,938,276 views | Nov 13, 2010
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